Series 1

Series 1

Comic adventures with the little penguin who's often misunderstood

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Pingu Looks After the Egg

1. Pingu: Series 1, Pingu Looks After the Egg

Pingu gets bored with egg-sitting while his parents are out.

Ice Hockey

2. Pingu: Series 1, Ice Hockey

Pingu and his friends agree to a hockey match with snow dog Hugo and his team.


3. Pingu: Series 1, Sledging

Pingu has difficulty with his sledge but knows how to solve the problem.


4. Pingu: Series 1, Skiing

Pingu has fun with skis, but is he any good at skiing?


5. Pingu: Series 1, Jealousy

Pingu is jealous when his mother gives baby Pinga all her attention.

Pingu Goes Fishing

6. Pingu: Series 1, Pingu Goes Fishing

Pingu goes fishing and piles his caught fish behind him, but they keep disappearing!

Barrel of Fun

7. Pingu: Series 1, Barrel of Fun

Pingu and his friend have slippery fun with a broken old barrel.

Hide and Seek

8. Pingu: Series 1, Hide and Seek

Pingu and Robby have a snowball fight, but soon find a quieter game.

Fish Tennis

9. Pingu: Series 1, Fish Tennis

Pingu and Robby find themselves with an enormous fish and start to play with it.

Lost Baby

10. Pingu: Series 1, Lost Baby

Pingu's mother asks him to take care of his sister Pinga whilst he plays with his friend.

Pingu Delivers the Mail

11. Pingu: Series 1, Pingu Delivers the Mail

Pingu helps his father deliver the post and learns that letters can be good or bad news.