11/03/2017 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Welcome to another Kickabout packed with


We have an exclusive interview with Manchester United


I pick out the skills that make him one of the best.


Two Tottenham super fans show us round the club they love.


And recalls some of their favourite Tottenham goals.


And we have more videos from some of the best young skills wizards.


And of course, never forget, we have the kickabout goal alert


And of course, never forget, we have the Kickabout goal alert


Remember, this thing can go off at any point.


When it goes for real, it means we are bringing


In the meantime, here as some of this week's


What do you do if you have just conceded a goal?


This amazing goal helped Commercial club go on and win 4-1


Spurs star Jan Vertonghen possibly gave us the shortest ever


Modern footballers are so coordinated.


Looks like Muller found it as funny as we did.


England's Women have been competing in the She Believes Cup this week.


But they recorded a famous victory over world champions the USA.


That was not the only action in midweek.


Arsenal fans, I give you permission, bands, to look away.


But talking about the Champions League,


One of the best sides in Europe with MSN were anonymous and heading


It would be one of the greatest comeback in the history


Barcelona will have to score five goals.


The greatest comeback is still alive.


That is the best game I have ever been to.


Next week, it is Manchester City and Leicester who are in


Shakespeare has been confirmed as manager for the Foxes.


Another club looking to be in the Champions League


We asked a supporters group to give us a behind the scenes


We were the first team to win a league and cup double.


We were the first English team to win the...


My favourite player is Son because he is a goal-scoring machine, too.


Over there, we are building the new one.


It is going to have over 60,000 seats.


Which means more Spurs fans can come to the games.


My favourite Spurs memory was when Gareth Bale scored the amazing


last-minute goal against West Ham United.


My favourite match was when we beat Wigan 9-1


This is where our manager sits, Poccettino.


If I was the manager, I would re-sign Gareth Bale.


If I was the manager, I would play myself.


Next, a man who once graced the Spurs turf.


Now a Manchester United legend, and after 11 brilliant years he has


been awarded a testimonial match and he deserves it.


With Michael setting up his own charitable foundation


and busy planning a meeting of megastars, we sent


Michael Carrick has been a rock for Manchester United over the years.


COMMENTATOR: Terrific goal from Michael Carrick.


He has done it again from outside of the penalty area.


You;ve been at United for 11 years now.


I am a Manchester United fan. Was it scary?


Going in with Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes


You have to prove you are good enough.


As a world-class player, playing with other players


here at Old Trafford, what are the standout players?


The one I always stick with was Paul Scholes.


Wayne Rooney. Cristiano Ronaldo.


COMMENTATOR: Ronaldo goes alone and wins the match.


Playing against Liverpool and Chelsea, Stephen Gerrard


They are going to play in the testimonial match.


Winning the Premier League and the Champions League is very hard.


Champions League nights here make the hairs on the back


He has ability but it is the belief and confidence.


COMMENTATOR: You cannot give Ibrahimovic an


We have seen the foundation that you are launching.


How close that is to you to develop kids and inspire them.


It is about enjoying it when you are young.


You have to want to have fun playing football.


I played with my brother and my friends.


Brilliant. Thank you.


That testimonial, Sunday June the 4th.


Michael Carrick, Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard,


You never know, Cristiano Ronaldo might play as well.


Has he called yet? No?


What has kept Michael Carrick at the top for so long?


For me, he is one of those players who doesn't grab many headlines.


Always focuses on the team performance.


He does the basics brilliantly. Have a look. Always intercepting play.


His positional play is incredible. The pensively unbelievable. Look at


that. At vital times you can rely on him. He will be there to help you


out. His passing is unbelievable. Never tried the difficult. Place


people who like Wayne Rooney into dangerous positions. A lofted pass


over the top. Perfect. And when he feels like it, which is not all the


time, he pops up with a little goal. Michael Carrick is a brilliant


player. But he doesn't always go for the spectacular. We will leave that


to you lot. First up, Tommy. Round the world,


dotball? The free kick, that was very far out. Lobby to the defender.


-- lobbed. Can his brother do the same? Can she finished? Yes, she


can. That is the Maradona turn. Take that out. , a tight angle and


another goal. And here is the crossbar challenge. Straight in the


bin. Smash, straight in the basket. Please keep those videos coming in.


We love them. Now, the fixtures in the Premier League and beyond. Six


points effectively for Swansea and hole. And my beloved...


COMMENTATOR: Fabulous strike. Brilliant from Payet. But this


weekend is about the FA Cup quarterfinals. Middlesbrough against


Manchester City, but the rest of the games are in London. Chelsea against


Manchester United on Monday will be a belter. Cannon Lincoln considered


the fairy tale? ALARM BLARES defender dynamite. Yet, the goals.


COMMENTATOR: That is a stunner from Upton.


What a brilliant goal. Magnificent. Carlos, what a goal.


Oh, yes. A belter. Oh, that is a beauty. What a shot from Jarvis --


Johnson. Love it. I might try and take that


home. Good luck to your teams today unless you are Bournemouth playing


against my West Ham.


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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