USA Special MOTD Kickabout

USA Special

Ben Shires visits the United States to explore the fast-growing 'soccer' scene. Down south in Texas, he follows the fate of Everton's U18 team.

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Losing the ball, because little bit of a drop-down there.


Greetings from across the pond and welcome to this incredibly


special edition of Match Of The Day Hickabout.


special edition of Match Of The Day Kickabout.


Yet, that's right, we're actually in America to see what the


beautiful game is like in the land of high-rises, hotdogs and hundreds


But, before we explore the sights and sounds,


hold onto your caps, John, here is our 60-second roundabout.


America is massive 40 times the size of Britain, so


away games can be five hour flight across thousands of miles, and then


you got to fly all the way back home.


This country is so vast that Major league soccer is split to two


leagues, and the best teams from the West


and East conference meet at the


all-important end of season play-offs.


Gerrard, Drogba, Kaka, Pirlo - polo the Russian huge names playing


out here right now and David Beckham was a legend in LA.


You want big superstores, no problem.


Sport is big news in America, but it's


basketball and baseball and NFL that are the most popular.


Football might not be national obsession, but that


doesn't mean that people don't love it.


Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention, don't call it football,


because over year football means American football or the NFL.


If you want to talk football, say soccer.


Well, you won't catch me saying football any more once we're


Oh, no, you're right - sorry, soccer.


Anyway, here's what soccer we've got coming up today.


Our football freestyle wizard, John Farnworth, takes the


And we go behind-the-scenes at star-studded


John, did you know that there are 20 clubs


battling it out in the MLS every week, but, apart from that, it kind


there is no relegation and clubs are known as franchises.


Yeah, and one of the biggest is New York city FC.


They've only been going a year but the glory got some the biggest


They've only been going a year but the've already got some


go to head down to training and check out how they get in the zone


So, shall we say meet back at the Flat Iron


We're here in leafy upstate New York at the training ground of New York


City seeks full stop in fact, their training


City FC full stop in fact, their training


just behind me right now


but that's not any ragtag bunch of players.


Oh, no, in amongst them are three World Cup winners, all


You can probably make out the chap to


black tracksuit over there, pointing, telling


Of course, famous as the midfield linchpin at Arsenal and for France,


who we won the World Cup and the Euros with.


And incredible player and now hoping to be a brilliant


Oh, what a magnificent goal by Patrick Vieira!


Of course, he is sorting out all the tactics


for Saturday's game, hoping he's going to get it right.


Well, he looks the part, and hopefully, his


managerial career is going to go as well as his playing career did.


Underneath that blue and white bobble hat is one of the finest


brains the world of football has ever seen, not to mention haircuts.


It is of course Andrea Pirlo, now plying his trade in New York.


I mean, who can forget that goal he scored


Oh, and he's clipped it in down the middle and the tallest player


He'll be hoping for plenty more of them Stateside.


Just over my shoulder there, that New York


Just over my shoulder there, that's New York


City's forward line taking part in various drills,


including World Cup winner, Euros winner, Champions


League winner and all the rest, Spanish striker David Villa.


Now, he's been here for a little while he's


the captain and his absolutely embraced life in New York.


His bona fide New Yorker and it's him that typifies this


Right, well it looks like Patrick is working on some


super-secret tactics now, so that's ourcue to leave.


Hopefully, it will make all the difference come Saturday's game,


but I'll tell you what else will make all the


difference - the amazing crowds that New York City get at the Yankee


Stadium, on occasion numbering over 40 5000.


Stadium, on occasion numbering over 45000.


Imagine that for soccer in the US - yes, it is that


So, NYC FC lock horns with NER FC in a few days' time


at the world-famous Yankee Stadium, giving us ample


opportunity for another exciting trip.


But itf he's not here in time, John Farnworth is going to miss it.


This is the Flat Iron building where we were meant


Well, I can't find John anywhere, so I go to have to do this


I'm on my way to Dallas in Texas - a state that's


so big it's three times the


Actually, it's 1,600 miles away so it might get a bit expensive.


Welcome to Dallas welcome to the Commonwealth


Stadium and welcome to the biggest youth


Welcome to Dallas welcome to the Cotton Bowl


Stadium and welcome to the biggest youth


soccer tournament in the


4000 players, 184 clubs from 37 different countries.


Truly, every corner of the globe is represented


Well, this is where the future stars of world


That's right, loads of British clubs play here and for many of their


players this tournament to be a landmark on the road to success.


Two years later in 2014 he was playing in Brazil at the World Cup


Ross Barkley will not be overawed by the occasion, not sure.


Ross Barkley is, of course, aproud product of the Everton


Youth Academy and the Toffees are here at this year 's tournament,


hoping to go one better than they did last year round


Well, it's half-time in Everton's opening game of the Dallas Cup


They currently trail 1-0 to Mexico's Tigres, but they're


This is where they're being directed from.


I've even managed to nab one of their drinks cartons at


I believe that we can win, I believe that we can win!


20 minutes to go and high drama, as Everton just had


a man sent off, down there by the dugout.


That's full-time here at the Cotton Bowl and Everton's first game


of the tournament has ended in a narrow 1-0 defeat.


They gave it all in their second-half.


A great experience for the young Toffees and


there's still all to play for over the rest of the week.


Tough as lions, that defeat just made Everton


They trained hard and played harder to win the next three games


And, just before the biggest day of the soccer live so far, I got up


with goalkeeper, Ben Pierce, and centre forward


forward DeLial Brewster to


get their take on the famous Dallas Cup.


When you look at the previous team Everton brought out, a


couple of years later there in the


first team, so, it takes great path


that we can follow and hopefully, in


a couple of years, both me and Ben


Coming out here to honour these tournaments, I think it really


does this is a group, because it all


We're very close bunch of lads, I think we all get


along very well and it's a completely different atmosphere


to going in every day back in England,


training, preparing for the match on


We need to make sure that we keep everyone together.


As a striker, do you figure out celebrations in advance and practice


Have you seen any real-life cowboy yet?


Is anyone doing to be brave enough to get this on?


Not only did the DeLial carry off that cowboy hat with


panache, he also carried his team to victory in the final, with both


goals in a 2-1 win that put his goal tally to five for the tournament.


And that's only the fifth time a British club has won


the Dallas Cup in 26 years - an incredible achievement


Well, partners, what a rootin', tootin' time we've had.


What the players, and how about the Dallas cup?


Follow the footballing stars of tomorrow, including some of


Speaking of which, I need to hotfoot it back to


And what about poor old John Farnworth?


New York is known as the Big Apple, so I


thought I'm going to ditch the ball today and do a few


I'm getting a few funny looks, but it doesn't really matter.


It's quite windy, actually, so I was like Losing


the ball, because little bit of a drop-down there.


I'm here at Brooklyn City Hall station, the subway is just behind


me. Wood we're here at the Saturday


night lights programme with the New York city FC programme. Blue macro


yet the work is a city that never sleeps. I was up in East Harlem Web


Islands and crime are real problems, so this programme is great as it


keeps the kids added danger of history and for the positive vibes.


My name is Lewis and I support Barcelona. My name is Larry and I


support the city FC. Julian in his mates demanded that I showed a few


trips, so, you might say no? But, football freestyle sorry, soccer


freestyle, it's all about giving it a go yourself and that's exactly


what they did. Roger legs! To? You did too. I


didn't know what to expect when I was coming year, but these guys are


absolutely fantastic. Brilliant skills, brilliant attitude. It's a


pleasure to show my free size filter them. As you can see I've put that


macro put through my paces. These guys are definitely most certainly


the future of American soccer. Where I noticed on Feynman? John? There


you are. Adjusting to Dallas it was brilliant and viewed then light


without me. I was so excited I never been to as. Gestede New York City


versus the revolution. Adenosine Andrea Polo, McGuinness the Patrick


Vieira. Figure that that John, this is soccer follow me.


I tell you what, you can take him anywhere without a little bit of


showboating. -- you can't take in anywhere without a bitter shirts


liberating. Where are you guys from? Norway. So you come this way but not


yet and holiday. So you supporting NYC FC? Whether the inevitable


differences? Home and away fans, not used a greeting each other. Butyl


day in the Bronx was about to get better. -- a beautiful day in the


Bronx was about to get better. And then NYC FC got off to a flyer. You


can probably a defence, and that's because the city just scored. We


were at last that lead just after half-time, but after the break


things seem to be looking up. Things are looking up. New England just had


a man sent off. With a man advantage, the hosts were certainly


piling on the pressure. 18 minutes gone -- 80 minutes gone, that means


just ten minutes to grab a winner. Come on, Villa? Sadly, the Likud


grabber when. The top analysis I had to hotfoot it downstairs. I'm sat


here in the press conference room waiting for Patrick the error to


come in. They will be disappointed they didn't get a win, especially


with the man advantage. New England created better chances and we did,


so we need to work harder. So two points in two games is not good


enough for a team like New York City FC. We didn't respect our plan. So,


Patrick Vieira obviously not fooled by the game. But I have the say it


was amazing experience. And that's not all for the behind-the-scenes


brilliance. I can't believe I'm saying this but I am in the dressing


room of New York City FC. This wouldn't happen in the Premier


League that it does happen here. That is David Villa talking to the


press, but no Apple OS nine yet, so I am out. I'm here with a man of the


match, Tommy McNamara. It's incredible to play for my hometown


and my home city. It means a lot to me. The fans are like rubber. I


mean, you scored a goal today. And the first people to congratulate you


were David Villa and Andrea Pirlo. It really cool opportunity that then


think again to get unless you play in Europe. They have been great. But


where on the same team and rural equals. Your pet you're applying for


a club that was only formed two years ago and it's grown in stature


to a hugely supported franchise. It seems to be the same for the game in


the US. Is a great time to be playing in America? Is growing every


year, more and more kids are playing and really exciting time. As he


sought today with the game, the amount of fans at turnout, it's like


that every week. It's incredible. Thanks for chatting to us, Tommy.


Good luck with your next game. What a week it's been John! I just can't


believe our American inventor is almost over. Ben, it is emotional to


be going home after one of the best weeks I've ever had. And can I say


that I am out falling in love and American football soccer, soccer.


You're right, sorry Johnny, it is soccer. Thank you for having us


Americans soccer fans we love you too. See you soon.


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Ben Shires visits the United States to explore the fast-growing 'soccer' scene. Down south in Texas, he follows the fate of Everton's U18 team at one of the world's biggest international youth tournaments - the Dallas Cup - while on the east coast, he goes behind the scenes at New York City FC, a newly-established Major League Soccer club boasting three World Cup winners in their ranks.

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