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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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I'm Alex Scott and you're watching Match of


Here's what's coming up on today's show.


The goal count is off the scale this week


as we look at some epic FA Cup quarterfinals.


I pick my top four footballing heroes and stand-by for


details of how you could become a roving football reporter for the


All that and loads more to come, and of course


I'm told this could go off at any point and when it does we bring you


some of the best goals on the planet.


Now, I've been playing football for a long time and I've done OK.


But, to achieve your dreams, we all need heroes, so I thought


First up is Mia Hamm. they inspire you too.


The American was a real trailblazer.


Not only did she win so many trophies, but I remember she


was the first female footballer to have her own branded boots.


Kelly is England's top goal-scorer with 46 goals and for me


as a team-mate for Arsenal and England, I saw the magic first-hand.


When it comes to the best of the best, it's hard to beat Marta.


She's scored over 100 goals for Brazil and has one Fifa world


She's scored over 100 goals for Brazil and has won Fifa world


Finally, when I was a kid there was one


player I loved more than any other, Arsenal hero Ian Wright and I'm


proud to say he is now a friend of mine.


It was another dramatic week in the Champions


Manchester city flying the flags for the England clubs.


Shot and a half volley and the King Power


The referee blows his whistle and Leicester City remarkably through to


the last eight of the Champions League. It's then, it's deflected


in! Inside the six yard box. They've scored in the eighth minute of the


game. So- zero. City have their goal! And there is the final


whistle. Manchester City have been knocked out of the Champions League


by Monaco. Pretty amazing stuff and I can't wait for those last eight


games. Here is the draw. Nylon Foxes, you can do it. But


nothing quite compares that the magic of the FA Cup. Lincoln City


have been writing an incredible cup fairy tale and last week they faced


the mighty Arsenal and we sent our reporter to give you the lowdown.


You have to go all the way back to the 1913-14 season to find the last


non-league team to reach the FA Cup quarterfinals. But at this Emirates


Stadium, Lincoln City find themselves here and could they get


all the way to the FA Cup final? Well, let's find out. What's been


the best bit about coming to this stadium so far? The travelling. Can


we get a prediction? To write someone Lincoln. Tune- zero. Can I


go all the way in the FA Cup? -- can they go all the way in the FA Cup?


Scream and shout really now. This is quite loud! It's ten to five and the


matches kicking off shortly. But we can't bring this big camera with us


can wave. You have never seen anything like this. It's stunning.


There's very excited Lincoln Lincoln are making noise already.


Lincoln came close there. Those fans know exactly what they need for a


breakthrough. It's still 0-0. Theo Walcott! Arsenal have the lead on


the stroke of half-time. You comfortably here that noise. 1-0 to


Arsenal. 45 minutes is what Lincoln have left to prove themselves. 2-0


to Arsenal! That could be that. Arsenal have a third. Lester Sanchez


brilliantly place. It's walked into the back of the net from Arsenal.


Lester R 5-0 down and they still haven't stopped singing. They can be


very proud indeed, Lincoln. -- Lincoln are five nil down.


Commiseration to Lincoln but you can be very proud of your team.


Kante finds a way. To Chelsea girls for him this season. -- tune Chelsea


Moult-macs the him this season. In towards Aguero.


He's serious with him for not controlling that. That was an


absolute beauty! That's a brilliant goal from him. A good run. Well


found. 3-0. Another delightful goal. On a hat-trick. He has his


hat-trick. You have to feel sorry for Tom King in the Millwall goal.


And Spurs take six. Well, those were the goals, but what about the


skills? Here's John Farnworth. My first clip is this skill. Power,


pace and he just hits this wide. But will come onto that in the second


because I want to focus on this skill here. He's done what everybody


knows as a turn. He's still going. There he is, power, pace. And in his


mind right now, always thinking about, he drives it through the


pitch and I say just wide. But look at this for a save! But I'm raving


about this guy. In my opinion, this guy... I have to stop you there


because we got a goal alert. Here come the goals.


Zidane! Its three. Jerod. I'll Bowe, what a goal.


Scholes, who shooting and scoring. Here he comes, Yaya Torres.


Lampard,. Frank Lampard has punished them. Oh! It's a screamer. Some


fantastic goals there. But I feel more unbelievable is this guy,


Kante. The best made field around. He's doing it all for Chelsea. The


guy can defend, he can attack and he really does keep the ball. I can see


you are excited by this player. He allows other players like hazards


and car start to play. -- Hazard, and Marcus Rashford. I believe that


can be applied to anything in life especially on the football pitch. If


you have that on your team, you're going be unstoppable. Now to a man


who was better known as a no-nonsense tackle, you probably


know him better as the host of Ninja Warrior. You better know him as


Kammy. In goal, my favourite keeper from you in Munich. -- keeper from


Munich. One of the best centre-backs in the world. And obviously, yours


truly, a legend in my own lunchtime. Gareth Bale. But up there's only one


man, Messi of Barcelona. He's done it! It had to be Messi! That's my


dream by aside team. Thanks, Kammy. Some great kicks there and if you


fancy yourself as a bit of a football pundit and let me tell you


about this new opportunity. Jamie Johnson returns to CBBC, and as well


as his TV show that you'll be able to listen to a pod cast of his every


week. We are on the lookout for some junior reporters. If you think


you've got what it takes then upload your 15 second mini footy blog on


our website. If any of you are as good with the mike as you are with


the ball then you are going to be world beaters. Check out your


skills. First up, we have Fraser. A nice 1-2 off the wall, a nice cheeky


flick and obviously you've got to finish with a goal. Next up,


Harrison. Free kick. Top corner there. Obviously you've got to


finish with a cerebral Asian. Thomas, nice little kick ups. And


finally, Lennon. He's playing it. Milking it to the crowd. And cheeky


dance. We like that celebration. Brilliant stuff and please keep


those videos coming in. We love seeing them. So, it's full-time for


us, and whatever team you get the result you are looking for. I am


looking forward to the women's cup where


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