Series 2

Series 2

Animated shorts following the adventures of Tiny Tumble.

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Episodes List

Disco Dave

1. Tiny Tumble: Series 2, Disco Dave

Tiny Tumble arrives in a prehistoric land and finds Dave the Disco Dino stuck in the mud.

Sleepy Princess

2. Tiny Tumble: Series 2, Sleepy Princess

Tiny Tumble jumps into a picture to find a princess fast asleep but he can't wake her!


3. Tiny Tumble: Series 2, Ssh

Tiny Tumble meets a grumpy troll who can't sleep because of the noisy goats on his bridge.

Monkey Trouble

4. Tiny Tumble: Series 2, Monkey Trouble

Tiny Tumble meets a monkey who wants to go skiing on a far, far away snowy island.

Twinkle Twinkle

5. Tiny Tumble: Series 2, Twinkle Twinkle

Tiny jumps into a picture of a night sky and discovers a lonely star.

The Hare's Party

6. Tiny Tumble: Series 2, The Hare's Party

Tumble meets Tortoise who is on his way to a party, but being so slow, he's very late.

Off the Wall

7. Tiny Tumble: Series 2, Off the Wall

Tiny meets Humpty Dumpty, who keeps falling off his wall. Can Tiny help?

Fairy Wings

8. Tiny Tumble: Series 2, Fairy Wings

Tiny Tumble meets a sad fairy who can't fly because her wand is broken.


9. Tiny Tumble: Series 2, Rocktopus

Tiny Tumble jumps into a picture of an underwater paradise!

Party Time

10. Tiny Tumble: Series 2, Party Time

Tiny Tumble jumps into a picture of a party, but it's very quiet.