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Wild Downloaded

In this special episode Naomi, Tim and Radzi look back at some of the Wild adventures of the series and try out some new ones.

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the time you got up, went out and got wild. We are going to look at


how wild things have been throughout the series. We best get cracking.


Where is Wilkinson? Woo hoo!She said she would be here. Sorry, just


dropped in to say hello. Sorry I am feast of incredible adventures,


wildlife, adventure sports and some of your amazing WILD things.


Everything that we can squeeze into one show. Over the last eight weeks


we have had a truly WILD time watching you get up and get active.


We have chosen a personal selection of our favourite moments as well as


the ones you have requested on our website. I have a favourite. When I


went mountain boarding. What about when I went WILD with sled dogs? We


are turning! It is not about us, it is about you, our guests and


audiences. We better get cosy and take a look at some of our wild


been on an epic road trip, travelling the length and breadth of


the UK. We were in Cardiff. Hunstanton. Paignton in Devon.


have come to Belfast activity centre. We have met so many amazing


wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts. From our forest fanatics. Too wet


and wild water pioneers. The urban explorers. And our daring


mountaineers. They have all set the bar so high with wildlife and


adventure escapades. All our wild things have been truly


inspirational. We have been so inspired by our wild things that Tim


and I have told our very own raft. It has taken us hours, how good is


this, Radzi? Is it definitely finished? It doesn't seem that


stable to me. We thought we would get our hands dirty and we are very


confident it is going to work. are so confident, we have named it


Sir Tim and the un-sink a bull, she is ready to sail! -- Sir Tim.


did that happen? I may have forgotten to tied a rope to the wood


properly. Unbelievable, what a failure. Unlike the next group of


WILD things who had a successful mission when they spent the night in


the forest. There are lots of ways to go wild in the UK but one of the


best ways to experience the great outdoors is to go and sleep in it.


Matthew is crazy about camping, he has all begin, he knows will be


skills and he is keen to show his friends how fun it can be come so he


has brought them for a wild woodland sleepover. What Matthew and his


friends don't know is that this is going to be a camping adventure with


a tree top twist. My name is Matt. I don't like reading and writing.


name is Ollie. I don't like sports warned learning. My name is Kieron.


I don't like sport, American football is probably the only sport


I like. My name is Reece. I don't like rugby. It is too muddy. This is


going to be a big challenge, especially for Reece, who is not


keen on heights. Climbing expert Vicky is here to show them the


ropes. Those are going to be your sleeping platforms. I have slept in


the trees before, it is really comfortable. Everyone is ready?


I have to get you into your arm and of ropes and police to haul


themselves up to the top of the heights but halfway up is far enough


for him, so he decides to camp at ground level instead, leaving the


others to push on. How are you up there? It is like flying! There is a


leaf in my nose! We are going up slower than I thought we would be


but it is really fun. It takes almost an hour but the boys make it


to camp just as the sun is setting. They will be spending the next eight


hours suspended here, high above the forest floor. There is the rule of


not looking down, but I love looking down! I think the fact I have


managed to get this high is quite an achievement. It is a strange


sensation. It is like you are flying, floating in midair. It feels


exciting but at the same time, perilous and scary. There is a 50


feet drop underneath me. I can hear what sounds like owls. It is a bit


weird, how quiet it is up here. they nice? Yes. That's good. It's


greeted by a spectacular wake-up call. It is quite a nice view, I can


finally see stuff. It is not as scary. In the night it was quite


quiet but now there are so many different birds just squealing and


making their sounds. It is strange when you wake up when you realise


you are still up in a tree, really high up. Thumbs up, definitely.


is time for our wild things to return to Earth. And Rees is waiting


to welcome them home. It was more fun than sleeping on the ground. It


is a lot more exciting, it is swaying from side to side. It was an


exciting experience and you probably only get to do it once in your life.


I am proud of getting that high. would recommend it to your friends


-- my friends to do something like this. How cool was that? Catching 40


winks in the woods. They are not the only ones who have made a bed in the


forest. Woodlands offer a safe and secure home for an array of animals.


And one bird enthusiasts got the chance to get a closer look at one


have been into wildlife since I was about two. Reptiles are my


favourite, there are so many species of them right here in the UK. What I


really love our birds of prey. At the weekend I volunteer for the


RSPB, a charity dedicated to protecting birds and other wildlife.


I am one of their youngest volunteers. I love talking to the


visitors about the importance of riches wildlife. This is the


wingspan of an adult female hawks, it is bigger than you. There is one


bird in particular that I really love, because Hawke. This mighty


predator is one of the biggest birds of prey found in the UK -- the


goshawk. It catches prey in its talons as it flies. Today I am going


on a very special mission. My friend, Andy, from the Forestry


Commission, has invited me to monitor some goshawk chicks.


Unfortunately for Andy, they love nesting at the top of trees. Whilst


I wait on the ground committee he's going to have a look.


-- weight on the ground, he is going is quite high up and there are very


few branches do hang onto, it is quite a job. He is hoping to find


two and a half week old chicks, he will put them into the bag and lower


them down. He will carefully remove the chicks from the nests so they


can be rings. Ringing involves tagging a bird so they can be


monitored in the wild. Andy has put the chicks in the bag and it looks


like they are coming back down again. We should be ringing them any


minute now. Once the chicks are on the ground, we need to work quickly


so they can be returned to where they belong. They are in good


fettle, they seem to be growing well. They have not grown their


adult feathers yet. First we check their overall health, their weight,


and then they are fitted with a chicks, it is amazing. You are only


allowed to do this with a licensed Ringo. With all checks complete, the


chicks go back to the safety of their nests. Hopefully we will see


them as fully grown adults next year. I really enjoyed that, it was


so good to get up close to them. I hope to have the chance to climb the


tree myself one day. What a beautiful place to live, it is


really exciting to think that those little chicks will grow into fierce


winds hunters. It is not just animals who can build a home in the


forest, Tim and Naomi had a go. and join me, this is what you are


going to be making, your very own den. Tim has gone in, you only have


two minutes. Everything you need is somewhere around here in the forest.


Without further ado, we will get them started. Three, two, one, go!


Tim stumbled straightaway, we will pretend we did not see it. If you


want to have a go at making your own den, you can do it in your bedroom,


in the playground, in a living room and use whatever materials you have


got. A blanket, cardboard ox is. My personal favourite is the blanket


and the sofa -- cardboard boxes. Being a man, it is printed in my DNA


that I can make a perfect den. As you can see. Big words! Naomi...


long did your stake to make? More than two minutes! It is going to


take an hour! I am getting the audience involved. Yours is coming


along nicely. Look at this bad boy! We are going to have a water test at


the end of this. You can't sustain a den without having it rain on you.


We have 20 seconds left. 20 seconds until you have to stop making. Ten


seconds. Six, five, four, three, two, one. Stop making! OK. It is


time to get your raincoats on, you will be getting in those dens and


the rain will be pouring. Oh, yes. We will start with Naomi, our


glamorous sister will be pouring the rain. Here comes the water from the


watering can. I can't even get in mine! It is like centrally heated!


O! I am going to give this one to Tim! Yes, I was the champion,


totally deserved that! But not as good as Abbey and Sophie who made an


awesome den in the forest. Ellis has made leaves to make his cosy.


Martin family built this huge shelter. Oliver and Isabella


demonstrated you can make your den indoors. Naomi's forfeit was to


rescue a cat from a tree. You have chosen one that has no branches.


Lest talking, more action. You have to grab it with your hands.


Yes! Before Fitz can be a real challenge but it is good to know


there is always one group in particular to help cheer as alone.


This is our wonderful audience with Radzi! This lot are excited, they


are ready to cheer in all the right we think he! It is quite


astonishing. It was awesome. Unbelievable. Are we all feeling


inspired? Yes, they are. I definitely want to see more of them.


I might have to keep my eye on a few of them. It is your job to try and


look after Radzi, best of luck with that!


Forests are not the only places where you can go wild. Britain is


full of waterlogged areas. They are vital habitat for wildlife and known


as wetlands. Here you can find a very special and rare bird that one


wild thing is spending his weekend is hoping to protect. My name is


Jethro, I'm 14 and I love all British wildlife. On an average


weekend, I feed my budgies each day. Sometimes I have to clean them out


and check on the babies and what is happening with them. What I really


love is helping to protect endangered species of birds. On the


weekends, I like to help my dad out at work. He looks after a very rare


bird, the cream. -- the crane. There used to be basically no cranes in


this part. When I go to school, I wear a special suit. We use this to


stop birds thinking we are humans. Now I have my suit on, I am going to


get some food will stop the use this to feed them and now I can feed the


birds. I am going to have to be quite quiet so we don't scare the


babies. I wash my feet and make sure all the germs are completely gone.


These birds are being raised in captivity. They have never lived in


the wild or had a mum but when they get old enough, they will be


released. I started helping when I was 11 and I helped feed them when


they were young. I help block them to keep them exercising so they


don't get any problems with their legs. They grew about one centimetre


every day. It takes me nearly two months to grow that much. Love


coming here to see how much they have grown. When the birds to learn


to fly, they will try to fly all the time so we want to keep them in this


enclosure. Jethro is heavily involved in walking the birds. They


have to be what every day and he is one of the team who'd help do this.


They actually walk ten miles in their lives. I feel quite proud that


I have helped them without the help of any parents. After they had been


exercised, we take them back to their homes until another day. Today


went well. All the cranes have been walked and they all had good


exercise. One of them went in the water, which is good. I think today


has been pretty good. I have to say, I am so ready to get


out and get active, I am inspired. knew today was going to be good.


am going to teach you to about canoeing. I have picked up some


hints and tips throughout the series. I am pretty much an expert.


Hold the canoe. I need you to hold it steady. I need a good push out to


the edge of the water. With! yet? I haven't got my paddle. That


was not funny! Let us take a look back at a group who got drenched


when they had a go at Wick boarding. Wherever you are in the country,


you're never too far away from Lake reservoir and they are perfect for


getting wet and wild. The Tasha is a sports fanatic and one thing she


loves is getting out on the water. Now it is time her friends got


involved as well. It is time to get out and go wild. If there is one


sport that is particularly difficult to master it is this. The instructor


is here to give helping hand. Do you want to have a go? Yes.While the


girls get ready, a second instructor girls are starting to feel the


pressure. He looked nervous! Are you ready? Let us go. Who is first?


Let's go. I am scared. I think it will be quite exciting, though.


not very good on the water. I'm worried that I will fall over.


is their first time on the water, the girls will be trying out this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 76 seconds


special ski. It is really cold! scary to begin with. You had to hold


on tightly. I don't know if I will be able to do it. It is time for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 76 seconds


other girls to get over their nerves hardest part? When there are big


waves. It was really fun. Would you do it again? Yes.It looks like the


friends are convinced that a day on the water is lots of fun. Anybody


can have a go and love it. One day I might have a go at that run over


there! We went wild! Fresh waters are teeming with so


much fascinating wildlife. You can make your own underwater world back


home. How? With another Radzi crazy creation. Without further ado, let


us get the party started! I said Naomi and Timothy challenged to


create a magnet for whiteness. Their very own magnificent pond. We have


five seconds! Happy with that.Stop your making! The winner is Naomi!


Not a chance! You go and get yourself ready for the forfeit!


Jessica made it really cool pond decorated with disease. Poppy


managed to attract this frog into her back garden. Tim lost this


challenge and he had to face the consequences. If the imposition?


That as current him down. -- let us count him down. Never mind, Tim!


Nice doggy paddle. I think he got a soft landing! Let's say that again.


I wasn't the only ones who got wet. The great British countryside is a


fantastic place to have an epic adventure. But did you know that in


our towns and cities, there are also loads of activities to get involved


in? Just look at these amazing free runners that we met in Torbay. Check


out that level. I would love to have a go at this. Is there a trick you


can show me? Yes. If we come around here. Left foot, right foot. Only a


small jump. Catch on. Here we go, strong in the arms. Yes! I am the


King! A good start, but you will be more -- need more practice to get to


their level. How amazing was that? If you want to have a go, go and


find the experts, get the right to tuition and in a few years, you


could be like this lot. If two wheels is more your thing, why not


try a spot of BMX racing. This BMX team are seriously rads racers. I


could not resist joining in the race. Wait! But these guys were just


too fast. Is everybody as out of breath as me? No, just you, you were


diverse range of animals have been making urban environments their


home. There is a particularly unusual creature that for one group


of wild things had not expected to find living on their doorstep.


Jackson is creepy Crawley crazy and he loves nothing more than looking


after his insect pets. His friends don't share his passion for all


things are rack on it, but they are hate shopping. My name is Jack. I


hate Thai food and big spiders. name is Catherine. I hate rain and


convert aged words. George McGavin, insect expert, has


come along to help them. -- and scorpion in the UK. It only lives


here. There is a wall over there that has a colony of European


scorpions. Who wants to hold one? Let's go scorpion hunting. Scorpions


are nocturnal hunters, meaning the team will have to come back when the


sun goes down. It is dark so the scorpions should be out. You have


all got an old provider that torture we are going to go along this wall


-- you have all got an ultraviolet torch. Your job is to find as many


unmistakable. Have you got one? Look. Look at that. That is


amazing. Isn't it fantastic? Who wants to hold it? The best way of


holding it is to gently hold the tail. The hard parts glow, the soft


parts like a side of the abdomen and between the plates are dark because


that is not made of the same material. All scorpions glow, which


is very convenient as they are nocturnal. He is moving, he is


moving. He has gone up my sleeve. have found some. Look at that, that


is impressive. They are rather nice. There are probably hundreds in this


wall. It is one of the things you hear about that they glow green and


when you see it, it is shocking. was pretty gobsmacked. It was


amazing. It is once-in-a-lifetime. It seems there is no sting in the


tail for this challenge. Jackson and his friends have loved finding one


of the UK's most unusual can be found on our city streets. As


our next wild thing has found out, sometimes you need not look any


all British wildlife. What I really love is looking for the secret side


of nature. I have been taking photos for the last five years and I am


going to share my top tip for catching wildlife in a completely


different way. This is our back garden, now more of a mini nature


reserve. I have decided my mum and dad and family to allow me to have


this part of the garden -- I have persuaded. We have frogs, newts,


toads, dragonfly larvae. In the summer you can hear the dragon flies


buzzing around, which is really nice. Taking good photos is about


trying to look at the world in a different way. One of my favourite


things to do is to try and be more inventive and use household items. I


can't afford underwater housing and things like this so I used this fish


tank, I put my camera in here and load it into the pond so I can get


underwater shots. You really don't need expensive equipment. This is


just my little camera. With my bigger camera I have to carry a big


rucksack but this one can go in my pocket and you can take it wherever.


There is one animal that comes here that is really active at night and


tonight I am going to try to film it. This is actually my Playhouse. I


took it over when I got more into photography. We have this so we are


invisible to wildlife. The foxes are wild animals and they don't hang


around. I'm going to put this camera trap on the fork. I am going to see


if I can get them when they walk through. We have set up a camera


trap and I'm going to go back to the hive to see if I can get some live


views. With wildlife, you can never really count on them to be there, so


we will have to wait and see. When you see a fox, you forget about all


the waiting because you have the privilege of seeing that bit of an


individual. That is the real nice thing about it. If you close your


eyes, it makes your ears keener to sound. Sometimes you can't actually


great. We got a little bit of film, thinking might have gone to the


camera trap so we should get some close-ups of his face. It is amazing


what you can capture with patience and dedication. It was really


successful in the hide and I got some nice film and am going to go


back indoors and have a nice cup of tea. It is Josh!Welcome. What


inspired you to take photos? always used to be into bugs, then


dad bought me a camera and since then I have just got to this level.


Can you give us any tips if everybody at home once to take some


photographs? Get to know your subject, learn their behaviour.


Secondly, be patient. It is not always going up in the first time,


it took me five years to get this sort of photo. Practice makes


perfect, I am sure everyone at home can take pictures like this.


took on board all the hints and tips and have been sending us great


wildlife photography. Jack snapped this cool shot of a frog and two


snails. McAuley got this great close-up shot of a beautiful swan.


Ruth photographed this stunning stag. Sam got an amazing shot of an


elusive badger. And Kai sent in this great image of these two


housemartins. Photography is a great way to connect with the natural


world. It is amazing what you can find living around us. It is. Me and


Radzi love the huge rioting of birds we get in the UK. -- huge variety of


birds. Why not attract them into your back garden with my bird


friendly scarecrow? We will give you two minutes, everything you require


is around here, three, two, one, oh yes! You have a forfeit for the


loser. All I am going to say, you will need to get your skates on for


it. I can't skate!I have all sorts of seeds, monkey nuts, anything that


will attract birds. The crowd are loving this. Five, four, three, two,


one... Stop you're making. It is now judgement time. Looking a bit thin.


He is all right, looked at his smiley face and the seeds. You have


made it very friendly. Tim, it is meant to be friendly! It is a


scarecrow, it is in the title! judgement time, the winner without


doubt is Naomi. Here is Isabel showing you how it is really done.


And Holly made a fantastic bird friendly scarecrow. It is forfeit


time for Tim. Out you come. There he is, look what he is wearing. He has


got to get around the obstacle course and bring the drinks to us.


Three, two, one, go. He is so unsteady on his feet. Be careful, I


am buried Thursday. Give him a cheer! There he goes! O!-- I am


some drinks to us, I don't leave it. I never thought it was going to


happen. Well done! No! No!I am thirsty! We have discovered that


urban environments are a great place to go wild. But there are some


habitats that can prove more inhospitable. Britain's mountains


provide adventure and excitement. Deep underground, caves offer


shelter for intriguing creatures such as bats. We met one wild thing


who is helping to look after the bat and I love all British wildlife. My


favourite is bats. I used to be scared of the dark, but not any


more. Bats are night-time specialists and the only mammal that


can truly fly. I think they are awesome. My weekends are quite


unusual. Because I spend most of my time helping my dad looked after


sick and injured bats. Come on, the least you can do is eat up. The bats


we have not pets, we feed them so they go back into the wild. Not


anyone can pick up a bat. You have to have a licence or training,


because they are rare and epic trek did species. # protected species.


That one can fly! Dad is never too far away, he is registered to care


for bats and I want you to make one -- meet one I have been looking


after. We have had him for two weeks, we are going to exercise him


so we note he can fly and then hopefully tonight we will release


him back into the wild. Woody was found by a neighbour who gave in to


us so we can look after him. We exercise him to make sure he is


ready. I use my bat detector to check on his calls, known as


echolocation. If he is not a co-locating properly, he won't be


able to hunt and might not survive. -- if he is not echo locating. It is


great to see he can fly really good cos it means we can release him back


into the wild, so we might be doing that night. Dad has given Woody the


all clear, we are off to the park to release him. I am a little bit sad


but I am more excited to see him be released back with his family. I'm


going to release him near to where he was found. What is even better


for him is, I can already see some bats flying around. But I'd already,


that is a good sign. Shall we do it? We should be good to go. Goodbye!


There he goes, up above our heads. It is good to see him back in the


wild. Yes, really good. Goodbye! Is attributed to all you wild things


across the UK, we tried to build a raft but it didn't work. We tried to


go canoeing but you ruined it for me. We decided to work as a team and


we are going to attempt to climb this. Let's get up there. It is a


bit wobbly! Radzi, help Naomi. discovering to try and help you up.


Trust me, I have got you. Yes, Tim! I tried to pretend I was helping but


I did absolutely nothing there! watched the gymnastics yesterday!


All, amazing! Are you all right? have been more comfortable, to be


honest! This is a bad idea. I have gone the wrong way! Yes, we are one


person away. Shall I climb up one of you? Are you sure? Go on, Naomi!


Yes! We were wild! It shows what teamwork can do. Just like this


bunch of wild things who were so courageous when they braved the


wettest weather and strongest winds and climbed to mega heights.


The Lake District in northern England is not just famous for its


water, it also has some of the most stunning vertical landscapes found


anywhere in the UK. Making it a great place to go wild. 11-year-old


Grace is a keen climber and a regular visitor to her local indoor


climbing wall but today she is heading for the hills to get a taste


of climbing in the great outdoors. She has brought some friends along


to try it, too. My name is Chris. -- grace. My name is Alice. I don't


like sharks. My name is Willow. I don't like fighting with my family.


My name is amber. I don't like sharks. My name is Julie. I don't


like spiders. The goal for the gang is to reach the summit of this hill.


Adobe 600 metres, it is one of the highest point in England so the


instructor is getting them out with plenty of safety gear. This


certainly won't be an average walk in the hills. They have come to a


slate mine to try and very special climbing course. This is where it


begins. Grace, you have brought your friends. This is like a road over


the mountains. There is only one golden rule, never be standing with


both of these in your hands like this. Take one hand to change over.


When you come to the junction one hand, you take off and swapped over


and with the same hand you carry on with the next one. OK? Now you are


excited. Are you up for this? think it will be a really good


experience but I am still a little nervous. I am really excited but


nervous at the same time. I am looking down and seeing how far down


it is. Brilliant. It is weird how high you are and how nervous you are


when you get into it. It uses a series of cables, runs and ladders


that allows complete beginners to take on some serious mountaineering.


It is a very safe way to climb but that doesn't stop it being scary.


Oh, that was awesome! So far, so good, but as the girls continue up


the mountain, the rain clouds begin to close in. Well done, girls, you


got past the first section. We have a few little treats for you in the


next section. It is more exposed and a little bit more scary. Are you up


for it? Yes!Excellent. Jill is not kidding about its being scary.


First, the girls had to cross a sheer overhanging cliff face in the


driving rain. This is seriously wild. But the next challenge is even


more extreme, a wire bridge strung over 100 metres of thin air. Oh, I


am bouncing! It would be bad enough in the sunshine but in high winds,


this takes real guts. Don't keep screaming! The girls have been


declining for three hours but they still have one obstacle left, and


massive cargo net. By now, the reason is practically horizontal. --


the rain. These girls deserve some serious respect.


Despite the appalling weather, the team has made it all the way to the


top of the mountain. Even if host of our filming gear has not. That is


it, the camera has stopped working. The conditions are so bad. The view


may not be immense today but the achievement is. That was, girls.


was really exciting. By different from stuff I had done before.


a really exciting and thrilling experience and if I could come


again, I would. It is a really good experience because I got to do lots


of challenges and it was amazing. went wild!


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 76 seconds


You have been anything. Without you, It's a really exciting and thrilling


experience. It was an exciting experience and one that I will only


do once in my life. One of the best things I have ever done. We went


wild! Wild! Wild! Top work, excellent effort! Sadly, we have


come to the end of the show but we must say a huge thank you to all


across the UK. It has been emotional but it is goodbye from me.


goodbye from me, too. Coming up next week, one Marshall. Until we see you


then, make sure you get up, get out and go wild! Next week is access all


areas as we go behind-the-scenes to show you just what it takes to make


wild happen every single week. Sometimes it takes us a few goes to


Welcome to a brand new live and unpredictable show that challenges you to get out and go WILD!

In this special episode Naomi, Tim and Radzi look back at some of the Wild adventures of the series and try out some new ones! Our Wild Things tried everything from white water rafting and wakeboarding, to sleeping in trees and climbing sheer cliffs. And it's not just extreme activities - there are animal adventures too from swimming with seals to searching for scorpions. There are Crazy Creations to try at home and lots of your pictures and comments. It's all you need at the weekend to get up, get out and go WILD!