20/05/2017 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Can you believe we have reached the final weekend


Yes, just one more day remains tomorrow.


But there is no need to mourn the end of the season just yet.


We have plenty of footy action for you to enjoy.


Lauren goes behind the scenes at Wembley


We check out your reviews of the season.


What a treat that promises to be. Don't miss it later.


First, let's take a look at the big stories hitting


We are ending the season as we started it -


Yes, the managerial merry-go-round is back.


Walter Mazzarri is to leave the Hornets after tomorrow's


Just like his two most recent predecessors,


the Italian has been there for less than a year.


His departure once again opens up the Watford Gap.


Could this be the finest own goal ever scored?


Adrian of Swiss lower league side Pulley Football tries to clear


the ball with the overhead kick and manages to score


And finally, huge congratulations have to go to champions Chelsea.


Not only will they be lifting this impressive trophy tomorrow,


but if they manage to beat Sunderland at Stamford Bridge,


they will also make history by becoming the first ever team


in the Premier League to win 30 games in one season.


And what a season that would round up.


But there is still the small matter of the FA Cup final.


This week, a celebration of the brilliant Blues.


It is Willian, who scores for Chelsea.


The Brazilian gives them the lead in the semifinal.


At the other end, we already know who is going down.


Chelsea's opponents, Sunderland, plus Middlesbrough and Hull.


So is there anything left to play for tomorrow?


Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal


But their goal difference and goals scored are similar enough


that we might end up with two finishing joint third or fourth


And that would mean a play-off to decide the Champions League spot.


It has certainly been a season of ups and downs,


Let's see how it has been for your team with your ten


And keep your eyes peeled for some Kickabout stars in there, too.


The best thing that has happened for City is buying Jesus.


What can I say about my boys in blue?


That is what I have to say. Come on, you Blues.


They won the league. Well done.


Let's talk about Manchester City, my team.


There was so much hype about him at the beginning of the season


However, things haven't quite materialised.


I am a Manchester United fan and, for me, my season highlight has been


seeing Ibrahimovic in the Premier League.


And Paul Pogba dabbing his way into the United team.


The best moment of this season was when Steve Sidwell scored that


It has been an agonising one from Leeds, finishing seventh,


Because we have the best young manager in the country.


Fantastic players and the world's greatest fans.


I think that Liverpool are doing really well this season.


Coutinho is my favourite player and I hope to come forth.


I think we can sum up our season by saying


e moved to a new stadium, Payet left, and we are going


But don't worry because Slaven Bilic is the man.


Next year, we're going to win the FA Cup.


My high of the season was Shakespeare taking


This season, they scored the best goal ever with


Henrikh Mkhitaryan's Scorpion kick against Sunderland.


As well as playing for Arsenal ladies, I am a huge Arsenal fan.


Highlights of the 2016-17 season has to be Wenger


Chelsea have had a really good season.


Antonio Conte has done a massively good job.


The champions of England did really well in the Champions League.


But when Shakespeare took over, they won six in a row.


Lanzini is my favourite player because he is skilful


# We are on our way # To the Premier League #


Two teams who had plenty of support last weekend where Birmingham


and Manchester City at the women's FA Cup final.


This year, a record-breaking 35,000 fans streamed


And Lauren was there for Kickabout with an exclusive


It is FA Cup final day, and big spending Manchester City


Don't forget, they have beaten Arsenal and Chelsea


to make it here today, Birmingham.


Wembley Way is getting absolutely packed.


Theo, how have you been warming up for today's match?


That sounds like you are cooling down if anything.


What do we think the score is going to be?


I take it you are here to support Birmingham City, is that right?


What would you say is going to be the score?


I am here with Poppy, Edie and Amber.


They are from the Royal Wootton Bassett football club.


I have loved football since I was two.


Right now, I am inside Wembley Stadium's dressing rooms.


I tell you what, if there is some kind of injury crisis today.


If Birmingham need a player or City, I am ready.


Just relaxing in Birmingham City's changing rooms.


Any little niggles are injuries causing anybody problems get sorted.


Let's have a feel of this water. It is absolutely freezing.


She is actually best mates with one of Manchester City's


I am here in the tunnel at Wembley Stadium and I am


I have heard I have got VIP seats today.


In fact, this does me, the manager's dugout.


I would love to be out on that pitch right now.


Actually, I'll take my seat. My actual seat this time.


COMMENTATOR: That is the touch, that is in,


Lucy Bronze scored Manchester City's first goal.


Will Birmingham be able to pull it back in the second half?


Oh, that is a lovely goal to wrap it up for Manchester City.


And that is it. 4-1 to Manchester City.


A huge congratulations to Manchester City.


What a way to round off an amazing season, winning the women's


Great to see so many of you there enjoying the game.


Speaking of which, you have been sending in some fantastic footy


And picture with his favourite player, Eden Hazard,


Well done to Holly for winning mini footballer of the week


This is his first trip to Anfield to watch his


And here is the winners of the Pioneer Youth League Cup.


We love seeing your footy pictures. Thanks, guys.


Please keep them coming by uploading to our page


We also want to see your silky skills, too.


If you need inspiration, check this out.


Michael has constructed his own wall.


And he sailed the ball right past it.


His brother is wearing a crash helmet.


Perhaps he was not so confident, Austin.


Oh, he has got a right to be pleased with that.


Through the eye of the needle. Take that, nature!


Looking for accuracy. Nails it.


That is how you get a volley in the bin.


That is how you get a ball in the bin.


It is a celebration special in honour of the FA Cup final.


So if you've got skills to show off and a celebration


And if you want some skills to try, look no further


This week, all about tricks to get the ball into the air


This move was made famous by one of my favourite ever


First, it is about how we position our body.


Non kicking foot goes ahead of the ball.


Two, put your big toe on top, in the middle of the ball.


To get used to this, I would just rock your foot back and forth.


Three, when the toe is on top of the ball,


you are going to push the ball down while kicking your foot back,


keeping your leg straight, as fast and as far back


Which will create back spin, which will pop


When it is in the air, you are ready to strike.


Once you have mastered the Zlatan Pop, try taking things


to the next level and test out your volley skills.


Unbelievable skills from John. That is all we have time for, but come


back next week for our FA Cup final special. Until then, see you.


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