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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Hello and welcome to a very special FA Cup edition of Match of The Day


Arsenal take on the Premier League champions Chelsea in the 136th


And we'll be answering of the questions


like can the Gunners make it a record 13 win?


Will the blues win the double for a second time?


And how long will it be before I mention


Garry Monk resigning as Leeds manager?


Back to today's final, though, and there is loads to look


Expect goals galore as we look back at how


Arsenal and Chelsea made it to the final.


These young fans tell as their predictions for the game and


Mobo award winner Guvnor B has teamed up with John Farnworth for an


exclusive music video and just for Kickabout.


Before all that, though, let's check out the other big


Manchester United claimed their second major


trophy of the season and secured Champions League football as they


won the Europa league final on Thursday night.


Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan's goals were


enough to overcome Ajax as the red adds to the EFL Cup win from earlier


End of season treats don't come much better than this if


A surprise visit from your favourite player.


Fittings include Captain Vincent Kompany popping by for approval with


101-year-old season-ticket holder Vida, Kevin De Bruyne and David


Silva delivering a PE lesson at the unsuspecting


primary school and, yes, that is Raheem Sterling


Tosin Adarabioyo being given a knitting masterclass!


Less than a week after the season has


finished and we have already seen plenty of managers leaving their


David Moyes has retired from Sunderland, Sam


Allardyce has left Crystal Palace and Marco Silva has gone from


And at my own beloved Leeds United Garry Monk has also resigned.


One manager who fans will certainly hope it's going


nowhere is Chelsea boss Antonio Conte, the Italian is aiming to add


to an already incredible debut season with a win in today's FA Cup


final and here's how his boys made it to Wembley.


Fabregas tries to place it, Chalobah with the shot!


Pedro in possession here, he's got support.


Willian will go for gold and find the back of the net!


Great free kick from him, five in this Chelsea


It's come to Diego Costa and he has finished it.


It is a second yellow card for Herrera.


Hughes has been lit here well and truly.


The double is still on for Antonio Conte's London blues.


And Tottenham against Chelsea, it's the


It is Willian who scores for Chelsea!


And that's a delightful ball, what a great


Chelsea are into the 2017 FA Cup final.


Will the blues be celebrating like that today?


And speaking of celebrations, we have seen plenty of


First up, massive Chelsea fan Brad, free kick back of the net by Willian


Here's Dara, straight into the onion bag and he has gone for the classic


Now here is a lighter, right into the middle of the goal.


He is doing a bloody and has got to finish


He is Joshua, past the chairs, past Dad, and he celebrates


running as arms off like that, and he is on his knees.


Here is Ollie with the lovely 1-2 passing


Riven over one call into another, and we have to finish with a dab,


Super skills and celebrations to match.


I wonder if we will see a few of those


What do you know, it is the goal alert and


today what else but some of our favourites from this year 's FA Cup?


Sending United further than they have ever been.


Let's hope we see more of the same today.


Time now to focus on the gunners and a


look back at how the paved the road to Wembley.


It goes towards him and now towards Peres.


Olivier Girou, to break the hearts at Preston North


He gets in there, Theo Walcott, Arsenal


Away from wood, Sanchez, brilliantly placed for an


It is part two for the big hitting Wembley weekend, it is


exactly how an FA Cup semifinal should be.


He will try and stay in front of him and Aguero lifts


Chamberlain, a really good cross, really good finish.


Listen to the roar around Wembley now.


A fantastic win against man City in the semis. I don't know who to back


for this final. Arsenal want a record 13/0 but the blues won the


double. I can call it so we got up with fans of both teams earlier this


week to find out their predictions for the game. My name is Jay and my


prediction for the FA Cup final is that Chelsea are going to win 2-0.


My name is fear and I think it will be 3- 04 Arsenal. My favourite


player in Chelsea is Igor Coster and Eden Hazard. I like Sanchez because


he is confident and does not let anyone let him down and he makes me


laugh. My name is Mary and I am a Chelsea fan and I think Chelsea are


going to win 3-1. The Igor Coster is my favourite player even though he


is a Fowler, he is good because he scores lots of goals. I think


Arsenal made when 5-3. My favourite players Aaron Ramsey. I am a Chelsea


fan and I think Chelsea will win 2-1. My name is how the and I


predict Chelsea will win 2-0, Hazzard is a great player and he


scores loads of goals. In Easton, I think Arsenal will win 2-1. My


favourite player is petty check because he makes those nice saves. I


think Chelsea are going to win against Arsenal, and I think the


scoreboard be about 3-2. My name is John Pierre and I am a big Arsenal


fan, I think Arsenal are going to win. My favourite player is due


because it is like the ball sticks to his feet. We will have a little


match down here, Arsenal versus Chelsea, to predict what is going to


happen in the real match. Was a tight game, in the last minute


rechecked the goalkeeper, the final score was Chelsea to Arsenal one.


But let's see what happens at Wembley! That is the click of a


prediction right there, folks, we have to wait and see if it actually


happens but one thing is for certain, I expect plenty of top


skills and fancy footwork on the pitch today and in honour of that


for one of the biggest date in the football calendar we have a special


treat for you. Governor Dean has teamed up with one of the world's


top the ball freestylers to produce this especially for kickabout.


Enjoy. Football as a sport. Freestyle is an artform. An


expression of skill, dedication and belief. To be the best you have to


train to be the best. The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses.


Behind the lines, in the gym, out there on the road. Long before the


dance under those legs. Governor B. The other day I was thinking about


that is not much better than a good kickabout, when my friends are the


crowds with football I am happy who's with me now. Universal


language, that's good, we've got to keep it up. Maybe some setbacks but


we keep ahead down. I won't drop the ball, you can shift


me. If you try to get the 360. Anybody in my way, not make. I will


be just like zona. Time to look over the rainbow and I will never lose


focus here but I run, focus, focus, it might be a job at a hobby but


because of my foot like a volley. I won't stop.


Governor B, I salute you! A rap written especially for kickabout.


Cup final treats don't get much better than that. In some


unbelievable skills are very own John Farmer. Nice one, you too. If


you want to watch it again heads to the kickabout page on the CBBC


website. Before we go that is just time to check out some of your


fantastic footy pictures. Congratulations to three Bridges


undermines on another cup win. He is Alastair meeting Kenny Maclean.


After one players played of the season in his first season at


Leytonstone youth FC. His sisters at the first ever football match.


Here's Gosport FC, the team than playing football together since they


were five and this primary school team won the summer tournament


against 16 other schools. Top stuff, thanks, guys. Keep your pet is


coming and you can either upward through the kickabout page or e-mail


kickabout. Enjoy the cup final today and make sure your back with us next


week as it is the Premier League schools tournament special. You


don't want to miss that one. Hello, we're Joel and Lauren


from the Dengineers, and we're teaming up


with Blue Peter to create a very special community


den. And we're inviting you,


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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