15/04/2017 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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We're coming to this week from Eggerton football club.


I'm just so egg-static to be here for Easter weekend!


Here is what's coming up on today's show.


Two Everton super fans give us an access all areas tour


They put some interesting questions to two of


I talk to an inspirational Manchester United fan


And whenever we go the Kickabout goal alert comes too,


which means you can look forward to lots of egg-citing


And, apologies, lots of terrible Easter


Speaking of which, I was told to meet the Everton Easter


He will give me loads of chocolate but so far there


you give me a massive shout so if you see him can


Meanwhile, it has been another dramatic week in the


His third in the Champions League this season and


Juventus get the third goal of the game.


He's turned to the right of Schmeichel.


Fantastic drama, and let's hope Leicester


Jonjo Shelvey with a spectacular finish.


It's going to be a solo goal, and it is a picture book ending


Brilliant goal from the new England player.


And our hosts today, Everton, are not far off


They will be pushing for qualification certainly


Certainly with the exciting youngsters and they


18-year-old Tom Davis has made a great impact this campaign


and he even scored the joint fastest goal of the season last Sunday,


and their under 23s are also top of their league.


We wanted to get the lowdown from two of their players so


we sent our reporters Dan and Jack to meet them.


By the way, don't tell anyone but Jack is actually a secret


Liverpool fan going deep behind enemy lines.


Is that the sound of hopping I hear?


Hello, MOTD Kickabout I'm Courtney Duffus and this is Sam Byrne.


Hello, I am Dan and I support Everton.


Hello, I'm Jack and I support Liverpool.


I play left wing and because you are both strikers I


feel like you could give me quite a few tips.


I think goals and assists and massive.


What was the inspiration to start playing


Just having friends that love playing it as well.


How highly do you rate the quality of the Everton


Probably one of the best in the country.


Who is the best Everton player, or are you all rubbish?


Just his creativity and he's just an overall


What did you like about Fernando Torres?


Right, MOTD Kickabout, we have interviewed the lads.


Keep watching because later on we have


Sam taking on Courtney in the keepie uppie challenge.


Right now it is time to find out all about


this brilliant old stadium and the team that plays here.


Goodison Park dates back to 1892, making in one of the first


purpose-built football ground in the world. Last season more goals or


scored here than any other Premier League stadium. Let's have a look at


some of them. Romelu Lukaku. He finds him.


Everton have enjoyed a fair bit of success but don't just take my word


for it here are some experts to show you around. Welcome to Goodison


Park, Ormeau Everton football club, the greatest team in the world. --


home of Everton football club. Our nickname is the Toffee and for every


game... Probably the biggest club legend is the man Dixie Dean. In the


1927-28 season he scored 16 goals, more than one every game. -- 60.


This season Romelu Lukaku has been banging them in all season. We also


had a legendary goalkeeper, big Neville Southall. He made 750


appearances for the club, 200 more than any other player.


Goodison Park is the only Premier League ground with each charge so


close it is nearly on the pitch. -- with a church so close. They never


play early on a Sunday to afford -- to avoid clashing with church


services. They have won the league nine times, the FA Cup five times


and the European Cup Winners' Cup once. Next season we were when the


Premier League. Thank you very much for that, you're obviously super


fans, does one goal or against that up to you as your favourite. My


favourite was when Tim Howard scored a against Bolton. -- scored the


goal. What about you? Romelu Lukaku against Chelsea last year in the FA


Cup when he ran through all the defence. It Romelu Lukaku. It is a


brilliant goal. If you go through all the players you have ever seen


or heard about playing, can you pick one of favourite from all the years


Everton has been around? Well, Dixie Dean scored 60 goals in one season,


I don't think I have ever seen messy or Cristiano Ronaldo do that Duncan


Ferguson because he was strong and tall and courageous. He certainly


was, and he scored quite a few goals as well. By the way, you have not


seen an Easter bunny about, happy? No, I don't think I have. Curious.


Anyway, here are your skills. Here is Alec faced with some tricky


garden furniture. Look at that. Cristiano, George is


coming for your crown. Jacob next, grate flick,


and greater volly, great goal. Trick shot off the slide


and into the net. Oh, and what is this,


Young Sam here taking on his friend Courtney


in a What a great effort


from the Everton boys. So please keep your videos


coming in, always. Now we have got


another talented young footballer who had a rather special


surprise lately at his beloved Meets Samuel, a huge football and


Manchester United fan and loves playing the game. He suffers from a


condition called cerebral palsy which affects the movement in his


joints and means he is not as mobile as other children. And now I about


his school to catch up with the man himself. It is a pleasure to meet


you. Put it there. How are you? Good. I have got to be honest I am a


bit starstruck to meet you because I have seen the video you done with


the Manchester United foundation and it is amazing. How did you end up


being in that video? I wrote an inspirational speech and gave it to


my headteacher. Who did you meet that the? Poga, Zlatan, and all


became except for one person who was that? Wayne Rooney. I do believe the


players gave you some gifts to take home to remember the day and I think


you brought some with you, haven't you? These are the blogs that they


personally gave to me and De Gea also gave me his shirt. You are a


goalkeeper as well, and you? I got this to get signed by all the


players and this is Pogba's. What do you see yourself doing in the future


a manager. So you would like to be the first manager with cerebral


palsy and the Premier League. Yeah. I a wheelchair and they never give


up. Just because you have a disability or a condition, that does


not stop you doing from what you love.


It has been a pleasure. What an inspiration!. Thank you so much,


Samuel. And he might have something to cheer about tomorrow when


Manchester United host Chelsea. Those two rivals have a little bit


of history. This is Zola. Still Zola. Stores.


That is a superb goal. The cross is great. What a chance! Incomes in the


corner kick. He is allowed to go through. How


about that? I cannot wait for that one, it will


be a cracker. Whether you are following your team this weekend or


heading out on the pitch yourself make sure you enjoy your football


and enjoy your Easter. Speaking of which, Lukaku I have found. Now we


are is that chocolate!


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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