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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Hello footy fans. Ben Cajee reporting for duty. Welcome to


another action packed Kick About. Here's what's coming up in today's


show. Find out what happens when we meet a City fan fresh from recording


the Jamie Johnson podcast and we have more brilliant skills


videosment All that -- videos. All that and


more to come. Of course, we've got this. I've been looking forward to


this. It's the Kick About goal alert. Look at this! It's the goal


alert. I was told it could go off at any time. Here are the goals.


Wow, some crackers in there. Don't worry we've got more goals still to


come. First, here are some of the weird and wonderful stories from the


footy world this week. Many big clubs claim celebrity fans.


Olly Murs and Man United. Doncaster Rovers have Louis Tom Lynnson. Last


weekend James Bond blew his cover and showed his cover as a Liverpool


fan at Anfield. Halesowen town were left asking who left the dug out.


Their game was invaded by puppies. Check out that skill, pace and the


movement. Sign him up boys. He could wear the number K 9, get it? The


Premier League is really hotting up. And there was drama in mid-week as


Spurs scored three in the dying minutes against Swansea to keep


their title hopes alive as Chelsea maintained their seven-point cushion


with a win against Man City. But the really big news in British football


is that one major league title has already been sewn up. Celtic have


been crowned champions of the Scottish Premiership. Cue Kolo Toure


having a dance. It's no wonder they're happy. Celtic


haven't lost all season and it's their sixth title in a row. They


really did it in style. Check this out.


Congratulations to Celtic again. The Premiership may be settled, but


there's still plenty to look forward to for Scottish footy fans, not


least the women's euros in the summer, when Scotland's first game


is against England. Thelinesses -- the lionesses announced their squad


this week. We caught up with manager Mark Sampson to get the low down.


When I'm thinking about the final squad there's so many things to


consider to get it right. You're aware it's such an important call.


Only once every two years you get the chance to go to a major


tournament. The most important consideration is what will it take


to win and who are the right people to bring on this journey to help us


win. Without a shadow of a doubt the most important part of the


tournament is the high pressure, is the no tomorrow feeling of games


where you know if you lose you go home, and if you win, you stay and


fight another day. We're excited to get over to Holland and find a way


to win six matches in a way, which is what we need to do to win this


tournament. The game we're most looking forward to is the final.


We've been working two years to get ready for this tournament. But we've


got five real tough ones, starting with the old enemy in Scotland to


negotiate before that final. The World Cup brought great memories.


COMMENTATOR: Oh, yes! An absolute belter!


It's off the post and in, England lead! We can one, absolutely. We're


a team that have got a number of years' experience and great times as


a group, some hard times as well. We've learned from that and worked


hard time prove from. We definitely go to Holland in the summer as a


group who are confident, if we get everything right, we can bring this


trophy back for country. Great stuff. Thanks Mark. Well done


to all the England players who got the call, including Kick About's own


Alex Scott. You might remember she once got the better of Tyler at a


football Theme Park. Win e, winner, chicken dinner. Come


on, take a breath. How are you feeling? I can't talk at the moment.


When we sent her to put young stars through their paces, let's say she


got interrupted. Hi Kick About. I'm at a school in


North London. Oi, Scotty. Not you again. Yeah, we have a score to


settle. How about we pick a team and see who the best coach is. I'm blue


team. Obviously I'm going to be the red team.


Round two? Let's go. Scotty meet Tyler's tadpoles. What


kind of a name is that. That's good. What's yours? We don't need a name,


we do our talking on the pitch. We've got two nets over here. The


team who score the most wins, easy as that. Let's go.


Faster. Faster. Yes, one! So close. Unlucky. Accuracy is key. That's


powerful that one. Red team 1-0. Yeah! High five.


Challenge two, both teams need to dribble the ball through the cones


all the way to the other side and passbook to their team-mates, do you


think you can handle it? Yes! First team to get all their players to the


other side wins. Right. Bring it on tadpoles.


Do you like the name tadpoles? No. CHEERING


Tyler, you know it's 2-0 at the moment, how about I give you a


chance. This challenge let's do double or quits, all or nothing, how


about we end in a match? I believe in my tadpoles.


Let's go guys. I'm feeling quite happy right now


because I believe the score was 3-0. Yeah, unfortunately. We tried our


best. But I promise you, it's not over. There will be a round three. I


have to keep saying it, but bring it on.


CHEERING Brilliant. Thanks to all those who


took part and commiserations to Tyler and those tadpoles. You've


really got to love beating Tyler in any kind of challenge. You can catch


a great interview with Alex Scott on the first edition of the brand new


Jamie Johnson podcast. It's packed with footy chat, stars from the cast


and Man City superfan Braden. Tell me about the podcast. Why do I


need to listen? You just generally talking about football. It's fun. I


met dillon. Sadly he's a United fan. His real mate's Patrick. What else


did you do? We did a whistle, when you whoever can blow the final


whistle for the longest. Were you good at that? Yeah, no. The whistle


was terrible. You know loads about football because you're a big City


fan. Yeah. Who's your favourite player? I can't pick really, but if


I had to I'd go for Sergio. He's pretty good. We could do with him at


West Ham. He scores lots of goals. What's your favourite? Last season


against Begovic, against Chelsea. Nice goal. What's your favourite


colour, is it blue being a City fan or go for red like United? Blue. Not


red. Light blue. Sky blue. Yeah. If you could go to any country in the


world, this is a good question, where would you go? Belgium. Yeah?


Maybe you could go with De Bruyne. That would be cool. Yeah, that would


be cool. Was your favourite food. Come on. I've had steak before, only


once, because my dad thinks it's too expensive. There is that. What


skills are you going to teach me? What's your favourite trick, what do


you like doing? I like doing a Nasri turn. You use the side of your foot


and go. Like a 360. Yeah. I like you when you go on top of the ball and


spin. So like both feet. Maradonna. That's one of my favourites. I saw


your video. I watched it last night. With pep in the back of a cab. That


must have been a good surprise. It was fun, yeah. I saw what you spoke


about and you were talking about best players in the world and you


said you wanted Messi. If you could still have any player in the world,


would you have Messi or someone else? I'd have somebody else now


because Messi is at the end of his career. He's still a good player.


Yeah, he is. I'd go for Neymar. Maybe what you could be is Pep's


right hand man. Yeah. Would you be up for that? Yeah. How would you do


school work and that? Bring the school to the work or quit school


and do the work. I think you should do both.


It was so great to meet Braden. Be sure to check out the podcast if you


haven't already. Follow the link at the top of the Kick About website.


If Jamie was looking for more talented footballers to join him in


the show, I think we may have found some.


You have some serious skills. Fantastic stuff. Luke, with the


overhead. Luke, it's in. Arms in the air. What a celebration. Straight in


the bin. Look at that. Casual. Lovely. Jake, no way. The overhead


kick in the top corner. He even followed it up with a celebration.


Look at the technique on that. Top work. What a goal.


Fantastic skills. Please keep those videos coming in. We love seeing


them. Well, that's nearly full-time for Kickabout. Don't forget Match of


the Day at 7. 30 tomorrow morning on BBC One for a round up of this


weekend's Premier League games. Before we go, spare a thought for


amber Dean's story, who managed to miss this gaping open goal last


Tuesday. I feel for you. I've missed some


sitters, don't worry, you're not on your own. We leave you with some of


the best misses of all time. I think you're going to love this. See you.


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Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged seven to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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