Series 3

Series 3

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Jana Bites

Wolfblood: Series 3, Jana Bites

Jana vowed to run the wild pack in a different way from her father Alric.

Ulterior Motives

1. Wolfblood: Series 3, Ulterior Motives

Rhydian, Shannon and Tom face a new future, and an old foe.

Alpha Material

2. Wolfblood: Series 3, Alpha Material

An unexpected arrival puts Rhydian's leadership skills to the test.

With Friends like These

3. Wolfblood: Series 3, With Friends like These

Tom is accused of poaching, so Shannon becomes his romantic alibi.

Wolfblood Is Thicker than Water

4. Wolfblood: Series 3, Wolfblood Is Thicker than Water

Rhydian is reunited with his father - but why has he really come?

The Dark Ages

5. Wolfblood: Series 3, The Dark Ages

Sparks fly when some ancient wolfblood relics are discovered.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

6. Wolfblood: Series 3, Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Jana feels lost without her pack on a full moon.

Wolves Among Us

7. Wolfblood: Series 3, Wolves Among Us

Rhydian is determined to help Jana and Shannon follows her dream.

Dark of the Rune

8. Wolfblood: Series 3, Dark of the Rune

Rhydian and Jana mysteriously collapse when a comet appears.

The Cure

9. Wolfblood: Series 3, The Cure

Jana, Tom and Shannon go to Segolia, where Tom makes a terrifying discovery.

The Cult of Tom

10. Wolfblood: Series 3, The Cult of Tom

Tom is out of control, so Rhydian, Shannon and Jana turn to Segolia for help.

The Suspicions of Mr Jeffries

11. Wolfblood: Series 3, The Suspicions of Mr Jeffries

Jeffries gets more than he bargained for when he follows Tom and his friends.


12. Wolfblood: Series 3, Cerberus

As the net closes in on Gerwyn, help comes from unexpected sources.


13. Wolfblood: Series 3, Moonrise

The wolfbloods face their toughest challenge yet.