Series 2

Series 2

Children's series featuring the adventures of Pingu, the clumsy young penguin who feels he is misunderstood

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Episodes List

Building Igloos

1. Pingu: Series 2, Building Igloos

Pingu and his friend decide to build an igloo but cannot agree on where to build it.

Music Lessons

3. Pingu: Series 2, Music Lessons

Pingu pulls an accordion out of the toy chest, but the noise is awful when he plays it.

Pingu and Pinga Stay Up

3. Pingu: Series 2, Pingu and Pinga Stay Up

Pingu and Pinga try to avoid going to bed.

School Time

4. Pingu: Series 2, School Time

Pingu meets Robby on the way to school and Robby slips into the school ice-hole.


5. Pingu: Series 2, Noise

Pingu and his friends are playing ball and do not notice how loud they are.

Pingu and the Barrel Organ

6. Pingu: Series 2, Pingu and the Barrel Organ

Pingu feels sorry for the poor organ grinder. He puts some money in his hat.

Pingu's Circus

7. Pingu: Series 2, Pingu's Circus

Pingu, Pinga and Robby play at putting on a circus.

Pingu's Ice Cave

8. Pingu: Series 2, Pingu's Ice Cave

Pingu and his friend get trapped in an ice tunnel.

Pingu and Pinga at Home

12. Pingu: Series 2, Pingu and Pinga at Home

Father and Mother want to see a concert, and their little 'angels' promise to be good.

Grandpa Is Ill

13. Pingu: Series 2, Grandpa Is Ill

Grandfather is sick, so Pingu and Pinga set off with their mother to look after him.