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We've got another cracking show lined up for you and


He's one of the best managers in the world.


The man who led Barcelona to two Champions League triumphs.


And my guest in the studio coaches a team who played out one


of the most dramatic FA Cup games ever last weekend.


We hear first-hand about the ecstasy and agony of football.


All that to come and we've got some rather exciting Kickabout


In the meantime, here are our headline hitters for this week.


From Messi passing to Suarez, to playful Panenkas,


there have been plenty of outrageous penalty techniques over the years.


Ex-Swansea player Lee Trimble completely bamboozles the keeper


England legend Stevie G may just have retired


Stevie's 15-year-old cousin Bobby Duncan is a rising star


for Man City in England and this week he scored a hat-trick


And when amputee Tommy McKay scored this wonder goal,


he was rightly chuffed but little did he know what would come next.


It was watched millions of times online and this week it won


the Scottish Professional Football League's goal of the month.


The final round of group matches in the Champions League saw Man City


and Celtic fight out an entertaining draw, whilst Arsenal top their group


Leicester were already through, but a makeshift side lost 5-0


to Porto, a disappointing result but, still, a great European


And Manchester United finally progressed in the Europa League


thanks to Henrikh Mkhitaryan's first goal for the club.


But when it comes to cup competition, it was the FA Cup that


really provided some thrills last weekend.


National League side Barrow AFC earned an historic victory over


But Luton proved too much for lowly Solihull.


Meanwhile, Bolton won the battle of League 1


against Sheffield United, thanks to this cracking


This goalmouth scramble wasn't so pretty.


And it was enough for Eastleigh to force a replay against Halifax town.


And Sutton United scored this goal in the 96th minute


But there was no doubt about the most dramatic game of round two.


You may remember last week we went behind-the-scenes


of Curzon Ashton, a small club in National League North,


as they attempted a giant-killing against League 1's AFC Wimbledon.


It's been kept in, and it is Morgan again!


Is the fairy tale falling apart here for Curzon Ashton?


It's a great cross and the headers in!


I can't believe what I'm seeing here.


Tom Elliott with surely the last touch of the game.


Joining me now to read live the joys and horrors


is Curzon Ashton coach, Jack Salkeld.


I mean, what a fortnight it must've been for Curzon.


But Sunday's game, 3-0 up, ten minutes to go, and lose 4-3.


The fans, the club, the committee should be proud of themselves.


For a neutral, this is what football's all about.


And I think for yourself and for the club, it's been


a fantastic experience, if not the result


It is a real mental low for the club.


So, it's really secured a future for the club?


You know, despite not getting the win, which is a fantastic thing.


That's what's great about the FA Cup as well.


Dreams can come true, whether you win or don't.


Definitely, like you say, we've got new Astroturf the built


Going into it, hoping for a win, is that what the atmosphere was like


We went to watch Wimbledon play the game.


So, when you're 3-0 up with ten minutes to go,


talk me through what the emotions are like on the touchline


because you must've thought, this is it,


Well, I turn to Chris, the coach, and I said, we've beat them.


We've beat them, we're going to play Man United or Man City,


When the first goal went in, when Wimbledon pegged it back


to 3-1, did you just start to think, oh, no, this could be


I knew the score but I think we could have seen it out.


And then, obviously, third went in, and then the fourth went in.


And what did the Wimbledon players and managers say to you afterwards?


Well the manager, when they scored the fourth goal, he actually didn't


celebrate, and the players just said, keep your heads up.


So, if they're saying that, you have to take it as a positive.


What kind of message are you taking from that to pass on to the next


The kids who are watching it, and we can tell the kids that,


at the end of the day, in football, you can't always win.


So you've just got to carry on, work hard, improve, and it'll


It might not have been the result, Jack, but it was definitely


All right, cheers, thanks for coming in, Jack.


Cracking stuff there, Jack, and commiserations


Now, amazingly, AFC Wimbledon's feat was not the only great


In the Premier League, Bournemouth with 3-1 down


against Liverpool before fighting back to a remarkable 4-3 victory,


So, this got me reminiscing about great comebacks over the years.


I've racked my footballing brains and come up with three of the best.


Where else could I begin but at a game that I attended,


the mighty Whites of Leeds, of course, 3-0 down to Derby County


in 1997 only to heroically claw their way back one,


Then, there was the famous encounter at White Hart Lane in 2001


when Beckham's Man United found themselves 3-0 down to Tottenham.


One Fergie team talk later, and the Red Devils


And who could forget two seasons ago Liverpool going for the Premier


League title, 3-0 up against Crystal Palace and wanting more but then


this happened. Crystal Palace comeback from the dead whilst


Liverpool's title charge died. It's 3-3, astonishing!


All amazing matches but it goes to show if you are up in a game don't


get complacent and if you're down always keep playing to the final


whistle. It's a message will be great managers try to drum into


their teams but who's the greatest manager out there at the moment? A


lot of people think it might be this guy. Wow, we are in the Premier


League! It is a good time. I like Manchester, I like the club, the


people I'm working with. Until now, I don't have complaints. Here they


want to go forward. So they haven't competed in the Champions League.


The people say, you have to win the Champions League. OK, welcome. I


would like to see the team getting better during the weeks and months.


And the end, were going to see how is the level, is it higher than our


opponents or not enough. We are the team with more ball possession, the


team more in the box. So, you have to understand why. You have to


improve on that as well. They give us absolutely everything


to work in the best conditions possible. But to be successful,


there are many other reasons as well.


I don't want to change English football, nothing. My philosophy


depends on the quality of the players. Playing here, playing fair


in several positions. We don't have five months to prepare the season.


It was really amazing what Lester did last season. I am so happy for


cloudy Obika was he is a gentleman. -- for Claudio Ranieri. What they


did last season, they did perfect. To win the competition, it isn't


easy. But I am pretty sure after a short time, they are going to take


again in the Premier League, the right track, and they are going to


finish a good season. Thanks, Pep Guardiola. Now, the


reigning champions trying to steal their crown. If Mr Guardiola seasons


to be looking for more stars, he doesn't have to look any further


than right here. It we go with Jasper. Some lovely


skills, look at the step over, can he find the finish? No doubt about


it! Harvey now with a nice chip. Even the lid closes, lovely work!


And extended celebration for Caden. Great, nice teeth, too. Fantastic


skills. We love seeing your videos so keep coming the men. Why not


start planning your best tricks for when you have a bit of spare time


over the Christmas holidays. It might help of work off the chocolate


and mince pies. As I said at the beginning of the show, we have some


big news about this man. It is Cristiano Ronaldo. Surely one of the


greatest players there's ever been. I'm delighted to announce we have


been busy filming here in the UK and in sunny Portugal to bring our


Kickabout Rinaldo special. Cristiano Ronaldo! You never know what's going


to happen to a kid who works. He wants to work and be the best every


single time. From humble beginnings, his has been


meteoric rise the top. All this happened because of a reason. It is


one of the superstars on show. CR7. That's why he's one of the best


players in the world. Oh, I'm so excited. You can catch the special


in January. Definitely something to look forward to after the Christmas


lights have come down and everyone is feeling glum. Before then, we


need your help. Rinaldo signed a new contract around Madrid and insisted


he wanted to play until he was 40 years old. But we want to your


suggestions for what you should do when he eventually hangs up his


boots. They go from the greatest player to the greatest manager? No,


that's too boring. How about a movie star? Look at that, very good. Maybe


a racing driver? Or even a policeman. What?? We're sure you can


come up with lots of brilliant suggestions. The funnier and sillier


the better. Send your ideas on the Kickabout message board. That is an


idiot from us this week but it's going to be another smashing weekend


of football. Just look at these fixtures. If you're catching up with


Match of the Day, catchier game or playing, have a great weekend and


don't forget to send us your suggestions for Rinaldo's next


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