Series 1

Series 1

Animated preschool series about a creative autistic boy who draws imaginary animal friends that come to life to help him handle situations that make him feel anxious or confused.

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Episodes List

Big Purple Bird

1. Pablo: Series 1, Big Purple Bird

Pablo discovers a big purple bird on top of his mum's head.

The Party Present

2. Pablo: Series 1, The Party Present

Pablo's animal friends persuade him not to be nervous about attending a noisy party.

The Big Book of Animals

3. Pablo: Series 1, The Big Book of Animals

Pablo can't find his Big Book of Animals. He needs to check it is still exactly the same.

The Lost Smell

4. Pablo: Series 1, The Lost Smell

After having a bath, Pablo is upset that his smell is gone.

The Super Place

5. Pablo: Series 1, The Super Place

Mouse finds the noisy colours of the supermarket overwhelming.

The Noise Dragon

6. Pablo: Series 1, The Noise Dragon

When Pablo is woken by banging he draws a cave to hide in, afraid of the noise dragon.

Taste of Triangles

7. Pablo: Series 1, Taste of Triangles

Pablo's Granny makes him square sandwiches for lunch, but he only eats triangles.

Goodnight Blues

8. Pablo: Series 1, Goodnight Blues

Wren and Pablo worry that when you go to sleep, you disappear.

Mirror Boy

9. Pablo: Series 1, Mirror Boy

Pablo is fascinated with the boy in the mirror.

The Fiona

10. Pablo: Series 1, The Fiona

Pablo meets Mum's friend Fiona.

Talked Out

11. Pablo: Series 1, Talked Out

Pablo and his friends find ways of playing without words, using movement and their senses.

The Sparkles

12. Pablo: Series 1, The Sparkles

Pablo is splashing in a puddle, making little spots of light dance about on the surface.

The Aroma

13. Pablo: Series 1, The Aroma

There is an unusual smell in the house that Pablo finds very distracting.

Squeak, Squeak, Squeak

14. Pablo: Series 1, Squeak, Squeak, Squeak

One day Pablo hears a strange sound and discovers his Mum has some squeaky new shoes.

Big Coat, Small Coat

15. Pablo: Series 1, Big Coat, Small Coat

When his coat gets too small, Pablo draws himself small so it will still fit.

Tummy Talk

16. Pablo: Series 1, Tummy Talk

Pablo's tummy is making funny noises, but nobody knows what it's trying to say.

The New Crayons

17. Pablo: Series 1, The New Crayons

Pablo's old crayons are running out, but his new ones are the wrong shade and smell.

Chasing the Breeze

18. Pablo: Series 1, Chasing the Breeze

Pablo loves feeling the breeze as he swings on the swing.

Facts and Mistakes

19. Pablo: Series 1, Facts and Mistakes

Pablo makes a mistake in his drawing and colours in his shorts the wrong colour.

Scaredy Cat

20. Pablo: Series 1, Scaredy Cat

Pablo is scared by a picture in a cafe, but decides it's okay to be a scaredy cat.

One Mum's Rubbish

21. Pablo: Series 1, One Mum's Rubbish

Pablo likes plastic ice cream spoons even more than ice cream.

The Wildman

22. Pablo: Series 1, The Wildman

Pablo doesn't want a haircut, so he draws a picture and enters the Art World.

Slippy Mouth

23. Pablo: Series 1, Slippy Mouth

Draff tells Pablo about Slippy Mouth, a very naughty creature who jumbles words up.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

24. Pablo: Series 1, Zoom Zoom Zoom

Pablo and the Book Animals are playing with words, treating them as meaningless sounds.

Paint the Music

25. Pablo: Series 1, Paint the Music

Pablo uses his crayons like a conductor and draws colourful music.

Feeling Scribbly

26. Pablo: Series 1, Feeling Scribbly

Pablo draws himself as a scribble and his friends have to figure out what he's feeling.