Series 1

Series 1

Animated shorts following the adventures of Tiny Tumble.

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Episodes List

Up a Gum Tree

1. Tiny Tumble: Series 1, Up a Gum Tree

Tiny Tumble discovers a goat stuck up a tree, and tries to get it down.

Fishy Wishy

2. Tiny Tumble: Series 1, Fishy Wishy

Tiny Tumble meets a very sad and lonely fish.

Run Down Robot

3. Tiny Tumble: Series 1, Run Down Robot

Tiny Tumble meets a robot who wants to dance with his friends but he can't move.

On the Beach

4. Tiny Tumble: Series 1, On the Beach

Tiny Tumble jumps into a seaside painting and meets a hermit crab.

Hickory Dickory

5. Tiny Tumble: Series 1, Hickory Dickory

The clock from Hickory Dickory Dock has broken and not struck one.

Pirate Ahoy

6. Tiny Tumble: Series 1, Pirate Ahoy

Tiny Tumble meets a pirate who is stuck in the middle of the sea.

Garden Flowers

7. Tiny Tumble: Series 1, Garden Flowers

Tiny Tumble discovers a beautiful garden but the flowers are very floppy.

Tunnel Trouble

8. Tiny Tumble: Series 1, Tunnel Trouble

Tiny Tumble meets a little train too frightened to go through a dark tunnel.

Rainbow Colours

9. Tiny Tumble: Series 1, Rainbow Colours

Tiny Tumble finds himself on a cloud in search of a rainbow.

Over the Moon

10. Tiny Tumble: Series 1, Over the Moon

Tiny Tumble jumps into a painting of the moon and meets the cow from Hey Diddle Diddle.