25/03/2017 MOTD Kickabout


It's the World Cup qualifier weekend so the show has glorious goals and interviews from the stars of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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Welcome to another action packed kickabout.


As you can see, we've come over all international.


It is World Cup qualifier weekend, and we've got exclusive interviews


and great goals from the stars of England, Wales, Scotland


Plus we have some silky skills from international


And have no fear, the Kickabout goal alert us here, ready to interrupt


at any point to bring you some of the best goals ever.


At first, here are some of the big stories in


Paris St Germain signed not just one but the whole team


of new players this week, but they haven't got a pair


That's because they have been signed not to play


And Italy has a fantastic football history, winning four World Cups


and producing amazing players and managers.


But this week a new chapter was written when Patrizia Panico


became the first female to manage a men's team, the under-16


All the home nations are in action this weekend,


all hoping to book their place in the World Cup in Russia in 2018.


There was of course a massive game last night as the Republic


In the end, a draw meant the points were shared,


which could make it tough for Wales to qualify, but they


Of course the likes of Bale and Ramsay take the headlines,


but many credit Assistant Manager Osian Roberts as a big


And miss for this. And these... But when it comes to sport, we have been


more famous for this... But you may notice that recently we have done


pretty well with a round ball. It is Wales into the Euro 2016 semifinals!


And I've come to meet one of the masterminds. Osian Roberts, great to


meet you. You are the Assistant Manager. What exactly does an


assistant manager do? I support Chris as much as I can, watch


players, monitor players, look at different teams. And give the


players the best possible chance of well when the whistle goes. Gareth


Bell, steps up and heads said left footed, and he has scored! I have to


talk to about Gareth Bale, one of the stars of the squad. What makes


such a great player? We all know that talent is on offer. Technically


he is contested in the great athlete, but more so it is his


attitude. He has to get up and be excellent everyday and he reaches


those levels consistently, and he has been unbelievable for Wales. How


do you assess your chances of qualifying for the World Cup? It


will not be easy, but we have the players that are ambitious and


hungry for more successful stop Ramsay... What a finish! Up goes


Benteke, and here comes Alan... Gareth Bale is in the middle, he is


on goal, Gareth Bale! I ask about them would burn? What was it about


him that stood out? He is a good passer of the ball, a good dribbler


committee can create goals and scored goals. That is something over


the last 18 months and has developed his game. You are also the coach of


the coaches. Who have you talked together coach badgers? Thierry


Henri, David Ginola... Which Blair 's and the most wish was Welsh?


Thierry Henri. He would blend in their nicely with a group of players


we have, a true team player. And the player that wants to give everything


for the team, and of course has got an abundance of ability and talent.


How cool would that be, Wales fans? Imagine Thierry Henri pulling on the


famous red jersey! Their peers. If only he could find a long lost Welsh


grandmother and come out of retirement. Bags Alex, and thanks


Osian. Scotland will be hoping to copy Wales' sudden rise to success,


and the future is looking bright, thanks in part to this man. Oliver


Burke is big news, and a star in the making. Spurs, Barcelona and Man Utd


were all linked with the young winger, but he moved to Germany


instead, and we went to meet him. Oliver, welcome to Kickabout. She


would call you Oliver, Lee? Anything you want! We've got some quickfire


questions. Who were your favourite players growing up? Cristiano


Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. Who are your favourite Premier League


players now? Man Utd would be my team to watch, and because I love


Wayne Rooney as a kid, I'd love to watch him. If you had to select one


player for England, who would you pick? So many, it's hard. Sergio


Aguero, maybe. Ronaldo 's might clever player, I just like him. True


or false, you are the Scottish Gareth Bale. False. I am Oliver


Burke, my own name. He is the Welsh Oliver Burke? Yes! Would you be


Germany 100 metre race? Yes. British food or German food? British food.


Kenny counterterror in German? Yet...


David Gold all-time? To find your favourite goal of all-time? Probably


Ronaldo's free kick. What was the first football shirt you ever owned?


By dad got me a Celtic top, and then I had a lot of Man Utd kits. Many.


What was your favourite and least favourite subject at school.


Obviously be, you can't beat a bit of BA, least favourite was maths.


And the best stadium ever play that? Bayern Munich. Amazing, and amazing


team. I was marking them, they had a lot of the ball. I'm tracking back


against Ribery. A great memory to have.


Great stuff, and good luck to Scotland as they take on so ya


tomorrow. They are in a tough group which features some nearby


neighbours, England, of course! We have a goal alert! Cammy Bell and


back was Mike he went for a girl, and he has scored from an incredible


angle! That is amazing goal by Maxi angle! That is amazing goal by Maxi


Rodriguez. Wonderfully pulled down by Bergkamp. Wonderful goal! Dennis


Bergkamp has won it for Holland. He is taking them all on, that is a


is on site here... What a fantastic goal! Rodriguez... Magic! What a


strike! Some World Cup wonder goals in there. Where was I? England! They


suffered a narrow defeat in a friendly with Germany on Wednesday


thanks to a thunderbolt in the last ever international but this man. But


it was a good performance from England, and they will hope to


continue the promising form in their qualifier against Lithuania in


Wembley tomorrow. There was a first cap for Southampton player midweek,


recent reported to meet him at a PlayStation cup event. Who did you


make your first team debut against? It was against Crystal Palace in the


League Cup. What was the scoring that game? I think it was 3-1. I


remember they scored a penalty late on. Didn't win the game, but it was


a good expedience for me for stop it was 2-0. Who did use for your first


goal against? It was against Coventry, in the FA Cup. I remember


I tapped it in at the back post. Who did you first cap the England U21


team against? This is a test... America? Yes, USA. Who are your


favourite players of all-time? Steven Gerrard and David Beckham.


They are very good English players who I try to emulate. Who are the


best players you have played against? Paul Scholes, Aaron


Baddeley came on against us in the first season at the Premier League,


and made the game very hard. If you could pick one Southampton player


from the past to play with, who would it be? I think Matt Le


Tissier. All the goals he scored were unbelievable, and he was a good


free kick taker as well. How about a legend from another team? I would


have to say David Beckham. In very good free kick taker, and a good


role model. Who is the funniest in the Saints team? Forster, he is


always looking to joke about something, and all gets a last crack


when we come to training. Who is your best mate at Southampton?


Probably Fraser, and Rodriguez, they are good friends of mine, Steven


Davis and Shane Long. I play a bit of golf with them. But everybody


gets on well. What has been the highlight of your career so far?


Probably the EFL Cup final, to play at Wembley was a great honour and a


good experience. Unfortunately we didn't win the trophy. What's the


best advice you've ever been given? A few things. To work hard, but most


of all to enjoy it. That stuck with me through my career to enjoy play


football, we are very lucky to have the best job in the world.


Brilliant. What a lovely fella, and great questions from Beth and


Brandon as well. If you fancy yourself as a football reporter, get


yourself over to the Kickabout website to get involved with the


podcast. And don't miss the new series itself kicking off next


month. A great bit of television featuring young and talented


footballers. That reminds me... Here are some of your skills. First up,


Alex with a super slow motion. Is he going for gold? No and he is going


for the garage door. Look at that! Emiliano is lining up a spot kick...


She has backheel that! No one saw that coming. Which one is he going


for? Clean through! First one straight into the basket, and


again... It is in and finally, another Osian. Fantastic stuff. We


have heard from the Wales camp and caught up with a rising star from


Scotland and from England, but we have not forgotten Northern Ireland.


Good luck to my colonial's boys as they take on Norway tomorrow. And


here are some cracking goals from Northern Ireland international 's


past and present. See ya! What a goal! It is a girl for Steven Davis.


What a strike!


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

It's the World Cup qualifier weekend so the show has glorious goals and interviews from the stars of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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