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Naomi, Tim and Radzi join the CBBC Live in Leeds weekend, for another hour of fast paced and unpredictable wildlife and wild adventure.

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here in Leeds. It is the summer holidays! Over the last seven weeks,


we have travelled the length and breadth of the country to hopefully


inspire you to get off your so far and get active. Today we are in


Leeds. This week, we want to know what adventure sports you would love


to try out this summer. Get in touch. ?, open them. There it is.


Send us your comments and we will read them out. We are not just here


on our own. We have brought along are very trusting, very lovely crew.


You might have noticed the audience is a bit bigger than normal. Amongst


them, we have our favourite man here, it is Radzi. They could not be


much more excited, and later on it will be the battle of the beasties


grand final. The winner will get this. Flattery will get you nowhere,


but you look awesome. Without further ado, are very special guest,


he has brought along is displayed team, it is the legend that is Terry


Price. We have a whole host of creatures coming up. All of that and


all of this. I head to the UK's biggest waterfall for my greatest


ever wild challenge. That looks extreme. We take to the beach and


learn how to harness the wind. meet a girl dedicated to helping


to get down? It will all be revealed when you watch the actual film full


of I cannot wait. There is a bird that lives around here that is


considered to be one of the most intelligent on the planet. Have you


got any idea what it is? The Raven. How did you get that? It is right


there. The Raven is the king of the crows. It used to be in decline in


the UK but in recent years the numbers have exploded. This


acrobatic flyer is known for problem-solving skills. In Japan,


they have even been known to use the traffic to their advantage. They


drop foods onto a busy road and act -- wait for cars to crack nuts. In


the bird world they are really top of the class. We are delighted to be


joined again by this bird specialist with his very own Raven. Years three


years old. He is beautiful. Look at him looking at us. They have


incredible eyesight. Can they see in all directions? Yes. They can look


in both directions. What is it about ravens that is special to you?


are intelligent and fun to look after, and cheeky as well. They make


a lot of noise is, don't they? you see them flying, you will always


know because they have a very throaty call. If you hear that


noise, it will probably be a Raven. Definitely. They live all around the


world, don't they? Yes, they have adapted to all environments. You


find them around the world. You say he is clever. We want to prove how


clever he is. We have a series of experiments set up. What is the


first one? He has a very special object that he knows. If I say,


object that he knows. If I say, where is your stone? There it is.


Let's try this one. He is so strong. He is nearly lifting his own body


with his beak. What is this one. This is the string. He needs to get


the food inside. It is on the end of a very long piece of string so he


knows he can get his reward by pulling it out. That is so good.


What is this one? He needs to work out how to get the food from inside.


He is brilliant. He is so good. I will give him a piece of fruit. He


does not miss a trick. Fingers crossed. Are you ready?You are


fantastic. From one brainy bird over to some not so brainy boys. I did


not realise ravens were that clever. He was really strong and extremely


clever. Can you believe he could do all those things? Now I cannot.


Ravens are probably one of my favourite animals. Mine is probably


the duckbilled platypus. What is yours? Tortoise.Have you seen any


in the wild? We have seen some but we don't have any photographs.


sure you get a picture of it because I would love to see it. If you have


any photographs of wildlife, send them in to us. Not just wildlife, if


you have been out there shredding, getting ridiculous, we want to see


those photos. If you have been out there, get those pictures to us.


Attach your parent or guardian's phone number so we can call them.


actually have a photo right here. This is one of our watchers caving.


This is another wake boarding. have a comment saying they would


love to try hang gliding because it would feel like you're flying.


would indeed. When it comes to adventure we are at the front of the


adventure we are at the front of the queue. It felt just like that when I


the UK in search of adventure and for the final show I implying


something epic -- I am planning something epic. I am in the Scottish


Highlands, home of mammoth mountains and giant locks, and I am


undertaking my biggest challenge yet. And going to abseil down the


highest waterfall in the UK. This is big. Seriously break. It is located


on an isolated minute and -- Mt miles from the nearest road. Nothing


about this challenges easy, especially the name of the


waterfall. It means waterfall of the beautiful tresses. I am thinking it


is a waterfall of impending doom. To take on this heavyweight of the


waterfall world I am going to do a little bit of training. We have an


abseil expert. First of all, the most important thing is how do you


pronounce this? It is beyond me. As an expert, where


would you rate this on a one to ten scale? Nine.That is pretty high for


a beginner. That is as high as you would want to go. Luckily, you are


the expert. Let's get it under way. I'm ready to be taught. Teach me.


Before he sends me off to what sounds like certain doom, he is


taking me through the basics on a slightly smaller abseil. Just to add


to the drama, it is starting to rain. Of course, when we do the main


waterfall tomorrow it will be torrential. Putting all my faith in


the man up there who is now lowering me down. At this point I feel safe


so I'm going to take control here. I am lowering myself to the bottom.


raining heavily like this because it is preparing me for tomorrow when I


will be abseiling down something similar to that only 200 times


bigger and the rain will be a pretty cold and it will get pretty


wet but I have brought my umbrella. Time to load the boat for the first


waterfall is to cross a giant lake and hike up the mountain. Yes, that


is the easy way. Have been on the board for ten minutes, heading to


the waterfall and it has dawned on me how big everything is. Starting


to feel very insignificant and small. We have landed. We come off


the boat, get the kit ready, all that is left to do is get up there.


As we head up the valley I get first sight of the Herculean task that


awaits me full is not she is coming into view now, and it is absolutely


massive. This is the UK's highest waterfall, just over 200 metres. It


is higher than Niagara Falls, Big Ben, the London eye, 50


double-decker buses. If that waterfall was flat on the ground,


Usain Bolt would run it in 19.86. It is not, it is a waterfall, and there


is no way he could run down it. As countryside strolls go, this is a


walk on the wild side. It is definitely worth the effort. Look at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 51 seconds


that. What have you. What a view. You need to stay tuned for part two.


Now it is time to turn our attention to the little critters that live


under our feet. It is time for make some noise. They are excited


and that means they will be getting their hands on the golden beastie.


Feast your eyes on that duty. Tim is in the lead with four contenders in


the closure -- enclosure. Mail me as just behind. If Tim wins this week


he walks away with the trophy. It could not be much closer, who are


you bringing to the table? I have enlisted the help of ants. And what


about you? The housefly.This is going to be a good one. It is time


for around one. Special powers. Flies can walk upside down on the


ceiling. You can even walk up a window by secreting a sticky


substance from their feet which allows them to define -- defy


gravity just like I am doing. not because you're here would be


doing this. Ants, relative to their size, have the largest brain of any


insect. It has been calculated that they have more processing power in


their brain than the computers used in the first Apollo space missing.


-- mission. 66% of our housefly's brain is devoted to site -- seeing.


They have 4000 lenses in every eye. They can see in every direction.


That is the end of row number one. Who does not want to walk up walls


and ceilings? Taking the early lead, it is the housefly. It is time for a


row number two. I am fast but the ant is faster. Talk about sprinting,


it is faster than Usain Bolt. If humans could run as fast as the ant,


we would be running as fast as a racehorse. Houseflies are incredible


flyers. Their reactions are 12 times quicker than ours which is why it is


so difficult to catch one. You do not have fast reactions do you. Ants


are incredibly strong. They can lift up to 100 times their own weight


with their mouth. That is like me carrying rugby squads in my mouth.


You're not the only one with magic fingers. The reason flies crash into


things is because their bodies are covered with hair is which allowed


them to avoid object is easily. Nobody has questioned how nimble the


flyers but it is not a blemish on the ant so we are going into the


final round, the most important round. It is the knockout round.


is my turn to start. The ant has two stomachs, one for itself and one to


regurgitate food. Flies do not have eyelids. And sprays acid onto its


enemies to defend itself. Flies find and taste food with their feet.


can survive and swim underwater for two weeks. Flies do not have teeth


so they spit on their food to break it down and then they suck it up.


That is disgusting. People are going to be eating their breakfast at home


and you have said that. I'm sorry, everyone. And so tiny, but it has


been estimated there are 10,000 trillion of them. If you do all of


them in a bucket on a set of scales it would weigh the same as the


entire human population. That is the end of battle of the beasties for


this series. It is no decision time. The winner and overall champion is


unexpected. I am not prepared at all for this. I would like to thank all


of the people who have helped bring. Congratulations. While the


programme has been on air, you have been sending in your comments.


Someone would really love to go skydiving, I think that is a bit


ambitious. Ballet rocks. One person said they would like to do a sport


that had everything in it so they do not miss out on anything. Thank you


to my lucky underpants. I'm going to cherish this for the rest of my


life. Lets meet a man who has his fair share of trophies but he can do


things on his scooter you thought were impossible. He is regarded as


one of the best in his world. And he is with us. Talk about an entrance.


Welcome to Wild. As we saw in the film, you have lots of world firsts


to your name. It is insane what has been thrown down on these. Difficult


tricks, but with plenty of practice you can master it. What is the most


difficult? The double black flip -- backflip. It is pretty scary. There


will be thousands of kids at home. What is the best way to get into


this? There are hundreds of parks in the UK. Get yourself on a scooter,


head out. It is a great sport to get into. Safety first. You're ready to


go. Give us a demonstration. course. That is a trick from the BMX


scene. There is Charlotte proving it is not just the sport for boys. Epic


staff. It would not be wild if I did not have a go. I want to have a shot


at dropping in. Can you teach me? It is as simple as lean forward and


commit. I cannot stop. That was pretty fast. I want to get you more


involved. We will know you on this ramp, and I would jump 0BU. Is it


safe? I do it all up the time. Let's go for it. He is a trained


professional. There he goes. Stabler... Absolutely not. We


Belleek, what Belleek Wilkinson. Thanks to you all very much.


that persuaded you to try something If there is one thing we have lots


of, it is coast line. From astonishing cliff faces, too


generous, sandy beaches, there are tons of opportunities are adventure


and it is a perfect place for going wild. Matthew, loves nothing more


than being in or around the water. Windy days like this are ideal for


sport on land that harness the power of nature. He has brought his


friends along to get involved. It is time to get out and go wild.


name is Matthew. I don't like rugby or eggs. Mining is Ben. I don't


like being put under pressure, because I do get things. My name is


Peter. I don't like spicy food and rugby. Matt he wants to introduce


his friends to the exciting world of kite buggy. He knows just the


I am Louise and I will be your instructor to date. You will learn


how to fly the kites first and then we will get it you into the bodies,


and then we will learn from scratch how to do it together. Let's go.


This is an extreme sport, so the boys need to know they have the


right safety equipment. We are ready to go, Matthew, lead


If we line up in a row here. Before they get in, they have to


learn how to tame the kite. In a high wind, these power kites are


strong enough to lift them off the ground, so they have a tough job


ahead of them. They are keen to get stuck in, but only after Matthew


has shown them how it is Duns. Turn left. Just left, and right.


Well done, Mac users will stop. Matthew is doing brilliant.


Obviously the wind is quite powerful. You have to stop its


hitting the ground. It looks OK, but probably a lot harder than it


looks. Very strong wind. First time flying a kite will start keep it


nice and still at 12, when you are ready. Now left. How does it feel?


Is it tricky to start with? Yes. Quite a lot to concentrate on.


Excellent. Well done. They seem to have got the hang of


that. Let's see how they get on when Louise takes it up a notch.


Now you have learned how to master the kites, downwind, left and right.


Now we are already to gets in. We will do a race down wins all the


way to these flags. Are you ready? -- downwind.


Keep it moving. When I was moving, it felt pretty bumpy because there


is a lot of holes in the sand. But I could feel the wind because I was


going fast. When you are moving, it feels really fast. It is a good way


to fly kites. I think my mates did really well and I think they should


do it in the future because they are very good at it. You made it


over the line, you will do very well. Have you had a good day?


emerge from their burrows into the bright sunshine. After a spot of


some winning they spend the rest of the day foraging for insects and


other tasty treats. Working as a team one member of the gang always


stands guard to watch out for predators makings weeks for all the


others if they sensed danger. Making them the sun loving, team building


miniature marvels of the desert. And this is Matthew and J. Mac you is


three years old. -- Maku. There are so much going on, you can see how


nosy he is. He is looking at the sky to see if there are birds flying


over. Hello, how are you doing? You said he stands on his hind legs,


that is the familiar meerkat pose. What tries to hunt them which they


are looking out for predators. usually have one looking out for any


danger. It could be an aerial attack, or maybe the jackal on the


grounds of venomous snakes. What are they foraging for? They like to eat


scorpions. If they have got babies in the group they will reach in and


grab the Scorpion, they might get stung. They will bite the sting off


and they will give the scorpion to the babies to practice their hunting


skills. That is amazing. We are not in Africa, we are in Leeds. They


like to do a bit of sunbathing. the sun comes out a bit more they


might stand up. Pop him on your hand there and see if he stands up.


you go. Maybe he will not do that because it is live TV. Look at that.


They love foraging for food. They are inquisitive. Shall we try an


experiment? They liked little holes, they look for insects. What is


inside there? There are no animals in there. Nothing to eat. Thank you


for coming along. Fantastic to meet you. Naomi, how cool.


I love meerkats, how cute. Our next guests are not so cute. Repair


yourselves. We are about to make your skin will. -- crawl. We have


heard the phrase good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.


Have any of us taking it seriously? They do exist. They are bloodsuckers


and can live in crack and crevice around furniture. We need to call on


the help of our own bug expert, Doctor Tim Cockerel. What is happy


doing? -- Hacker. I was dreaming about Sue Cook. This is Tim


Cockerel. Like Mike catchphrase. has got a treat. He is a bug expert.


We have got a part of red bugs. -- part of bed bugs. What kind of


insects are they? A lot of insects get called bugs. They are a bit like


aphids that live in the garden. Whereas aphids live on the sap of


the plans, these ones suck blood. hope I have not got any in my bed.


Do they really live in our beds? They are not very common in the UK,


they merely live-in hot, tropical, unit countries but sometimes they


live in the UK. But you would see them. They get as big as the mail on


your little finger. Do they have them in Wigan? How do they end up in


our houses? If you put your suitcase on the bed, they crawl in, and they


hitch a lift back over to England and they go into your bed. Like


Cleethorpes. Not quite. They live all round the world. All around the


world. They are not that common in the UK. There was a picture of one


over there. You are a bug expert, you love your insects, is there


anything you admire. They have got the shape -- they have got a shout


mark -- a sharp mouth. They are massive. Is that actual size?


got a present, there is one for your bed. It is hideous. Let's talk about


something I can get involved in, please. Do they jump? They don't.


Can they swim? They can't swim. Acrobatics? Nothing like that.


right, time to go back to the Highlands of Scotland and see how


Tim did get on when he came face-to-face with the UK's highest


waterfall. Your hair is as dry as I Round two, here we go, in the blue


corner from Scotland, weighing in a Brazilian tonnes of water, it is the


UK's highest water hole -- waterfall. And weighing in at 88


kilos from Birmingham, Tim Allwood. This is about as full on as


abseiling gets. We have got a small army to keep everybody say. Starting


to dawn on me now just how extreme this is. I am really nervous. After


climbing all the way to the top of this monster I cannot back out now.


It is time for one last chat with my abseil Baru. Kitted up, ready to go


full stop any last words of advice? Just enjoy it. It is easy to get


focused on the roads and safety, the you are in a beautiful area. I am


nervous but I am ready. Let's go. You should go first. One little slip


me luck. I have got to do it, just for myself. This really is adventure


on an epic scale. It is time to this, the director said do loads of


chat on the way down. I have lost the ability to speak. The waterfall


is so big we need to make regular stops to change rates will stop --


to change ropes. We are over halfway down and I am starting to get into


me. In full flow millions upon millions of tonnes of water are


pushed over the waterfall every day so being this close is a phenomenal


experience. Yes, this is the best! I have crossed locks, rocks, mountains


and 200 metres of slippery rock face and I have reached the base of this


force of nature. Yes! I'm alive! Nice walk. That was absolutely


amazing. That is just unbelievable to stand here. There is really only


one way I can celebrate. It has gone there is no such thing as a neck --


epic adventure they have never been should be very proud of yourself .


Epic adventure right here in the UK. I am afraid even our next guests


will leave you standing. They can climb up vertical surfaces and hang


upside down with no problem full stop -- with no problem at all.


Geckos are found in warm climates and they have tape adds that allow


them to climb smooth surfaces in seconds. We have some beautiful


crested geckos right here for stop over on to Jonathan. They are


crested geckos and they are absolutely the most beautiful geckos


in the world. So soft, web do they come from? New Caledonia off the


north-east coast of a stranger. -- Australia. What do you love about


them? Every single thing, the way they look, their eyes, the way they


move, they can do all kinds of cool things. They change colour as well.


This one is called Flame because at night she turns the beautiful bright


orange colour. During the day she is quite pale but at night she is


fantastic. We have a stick here as we mentioned their tape adds that


help them climb. They can climb up They can even eat their backside


skin. If you could have one superpower of these lovely


geckoplu-mac, which would it be? Definitely walking up walls. That


would be cool. Now it is my favourite part of the show. This is


the very last, and it is all about helping butterflies. There are more


than 50 different species of butterfly in the UK. In recent


years, they have been in serious trouble. A combination of weather


and loss of habitat has led to a drastic decline in numbers. People


are being urged to help by joining the big butterfly count. It is


happening all over the country right now. We came up with another way to


give these beautiful creatures are helping handfuls of how smelly are


my armpits? You will be making a butterfly feeder. You have two


minutes. Everything you require is here. Start now. As they begin, I


will explain how you do this. First of all, you start off with a piece


of card and then you cut out the shape. I have chosen a butterfly,


you can choose anything. I have followed it with paint. As soon as


it is dry you use golf tees. You press them over the feeder, it took


them into the grass. At the end of it, there is a shape, and we pouring


sugar water. Butterflies love that. That will attract them into the


garden full of there is lots of information. If you want tips about


how to make the perfect one, go to the website. There is instruction is


for you. How is it going? Fantastic. This does not look like a


butterfly. You clearly know nothing. This is pretty. If you put these in,


the butterflies will come along. Need to make the sugar water.


Another thing to mention our use these pens to give them a helping


hand. You can draw circles with them. If I could open it I would


sure you but I cannot. That would help to go the butterflies there to


make their lives easier. I believe there are 20 seconds left on the


clock. We are mixing the sugar water. That looks nothing like a


butterfly. We will count down. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,


three, two, one, stop. It is judgement time. I have done your


face. Now it is forfeit time. Who will receive it. Yours is actually


pretty rubbish, I think. I think yours is really nice. Normally, you


will be decided -- deciding who to do the forfeit, but we have decided,


who thinks you should do the forfeit? It is a landslide. Put this


on. While you get yourself ready, we wildlife. My passion is helping my


mum with her job of looking after sick animals. We help the animals so


they can finally be released into the wild. The place that my mum


works as the RSPCA. It is a charity dedicated to animal welfare. I


cannot be an official volunteer until I am 16 but I love helping my


mum at the centre. There are lots of reasons why animals are brought


here. They can be sick, injured, orphaned, they are the main reasons.


We try hard not to handle the animals but I love feeding them,


especially the ducklings. I like them because they remind me of


spring, the weather changing. They are just happy. It is a lot of hard


work looking after older patients. J ducklings like these, to some of the


larger, hungrier residents. Some of these seals have been here for four


months, from December and January. In that time, they have recovered


from their injuries and trauma. I help my mother to round up the seals


that are ready to go back into the wild. 340. 336. Now it is just a


question of getting them in the van. We take them to release site near to


where they are. It is good they are getting back into the wild and they


are where they should be. They take them out of the stretcher and then


they should just make their way into the river and get taken out by the


tide. They shuffle along. They get used to it. They keep on looking


back, like, where are you? It is nice to see them actually go into


the water. This is a great one for us, she had been here for so long,


we did not know whether she would make it, but she looks fabulous and


it is really nice to get her back out there. She probably cannot


remember being out in the wild. She has been in since she was a tiny


little pup. She has got her head out of the stretcher. She is keen.This


is the best bet, releasing the seals. Amazing. What a great when --


way to spend your spare time. Normally we would be doing the


forfeit, but Radzi is doing it. look absolutely ridiculous. Look at


the state of me. You are going to take part in a cycling proficiency


test. Please bring in his bike. Where is it? We have reversed the


steering on the bike, so if he goes left, the bike will go right. What


is wrong with this thing? Is it broken? Can you ride a bike?OK, we


will get you another bike. Write that. You have 30 seconds to get


Throughout the sure you have been sending in your photos and your


comments. Thank you so much. Here is a lovely picture. This is Alex, who


loves watersports. This is lonely, age six, claiming on an outdoor wall


in the Lake District. We have also had comments. Someone said they


would like to go rafting because they have the challenge of making


the raft and then sailing it. We will have a shot at that next week.


This person said they would like to go ice skating and rock climbing. I


love my exercise. Who doesn't? You look amazing. You stitched me up.


have come to the end of our alive last show, but we are back next


week. Hopefully it will inspire you to get active. All That Is left is


to say a massive thank you to the lovely people who have hosted us


full up thank you. Thank you to the scooter team. Massive thank you to


the wildlife guest. Massive thank you to the whole crew who have been


Welcome to a brand new live and unpredictable show that challenges you to get out and go WILD!

Naomi, Tim and Radzi join the CBBC Live in Leeds weekend, for another hour of fast paced and unpredictable wildlife and wild adventure! Naomi meets an array of animals, one in particular with a talent for picking pockets, while Tim tests his nerves when he heads over the edge and abseils down the highest waterfall in the UK. The Wild Things take to the beach, as Cornish lad Matt introduces his friends to the extreme sport of Kite buggying and 14-year-old Abi gets hands on as she helps her mum rehabilitate sick and injured British wildlife back to health. But that's not all. It's the final of the Battle of the Beasties, so who will deliver the winning blow of the series? And with a Crazy Creation in the mix, anything could happen in this week's forfeit!