Pet Squad

Pet Squad

Dodge the beagle, Sheeba the tabby cat and Bingo the guinea pig - three domestic pets who lead a thrilling double life as unlikely superheroes

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Episodes List

Crime Crackers

1. Pet Squad: Crime Crackers

Posey the parrot poses as Dodge while stealing dinosaur bones from the museum.

Snack Attack

2. Pet Squad: Snack Attack

All the pet snacks in P-Town have been stolen by Mother Goose and the pets are protesting.

Dog Gone

3. Pet Squad: Dog Gone

Mother Goose kidnaps all the dogs in P-Town, including Dodge.

Achilles' Heel

4. Pet Squad: Achilles' Heel

Mother Goose leads Pet Squad into a trap at the new pet superstore.

Saving Pepe

5. Pet Squad: Saving Pepe

Mother Goose captures Pepe and demands that Pet Squad halt their crime fighting.

Tiddles' Troubles

6. Pet Squad: Tiddles' Troubles

Tiddles is a scared little kitten. The more scared she gets, the bigger she grows.

A Bird in the Hand

7. Pet Squad: A Bird in the Hand

The magnificent crown of Queen Bling Bling is on display at the P-Town museum.

The New Kid

8. Pet Squad: The New Kid

Mother Goose disguises her loyal servant duck, Wilbur, as a rival superhero.

Best in Breed

9. Pet Squad: Best in Breed

Mother Goose has the chance to capture Dodge and Sheeba when they enter a pet show.

The Stick-Up

10. Pet Squad: The Stick-Up

Mother Goose plans to kidnap Dodge and manipulate a stick insect's transforming powers.

The Round-Up

11. Pet Squad: The Round-Up

Mother Goose teams up with Country and Western, the greatest trappers in the world.

With Fans Like These

12. Pet Squad: With Fans Like These

Pet Squad's fans get in the way of fighting crime. Is this a Mother Goose trap?

Model Citizen

13. Pet Squad: Model Citizen

Mother Goose claims to have turned over a new leaf and starts doing good deeds for P-Town.

TV Trouble

14. Pet Squad: TV Trouble

Bingo becomes addicted to a new TV channel which is owned by Mother Goose!

Wild Goose Chase

15. Pet Squad: Wild Goose Chase

The Pet Squad become trapped when they are led on a wild goose chase out of town.

The Best Dressed Crook

16. Pet Squad: The Best Dressed Crook

Pet Squad are called to the museum to guard the Star of Egypt, a priceless sapphire.

Love Is in the Air

17. Pet Squad: Love Is in the Air

A strange pink cloud covers all of P-Town - is this the work of Mother Goose?

Maybe Mayor Maybe Not

18. Pet Squad: Maybe Mayor Maybe Not

Mother Goose forces the mayor to resign - then puts herself in as the replacement!

Drop in Sometime

19. Pet Squad: Drop in Sometime

Mother Goose plans to stink out P-Town with super stinky duck droppings.

Half Shell Havoc

20. Pet Squad: Half Shell Havoc

Mother Goose has big plans for gigantic pet Timmy the tortoise on P-Town's carnival day.

Frank N Duck

21. Pet Squad: Frank N Duck

Mother Goose is fed up with her useless duck henchmen.

The Big Stink

22. Pet Squad: The Big Stink

Rubbish is piling up all around P-Town and Pet Squad are summoned to help clear up.

Bully For You

23. Pet Squad: Bully For You

Mother Goose has stolen all the modern art from the P-Town art gallery.

I of the Storm

24. Pet Squad: I of the Storm

Doctor Two Heads has developed a machine that can make the weather turn really nasty.

It Came From Down Under

25. Pet Squad: It Came From Down Under

Dundee the super crocodile plans to free all the pets from the pet shops of P-Town.

Spoilt in Space

26. Pet Squad: Spoilt in Space

Mayor Matthews' spoilt niece Penny is in town and he wants every one of her demands met.

Bride of Eureka

27. Pet Squad: Bride of Eureka

Mother Goose disguises herself as Smerelda to get the Professor to fall in love with her.

Duck Supe

28. Pet Squad: Duck Supe

Posey the Parrot poses as Mayor Matthews to lure Pet Squad into another Mother Goose trap.

Super Fury Hairball

29. Pet Squad: Super Fury Hairball

Sheeba becomes a mother to her hairball when it becomes superised.


30. Pet Squad: Supermites

Bingo accidentally superises a nest of termites whilst trying to superise a cake.

Bunny Boom

31. Pet Squad: Bunny Boom

Benny the bunny captures Pet Squad and Mother Goose and pits them against each other.

Bling Me to Your Laser

32. Pet Squad: Bling Me to Your Laser

Mother Goose wants to activate a massive laser which threatens to flatten P-Town.

Mother's Day

33. Pet Squad: Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day in P-Town and Mother Goose is missing Eggbert, her super egg.

Pet Factor

34. Pet Squad: Pet Factor

Pet Factor is in P-Town and everyone is taking part in the televised singing contest.

Duck Down

35. Pet Squad: Duck Down

A hot day in P-Town turns icy when the Freezatron takes to the streets.

Chase Me, Chase Me, Chase Me!

36. Pet Squad: Chase Me, Chase Me, Chase Me!

Bennett the bull presents P-Town with a portrait as an apology for his past behaviour.


37. Pet Squad: Flushed

Mother Goose discovers a handy link between the Professor's house and her lair.

Be My Baby

38. Pet Squad: Be My Baby

Professor Eureka decides to throw out some of his old inventions.

Tree Top Terror

39. Pet Squad: Tree Top Terror

Mother Goose builds a giant light bulb to suck all the electricity out of P-Town.

Skunk Funk

40. Pet Squad: Skunk Funk

A skunk, Sid, gains the ability to produce a potent pong that knocks people unconscious.

Prism Break

41. Pet Squad: Prism Break

Mother Goose changes Dodge into a hotdog and Bingo into a giant tomato.

Iron Duck

42. Pet Squad: Iron Duck

Wilbur is hired by Professor Eureka after being fired by Mother Goose.

Bird of a Feather

43. Pet Squad: Bird of a Feather

Jonathan the peacock and Posey the parrot have stolen the Superiser for Mother Goose.

Up, Up and Away

44. Pet Squad: Up, Up and Away

Benny the Bonkers Bunny blasts City Hall up into the sky with P-Town's police inside.

Superhero License

45. Pet Squad: Superhero License

Mayor Matthews is fed up with the mess Pet Squad leave behind when they fight crime.


46. Pet Squad: Rosillaworld

After an attempt to steal the Superiser, Rosilla the gorilla turns against Mother Goose.

Rollercoaster of Doom

47. Pet Squad: Rollercoaster of Doom

Mayor Matthews commissions a huge super rollercoaster to help boost her popularity.

Eureka Moment

48. Pet Squad: Eureka Moment

Mother Goose has enlisted the help of Doctor Two Heads to build her very own Superiser.


49. Pet Squad: Chocaholic

Mother Goose invents a very addictive chocolate and plans to use it to take over P-Town.

The Fantastic Fluffums

50. Pet Squad: The Fantastic Fluffums

Mother Goose's son Eggbert attempts a big gold robbery at P-Town's bank.

Pussy Cat Bow

51. Pet Squad: Pussy Cat Bow

Mother Goose uses an obedience-inducing crown to try to get Sheeba onside.

Leg It

52. Pet Squad: Leg It

Dodge accidentally activates the Superiser's emergency protocol, causing it to run off.