Series 4

Series 4

Adventures with the little penguin

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The Conjurer's Apprentice

1. Pingu: Series 4, The Conjurer's Apprentice

Pingu proudly presents Pingi and Pinga with his magic tricks.

Pingu's Birthday

2. Pingu: Series 4, Pingu's Birthday

It is Pingu's birthday. He joins in the party games but feels miserable when he loses.

Pingu at the Funfair

3. Pingu: Series 4, Pingu at the Funfair

Pingu and family go to the fairground, but he overdoes things and feels poorly.

Pingu the Babysitter

4. Pingu: Series 4, Pingu the Babysitter

Pingu's mother is out with her friends, leaving Pingu to look after the twins.

Pingu Cannot Lose

5. Pingu: Series 4, Pingu Cannot Lose

Pingu has some bad luck while bowling and fails to score any points.

Pingu and the Game of Fish

6. Pingu: Series 4, Pingu and the Game of Fish

Pingu plays a practical joke using a fish on a string.

Pingu Gets a Bicycle

7. Pingu: Series 4, Pingu Gets a Bicycle

Pinga's father has driven over her toy pram, so Pingu gives her his new tricycle.

Pingu's Visit to the Hospital

8. Pingu: Series 4, Pingu's Visit to the Hospital

Pinga is in hospital so Pingu and his mother visit her. Pingu cheers up the whole ward.

Pingu on the School Excursion

9. Pingu: Series 4, Pingu on the School Excursion

A school trip ends in chaos when one of Pingu's classmates breaks a sculpture.

Pingu and Papa at the Kindergarten

10. Pingu: Series 4, Pingu and Papa at the Kindergarten

Pingu accompanies Pinga to kindergarten, but on the way there his friends laugh at him.

Pingu and the Strangers

11. Pingu: Series 4, Pingu and the Strangers

Pingu learns a new way of fishing from some strangers who are passing through the village.

Pingu Helps His Mother

12. Pingu: Series 4, Pingu Helps His Mother

Pingu and Pinga help their mother with the chores, although they don't quite get it right.

Pingu Builds a Snowman

13. Pingu: Series 4, Pingu Builds a Snowman

Pingu, Pinga and Robby build an enormous snowman using a signpost.