25/02/2017 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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The footy season is starting to get seriously exciting, so let's


Ben Shires is pitch-side, for an amazing David


Kickabout fan Joe is in the stands for a Champions League goal-fest.


We have got some incredible skills from you lot.


And the superstars get ready for a massive


First, the biggest stories from the football world this week.


Leicester have sacked Claudio Ranieri, just eight months


after he led them to the Premier League title.


Such a sad ending to one of the most amazing


England legend Wayne Rooney has been heavily linked to a big-money move


to China, but insists he is staying at Manchester United.


Who knows what will happen in the summer?


We will miss him if he leaves, though.


The future is bright for Chelsea's Under-18s,


He scored four goals in a mammoth 13-0 victory over Brighton.


They are the first non-league team to reach


the quarterfinals of the FA Cup in 103 years.


What a dramatic last-minute win over Premier League Burnley.


Incredible scenes there at Turf Moor.


And that set the stage for potentially more


Could non-league Sutton United knock out Premier League giants


Arsenal on a chilly Monday night in south London?


A very happy Ben Shires was there to find out.


It is the biggest game here for over 30 years.


It is not every day you see a World Cup winner


The first meaningful attack from Sutton.


It has come against the run of play, you would have to say.


You can hear the crowd rallying again.


Arsenal go in at the break with a slender 1-0 lead.


But they have not had it all their own way.


Here come Sutton for the second half.


And 100 up for Theo Walcott in an Arsenal shirt.


A stonker off the crossbar for Sutton!


Sutton are a team full of teachers, builders, plasterers and fitness


This is what the FA Cup is all about.


But that match completely captured all the magic of


In fact, FA Cup passion is very much alive and kicking.


Listen to this, when Millwall got their late winning goal


Shaun Cummings with the goal for Millwall!


OK, maybe the commentator is not too keen on


He has time to look up, check he is not offside


We can have a look at the draw for the quarterfinals.


Especially Chelsea, up against the holders,


I would not like to guess who's going to win.


All I know is that Jose is probably going to want revenge


The FA Cup may be the oldest cup competition in the


world, but the Champions League is probably the biggest.


Look at the size of that. Two English clubs wearing Champions


League form this midweek. Hello. I am Jill. Big matches do not get much


bigger than this. Manchester city take the lead!


Aguero!! . Incredible. What a finish. Aguero!! Once again- 3-3!


Aguero Visit the cross. It is another goal for Manchester city.


5-3. Incredible. 2-0. Leicester became.


But Vardy gives Leicester City LA flame. 2-1. Cash lifeline.


It would be amazing if one of these clubs got to the final of the


competition. We have got a cup final of our own this weekend. It is the


League Cup final at Wembley BB between Manchester United and


Southampton. This is when they took part in my first ever free stale


competition. You can send in your football videos or pictures. One man


who is used to a lot of silver we. One man who has won plenty as the


Manchester United star Juan Mata. We went along to meet him during the


week. You are not just a footballer. You


study when you are not playing. Did you enjoy school? Yes, I enjoyed it.


I was better at some things that other things, but I enjoyed mostly


because I need a lot of very friends. Is it difficult playing


against your own team-mates at Chelsea? No, I am never Manchester.


Who is the best player you have ever played with. Iniesta. He is


absolutely fantastic for both Barcelona and Spain. He makes


everything happen. Who is your best friend at Manchester United? I am


great French with the goalkeeper De Gea. We are both team-mates for


Manchester United and first steam. But I have got a very good


relationship with a lovely team-mates. If you could pick any


player from the history of Manchester United that you could


play alongside. Who would that be. Great, though a chance to see some


of your fantastic skill. We may be need to get some goal-line


technology to check if there were naturally went in! Fantastic control


from William. Fantastic. K Scott. Practising his free kicks. Rate into


the top of the net. William against his little sister. Can Emily get her


revenge. She is taking a claim. Yes! Fantastic finish. Some fantastic


football skills we are. You can send in your clips to us.


We can look at the fixtures know. Leicester City against Liverpool is


the mundane a game and that has taken on huge significance because


of the departure of the Leicester City manager, Claudio Ranieri. Last


season, Jimmy Vardy was in sensational form on this


corresponding match against Liverpool. But we will have a look


at some of the potential matchwinners in the cup final at


Wembley. Firstly, Pogba for Manchester United. We can stop this


year. He receives the past. But already, he is looking up, looking


to see what he is going to do with it. Chipset forward beautifully,


almost like a shot in golf. And 24 goals already for the fantastic


centre forward. He is the potential matchwinner. For Southampton, Prouse


in mid field. He is a beautiful Straker of the football. Great


technique. Very similar to one of the courts we just showed you. This


chip rate into the top of the net. It is true. Practice does make


perfect. Here are some of the players to watch out for in the cup


final. Martial With a chance to win it. He


has done. That will do it for Manchester United! An action packed


football weekend. But we will make you a little tribute to Theo


Walcott, who as you have done the commentary, scored his 100th goal


for Arsenal. Arsenal lead! 2-2. Theo Walcott! He scores once again.


Goes through to Theo Walcott. That is a brilliant


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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