Series 2

Series 2

Animated deep sea adventure series. Captain Barnacles and his intrepid band of explorers roam the oceans in search of adventure and fun

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The Colossal Squid

1. Octonauts: Series 2, The Colossal Squid

The Octopod is attacked by a colossal squid, who drags the ship down an abyssal trench.

Adelie Penguins

2. Octonauts: Series 2, Adelie Penguins

Kwazii and Peso have their hands full babysitting a bunch of Adelie penguin chicks.

Coconut Crabs

3. Octonauts: Series 2, Coconut Crabs

Kwazii finds a mysterious, unbreakable coconut.

Great White Shark

4. Octonauts: Series 2, Great White Shark

Peso must perform an emergency fin bandage on a hungry great white shark.

Sea Snakes

5. Octonauts: Series 2, Sea Snakes

Captain Barnacles has to navigate the ship past a treacherous whirlpool.

Bowhead Whales

6. Octonauts: Series 2, Bowhead Whales

The Octonauts attempt to rescue a group of narwhals trapped behind Arctic ice.


7. Octonauts: Series 2, Jawfish

A mouthbrooding jawfish father has lost his eggs, so the Octonauts try to help.

Porcupine Puffer

8. Octonauts: Series 2, Porcupine Puffer

Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso venture inside a whale shark.


9. Octonauts: Series 2, Damselfish

The Octonauts help a group of algae-eating fish stand up to some aggressive damselfish.

Sperm Whale

10. Octonauts: Series 2, Sperm Whale

A timid sperm whale must help the Octonauts release Peso from a giant clam.

Long Armed Squid

11. Octonauts: Series 2, Long Armed Squid

Peso and Kwazii venture down to the midnight zone to help a hurt creature.

Fiddler Crabs

12. Octonauts: Series 2, Fiddler Crabs

The Octonauts help clean up a beach after a storm.

Manta Rays

13. Octonauts: Series 2, Manta Rays

The Octonauts help a young manta ray find the secret manta ray feeding grounds.

Swashbuckling Swordfish

14. Octonauts: Series 2, Swashbuckling Swordfish

In search of a mythical sword, Kwazii explores a pirate shipwreck.


15. Octonauts: Series 2, Triggerfish

When he is carried away by a cyclonic waterspout, Kwazii finds himself stranded.

Mimic Octopus

16. Octonauts: Series 2, Mimic Octopus

The Octonauts recruit a shape-shifting mimic octopus to help them on a mission.


17. Octonauts: Series 2, Lionfish

The Octonauts get more than they bargained for with a pair of invasive lionfish.

Leafy Sea Dragons

18. Octonauts: Series 2, Leafy Sea Dragons

Two young leafy sea dragons are accidentally brought onboard the Octopod.


19. Octonauts: Series 2, Manatees

Running out of air, Barnacles struggles to free his paw from the mouth of a giant clam.

Saltwater Crocodile

20. Octonauts: Series 2, Saltwater Crocodile

The Octonauts must figure out how to get a gigantic saltwater crocodile back home.

Humphead Parrotfish

21. Octonauts: Series 2, Humphead Parrotfish

The Octonauts use magnets to try to stop a meteor that's heading towards the Octopod.

Gulper Eels

22. Octonauts: Series 2, Gulper Eels

Hungry gulper eels and undersea tremors threaten Inkling and Kwazii.