Series 3

Series 3

Animation featuring Sarah, a seven-year-old girl with big eyes and a green hat, who lives with her quacky, flappy, slightly manic but endearing best friend, Duck.

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Picture Planes

1. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Picture Planes

When Sarah and Duck race paper planes, they chance upon an exciting discovery.

Hat Fuss

2. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Hat Fuss

Scarf Lady needs inspiration and Sarah thinks the hat museum is the perfect place.

Dewy Morning

3. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Dewy Morning

Sarah and Duck are so keen to visit the art shop, they get there too early.

Sticker Swap

4. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Sticker Swap

Sarah is keen to complete her sticker album, so sets off to see if her friends can help.

Train Fudge

5. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Train Fudge

Sarah and Duck take an unexpected train trip whilst on their quest to buy some fudge.

Magic Panic

6. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Magic Panic

Umbrella needs Sarah and Duck's help after he promises to put on a magic show.

Birthday Buoy

7. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Birthday Buoy

Sarah, Duck and Flamingo arrange a nautical surprise for John's birthday.

Alarm Cluck

8. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Alarm Cluck

Duck keeps oversleeping, so Sarah decides he needs his own alarm clock.

Twang Ball

9. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Twang Ball

Scarf Lady introduces Sarah and Duck to a new game involving knitted sporting equipment.

Auto Cat

10. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Auto Cat

Duck has some competition for Sarah's attention when a brand new toy arrives.

Fluff Bread

11. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Fluff Bread

Sarah and Duck help Bread Man and Cake bake some very unique bread for Flamingo and John.

Moon Bow

12. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Moon Bow

Rainbow gets to experience the night for the first time.

Mountain Mints

13. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Mountain Mints

Scarf Lady's poetry records inspire a snowy train ride to the mountains.

Bench Blocked

14. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Bench Blocked

When their favourite bench is in use, Sarah and Duck find other things to do in the park.

Planetarium Aquarium

15. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Planetarium Aquarium

When Sarah and Duck's favourite bench is in use, the pair find other things to do.

Shallot Boat

16. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Shallot Boat

After a night of strong rain, the Shallots set sail on a seafaring adventure.

Cake Decorate

17. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Cake Decorate

Cake decides to teach Sarah and Duck how to decorate with icing.

Balloon Barnacles

18. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Balloon Barnacles

Sarah's hat goes on an adventure without her, on top of a balloon.

Basking Shark

19. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Basking Shark

Sarah is keen to adopt a sea creature, but doesn't get her first choice.

Old Toys

20. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Old Toys

Duck is bored of his toy collection, so he and Sarah search for old toys in the attic.

Hair Cut

21. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Hair Cut

Sarah's hair keeps getting in her way, so it's time for a trip to the hairdresser.

Constable Quack

22. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Constable Quack

Sergeant Sarah and Constable Quack hunt for a biscuit burglar.

Arcade Dance Off

23. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Arcade Dance Off

Stumbling across an arcade, Sarah takes on a dancing challenge with John.

Mars as Moon

24. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Mars as Moon

Mars tries to fill in for a missing moon but needs a little coaching from Sarah and Duck.

Donkey Jump

25. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Donkey Jump

Sarah and Duck try to help Donkey get his jumping confidence back.

Rainbow Race

26. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Rainbow Race

When Rainbow has to go before finishing his story, the gang try to work out how it ends.

Perimeter Pals

27. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Perimeter Pals

Sarah, Duck and Bug attempt to cycle all the way around the park.

Pillow Fill

28. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Pillow Fill

Scarf Lady helps Sarah and Duck catch the fluffs and puffs to refill their pillows.

Castle Scribbling

29. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Castle Scribbling

Whilst visiting a castle, Sarah and Duck's drawings lead them to an exciting discovery.

Cloud Jam

30. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Cloud Jam

Music Lady needs Sarah and Duck's help with a music-loving stowaway.

Boo Night

31. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Boo Night

Sarah and Duck learn all about Boo Night and attempt to make their own scary costumes.

Comet's Coming

32. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Comet's Coming

Sarah and Duck are excited to visit the observatory to see a passing comet.


33. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Whatsathingy

Sarah and Duck try to work out exactly what Scarf Lady has been knitting in her sleep.

Brolly Bus

34. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Brolly Bus

When Umbrella gets left on the bus, Sarah and Duck head to the bus depot to find him.

Hedge Opera

35. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Hedge Opera

Sarah is fascinated by some mysterious music coming from the hedge.

Park Trimming

36. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Park Trimming

A patch of garden in the park needs some care, but where is the gardener?

The Haber Dasher

37. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, The Haber Dasher

When the zip on Sarah's hoodie breaks, Scarf Lady suggests a trip to the haberdasher.

Cinema Scoot

38. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Cinema Scoot

Sarah and Duck join Scooter Boy at the cinema to watch his favourite film.

Snowball Skate

39. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Snowball Skate

Sarah and Duck visit a Winter Fair and discover a skating rink inside a giant snowball!

Ribbon Alvida

40. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Ribbon Alvida

Sarah and Duck take the Shallots to see the Ribbon Sisters' family circus.