Series 4

Series 4

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1. Wolfblood: Series 4, Captivity

Jana's attempt to adapt to life in the city is thrown off course by a call for help.

A Long Way from Home

2. Wolfblood: Series 4, A Long Way from Home

Jana's loyalties are tested when she discovers Segolia might be concealing evidence.


3. Wolfblood: Series 4, Ultimatum

An emergency from the wild pack forces Jana into an impossible position.


4. Wolfblood: Series 4, Morwal

Jana's relationship with Imara is tested on a mission to find a dangerous wolfblood.

The Quiet Hero

5. Wolfblood: Series 4, The Quiet Hero

TJ tries to help Selina with a problem that threatens to expose her as a wolfblood.


6. Wolfblood: Series 4, She-Wolf

The pack is fraying at the edges, and Selina's alter-ego is uncovered.

Sheep's Clothing

7. Wolfblood: Series 4, Sheep's Clothing

When TJ falls for a human, he's in danger of breaking more than his heart.


8. Wolfblood: Series 4, Wherewolf

Jana and TJ are forced to find Carrie to avoid their secret being exposed.

Into the Wild

9. Wolfblood: Series 4, Into the Wild

Jana's mission to the wild pack ends in disaster.

The Wild at Heart

10. Wolfblood: Series 4, The Wild at Heart

Jana must decide where she belongs.


11. Wolfblood: Series 4, Viral

Jana's world crumbles, and a face from the past returns.


12. Wolfblood: Series 4, Protocol

Jana has to make a decision that will change the world forever.