18/02/2017 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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It's the fifth round of the FA Cup this weekend and today's kickabout


We bring you our top five FA Cup goals of all time.


England legend Katie Stony gives her dream five aside team


and we've got five fantastic clips of your skills.


This week, Paul Pogba played against his own brother


and there is the ultimate sibling grudge match as I test my skills


He might be a pro footballer, but I still reckon I can beat him.


All that and more to come so don't go anywhere.


But first, here are some of the big stories from


World Cup winner and reigning world Player of the Year, Carly Lloyd.


Look at that. A magnificent effort! What a golf.


Carly has scored an incredible 96 goals for City and they hope she


will scorn for further blues. Paris St Germain put for past the


champions in Barcelona. It was raining goals in Aberdeen as these


goals went in. Kickabout has a bit of a five vibe going on and that's a


perfect excuse to show you more goals. Let me present you Mark


Wright's five favourite goals of all time. Picking up the ball for West


Ham, look at that for a strike, how low the cameo against Wimbledon. --


Di Cannio. This for Leeds. I can't tell you the amount of times I tried


that Ivan Park to hit the bar. Absolute screamer. I can't believe


it. David Beckham, probably his best goal of all time. There's a debate


whether it's that goal or posh spice who made him famous. Before the


halfway line. Straight into the roof of the net. Trevor Sinclair against


Charlton and it's a body again, but the player controls it first, trees


himself up and straight in the top in. You notice here how he keeps his


head over the ball to make sure it doesn't sky into the keeper 's head.


Wayne Rooney. You can any day that if you're one of the best players in


the world just like him. -- you can only do that. So,


there we are. Five goals I will always remember, but for Arsenal


this week saw five goals they would rather forget. That was unstoppable.


There is a challenge on their own half. Sanchez, right footed. Sanchez


again to school. Heads it down and in. Comes out to the edge of the


box, it's in. It's a bit. 5-1 to Bayern Munich and that should be the


goal that finishes Arsenal even before the second leg. Spurs also


lost in Europe coming down one nil but Man United had a much better run


out as that man scored a hat-trick to beat Saint Etienne 3-0 with Paul


Pogba against his rubber. Gary and Phil Neville were opposing in the


past and then you've got the Torres Brothers. The biggest


rivalry is Josh Wright and me, my little brother. It's time for a


little challenge. I'm Mark, the older, better looking


rather. But I'm Josh, most importantly the better football.


First challenge. How many pick-ups can you do with a tennis ball. Let


it bounce first! That's good going. Seven. Seven. Is


that ten? Is that 1-0 made? You said three attempts! I would go again.


It's game over on the tennis ball. What's next? Are you sure you want


to carry on or do you want to get more humiliated? All right, 1-0 to


you. See that being? Who can hit it the most?


Cleaned it! He'd got it again. Another plane hit. He's shanked it.


He's missed it big time. One shot each and we are going down. There


you go! 2-0. After two games, one remaining. Because I'm so confident,


double or quits. Back-end of the court whoever hits it first, takes


it all! There it is! I think we've proved


that point. Teamwork equals DreamWorks and in this case the


Wright work. One more go? Still absolutely gutted he beat me, but


maybe you need some tips from you lot. His five of the best of your


skills. -- here is. First up is Ben. He goes to the basket straight


through. Unbelievable. Harrison, going down the wing. Renowned don't


eat your heart out. Straight in the top corner here! Scored one myself


like that actually. Check out the hope is my work here. Nice around


the world. That's magic. And finally, Zach. Look at that. That


deserves a slow Mo. Look at that! Fantastic. Please keep those clips


coming in. From five top tricks to five top picks. Katie Stony has won


over 100 caps for her country and here she is with her dream five


aside football team. I'm Katie and this is my dream all time five aside


team. In goal, I'm going to go with David Seaman because firstly I


thought he had fantastic hair but he was also good at making unbelievable


saves. In defence, I will pick myself. Get the ball, give it to


someone else who is better than me and let them school. Bobby Moore's


interceptions and the way he plays forward, he was one of the best.


Alongside him, the one and only Messi. He has to carry the team on


his back. And Kelly Smith, unbelievable changing directions,


scoring goals. That is my dream five aside team. A massive thank you to


Casey. First take a look at these fixtures. Some real crackers in


there and even a chance for another giant killing as Lincoln city take


on Burnley. Live on Monday Arsenal place at United. Until then, whether


you've got half term coming up or not, get out there and have a little


kick about yourself. See you soon. What a fantastic run. He scores! An


amazing goal! That's Sinclair. That is a


breathtaking goal! Gerard! It's gone in! Gerard, just


when he looked injured and out of it!


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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