Series 2

Series 2

Sarah is a 7-year-old girl with big eyes and a green hat, who lives with her quacky, flappy, slightly manic but endearing best friend, Duck.

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Outside Outside

1. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Outside Outside

The Shallots want to explore beyond the front garden, so Sarah comes up with a plan.

Umbrella Bubbles

2. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Umbrella Bubbles

After getting muddy, Umbrella has to brave his fear of getting wet and take his first bath

Cloud Tower

3. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Cloud Tower

A search for shade on a hot day leads Sarah and Duck to discover a tower in the park.

Sound Jumble

4. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Sound Jumble

When Sarah hears some interesting music on the radio, she and Duck try and recreate it.

The Mouse's Birthday

5. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, The Mouse's Birthday

Sarah hopes for a nice, quiet birthday, but does not get her wish once her friends arrive.

Tortoise Snooze

6. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Tortoise Snooze

When it is time for Tortoise to hibernate, Sarah and Duck help him find a place to sleep.

Fast Slow Bungalow

7. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Fast Slow Bungalow

Flamingo and John invite Sarah and Duck to play their favourite game.

Bags of Bags

8. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Bags of Bags

Scarf Lady has misplaced Bag in the big shop, so Sarah and Duck help with the search.

Ribbon Fall

9. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Ribbon Fall

The Ribbon Sisters invite Sarah and Duck to their favourite seasonal event in the park.

Garden Gaming

10. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Garden Gaming

When Duck is gets frustrated with his computer game, Sarah builds a version he can play.

Origami Overload

11. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Origami Overload

John has a problem with the origami flamingos he has made and needs Sarah and Duck's help.

Shallot Circus

12. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Shallot Circus

The Shallots have discovered acrobatics and are inspired to put on a show.

Toy Tidy

13. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Toy Tidy

Duck has been leaving his toys everywhere, so Sarah decides to help him tidy up.

Plate Escape

14. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Plate Escape

Sarah, Duck and Plate Girl discover some unusual inhabitants at the Big Shop.

The Big Sleepover

15. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, The Big Sleepover

Sarah and Duck invite some friends over for a sleepover, but it's tough getting to sleep.

Paisley Sea

16. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Paisley Sea

Sarah and Duck think they are headed to the zoo, but the bus takes a surprising diversion!

Duck's Quack

17. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Duck's Quack

Duck has lost his quack, so Sarah suggests visiting the Big Shop.

Rainbow's Niece

18. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Rainbow's Niece

Sarah's new colour wheel reminds Rainbow that he has not seen his niece for a while...

Decorating Donkey

19. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Decorating Donkey

It's nearly time for Tortoise to wake up from hibernation, so Sarah plans a surprise.

Duck Hotel

20. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Duck Hotel

Duck wins a trip for two to a hotel and finds that he settles in much quicker than Sarah.

Parasol Show

21. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Parasol Show

Umbrella is nervous about meeting up with his pen pal at the Parasol Show.

Extra Bounce

22. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Extra Bounce

John's yellow bouncy ball is too bouncy, but Sarah thinks she has a solution.

Cake Relocate

23. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Cake Relocate

Cake is tired of living in the fridge, so Sarah and Duck help him think of other ideas.

Lost Librarian

24. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Lost Librarian

The librarian has lost his big reference book and Sarah thinks she can help.

Scooter Stand Still

25. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Scooter Stand Still

Scooter Boy's confidence is knocked after an accident, so Sarah and Duck try to help.

Music Fixer

26. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Music Fixer

Sarah's tuba is making some very peculiar sounds, so a trip to the music shop is in order.

Wool On Wheels

27. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Wool On Wheels

Scarf Lady holds a knitted treats sale in the park, but the weather causes a problem...

Lemon Cafe

28. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Lemon Cafe

Sarah and Duck discover a Lemon Cafe in the park, but it seems to be nearly closing time.

Star Renovation

29. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Star Renovation

Venus has attempted to redecorate the night sky, causing confusion.

Woollen Memories

30. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Woollen Memories

Sarah and Duck decide to recreate the footage from Scarf Lady's old film reels.

Beach Break

31. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Beach Break

Sarah and Duck decide to spend a day at the beach and plan to build some sand animals.

Bubble Bumbling

32. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Bubble Bumbling

The Bubble Man is in town so a visit to the Big Shop is in order.

Toggle Tangle

33. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Toggle Tangle

After Sarah helps Scarf Lady prepare the wool for her roof, she settles down for a sleep.

Tummy Talk

34. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Tummy Talk

When Sarah forgets her sandwich, her rumbling tummy starts a conversation with a frog.

Moon's Exhibition

35. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Moon's Exhibition

A trip to the art gallery unexpectedly helps Duck with the hunt for his lost toy Rhino.

Pond Prose

36. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Pond Prose

Sarah is inspired to make up some poetry of her own by listening to a record.

The Art of Pink

37. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, The Art of Pink

The art gallery is holding a celebration of the colour pink. Sarah is keen to take part.

Bug Bop

38. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Bug Bop

Bug and his friends lead Sarah and Duck to their outdoor music concert.

Duck Flies

39. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Duck Flies

Duck sees some migrating ducks flying in the sky. He decides he would like to try it too.

Seacow Snow Trail

40. Sarah & Duck: Series 2, Seacow Snow Trail

Sarah and Duck have received some presents and are keen to find out who delivered them.