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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Great to have your company for another packed


Kickabout. Here is what we've got


lined up for you today. Best behaviour everyone,


the referees are in town.


We hear from legendary ref Howard Webb and we've got a great


game lined up so you can be a referee from your sofa.


I went to Barnsley FC to meet their resident


poet. We filmed his repartie and today


we're going to show it! And of course, we look


forward to this weekend's fab fixtures and show off


a few more of your brilliant skills. Oh I say, pick that one out.


All that coming up and more so don't go


anywhere. We kick off with the stories making


the footie news this week.


It is time for Headline Hitters. Imagine turning up to play against


Leicester De Montfort University University


last week only to find you're facing former Manchester


United star Park Ji-sung. The one time South Korean captain


is studying management, but sadly his team


couldn't manage a win. No one likes to miss watching


their football team play, but five-year-old Celtic


play Lewis took things to a new level.


Unable to attend the match versus Motherwell


last weekend due to his friend's birthday


party he phoned Celtic to apologise that he wouldn't be there.


That's dedication. Apparently the party


was pretty great though. And there was no bravo


for Manchester City in the Champions League.


The former Barca keeper had a shocker and got sent


off and Lionel Messi scored his 37th hat-trick.


But there was a solid draw for Tottenham.


A great win for Leicester and a stonking 6-0 for


Arsenal. But that wasn't the only


Cup action this week. The FA Cup first round draw took


place and the old magic is as strong as ever.


I can't wait to see Merstone take on Oxford United.


For me FA Cup fairytales are as exciting as the Champions League and


talking of champions in the week that our Olympic and Paralympic


heroes paraded through Manchester and London, here is Gold Medallist


Jade Jones with her dream five aside team. Hi, I'm Jade Jones. This is my


dream team. For the goalkeeper I'm going to go


with myself just so I can do loads of kicks and different types of kick


to kick it aafrom the goal. In defence I'm going to go for Beckham.


He is an old legend and it would be good to have him on the team. My


first mid-fielder would have to be Gareth Bale. Being from Wales and


him being a Welsh legend, it would just have to be him!


Alongside him in mid-field it would have to be Messi. He is an amazing


footballer and he is great to watch. Upfront because I'm a big Manchester


United fan, it would have to be Wayne Rooney.


And that's my dream five aside team. Can she kick it? Yes, she can.


Beckham in defence though. Thanks, Jade. If you employed your high feet


on the pitch you would be having words with this man. He rev Rio


Ferdinand a World Cup final don't you know.


-- he refereed a World Cup final, don't you know.


When I was a young guy I had no ambition to become a football


referee. When I was eight or nine I wanted to be a proffal footballer


like so many of my friends and like so many kids these days. It was my


dad who just asked me one day when I was about 16 or 17, he said,


"Howard, you're not going to make it it as a footballer, have you thought


about becoming a football referee?" At 18 I became a football referee.


It was the first step that took me to some amazing places in world


football. I was dealing with some strong characters so I had to


develop my own personality to be able to manage players and


communicate to them. I had to work hard at my fitness levels because


you need to be in the right place at the right time to make the right


decisions. I had to train and think about what I ate and drank to make


sure I was fit enough for the job. One of the hardest things about


being a referee is accepting from time to time you'll make a mistake


and coping with that mistake. For any young person who is thinking


about becoming a referee one of the certainties is you'll make some


mistakes. It is inevitable and you have to learn from those and bounce


back from them and understand that the will probably make you a better


referee. At least ten times in my career I've come home from games and


threw my bag into the corner and thought that was a tough game, I'm


packing it in. And when I stood in the tunnel about to take charge of


the World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands and South Africa


I was glad I picked my bag up each time and gun out and refereed again


because if I left it on the floor of the kitchen and never gone back for


it again, I would have been watching the World Cup final on TV instead of


being a part of this amazing sporting spectacle. Determination


and self-belief, it is so, so important for referees to survive in


a challenging environment. I would encourage young people to take up


refereeing because it helps you develop as a person. It gives you


the opportunity to make it to the top of the game. To share the pitch


with some of the greaters players in world football. It gives you the


best place in the house. I a shared a witch a Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis


Suarez and I would be on the same pitch as them. It gives you some


great opportunities to make it to the top. What a great story. Thanks,


Howard. I wonder if that's got you thinking about taking up one of the


toughest jobs on the pitch? Well, I'm joined by two rising stars that


are ready for that challenge. Yasmin and Jacob. Welcome to Kickabout.


Great to see you. I want to come to you Jacob. How did you get into


refereeing? My interest from refereeing came from my dad. He is a


Football League official. From a young age I went to the game and


when I hit 14 I got on the referees course and I've enjoyed my


experience so far. Yasmin, I know you're older, you're 18. Tell us


what are the skills that make a good referee? Communication stills, time


management skills, dealing with players because you can be dealing


with difficult people and also your fitness, that's a really key


element. Guys, it is time for us to put those skills to the test. Are


you ready? Yes. Great stuff and remember you guys can play along at


home too. Here is Man City versus Tottenham. The score is nil-nil as


we join the action. Jacob, what are you looking for in this situation?


Firstly, it is Sterling's arm position whether it is in a natural


position or he has moved it in the way of the ball. It is quite a tight


one. Even before that, looking whether he is inside the box or not


to determine whether it is a free kick or a penalty. For me, that


isn't a penalty. I don't think it is a deliberate handball. So Yasmin


positioning is important. What would you say in regards to that? You need


to get the right angle. Penalty or no penalty? No penalty. No penalty


from both of our referees in the studio. I wonder what you think.


Shall we reveal what Mark Clattenburg did? He disagrees. He


has given the penalty. He doesn't have the benefit of watching it on


replay. He has only seen it in the game. From this angle, it looks like


it is his back a bit. It shouldn't have been a penalty, should it? It


is a big decision. It just shows you that positioning is everything in


refereeing. Here is Bournemouth versus Norwich on January. The score


is 1-0 to Bournemouth and they are on the attack again. See what you


make of it at home. Oh dear. That looked a bit rash,


didn't it. Yasmin, what kind of rules are you going to apply to a


situation like this? There is two covering defenders. Here I would be


giving a free kick because it is outside the area and then I'd be


looking at a yellow card. A yellow card from Yasmin. Jacob, you heard


what Yasmin thinks? I don't think he is denying a goal scoring, I would


give a red card for foul play. I wonder what you're thinking at home.


Let's see what referee Robert Madeley thought in the match. He


said yellow card and free kick I guess. So this in that situation,


Yasmin you got it right, but again, refereeing is all about


interpretation of the game, isn't it? Thank you so much for coming in


both of you, I really hope to see you on our screens one day as some


of the Premier League's top referees. It is a reminder as to why


we need to respect our referees. Without them, no one would get to


enjoy the game. And you wouldn't get a chance to bring these silky skills


from the park to the pitch. Check them out! George with some very


impressive ball juggling skills. Look at the precision and control


there. And bang. Into the net and George knows how to celebrate too.


Next up, this is James with some more silky skills. He has got the


flick ups down to a T. Over the head and rolled into the net and if that


wasn't enough, he pulls up for dad for good measure. Here is Ted can


ridiculous schools. They are next level and a perfect volley to boot.


Marvellous stuff. Please keep them coming in. Football is the beautiful


game and an art form in its own right. It can make us feel on top of


the world or down in the dumps, have you thought how you would put those


feelings into words? When we found out that Barnsley FC had their own


official poet I had to go and meet him. What a place. Bringing me step.


Smile on me face. East and west stand, dugout, goal. Pride of a


town, that's built on coal. West stand, east stand, penalty spot, you


want excitement, we've got the lot. East stand, west stand, Popbty end,


follow this team and you get a blend of ups and downs and ups. Relegation


or FA Cup. West stand, east stand, red and white, everything is going


to be all right! Six goal thriller, nil-nil draw. Their keeper is a


spiller. Come on just score. Been here for more than 100 years.


Full-time elation, half-time tears. It fills me to bursting with pride


and glee to follow my team, Barnsley FC.


Welcome to Kickabout. You're sat in your actual seat? This is my seat I


sit here once a fortnight for the last 20 years. It is not dull being


a Barnsley fan. It is never boring. You're Barnsley's official poet?


Yes, when we got promoted to the Premier League in 1997, I rang them


up and said do you fancy having a poet? They said will it cost us


anything? I said I would do it for free. We'll score and somebody will


lean over and will say, "You'll write a poem about that." You can


see farce and you can see drama and it is like art and I wish more


poetry was like football and I wish more football was like poetry. What


are your tips? Write about what you like. If you like going to football,


write about football. If you like collecting things, write about what


you collect. Once you start writing about it then the passion you feel


for that will come through. The great thing about poetry you can't


get it wrong. I can write what you want. You say write about what you


know, Ian and I know very well how to be a manager at a fake football


game and I've written a poem about it, would you like to see? Yes,


please. Excellent. Listen up boys what I want you to do is feed off


this noise and forget four, four, two. Make use of the flanks, play it


out wide. The linesman is a plank. We were never offside. Start


pressing them high. Next week I'm going to buy a better attacker.


We've overcommitted, the system is flawed. Our team has been out witted


for positions scored. The defence is a mess. I'm wasting my time. It is


giving me stress all this! What a lovely fella. Thank you so


Ian and to Barnsley FC and if football and words are what you


like, why not have a go at writing a poem of your own? When you're done


we'd love to read thesmt get online and send us your rhymes on the CBBC


website. Your words might feature on the show. You can watch my poem for


Leeds on there too. That's just about it for Kickabout this week,


but before we go, let's take a look at this weekend's fixtures and look


at that one at the bottom. Sunday's clash between Chelsea and Manchester


United has got to be my picked. Jose Mourinho's return to Stamford Bridge


could be a cracker. I can't wait. See


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