Super Human Challenge

Super Human Challenge

Tim Fitzhigham meets the humans who defy science and puts their powers to the test - against himself.

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Wim Hof - Extreme Cold

1. Super Human Challenge: Wim Hof - Extreme Cold

Tim meets Wim Hof, a man who runs marathons in the arctic.

Anthony Kelly - Extreme Reactions

2. Super Human Challenge: Anthony Kelly - Extreme Reactions

Tim meets a man who can catch flying arrows with his bare hands.

Andy Green - Extreme G-Force

3. Super Human Challenge: Andy Green - Extreme G-Force

Tim meets Andy Green, holder of the world land-speed record.

Luci Romberg - Extreme Agility

4. Super Human Challenge: Luci Romberg - Extreme Agility

Tim meets Luci Romberg, an elite free runner, champion gymnast and Hollywood stuntwoman.

Dean Karanzes - Extreme Stamina

5. Super Human Challenge: Dean Karanzes - Extreme Stamina

Tim meets Dean Karnazes, a man with extraordinary stamina.

Eskil Ronningsbakken - Extreme Balance

6. Super Human Challenge: Eskil Ronningsbakken - Extreme Balance

Tim meets Eskil Ronningsbakken - a man with extraordinary balancing skills.

Juan Ruiz- Extreme Echolocation

7. Super Human Challenge: Juan Ruiz- Extreme Echolocation

Tim meets Juan Ruiz, a man who can see with his ears, using echolocation.

Sara Campbell - Extreme Diving

8. Super Human Challenge: Sara Campbell - Extreme Diving

Tim meets Sara Campbell, a champion freediver.

Alain Robert - Extreme Climbing

9. Super Human Challenge: Alain Robert - Extreme Climbing

Tim meets Alain Robert, who is famous for climbing the world's tallest buildings.

Kristin Rhodes - Extreme Strength

10. Super Human Challenge: Kristin Rhodes - Extreme Strength

Tim meets Kristin Rhodes - the world's strongest woman.