Pingu the Babysitter Pingu

Pingu the Babysitter

The adventures of Pingu, the clumsy young penguin who's often misunderstood. Babysitting the twins makes Pingu very tired, but he thinks up a way to stay awake.

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This programme requires no subtitles.


Preschool stop-frame animation about Pingu, a cheeky young penguin who is always up to mischief, finding himself in comical situations in his snowy world. Pingu's companions include his baby sister Pinga, his best friend Robby the seal, his caring mother and his father, who is the local postman. Pingu's mother is out with her friends, leaving Pingu to look after the twins. This wears him out so much that he gets very tired, but luckily he manages to think up a way to stay awake.

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