Episode 1 Up for Hire Live

Episode 1

Live interactive series tackling Britain's youth unemployment. Four recruits are sent on work experience and Stacey Solomon and Russell Kane talk about their first jobs.

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Ever treated your boss like this? Are you joking? Me, abrupt? That


was rude. Be made to feel defraud - - feel a full just because you


needed dollar? This is the end of my career. Or maybe you think


qualifications are a waste of time. I thought my personality would see


me through. Whatever your experience of employment of


unemployment, we want to hear from Hello! Good evening. And to welcome.


For the next four nights, we are responding to the issue of the


moment - youth unemployment. This week it has reached its highest


level since records began. But we are here to help by telling you all


about the world of work and giving you help. We are spending the week


with four out of work people and giving them a crash course in


finding a new career. Tonight there extraordinary experience begins


with lowly paid jobs at a leisure park. And Plus, Stacey Solomon and


Russell came are here. And they will tell us how they got started


before they were famous. And we have arranged paid work for some of


the people here tonight to with a few of the country's biggest and


most successful businesses. Our question this evening is this: If


you are young person watching and you can't get a job, why not? Is it


your fault? Is it because you are lazy? Do you think that positions


you are offered a beneath you? What is it easier to stay at home and


sponge off mum and dad? Maybe you find that accusation offensive.


Whatever you think, we want to hear from you over the next 60 minutes.


Joining me all week from BBC Radio 1, Tina Daheley. Thank you, Richard.


Good evening. To get your story, e- mail us: You can use Twitter or our


Facebook page to get in touch. You can also let us know if he would


like to join our workshop here in the studio for more guidance.


thank you. Come and see us here in the studio, but at the very least,


tunnel -- come and talk to us. We have chosen for people who have


been out of full-time work for more than six months. These people will


have the unique opportunity of a career in a few days. They start


with the minimum wage job and go all way up to chief exec, and we


filmed them every step of the way. Let's meet them.


I have got communication skills. can work in a team, I am organised.


Over the years, I have lived with three different foster families,


and each of them have given me different ethics. One of them gave


me education, 10 GCSEs, for A- levels and a degree. One of them


gave me the motivation to keep going. When you are on jobseeker's


as a graduate, it is not the greatest. And one of them gave me


the desire to work for what I want. No words can describe how much a


really want a job. I found out I was pregnant just before I took my


GCSEs. I got everything together, and found out I was pregnant again.


I do everything my children need, and I feel and letting them down by


not having a career. There has never been a time when I have had a


proper job. I hate being unemployed. I find it uncomfortable and


embarrassing. I try not to take the rejections personally, but


sometimes you can't help it. didn't go to university because I


thought I didn't need qualifications. I thought my


personality would see me through. There is not a lot on my CV. I have


had about three interviews, one for a shoe shop, one for a bar and one


far Argos. I think not having a proper job is soul destroying. I


would give anything ago. I really would like to be prime minister. I


did online journalism, and I want to be a journalist. I have fielded


hundreds of applications, applied for a receptionist job, a job at


Starbucks. They always say, you were a strong candidate, but there


was a stronger candidate. Being unemployed, I feel trapped. To be


any sort of respectable human being, you are meant to have work. Do not


have it makes me feel I'm not part of society. It is the first thing I


have had going for me when I feel like I could get a job. I am


willing to do pretty much anything Here they are. Chris, Sacha, Kirsty


and then, it is good to meet you. We will get to know you well over


the next four nights. The cameras have been following you on these


different jobs. You have all been out of work for a while. Sacha, we


start with you. How long have you not had a job? Over two years.


you said that that without a job, you don't feel a part of society?


When I was growing up, I had the kind of thing that you had to have


a job to be part of society, otherwise the world doesn't go


round, sort of thing. I want to make my kids proud and see what I


am doing and copy that and do it for themselves. It is important for


them to see work? Yes, and develop. Chris, how long have you been out


of work? They year. You said it is soul-destroying not having a job.


Yes, you're just at home. I feel I cannot living. Kirsty and Ben are


both graduates. Is it that process of sending out your CV and


application, getting rejected or not even getting a response, what


is that like? Really disheartening. You think you have done everything


right, you have ticked all the boxes, you have a degree, done the


work experience, and you just think, great, I am in. What with having a


job mean to you, Chris? I need a purpose in life, and a job does


give people purpose. So, the four of you are with us, and every night


we will see you take a variety of jobs from working in the shop to


being the chief executive. But here his wayward journey begins, with a


minimum wage start a job. It's 5am. I am so tired. It is


still dark. I get in at this time, I don't get up at this time.


adventure park. The four will be working at one of Devon's most


popular adventure parks, and it is the busiest time of year with over


6,000 guests every day. They will have to make a good first


impression on the park manager, josh Hayward. I would like to think


that they would have the right attitude, an open mind. Hopefully


they will be enthusiastic. Good morning. Well come to Crealy


Adventure Park. I am the general manager. Entry-level work is hard


work, graft, labour intensive. 20% of our workers don't make the end


of the season. Chris, we start with you. You are going to be making


candy floss for the whole park. Kirsty, we have a spare Klan outfit,


you need to be jolly, happy, smiley. Sacha, you have to go up to the


field where the ponies have been training, and there is a lot of


pony mess. You will stink by the end of the day. This is something I


did not want to do. But it is definitely better than dressing up.


I am really ambitious. I want to be a journalist, that is what I


trained for. The shoes are quite difficult to walk-in. The character


is slapstick mixed with your own personality. When I do it, it is


very animated, bigger steps, everything you do, even if you're


just pointing, it would be like that. Gosh, this is the end of my


career, I think. There we go. How do you feel? Pretty upset, actually.


I understand you think that people might think you were silly, but


don't you think people will think that he will turn your hand to


anything, and get involved in anything but you need to do? I do,


but at the same time... No, I am not really OK. People are going to


massively, massively take the mickey out of me. But I am very


serious about what I do, and this Don't think I have ever thought I


would say I was excited to clean up who. I couldn't wait to get away


from it after a potty trained my children. What then needs to do


especially his interact with the guests more. Red boats in please,


guys. It is unnatural to constantly smile and be happy and have people


squirt water at you. Cheers, thanks. 19-year-old Chris has to make 60


bags of candyfloss. 33. Say you have probably done half. Not a


great first impression. I will remove you from this, and I wanted


to go and work in the pizza and pasta place. I wanted to look after


the pots in the kitchen. You would expect somebody on their first day


to try to make a big impression, but he hasn't done that yet, and he


is a bit slow. Have I been demoted? This time, no messing about. What


am I supposed to do? My brother can do it. I think she has done a


pretty good job so far. She seems like quite a natural. How are you


guys doing today, all right? First day working For a good few months,


and I had a problem with the messing around. I didn't see going


into this job was something I wanted to do, and they didn't get


my qualifications to go into entry- level work. It is not what I'm


looking for. I am sweaty and disgusting. It is such hard work,


but at the end of it, you feel like you have accomplished so much.


First day was not what I expected at all. It was harder than I


expected. The thing that most annoys may is that you are sold


some kind of idea when you go to university. You think you do


everything to get the job, and they don't want a job I don't want. I


want a job I do want. Are you on an official break? Arm, I don't know.


My main concern is that you are eating in costume in front of


guests, which is one of the key rules that we... This isn't a great


thing to happen. I have team members asking why you are sitting


doing nothing. That is not acceptable. I don't like being told


off at all. Do I get fired for Watching that with us, the comedian


Russell Kane, the multi-millionaire founder of Bolton and lingerie,


Michelle Mone, and the current face of frozen chicken drumsticks and


the 24 Pc Horne a party ring, Stacey Solomon is here! That


continue first of all. We are looking at entry-level jobs, and


you said something towards the end about, I don't want a job I don't


want, I want a job I do want. What does that mean? I have done loads


of jobs over the years, menial jobs, working in cafes, cleaning toilets,


but I am trained now and I have put in a lot of hard work. Is it wrong


to think that if you have paid all of that money, why should I not get


a job at the end? Are you saying that because you have your


journalism degree you should not have to do jobs like that? Not at


all. Ultimately, for me, I am trying to get a job I do want. In


trouble, I am happy to work from the bottom, but in something I am


trained to do. Then, what did you make of that experience? It was


interesting. When you have a degree and come out of university, like


Kirsty was saying, I want to go into something I am trained for, so


doing a job like that was out of my comfort zone and I had to be brash


and really big and stuff. Michelle, what did you make of how they got


on? These are our two graduates, what did you make of their attitude


towards an entry-level jobs? Sacha, I thought you had the right


attitude. Chris, you were the same, you got in about it. But I have to


say, this show, Kirsty, I was disappointed in you. Sometimes you


have to do the jobs, get on with it. I remember way back before my


company was huge, I used to find whatever word I could, I left


school at 15, and I worked -- I walked about in a supermarket


dressed as a loaf of bread, and I walked about in a boxing ring


holding up numbers, you have to do what you have to do. If you came


into my business and were not willing to go into the warehouse


and pack the underwear but were willing to be marketing executive,


I would not give you the job. You have to be an all-rounder. Kirsty,


what do you say? I see what you mean. You didn't see the fantastic


job I have pulled out of the back, so I have been employed -- I have


been unemployed for seven months, so to go out and hang it up in


front of people was a lot for me. People get a mental health issues


when they are unemployed, so I was scared of putting myself out there.


The boss said I did a good job. I have done the bad jobs as well.


spend three days at the adventure park, we see -- we will see two


films later on. Josh, the manager of the adventure park, is here.


What did you think of how they got on? Generally, all of the recruits


did a good job. It was difficult for all of us, a busy time of the


year and they had tough tasks to undertake. I was disappointed


initially with Kirsty's attitude, I thought she would take too much


like a duck to water, but she clammed up halfway through the task.


Russell? What did you make of that? You have done a few menial jobs.


have chosen to be a clown for a living! I think clowns should be


allowed to eat ice-cream! A combination of the two answers are


correct, goes single-mindedly for the dream job you want to do, but


be willing to continue to do the jobs you have trained past one you


are looking, so you are staying motivated and doing something.


Stacey, you were on the X Factor. Is that part of the problem? Does


it give the impression you can go without working your way up,


straight to being a celebrity? Is it your fault?! Definitely not! It


is a complete misconception. I have worked in almost every ridiculous


job you can imagine before X Factor and it took three auditions to get


through. Nothing is easy like that. Let's go to the audience who have


been following the phone. Lara joins us. You are an entrepreneur.


What do you make of this? Are these young people willing to do menial


jobs, are they lazy? Candidly, I think there is a good message in


people making an effort to go and do something. But having employed


many hundreds of people, Michelle, I am with you, people have to get


up and do anything to get on and process, and you have to accept


that is out of your qualifications. I don't have any qualifications, it


is not a prerequisite that because you have a graduate degree you get


a job, that is something we need to change. Peter, you are a graduate,


out of work. I graduated in engineering last year. The last job


I could get was a sales adviser, I have been a pot washer in a school,


in a factory and stacking shelves in Tesco's. The fact you have a


degree shows that you can do the work, it is not that you cannot get


a job because you are not looking. There is not the work out there.


There have been huge redundancies, 2.5 million people in the last five


years. There are not the jobs out there, and the people who want them


have been made redundant. I know a lot of you have a lot of say, we


will come to you a little bit later in the programme. Lots of the have


joined in the debate online. What is being said, Tina? Lots of people


reacting online. Let's have a look at the big screen. Rachel says, I


would be willing to do any job, cleaning or making cups of tea or


coffee, as long as it had the potential for me to make contacts


and gain experience. Someone willing to start at the bottom.


Felicity, I would do anything at all, I went for a pot watching job


and a job at Boots, got turned down fullback. Mary, I work with young


people and find it frustrating if anyone refuses work that might not


be their dream job but offers valuable experience, a job is a job.


Stephanie, it is not the young people that is the problem, it is


employee has not giving us a chance, so it is not about us being lazy.


Callum, I have been applying for jobs day in day out, all I am


getting his, sorry, your application is not being taken any


further. It is not our fault. If you want to get your opinion had,


lettuce know through the website: - - let us know. In you get a sense


there of how difficult it is for people to find jobs at the moment.


My first job was in McDonald's, I was very keen and the manager said,


Richard, you will go far. After 18 months I had just one star. I don't


know why you are laughing at that, it was heartbreaking! But I can


tell you how long it takes to cook a burger from frozen to cut. Would


you like to know? 42 seconds! Make sure you tune in tomorrow, as I


will reveal how long it takes to do the same thing with the fillet of


fish. Prick teas, it is slightly longer! I am not the only


entertainer who has had a medial job. I was a barman when I was


under age, I should not talk about that. I was dressed as a dolphin.


worked in a greengrocer. Handing out leaflets. Selling drawings


outside my parents' house. I was only five it. My job was to open


the store. I went through every department in the hotel. Mr Morris


would be in bed while I opened at the store. Chambermaid. I had more


responsibility in that job than I felt I had at school. Dishwasher.


Kitchen hand. The technical term for what I did was facing off,


making sure tins of paint faced the same way. I worked in a market,


selling jeans. Receptionist. Some of them were faulty. I have to


deliver milk. I said, I'm not there seems to us, I just sell the genes.


Not the milkman, just driving the float. Maybe one of your legs is


battered and the other. Keith Lemon, thank you.


In three months this year, 80,000 people were added to the ranks of


the jobless. Of that 80,000, and this is remarkable, 78,000 were on


the 24. With things that bleak, how do you get your foot in the door?


We prefer it -- be persuaded seven big companies, including Scottish


Power, Virgin Media and Hilton Worldwide, took offer jobs through


our website. We had more than 800 applications and tonight start with


two high street staples, starboards and Argos. Let's hear about the


applications -- * Books. People heard about this on the


website and came to you. Tell us about the standard of the


applications you received. standard was one of our concerns.


Numbers were great, but the standard... What was wrong?


biggest in she was people not completing all of the questions.


Questions are there for a purpose - - the biggest issue. People missed


them out. Tell us about the people who applied at Starbucks. About a


third were discounted because they were over-qualified. White which is


not -- way we do not employ someone over-qualified? We look for someone


with experience in customer services. Some were over-qualified


in that the jobs they had previously done did not relate to


the customer. Tell us the mistakes you saw on the applications.


Spelling was a big thing, and a lot of over detail. Too much waffle


about previous jobs? 10 years ago I did... That would put you off?


necessarily, but you have 10 -- you have 60 seconds to look over, they


have to sell themselves. Is that how it works, 60 seconds and then


you reject it? Yes, and what you put down is key because it is your


opportunity to get noticed. Did you get some who did not know what


Argos was? Yes, some told us they wanted to work for Starbucks and


have a great career there. rudimentary error. Often it is the


basics, isn't it? Tell us about the jobs you were offering, how many


was it? We are offering three three-month placements. Has it gone


to four? We have been able to offer four, having gone through the


interview process. A full-time job, potentially the first step in a


career? Yes. How many at Starbucks? We were also offering three, but


the calibre means we have taken on six. You were genuinely impressed?


Absolutely. This section of our audience contains some of the


people who applied for these jobs and later we will find out who got


them. For those that did not, we are offering help in our two


workshops this evening. With an average of 83 graduate and 21 non-


graduates applying for every single job, how do you make sure your CD


grabs the right attention? I embarrassed myself on the streets


Across the UK there is an average of 21 people applying for every job


vacancy that is going. Competition is fierce, so standing out from the


crowd is vital. To give yourself the best chance of


landing that dream job, you have to make an impression from the start,


and that requires originality. What tactics have been successful


in the past? In Ireland, and man paid for a billboard to advertise


his availability, landing him a job with Paddy Power, and he is still


there four months later. Nice! Walking the streets wearing a


sandwich board might be a little bit embarrassing for some, but it


worked for David. Jobless and in debt after university, he walked


the streets until we got notice and got a job with an advertising


company, and he is still there as a business development manager. Do


you think it takes a certain character to do what you did?


have to be brave, crushed and the nervousness and get on with it, do


what you have to do. -- crushed down the nervousness. But if you


just want to write your CV instead of wearing it, there are a few


things you should never do. Don't put it on coloured paper, don't use


for any fonts, don't use a bizarre e-mail address, don't use text


speak, don't make it more than two pages long, and make sure you do a


With a laptop or smart phone, there are plenty of new ways to impress


an employer. A Frenchman stood out last year when he combined his


papacy be with the modern technology. This code when scanned


When it went viral, offers flooded in, and there are other examples of


people using the Web. I am Graham Anderson, and will come to my CV


interactive video. C if you have a skill you want to advertise, show


your employer. Use social media - Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and


others. But to those party pictures really convey the right image,


because employers will be looking. So don't be a chicken, be brave and


get yourself noticed. Make sure you stand out for the right reasons.


Good job, Tina. What did you think of my chicken outfit? I think it


was... Lovely. It was up there with getting dressed as a clown. And you


walked around London train stations with a sandwich board that said Up


For Hire. That was brave. You might have got the wrong sort of job


offer! Let's talk to Russell Kane again. Let's talk a little bit


about your early jobs. We are talking about entry-level jobs that


people do, and there is a perception of that may be young


people are not willing to do the necessary. You have your dream job


now. Was it important, and did you learn anything from doing those


kinds of jobs? You don't realise at the time that you are getting


something from it, even if it is just the rhythm and getting out of


bed and doing something. I was knocking door-to-door selling,


which was loathsome, selling vacuum cleaners, the stereotype. I didn't


sell one, and I was sacked after three weeks. But I had a go. But I


got the gift of the gab going, and I use that now. I sold frozen food,


delivery service to the door. One of the product was called Bobby's


balls, they were meatballs. And I had to not laugh, because I needed


the job. I worked in a library, which was a nightmare because I


can't stop talking. He will have a first-class degree? And did you do


a menial job after that? Yes, within a week of getting my menial


-- getting my first class degree, I was stuffing envelopes. In my house,


you work even while you're looking for the thing you want to do. It


wasn't an option, like when people say it that my toddler won't eat


carrot, a baby any knows what it is fed. And there was a slight sense


earlier of people saying that they wouldn't do those jobs because they


had a degree. You don't agree with that? Yes, but you can't get into


graduate schemes, and they are entry-level jobs as well. All we


are saying is that we want to do entry-level jobs in their area that


were qualified for. I did a menial job, then an entry-level job, and


because it took a job that it was unrelated, I worked my way across


to that job. He but I how do you do that? I have done a ridiculous


amount of unpaid work. You work in the media, and you will understand


that. They shouldn't call it work if you are not getting paid. I have


done so much stuff and not got paid, so it is not like an sitting doing


nothing. Russell, thank you. Latest. That hair is high! It is growing


with my career. Now we hear more from our four recruits. They are


still stuck on the bottom rung of the career ladder. It is Dave two


at Crealy Adventure Park. If you ever want to see a graduate fail to


work out what is in a bacon burger, now is your chance. I were Cup 15


minutes before my alarm today. That never happens -- I woke up. I had a


shower and everything. Today it's all about teamwork. Like 200,000


young people, the recruits will be serving customers, flipping burgers


and frying chips. I am happy we are working as a team. Hi, Sacha. I


notice you have a cigarette on the go there. The park is open now, so


put that out please and dispose of it correctly. Thank you. The job


today we want them to do is to serve 200 guests an hour. We have a


three-minute wait. Food quality is paramount, guests service is


paramount. And they are working in Can I help you? Two packets of


chips, please. Sacha seems bubbly, which is why I put her on the tills.


Would you like to go large? Chris I think is going to be good enough to


keep up with what she is doing. I put the other two in the kitchen


The thing that I find difficult with teams is that people come at


it from very different angles. There are lots of different people


asking me for orders. I do like working on my own, and that is


something to do with me wanting to be a reporter. Can I have a portion


of onion rings? As a team, if you mess up, it is a domino effect, it


affect other people. I am still waiting for your chilli burger.


Sorry about this. I haven't had a cigarette in a while, and it is


starting to agitate me. Cigarette, cigarette, cheeseburger, my mind is


going. It is a high pressured environment, and you learn how you


respond to the stress. Bacon burger. I got Torpoint where I couldn't


actually make a Berger, I just put bacon in, but it was a bacon burger.


I will take that away, Surrey. can't go around saying I want a job


when I can't put a burger in a bun. Maybe I should go back to


university. It is all right, busy. I feel fine, not stressed, just


getting on with it. The chips haven't cooked fast enough this


time. I just made the same mistake, and didn't put a burger in again.


was impressed with Ben. He corrected himself and jumped


straight back in. I was less impressed with Sacha. To be


successful working the tales, she needs to keep that mask on all the


time. That is 11 �0.60. You just need to chat to people when you are


keeping them waiting. She was abrupt, but you do get abrupt when


you get on the defensive. I am just waiting for a birdie at the moment.


I wasn't expecting her to come in a be superwoman on the first day, but


something wasn't right. Sorry about that. Somebody had to wait up to


seven or eight minutes for food, Sacha. Lucy said she didn't think


you were a great people person, and that some guests found you quite


abrupt. Are you joking? Do not agree? Me, abrupt? I think that is


absolutely awful to hear, and I don't think it is right. That was


I can't see how for one second they can tell me that I was abrupt. I


spoke to all the children, I ask them how their day was, what they


were doing next. That takes the make, because out of all the things


I did, that was the one thing I didn't get wrong and don't get from


his mixing with people. This is not a game show, not a joke. I'm not


doing this so I can look cool. I wanted to do this to make my kids


proud of me and get a proper job and have a career. It is hard being


a mum, but it is even worse being away from them. Sorry! How old is


he? He's gorgeous! I get one chance to make it right,


and if I mess up, then I have ASBO children. I have got to stop crying


All right, there we go. Sacha, a very dramatic end there. We have


heard for me tonight how much you want a job, and you want to make


your kids proud. If you're going to have any kind of job, you have to


deal with criticism. Yes, but there is a difference between criticism


if it is justified, and throughout that, it wasn't justified. Josh,


you are the head of this Park, was justified? Lucy, are line manager,


dealt with the guys on the day, I took her word for it. I have to


trust the managers on Park and believe what she said on the day.


That was her opinion and I stand by it. Michelle, you are a boss.


Sometimes it might not be your fault, but you just take it on the


chin, you learn from it and you move on. I understand, but...


think being disrespectful, you did swear at him, and the one thing you


should never ever do in employment is swear, because you will just


lose. I think the difference is, I was feeling film, and it is a


different experience. I am in a park, far away from my children and


then working with children. I didn't mean to have a reaction the


way I did, but there were a lot of other things going on. He says he


can't say if I was that sort of person, but on the first day, I got


on with my manager really well, she said I worked really well, and the


second day, he gave me a task to welcome people and that went


amazingly. But maybe even if you get criticism that isn't justified,


you should walk it off. Rather than react like that. I have been told


before I take criticism well. have to leave your problems at the


door. You cannot bring them into work. You have to leave your issues


outside the working door. Stacey Solomon? I have done a million


things that have made me want to cry inside, like eating kangaroo


Willie. But I will never ever show how I feel. You are so lucky to be


in the job you are in, even if it is not your dream job, and you just


have to get over it, whether they are a horrible manager of have got


to completely wrong or whatever. He should have said, thank you very


much for the criticism. But you cannot physically control how you


feel. I didn't just wake up and go to work, I were cut with a camera


crew therefore, it wasn't just a job. Even if someone is wrong, just


come out even shinier tomorrow. Hands up if you have a reaction to


that film. We will go to the lady on the front row would the red hair.


I personally disagree on the way Sascha reacted towards everything.


I think it was a bit of an over- reaction. If it wasn't me, I would


have taken it on the chin, and said fair enough, and come back and do


it another way, maybe. And that gentleman there in the waist coat.


I have to agree to a certain degree, it is hard to just sit there and


take criticism, especially if you have a lot going on at home. It is


upsetting to hear, even though it was over-reacted, it is sometimes


very hard to just sit there and not get emotional. Thank you for those


comments we will get more from you later. Great example of something


menial that you did, that he didn't want to do! Let's go over to Tina


Daheley. Thank you, Richard. You guys clearly do want to work, and


you have been contacting our Careers Fair in your droves. Emily


says she has applied for many different jobs but no one will give


her a chance to prove her skills. Let's see who has responded. The


Co-operative Group suggest that she should tailor her CV. Pritam 1 J


say try to include as much as possible on your CV -- Pret A


Manger. Including work experience of that will suit the job. If you


want to come down to the studio to get your voice heard, go to our


website or e-mail your story. Or you can get our Facebook page or


Come and see us, be in the audience. Russell, did you want to say


anything about those messages? About tailoring your CV, you can


spot straightaway a standard letter where the opening paragraph has


been tweet, and you can spot where someone has been on the website and


worked out what you are about. Thank you.


Now, toothy Up For Hire paid jobs. Rebecca from Argos and Alex from


Starbucks will tell us who they have hired and why, but first the


interviews. A job interview is always stressful, so how do you


make it even harder? Film it! Hoping I will see teamwork,


customer service and great communication skills. I have


travelled five hours on a train. suffer from a fear of going away


from home. I had the usual freak out session the day before. I was


thinking, I will have a panic attack and have to drive home.


First impressions count, I think I am dressed smart. I chose not to


wear a suit so as not to look to pour off. My mother helped me to


pick it out. What do you know about Argos?


great deal. The last thing I bought from Argos was a webcam for my


computer. How would you describe your


communication style? Just all really random. Well... I usually...


How do you mean? It is not good if you see someone going... I am


fairly good with words, in terms of speaking to people, but just keep...


Just breed. Don't over think too much. Good communication skills.


Body language. What was the question, Surrey?


Give me an example of when you experienced really bad customer


service? I have a few examples! have lots of similar instances.


Tell me about a time when you worked in a busy environment.


Getting under pressure is something that does not happen with me.


present, from your perspective as an employer, is there anything


about me or my answers that cause is an issue in terms of hiring the?


At the minute, I can't tell you. hiring of me. I can text in my dad


to find me at the entrance. His job means everything, it is the step on


starting my life properly. It would be like a dream.


Some of the guys and girls we met there are with us now. Hello,


everybody, nice to see you. Adam, an interesting question, asking


what you have done wrong in an interview? It is always a good idea


to get feedback so that if you do not get the job you can go for


further ones and keep in mind what you did that did not come across


well. How long have you been out of work? Since January. How important


is it for you to get a job? I have been out of work since January, so


I have been frustrated. Sitting at home is great at first, lots of


spare time, but I started feeling it. Like a mentioned earlier, you


feel you don't have a purpose. Let's go to Rebecca from Argos and


Alex from Starbucks. Tell us the people, you know who has got the


job, but the people at home don't know. Who got the jobs at Argos?


Adam, Riaz, Sam and Cassie, who is not here today. And Alex from


Welburn, guys. What does that mean to you? -- well done. It is great.


Commiserations to those who were not offered a job on this occasion.


Tomorrow we will see the four recruits managing their own high


street shops, but now it is their final day at the Crealy Adventure


Park in Devon. Let's see if they deserve tomorrow's promotion.


Yesterday's feedback has not set me back for today at all. I will go


into today, forget about yesterday's negative feedback and


be as I was in the last couple of days. Today is the last chance to


impress park manager Josh. We will give Benn the opportunity to dress


as a pirate and deliver the safety speech. We will put Sacha in crowd


control on a microphone in front of 1,000 us. Hello, everybody! Kirsty


will be a tour guide on the train. She has to go and creative script,


learned the park and deliver that, it will be quite testing. -- create


a script. Chris is in the Animal Park, so he has animals and guests


to deal with. He is weird, isn't Are you ready to set sail?! Are you


ready to set sail?! That higher rate is really good, lots of


encouragement. -- the pirate. of people thought I might struggle


with this. But I had fun. Hello, everybody, how are you? Have a nice


day. Smile! Sacha did a good job today and was a real people person.


She has been smiling, talking. much as I have had a great


experience and enjoyed it, it pushes me to work hard and came to


do a little better. Over here we have got the goats. Some of the


naughtiest animals. It is about picking up knowledge and giving it


to the people, that is what journalism is about, so I have come


to it easily. She did very well, very clear and informative. After


an offer estate, you showed signs of being uncomfortable in costume


and dealing with guests, but I think I could have given that task


to a few people who could not have delivered like you on the first day.


I am very pleased, you have impressed me. Thank you very much.


Feed the goats at 4:30pm. It was not that busy inside, everybody was


outside in the sun so I thought I would bring the goats to the people.


He showed initiative by bringing out the goats. It seemed like a


good idea but I think he has realise now that goats continually


go to the toilet! We reward enthusiasm but the practical side


is perhaps not so good! I have learned how I can deal with people.


It made me want a better job more. I am not doing this for the rest of


my life. That was clearly the best day of


the three. Welburn, dies. Are you glad you had that experience? --


well done. The whole point was to learn, and I definitely do it.


definitely learn right from the bottom, it is what you have to give.


Kirsty, are you glad you did it? You don't see a lot of what we did


but we had a fantastic time. Benn, are you pleased you did it? I loved


being a pirate! My friends will Rippon me for ages.


Thank you for being such good sports. We got you to do some


things you did not know you would Thank you for being with us tonight,


here is a preview of what is in store tomorrow. I am your new


manager! I feel like a businesswoman. We have got a


challenge. I had to touch them all. The store is quiet, that is not


making me happy. There is not a lot of motivation. I don't know what I


am doing. There is room for improvement. Anybody want to have a


bath with me? You need to be their manager. I care a lot about this.


That is it for tonight's show. Join us at the same time tomorrow night,


9pm, when we will be joined by Edith Bowman, Richard Reed and the


comedian Andy a show. And we will meet the successful applicants who


will be joining Hilton Worldwide and asking, how do you cope with a


bat boss and what happens when you rise through the ranks too quickly?


Can young people ever make good managers? Our four young recruits


have given it a try and you can see how they got on tomorrow. Get in


touch with your experiences, good and bad.


Richard Bacon and Tina Daheley launch a week of live, interactive programmes tackling the biggest issue for BBC Three's audience - how to find a job, and also to help people in dead end jobs to kick-start their careers.

Do young people not get jobs because they don't want to do menial work? We put this to the test by sending four recruits on a work experience of a lifetime, but before they become CEOs they have to start at the bottom. We also help job seekers get their foot in the door of seven major companies who are offering paid work placements and discover the first jobs of Stacey Solomon and Russell Kane.

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