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Ahoy there, kickabouters, and welcome to another show


It was St David's day on Wednesday so we travelled to South Wales


where a local coach got a visit from a Welsh living legend,


There was a goal fest at the Etihad in midweek as Man City


Huddersfield met for the FA Cup replay.


Ben was there for us trying to keep count.


And, of course, we have got more of your skills, pick that one out!


We know that you lot love a great goal,


So allow me to introduce a new fixture on the show.


This piece of super high-tech machinery could go


off at any point during the show and when this happens...


Whatever else we are doing, whatever we are


talking about, we will stop everything and show you some


of the best goals the world has ever seen.


Right, I think I'd best keep an eye on this.


Anybody else try flipping pancakes on Tuesday?


And I think I had better success than the Everton


Meanwhile, there was big news at Barcelona as manager


Luis Enrique announced he will leave in the summer.


It's such a massive job at one of the biggest clubs in


But I think I can recommend a young and up-and-coming


High-flying German team Borussia Dortmund were brought


Their cup match against third tier Sportfreunde Lotte was


called off due to snow and then the team bus costs got stuck


in a farmer's field and had to get towed out by a tractor!


From fields of mud to a field much nearer to home, I'm


talking, of course, about Huddersfield.


Their big game in midweek was in Manchester as City


took on Huddersfield in the FA Cup replay.


The first game had ended goalless and this one, well, this


Here I am at the Etihad Stadium, it's the FA Cup fifth round


replay, Manchester City against Huddersfield, a big game.


I have got my ticket and my programme.


I am pitch side and we are just a few


Seven minutes gone, 83 minutes to hold out.


I think they're going to need another goal.


Stirling tries to tiptoe his way through.


Leroy is there and Manchester City level.


There it is, City have equalised,


They have been knocking on the door, they finally got the


City have had three or four shouts for a penalty, they have


Stinging shot, blocked by Coleman and it's tapped in by Zabaleta!


He just kicked it in and there's another


Aguero's just popped up again, he has got his


They are through to the quarterfinal against


I'm off to warm up with a nice cuppa.


From the FA Cup to the EFL cup now though and what a great final it


was last Sunday with that man Zlatan Ibrahimovic once again


Incredibly, Zlatan has now lifted 32 major


trophies in his career but


that doesn't even put him at the top of the most decorated tree.


His mate Maxwell at PSG has even more, 35


And Egypt's record goal-scorer Hossam Hassan apparently


You'll go a long, long way to see a goal as good as that.


Oh, yeah, when it comes to most decorated British players,


there is one man out in front, Welsh wizard Ryan Giggs.


He won 34 trophies in 24 seasons at Old


Trafford and here's what happened when the living legend dropped in to


give some coaching tips in South Wales.


If you have not got a ball, keep on the move.


As a child growing up in the community, you can only be


grateful for having this platform and having


the coaches and the volunteers who give up their time.


I guarantee the majority have got full-time jobs.


They work all day and then they come home


and it's their life, it's what they


I like playing for Fishguard FC because it's my home town and I like


Playing for Fishguard FC is funny especially with Minty,


The best things about Fishguard FC football


club, first of all, in one word, Minty.


He is the one that organises everything,


What do you think of the numbers that have turned up here and any


particular players that have stood out for you?


There are a couple of players that are not only good on


the ball but actually very vocal and know


what they're talking about so


Would you have any tips for me at a grass roots


I think in anything you have got to prepare yourself as best


You know, you won every game last year more or less.


I'm sure you're doing something right.


But no, preparation is important but also just keep


Any little thing that you can go on, watching other teams,


go on courses, different training drills.


It is going to improve the team and improve yourself.


A great chance and it is taken by Ryan Giggs!


Your career went on for 20 years, what was the biggest change


Obviously the media interest was huge.


But also just professionalism, you know, the stadiums, the


They produce better footballers but also


you have got to have the right mentality and that comes from the


top and that comes from you, it comes from


the manager, it comes from the coaches,


you know, slowly just filters down


to the players and they have got to have the right attitude.


All the best to Minty and his team and thank you,


But watch out because there are a few young skill wizards


First up is Alex and what a finish over


Lining up the first, the second and here comes the third


He wipes his feet and it finds the entrance.


Oh, it is a delightful rainbow flick right in


the bin and right to celebrate as well.


And finally, Josh in the sunshine going for the Maradona seven and...


Wonderful stuff and please keep those videos coming in.


Now, it is that time of the year when there are loads


where the players are chasing an odd shaped ball a bit like this.


Anyway, that was England's Danny Care last


Sunday but we happen to know he is not bad


So behind me is not a professional football player.


It is England rugby superstar Danny Care.


Danny Care takes it away and a drop goal attempt from Care.


He just thinks I might as well just have a shot, he is a


I loved football growing up, I wanted to be a


I was playing at Sheffield Wednesday academy at the time.


A lot of my mates at school played rugby and


they kept telling me to come and play for our


local club and I kept saying no, I'm a footballer.


All right, so I am a Chelsea fan, what team do...?


I'm sorry about that, are you all right?


I think in rugby you can't underestimate how


much time we spend on kicking and how important kicking is.


So many games are won by a point, two


What made back it even better was the fact that he was


Danny is the king of kicking, whether it


is with a round ball or an egg shaped ball.


When it comes to football, me, I'm more of a


And I have never, ever kicked a rugby ball.


Danny, it is time for the masterclass.


In football, you see like the old David Beckham,


Steven Gerard type pass where you chop underneath it.


It's the first time Chelsea have celebrated this year.


For me in rugby, a lot of my kicks, I have to


So it is all about elevation and kicking upwards.


Every team you play against, you know they


are going to have a world-class kicker and any time you give a


penalty away, pretty much anywhere in your own half now, the kickers


are that good that they can knock it through the post.


The key thing for me, I have always been


My mum and dad were very adamant that I try every sport to see which


one I liked. Do as many sports as you can and choose the one you love


and be what you get the most enjoyment out of and really go for


that one. Amazing. Respect to Danny and all


the best for the rest of the six Nations. It is back to the Premier


League now and there is time to look at the fixtures for this weekend.


Some cracking ties to look forward to. The one that really catches the


eye is at Anfield this afternoon. If it is anything like the fixture last


season, it is going to be a belter. He scores. Arsenal lead for the


first time. Yes! Some more of that please.


Whether you are counting the goals on match of the day getting about


that or a Kickabout yourself, have a great weekend of football. Goodbye.


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