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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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It's Seema here for this week's Kickabout and


have we got a feast of footie action for you today.


Our resident freestyler John Farnworth meets a young


We check out the ones to watch at today's women's FA


Cup final between Birmingham and Manchester City.


WWE star Sheamus and Sasha Banks, well, they try out our


brand-new challenge, the bucket list.


And, of course, don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for the


WWE meets MOTDK, I don't know about you,


Well, before all of that, though, let's take a quick look at


the stories that have been making the headlines this week.


Manchester United survived a late scare


against Spanish visitors Celta Vigo on Thursday night and now they have


secured a place in the Europa League final.


Marouane Fellaini's goal proved enough to see the Reds


through where they will face Dutch giants Ajax.


And over in the Champions League, holders Real


Madrid will face Juventus in next month's final in Cardiff.


Can you spot the difference between these two?


People in the city of Hamadan certainly can't.


You would be forgiven for thinking both are photos of


Lionel Messi but actually one is Iranian student Reza Parastesh.


He had to be taken in by police last weekend because so many people


Well, to be fair, the resemblance was pretty


striking, even I would've got that one confused.


Well, another young man hitting the headlines recently was


No, not as another Messi lookalike but he


can certainly control the ball like him.


Last month, Tommy broke the record for completing ten Maradona


sevens in the fastest time, beating a previous


time set by our very own John Farnworth.


So, John went to meet him to find out how Tommy broke


The thing is, you have got my world record.


I know how hard that world record is.


Every day I asked my mum to take me to school a bit early and I


went out onto the tennis courts, I just practised it.


You have to be under perfect control, to do it in that


I've done a few records in my time and I


So, it is one touch with the left foot, right foot, left knee,


right knee, left shoulder, right shoulder, right shoulder, head.


I didn't really know much about freestyle


It sort of came about because I thought kick-ups were a


great way to improve your touch in football, your balance,


So I incorporated it into my practice and


when you are getting like over 1000, 2000,


I thought I need a change and


that is when my freestyle came in, I saw the tricks, I saw people like


you, the F2, doing the tricks and then I just had a go at them.


Who are your inspirations in football?


I have been a Chelsea fan all my life.


I would say my favourite player is definitely Hazard.


I practice as much as I possibly can.


In terms of hours but when I'm not practising training, I


And I will take it with me to the supermarket,


So it is hard to say exactly how many


hours a day I do of purposeful practice.


He is trying to go for a double around the world which is so


hard but he won't leave until he gets it.


I aways want to set myself new challenges but I haven't really


got a specific record I want to work to but I am definitely not done.


I would just work hard, never give up.


Always practice it and if you want something bad enough, keep working


Well, there is more from John in just a moment


with his player picks for today's women's FA Cup final.


And how about that for a world record, hey?


It's not just John and Tommy who have


been practising, you lot have also got some top skills.


Boys, I'm loving the teamwork so far and look, he's just


managed to get the ball into the bin.


I'm loving that little celebration there.


Don't tell me he's going to do it a third time.


Oh, he has made it, it is the triple crossbar


Brilliant goal, I think that one actually deserves a bit of a replay.


Now the next one is Frankie with his keepy uppies.


Now, Frankie managed 503 keepy uppies.


And I think it is quite fitting that he is wearing a Messi top.


And this one is Anyah, now, I am loving your skills.


Some top work there, Anyah, well done you.


Well, if you've got some super skills to show off here


on Kickabout, well, what are you waiting for?


Send them in, we would love to see them.


You can either upload a clip via the Kickabout page


on the CBBC website or e-mail [email protected]


And, girls, I've got to tell you something, the boys are


outnumbering you at the moment so, come on, let's have some more videos


Well, one place you can certainly expect to see some skills


today is at Wembley for the women's FA Cup final.


Birmingham City ladies, who won the trophy back in


2012, well, they will take on Manchester City women and here,


on the ones to watch out for, is our very own John Farnham.


Before we get to that, tell us about Tommy.


Honestly, he is brilliant, he has inspired me.


Well, let's talk about the ones to watch out for then.


Yes, starting with City, they have had the season of


They are undefeated in the league, obviously league


I'm going to start with one of their star players,


Now, she has won quite a lot of awards, including two Player of


To think that she is a defender as well, look at that.


And, John, you've also got your eyes on one of their


key strikers, Toni Duggan, she scored a hat-trick in 18 minutes


against Bristol City, she is certainly on fine form


I mean, she is a class act, a very well-known


player in the Premier League and do you know what?


She has won it with Everton before in 2010 so she knows


Fingers crossed her grandad will be there because he was her


He is going to be there, cheering her on.


So, John, they are up against Birmingham City, they have


had an amazing cup run but who are the key


To start with, the youngster, Jess Carter has really caught my eye.


She has just been crowned young Player of the Year.


She is no doubt going to bring some quality to this game.


I tell you, Jess Carter is always in the right place at the right time


My one to watch, Seema, is Ellen White.


She, honestly, she has not been at Blues that long but


She sends Birmingham to Wembley, easy as


She scored the decisive goal in the penalty shoot


out against Chelsea and she's going to be one to watch in today's game.


So, if Toni Duggan scores and Ellen White, are you expecting


We could have lots of goals in today's games.


Well, John, you have been a superstar as always.


And, of course, good luck to both teams involved today.


It is set to be a record crowd for the final so I


am sure we will see a fantastic game.


Well, two superstars who are certainly used to performing in


front of big crowds are WWE superstars Sheamus and Sasha Banks.


But how would they fare against the mighty


I am going to take on the bucket list.


Everybody knows I am the greatest football fan in the WWE.


I mean, you should do the bucket list, then.


So bad, I don't even know where to start.


That didn't go anywhere according to plan.


Team Banks, you guys, you put on a great effort.


I have to say, great job, but there can


That bucket list, not as easy as it first


And, this week, we are looking at Welsh wizards ahead of


next month's Champions League final in Cardiff, bring on the goals.


Fullen rather nicely here for Bellamy.


And the week has turned out rather well for Craig Bellamy.


Robbie Savage gets Birmingham up to an


Coming inside, he has got it across his man here.


Before we go, there is just time to take a look at the five players


shortlisted for the BBC women's Footballer of the Year award.


Well, head to the Kickabout website for all of the details on




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