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It's been a remarkable week. Thousands of you have been in touch


to eltell us your stories about finding work. We have found people


work and have helped those looking, but we are not done yet. It is


10.30pm, it is BBC Three, and this is the final, Haier Live! -- this


Hello! I'm Richard Bacon, you are watching BBC Three and this is the


final Up For Hire Live. Since Monday we've been pricing open the


job situation to help you get that dream job. We will be shortly


finding out what happened next bep, Sasha, Kirsty and Chris, very much


the stars of our show -- Ben. They have tasted the work situation and


we have partnered leading employers all week long with people in the


audience right now. Tonight, High Street chain, Timpson is telling us


who they are taking off the dole queue. There is still lots of time


to pay a visit to our online jobs fair, and here to tell us all about


it from our very own Chris Moyles show is Tina Daheley. Thank you,


Richard. You have 25 minutes to get online and join the conversation.


Now, throughout the week we have been following four young


jobseeker's as they crammed a lifetime's career into a few days.


We saw them tackling everything from starter jobs all the way up to


running massive companies. They are here in the studio. It is Kirsty,


Sasha, Chris and Ben, ladies and gentlemen. APPLAUSE It's been a,


for us, it's been a fascinating week. Kirsty, are you glad you took


part in the programme? At times it was difficult, you know, we were


thrown things we had never ever done before, but yes, it has been


absolutely fantastic. A real eye opener to the world of work. Chris,


have you learned much about work, but yourself? I have learned that I


can do anything, if I put my mind to it, well, not everything, but


it's been very good. You have brought together Monckton


Helicopters, that is the triumph of the week. Ben, you learned what is


in a bacon burger if memory serves, are you pleased you took part?


was stressful, there are places where I looked really silly, but


the experience is great. It never would have gone like that if I was


on my own. Sasha, you had an amazing week? I am quite a hard


person, I never country in front of anyone, and this week I cried in


front of everyone. There were points when I had a really good


time. I met thee thee and she taught me everything. I got to me


you! And I got to me you! I really enjoyed it, you have had this 40-


year career fast-for warded, it seems that you have grown in


confidence while watching you over the course of the few days. Over


the last few weeks we have seen tears, bikinis, shouting, clones


and Chris taking Liberty! But what happened when the fast-tracking


came to a screeching halt. Let's start with Ben. I have learned that


there are so many different paths to take. Everyone has floors. That


is what I needed to realise. If Ben was always there... I haven't


really done... I speak English... I haven't done research... This is


the sense of insecurity. Did you ask who has the authority? No. It


won't affect me as much as they used to, I guess. I'm Ben... Now


I'm being to being unemployed. If the agency came to me and they were


like they wanted me to work in head office, but in the restaurant, I


would understand what that was, I would jump at that opportunity.


are you, Ben. You sent an e-mail asking for advice, I thought that a


great step. What are the key questions that you would like my


advice on? How far down do you have to work to go up. I would reframe


that speaking, don't speak of up and down. Think about it as


starting on the front line. I work myself at the front line every week.


It is so important to understand what is going on at that level. So


I'm a big fan of that. Your front line is a phase of that journey,


but as long as there is something to follow, you need to do that in


the job. I need to rephrase my CV. So, what do you want me to do with


the VC? I'm going to send it to you to see if there is anything that


you think is alarming and what is good about it, what is bad, what I


should highlight more in interviews. Excellent. I would be happy to do


that? Anything else I can do for you, Ben? No. Are you OK? OK.


let me take you to the door. The ball is lying there in front of the


door and he is not kicking it. didn't ask him for a job, because I


might ask him for a role later on. At the moment I think that I will


reassess my situation. Maybe I should just go and ask him for a


job. I can't go back in there now. Give me a moment to think... What


do you think that I should do? APPLAUSE That's a great reaction in


the room! At the end of that conversation that you had at the


end with the Chief Executive, Peter. Watching you two, there, it was


like watching two people who really fancy each other. You were missing


the signals. You've been unemployed since March, year a Green Goddess


wait, have you found a job yet? I haven't found a job yet, but I


did go back and ask Jens for a job. There is something in the pipeline


there. Never mind the pipeline business, is there a question that


you would like to ask Jens? When can I start!? That is exactly the


self-confidence and the drive I want to see in you. I'm so happy


that is coming out. Listen, the idea you came up with on the salad


bar was good, but what was much more important was the way you went


about it. The one thing you are strong at is that you relate to


people, you respect people at every level of the organisation, whether


it is at the restaurant or the head office. You relate to them so well.


It is because you had the relationships that you build


quickly, that you came up with a fantastic idea. You know, Pizza Hut


is a hospitality business. We love people. We are a people business.


You are a guy that loves people. You are a Pizza Hut guy, Pizza Hut


loves you, so, you have yourself a job! High five! Well done! Well


done! Can you tell him what job are we talking about? What job is he


going to be doing? I will start Ben off serving guest -- guests. That


is the front line it is the core. From there on, we are progressing


him quickly into management, then to go to our marketing team, to


work on the salad bar. Tell us what that means to you, Ben? To be


honest, Jens is an amazing guy. He is so fantastic. To have someone


like that looking out for me in a career, that is pretty sweet.


guy. Good luck in your new career. Ben, ladies and gentlemen. Well


done. APPLAUSE Now, to Kirsty... Let's see what you've been up to


since you're fast-track career finished. I've got a job! Finally!


It was a guilty who I met at the AOL networking events. I went to


his office in Piccadilly circus to meet him. He just gave me a job,


really. It is communications executive. It is getting stuck into


hard work. Using the skills that I've been trying to get across to


employers in job applications and all of the work experience I've


managed to get it will be incredibly exciting. The perfect


first job, really. It's the beginning. Kirsty has the best


opportunity to make the most of it Actually, you have to cut the


umbilical and let them get on with it. Thank you. Goodbye, Kirsty.


don't have a place in London. So I will take a bag and live out of


that for a while. I will stay with Ben. So, yeah, it should be a laugh.


I'm really pleased to be in London. This is what I thought I would have


to do. What I was happy to do. So I'm glad to be here finally with a


job to go to on Monday. The first day of my working life, really,


really exciting. I hope that I can do a good job. Anybody who is


anybody who has offered me advice, I have taken heed off. So do a good


job, make an impression. When people are good, they do well.


Lucky enough this we can we have three new starters in the business.


First of all, Kirsty, who is joining us as our communications


executive. We see a lot of bright graduates. He is was especially so.


Really bright. Really personable. Dead keen it start to work to maim


an impact. So we are very much looking forward to having her on


board. One step closer to Downing Street! APPLAUSE Well, then,


Kirsty? That's a great result! How long were you out of work when you


joined us at the start of the week on the programme? It was seven


months. He done three internships, but seven months without a job.


got to know you at home, but you were getting down at home?


Absolutely. What you did not see. Me and my friends had started a job


club, but I was getting to the point where I was thinking what


else could I do. And this job came from the AOL networking event? Kate


from AOL is still with us. A council of reflections on Kirsty,


Kate? Well, first of all, I'm thrilled that the whole project for


Kirsty has come to this finale where she has a job with SOMO. They


are a great agency, at the cusp of advertising. She could not be in


greater hands and she said one step closer to becoming the Prime


Minister, so, God help us all. you are moving in with Ben? Yes,


the lovely Ben. Oops, do we need to buy a hat! Yes, we are Peter and


Jordan! I'm Jordan! Dad, are you pleased that Kirsty has been with


us this week? It has been an experience. I've been on the


touchline but unable to influence things. I could not be more proud.


The courage she has shown through the episodes. Her and the other


candidates. Was it hard to watch when it went wrong for her? It was


almost impossible. I've been wishing her every success for so


long now, perhaps, she is on her way. It is brilliant news. You are


behind the Downing Street news? not so sure about that, she has a


year or two to go. You are the block that sacked your wife three


times?! You have to make some of these hard decisions! APPLAUSE


Kirsty, congratulation, it's been great getting to know you. Thank


you very much. I would like to say this has been an amazing


opportunity, but there are still 1 million people unemployed. If we


are not skilled enough, maybe we need training it must be targeted


at languages, technology and business. We are keen and


enthusiastic. We know the scale of the problem. People can get in


touch with us at the website. We have had an incredible response


online. Adam: "I started watching on Monday. I have been watching


tonight as a freshly employed person. Thank you for your tips."


Nicholas said: "I got a job yesterday three hours after the


interview. Watching the show was kept at advice at the forefront of


my mind." Richard said, "Thank you for the tips, I watch three nights


ago and came handy for my interview. Turns out I got the job." Sioux is


a careers adviser and says she has used some of our tips when giving


advice to others. Trisha says "It has been a great support to know I


am not alone as an out-of-work graduate. It has motivated me to


think outside the box, and that has resulted in two interviews." Lily


says: "The past four days of open my eyes. I feel motivated."


Katerina says "It tells me not to go insane any more. The emotional


support was the big help and I got a kick that I needed to keep


going." Shane says, finally, "I have handed out my CV. I went to


the employer instead of bringing them. It has helped me in for


better prospects." That is incredible. Some terrific stories


there. Over the last week, we have got 28 paid placements with the


companies we are partnered with, Starbucks, Hilton Worldwide, Argos,


Scottish Power and Greggs. But we have not finished yet. Our final


partner was tense and, he was a look of their interviews,


highlighting the importance of dazzling them with a winning


personality. -- Timpson. The ideal candidate has got loads of


personality, needs to get out of bed in the morning and earn a wage.


I am Denniston Air One to give the tour. For me. -- I am Dennis and I


want to give you the tour. looking for life qualifications.


looking for life qualifications. was the only unemployed in my


family. My brother goes on about it. If you speak to James, it is all


about the personality. That says it all.


Tommy about yourself. I used to work with events, writing... --


tell me about yourself. That is about it. What is your favourite


band? That is tougher. Death tones. I don't know them. I have done a


lot of customer service. My parents owned a takeaway. I have been


helping out with customers for years. I have a young family to


take care of, so for me, I am looking for a career. Up until now,


this has been taking my boxes. do not know where you're going to


go in life but there are always new opportunities to open. I thought


something like this would be a new challenge, a completely different


market. We wanted a key cut, but we did not know what sort of key we


actually needed. Adie got any questions for me? I read a little


bit. He said that you could sell snow to an Eskimo. How can you do


that? -- have you got any questions. It comes down to a personality. I


am a salesman, more than an IT guy. How would you tell the Eskimo to


buy snow? It would be very difficult. Are you a city or United


fan? Either. It was going so well until then. He would have been


impressed by the fact that I have come away from Plymouth to


Manchester. My son will look up to me one day and say, Daddy, what did


you do? I am trying to get myself a APPLAUSE And you're here now.


Clearly, this means a lot here. would help me to provide for my son


and keep a family together, and be somebody. It is depressing when you


are not in work. I had been out of work since July. To tell us who was


successful, we are joined by the man they call Mr Timpson, from


Cumbria. Mr James Finson. Ladies and gentlemen. A's can you hear us


bouquet? -- a's. You have for us two paid placements to give to our


applicants. What are the jobs? jobs are working in our shops


around the country serving customers, repairing shoes, cutting


keys. And it can be the beginning of a career? Everybody in our


business is promoted from within, so we hope to recruit ambitious


people who are really going for it. Who is the job going to? I have


done the interviews and I was really impressed. I would love to


have Reuel and Tang working for us. Working for us. Well done. James,


can you see these guys? Yes. you see the smiles on their faces?


It is great. I am delighted for them. They deserve this and I know


they will be really good. Thank you. How long have you been looking for


work? About seven months now. It is getting depressing. Being at home


all the time, you were looking for work, but you want to get out there.


How long have you been working -- looking? Since July. What was that


like? Depressing. Hard, but my advice was to just get out of bed.


Get out of bed and don't give up. And you want to do this for you and


your son. For me and my son. Congratulations. Thanks, James.


Sorry about Manchester City! James Simpson, thank you for joining us.


-- Timpson. Commiserations to anyone unsuccessful this time


around. All through this week, as we have said, the more interviews


you do, the better your chances are. If you need more advice, about CBEs


or anything else, go to our website: -- CVs. We started the


week hoping to fill 23 paid work positions. Some of the companies


were so impressed with the calibre of candidates that they met, they


created an additional five positions. And means the number of


people now in paid work has gone up to 30 and they are all on the wall


just there. 30 people. Marc Pugh son, where are you? -- P


Merson. You are telling us about 20 used to work with a fiery chef,


naming no names. You're an entrepreneur and you have made a


lot of money. After one of the studio shows, someone in the


audience came up to you and had a chat. Tell us what happened.


chatted to someone else and I was sitting up there. As soon as the


cameras went off, he jumped out of his seat and came to somebody else


who had said he was a successful businessman. I spotted him and I


thought, he has got balls, he is going to make it happen. I could


not get a word in edgeways. I was trying to give him my card. I told


him to contact me and send me a CV. And he did two. Are you in a


position to offer me a job? -- to offer him a job? He is sitting


right here. You were impressed by his enthusiasm. Yes. Do you know


about this? I was told to come back after Tuesday but it did not tell


me why. Tell them why. I would love to offer you a job. I think you


have got balls, I think you are an entrepreneur in your blood. There


were 200 people in the audience and not one of them jumped on that guy.


How about that? APPLAUSE How long have you been


looking? I have been looking for work in London for the last two-


and-a-half months. It was four months prior to that to save up to


move over here to pursue my goal. Were you from? Canada. What sort of


work. --? We have 100 staff based in central London, and I have five


more positions available. Anybody else who wants one, I am here.


Jumper over chairs. You are looking for athletic ability! Five more


jobs. We have many unemployed people and the audience and you are


ready to take people on. How much do they get in touch? If You were


Here,, contact me. You can go to the website. -- come and contact me.


Very decent of you. Should I say what my answer is? If the answer is


no, that means that this series will end on a very sour note.


Absolutely, for ratings sake, I have no hesitation in saying yes.


Congratulations. Thank you, Mark. Earlier, we saw what happened to


Ben and Kirsty since they finished their career, but what about Our


other recruits, Sacha and Chris? Let us start with Sacha. I feel


like I have changed. Working here has set my mind going. If I cannot


find a job out there that I really want to do, maybe I will create my


own. It sounds kind of daring. My idea is to create a girl's world.


It is for children to dress up, maybe have been Mears -- their


nails done, their hair done, and they will be able to have the


experience of being a princess for a day. I need to start researching


places. I want to look at a property at sea had began need


somewhere, what rooms I need, what facilities. I need an investor. I


need lots of other things, but I'm not going to set and go, I'm scared.


I am a mother and that was one of the things they said. You have all


the skills that you do not know. One of the bigger skills is that I


know what children like. Fear told me that I had great ideas and I


should go with them. She has inspired me. I'm in a good place at


the moment. -- Thea. I have loved getting to know you this week. You


have been out of work for a long time. A very long time. Over two


years. I did work before I had children, only two. I have not been


able to work because I wanted to stay at home and look after them.


And also, I have been looking for work. And we had the discussion


earlier, if you're unemployed for a while, why not start your own


business? And that is something you would like to do? It is definitely


an idea. I came out of their presentation and I thought,


although I was petrified of doing the presentation and I had lots of


scared feelings, but I had this idea. I was like, you know what,


I'm going to research and see how it goes. Once started, I could not


stop. I have lows of research. loads of research. And that came


out of being the MD of Nails Inc. There is something you want to say


There is something you want to say to her? Two things. First of all,


the pitch that he did, you spoke to three boutiques, which was a


completely new market for Nails Inc. All three of those said they were


interested in talking further or have said yes to stocking our


products. You're so much more capable than you think your are


because you got three and 83. -- three out of three. Two offers for


you. That is news to me, that you're wanting to set up your own


business and I am very excited that he felt inspired to do that, and


that you are embracing all of your skills to go off and set up your


own business. Either I will help you in any way Akam and mentor you


and do what I can to help set up a business, or in the meantime, as an


alternative, if you would like to come in and work at Nails Inc for a


three-month apprenticeship, and really learn the business from the


front line in the office. A3 month full-time paid job? Full-time.


love the sound of that. I think I will ask my dad. He has not even


heard of my business idea and neither has my mother. She's


probably quite shocked. I did not want tell anyone and get negative


feedback until I did it. But that sounds amazing! Good. You deserve


it. My eldest is seven, and she would love to go to a goals world.


-- girls world. I will bring her along when you open your first


along when you open your first store because it sounds incredible.


I am getting over-excited again. like you over-excited. Thank you,


Sacha. Congratulations. APPLAUSE Well done.


Finally, Chris. Let us have a look at what you have been up to since


you're fast track. I enjoyed the experience a lot. I still think I


am lucky to have had an experience like that. I'm having a brilliant


time. I have learned a lot. The experience had made me wanted more.


I have updated my CV. I have said I was the nd of Liberty! -- nd.


Development director. I had been looking at my CV and looking at


these crappy jobs, straight away, I think they will give me an


interview. Young people, walking along the streets,... Being an --


being a Managing Director at Liberty, and then coming back here


to work minimum-wage a in a bar, all right... That is how I can


explain at the moment, just a half. I want to be back at that level


again, not managing director, but something important. Here, I feel


like I'm not important because it is a minimum wage job. It is just


not me. I want to feel like I want to go to work. I am definitely


moving to London, but it is just a matter of time, getting the money,


getting a job and doing it. APPLAUSE I think you have been


outstanding this week. You have really shone. How long have you


been out of work? Since 20th May 10. And you have not got a job yet? --


since 20th May 10. And we saw you becoming the managing director of


Liberty. Ed, you were impressed with him? Of a a a much. -- very


much. He had some confidence issues, but I think he got over them very


quickly. He gave a killer presentation to the management


group. That can be kind of scary. He had some amazing ideas and


observations, things that we are going to take on board. Is there


anything you would like to say? would like to ask Chris if he would


like to come and join Liberty. That is a good response. Ben is


nodding furiously! What are you talking about? He would be selling


at first and we would see her that went and then we would have a


conversation about the retail management programme. Three months


or-so? No end to it. Forever! open ended full-time job. What do


you think? Well, I'm going to have to sort of take into account... No,


I'm here! And loving it, my hands are sweating. The answer is yes.


course it is. Congratulations. I can confirm that they are


marvellously sweaty hands. That is it. It is a great way to win the


series. Thank you for watching. Well done to Chris, Sacha, Kirsty


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