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A couple of nights ago, Katie Hopkins said most Agger -- most


degrees were Mickey Mouse. He did not like that. Tonight, the


graduates fightback. It's 9pm and it is the final night of up for


Welcome, good evening. It is a couple of minutes past nine and


this is BBC Three's Up For Hire 5. All week, we have been putting the


world of work under the microscope so you can find out how best to get


a job and climb the greasy pole. Tonight, we will see what happens


when Kirsty, Ben, Sacha and Chris become chief executives. All four


of Britain's biggest companies. James Caan is here to tell us what


it is like making a fortune and how to make a fortune. Also, we have


Sarah Cox and Greg James as well. We will be revealing some more of


our job-hunters getting paid work life here in the studio. Greggs the


Bakers is doing the hiring. And our big question this evening is,


instead of waiting for a job to come to you, what is stopping you


from creating your own? Why not start your own business? Are you


too frightened? Young people around the world don't have benefits to


rely on. They have to be self employed to eat, so why can't young


British people do that? We want to hear from you, and to tell you how


to get your opinions heard, from the Chris Moyles show, it is Steena.


Good evening. Tonight, we want to hear your stories. Have you started


your own company? What was it? Did it work? The great university


debate is raging from Tuesday's show after Katie Hopkins said that


loss of degrees are Mickey Mouse. loss of degrees are Mickey Mouse.


Her words, not mine. Do you agree? Her words, not mine. Do you agree?


Her words, not mine. Do you agree? Get online and tell us. E-mail us:


Or go to a Facebook page. Why you're there, join in with our


online Careers Fair. This week, we have been putting you directly in


touch with one of Britain's biggest employers. Tonight is your last


chance to make use of this exclusive hotline. We are people


from companies like Live Nation and the Co-op waiting to answer your


the Co-op waiting to answer your questions. That phrase, Mickey


Mouse degrees, not very popular. Delight that phrase? No! Or when we


rehearsed it, there was mutiny in the run. To business, literally.


Kirsty, then, Chris and Sacha, they are at the final stage of their


careers at fast-forward. They started out as pirates and burger


flippers on Monday, and tonight, the end is in sight. Four major


companies allowed them to take the reins for a few days. If you are a


shareholder in any event, you may want to look away now.


The four recruits are about to get the ultimate crash course in


running a business. How why you? am fine. To set up a business, you


am fine. To set up a business, you have to be fearless. You can do


research, but there is a definite moment where you have to just take


the plunge and do it. How are you? Sometimes I wake up in the night


and I worry about things. It is not always easy. These are high


pressure jobs. Come and sit down. I have been so lucky to have mentors,


and I have thrived under their leadership. You must be Chris. The


end he is the person who is responsible for the direction,


profitability and a strategy for the business. The buck stops here.


-- Managing Director. For these four companies with a total


workforce of 18,000 and a combined turnover of �600 million, the buck


is about to start somewhere else. For the next three days, you are


going to be me. Oh. I thought it would be great if he did my job for


a few days. How do you feel about that? You are going to be the


managing director. OK. For now on, you are going to be running the


company. Oh, my gosh. Don't look so company. Oh, my gosh. Don't look so


terrified. In his first challenge as managing director, Chris will


have to take charge of how business begins. At the high-end department


store. 35 quid! Hundreds of hopefuls suppliers are about to


attempt to convince Liberty to stock their products. I cannot


believe how many people have come in here. It is a massive deal.


Today, it will mean convincing Chris. You're going to have to take


the five that we are going to purchase. We're probably looking at


�250,000 worth of business. Deep breathing. Their request for a


proposal has come in. Crikey. while, Kirsty must lead a last


minute pitch for a major advertising contract. This


afternoon, we are going to get a cab and you will picture


presentation. I thought you were going to say fab. The pitch is


important because the clients are important. I am a perfectionist


when it comes to presenting. Kirsty has just four hours to put together


a presentation. I am physically shaking. Chris' buying team has


drawn up a shortlist for the managing director. But it is not


assured. -- not that short. I think he will struggle with getting


information out of these designers today. These are all my own


drawings. If he does not ask the questions, he will not get the


pricing right. How much other bags? �60. When they come in and they are


actual people, you can tell that some of them are really nervous. It


is a bit like, if I choose them, they could end up minted, so it is


a big choice. We're going to have to leave in half an hour. I would


love to see what you're going to present. I don't think I have got


anything to show you. Really? This is coming down to delegation. She


could have been directing how the presentation looked and appeared,


and that would have given her more time to pull things together.


Genuinely, it is not enough time to get somebody to do this. I'm going


to make an idiot of myself. It is decision time for Chris. If he


makes the wrong choice, there is an immediate cost to the country -- to


the company because we will have to get rid of things, but the real


cost to the company is opportunity. These RDSs, this is a maybes. These,


no. I think the apron is to Nish. It is a great man's back. -- too


much. I thought this was a winner. I think the decisions have been


considered. It is a partial success. The only thing, work on your


presentation. Everybody needs a little more polish. OK.


questions you need to ask? I would quite like to work on what I'm


going to say. Confidence and body language. When you are pitching


extremely -- it is extremely important, because there is nothing


worse than being presented by somebody who is quaking in their


boots. This is my first presentation. 70% of Our users have


been on holiday in the last four months. And in interactivity... I


am annoyed that I have given the impression I cannot handle things.


Nice to meet you. I thought it was going to be a nightmare, but it


wasn't. You had it far more together than you let me believe


and I think you lead your self- belief. I to volley opportunities,


this one most clearly speaks to me as the job I would love to do. --


out of all the opportunities. It was difficult not to feel the


weight of being the head of a well in Europe.


APPLAUSE That is exciting. Big jobs. Chris, you had not heard


of Liberty? I had not, but I had seen the that -- I have seen the


building. And you a charge of �250,000 worth of business? Yet,


that is serious. Kirsty, you were at a awhile. You were worried about


making an idiot of yourself. My dad was worried about my language.


did you enjoy it? Cage was an absolutely amazing woman. She has


got to where she is through lots of hard work and working her way up,


so it was a massive ask for me. It was a crash course, brilliant but


scary. So we're going to see two more films, second day is in big


jobs, and this is your final day. Four if you have been unemployed


for a while. Is this exercise useful? So useful. I have learned


so much. It has been a roller- coaster but hopefully I have got to


the top of it and I will stay there for a while. Let us talk to Kate


from their wealth. What was your initial thoughts about Kirsty?


initial thoughts about Kirsty? did not get off to the best starter,


initially. I think she was really nervous. Of what you saw there, I


tried to coax her confidence out. Once she is on a roll, she is


unbelievable. You just needed to find the confidence. First


impressions, they were not great, because she was quite stand-offish,


just with nerves. Once she found her feet, she was off. You can be


quite stand-offish? It was a really unusual set of circumstances. I am


not on television all the time. In real night -- in real life, I am


pretty funny. But that was real life, wasn't it? With cameras. A


quick thought on how Chris got on. I think he was a little bit of a


fish out of water, when he started. But he was definitely thrown into


the deep end. What I admire his that he took some time and got


himself together. He came back out onto the floor, and he made some


really good observations. He got to work. The one thing that he did not


do is quite. -- quit. The films later tonight are terrific so we


will see how you got on on the second and third day. James Caan,,


set up here for a moment. One person that knows what it is like


person that knows what it is like to be at the very top of an


international firm. James Caan, good evening. First of all, you are


former Dragon and a multi- millionaire. Well done. Thank you.


Didn't he do well?! I thought I would begin by asking you what you


made of the film. Firstly, I think you should all be congratulated.


Anybody who has been put in a situation that you have never


situation -- never experienced before, going from been unemployed


to may be the most senior job in the country, running a large


department store, even if that was me as a Dragon, I think I would


have been as nervous tissue. I like watching your reaction when you


find out what you were taking on. It was fantastic. Let us talk about


how you were getting started. If some people cannot find a job, as


so many are struggling to, should they start their own company? You


started with a nifty little ruse involving getting an office on Pall


Mall. For me, one of the biggest lessons was learning that when


you're young, you're fearless because you have nothing to lose.


When you get older, you get responsibilities, marriage,


children, and you think you cannot do it. When you're young, you have


that energy and drive to say, I can do it. That is what happened to me.


I thought, what have I got to lose? If it does not work out, I can


always get another job. What did you do? Essentially a wanted to set


up a headhunting firm and they realise that location was important


but it did not have any money. I went to Pall Mall and found this


fantastic office but it was not really in office, it was a broom


cupboard, but it had an address and it was Pall Mall. Literally, I


would sit there on my own in this tiny office and when people were


coming to see me, I would tell them, sorry, we're so busy all the


meeting rooms are chock-a-block, can we go around the corner to the


Ritz and maybe we could have a chat there? I would not buy tea or


coffee, because it was really busy, and we would just sit in the lounge


area. A lot of it was just confidence and energy. The lesson


of that, allied to your clients. Did I say that? -- like to. We're


moving on to the debate. What advice would you have to young


people out there, thinking of starting up their own business. If


we define finance, how easy or difficult is it? It is clearly very


difficult. If you can find 50 reasons why you should or could not


do it, but you know, some of the greatest businesses on the planet


were started by people who had nothing. But what they did as they


had belief in themselves, confidence, and the desire. The


greatest way to start at a business is going to the bank or family and


friends, because clearly, when you start off, -- start off, you will


not get the money from a bank. It is not always about money, it is


Great. Not everyone can get money from family and friends, but I see


your point. James, the master of his own destiny by setting up his


own business. With nearly 1 million young people out of work, they are


the figures that came out last week. If you can't find a job, is it time


to create your own? Let's go to the audience. Let's start by meeting


Jamal Edwards. Hello, Jamaal. Good evening, tell us your story. What


age did you start your business? was about 15. Tell us about the


business? It is a broadcast, freestyle, a whole load of acts.


How did you get it started? My main thing was back in the day, my


friends, artists were not getting to main stream like they are today.


Like BBC, ITV. I wanted to create a platform for them to go on and


spread their music. That was my passion to get it out to millions


of people. Soy thought I would start off something. From then it


snowballed. James was talking about the bank of family and friends, you


didn't have that? No. I got a camera for Christmas. I started off


filming foxs in the back garden. I thought I was like Steve Owen.


don't want to become him! Then I started to go tonne the music. We


went on the internet and got thousands of hits. Simon? A lot of


graduates just expect a job. Why not set up yourself. Like James has


said, there is a lot of help out there. You can't expect for a job


to fall on you. What do you have to lose. Just do it. I have done it


myself. What did you do? I have an online music festival website. It a


is all live music. Also I'm helping other people get into journalism


and music as well. So giving back to other people. Put your hand up,


who is unemployed here, who has been looking for are a while? The


gentleman there, why haven't you done it? I wanted to comment on the


statement about graduates expecting jobs to fall into your lap. That is


not what my friends feel like. We go to school to educate ourselves


and move forward. We are still trying to sort out what it is that


we want, but by no means do we feel entitled, that when we graduate


that something is going to come up to us. I spend my days looking for


work. Why not set up your own business? There is nothing that has


jumped out in my mind for things that I want to do. I have tried to


set myself up to bringing my abilities to what I have


established, but I don't think that is a reason for me to be seen as


expecting a job to fall into lie lap. Frazier? You started your


business when you were two years old or something? How old were you?


I was 14 years old. My grandmother taught me how to make jam. I


started selling it to neighbours, to friends. Now we have SuperJam on


the markets on the shelves. How old are you now? I am 2. We sell about


1 million jams of -- jars of jam a year. I would like to be pleased


for you, but in some ways your success makes me feel sick! Tina,


what are they saying online? Let's have a look to see what people are


saying. Karen says she would love to work for herself, but as a


single parent it is too big a risk in this economic client. So it is


the right time. Oliver says he started a business with help from


his friends and family, he was 16. Now, his business is worth �90,000.


That is impressive. Samantha says that lots of young people lack the


experience and the education to start up business. I don't think


that is -- I think that it is that schools don't provide enough


information on that in schools. Chris, you started working young?


was lucky in that I know that I wanted to do radio. I started to do


hospital radio at school. I went to university and did student radio. I


knew I wanted to do it. Experience was the key. That was it, really.


Yeah, I knew that I wanted to do it. And Sara Cox is behind you. We are


going to chat to you later. Hello. Becky you set up an unusual


business, what is your story? started up my business, Astley


Horses. I started it at school. There is no reason why you can't


start it at school. If you have the idea go for it and make it success


of it. Anything? Well? Some will be short-lived if they are rubbish.


What is yours? Utterly Horses. We sell model horses. And we have


Utterly Saurus, which sells model dino saurs, but you need unique all


the way. The gentleman over there? I disagree with what she was saying.


I think that what James said is bang on the money. It is all about


the individual. Not everyone can start up their own business as they


don't have the right attitude and passion. Passion is key to the


business. I agree with what James said. It is about the individual.


Yes, anyone can attempt to do it, but some will not succeed. It is


easier to find a career if you are really passionate about something


to turn it into. But let's go to Tina. Tina? Lots more comments are


coming in. Phil says: I don't think it is a lack of Earlal spirit that


stops young peel, but the fear of wanting to take on more debt.


Craig: After I lost my job in 2007, I started my business in the front


room with a computer and telephone. Now I have a sales team, a


marketing team and we are about to move into bigger offices. Domino's


Pizza, there are companies getting in touch. Some franchisers started


off young. By working in the business first it can be done.


Thank you. Fascinating stories there. So, successful entrepreneurs


will often tell you that being their own boss is their dream job.


We asked some of my famous, close personal friends what their dream


job would be. What would Mai Mai dream job? I would like to work in


a cake shop. It would be something to do with space. A marine


biologist. A seriously entrepreneur! That is a dream that


will not happen. I would be the head of making little icing figures.


Qaun tum physics. Travel photography. A business negotiation


business. Ice-cream and panda bears! Maybe a florist. I like


flowers. You drive around in a truck, with a panda bear on the


back selling ice-cream. Combining pandas, polar bears and ice-cream.


Hmm, a hot day, what could be better?! APPLAUSE. Let's welcome to


the studio, another famous fashion Radio 1's Sara Cox is here. Hello!


Hello, Sara. Can I just check... Let me do this intro... I wondered


if there is a real Mickey Mouse degree. It sounds fun. You can


probably do a degree in Disney. It might be even valuable. Don't ooze


that phrase, they get angry! It could turn nasty. You have had


glamorous job, model, TV presenter, DJ, but it was not always like that.


You started off working in a terrible dead-end job that most


people would point-black refuse to do, I'm talking about the girlie --


Girlie Show! You know what, I'm from a background where you wanted


to work as soon as possible, basically, my mum had not. She


worked hard, so I had to earn my own cash. I did a lot of bar work,


before I was old enough to work behind a bar I collected glasses


when I was 16. Pwh I -- when I was 16 I worked on the door of a


nightclub in Bolton. I would sit on the door and look at lists. It was


at the bottom of the stairs where the revellers would land when the


bouncers had kicked them out on the way out. So not glamorous.


sounds tern takening! It was. I worked in a sports shop. I worked


in the female division of the sportswear. Where did the drive


come from? The money really. Money was a means of escape. Freedom.


Being able to afford my own things. Were those jobs were useful, were


they? Were they useful when finding your way into media and television?


Yes, I think so. When you have worked for �2.50 an hour you


appreciate when you manage to make decent money, definitely, but it is


interesting that the whole thing about starting up your own business,


a lot of people want the comfort and the security of being employed,


not being responsible for a business, leaving work at 6pment on


a -- 6.00pm on Friday, and not thinking about work until Monday


morning. A lot of people are wired like that And also, it can involve


putting in money. If you haven't got a job, you may not have the


business. My family and friends would have closed their doors on me.


Really? No, not that bad. I mean I still get on with them alright. I


mean I've left a lot of them behind as I'm famous! Not really, hi, mum!


Now, through the week on Up For Hire Live, we have part nerd with


some of the country's leading employers to get some of you out of


the jobless line and into paid work. Already Virgin Media, Starbucks,


Scottish Power, they have hired 23 people. Tonight it is the turn of


Greggs the Bakers. We have Roisin. Sara is a big Greggs fan! I would


spend my money at Greggs every morning on Saturday, so, thank you.


I am a big fan of the cheese and onion pasty. That is good. So, tell


us about the jobs you are offering? We have four jobs on the shops with


the focus on delivers fantastic customer service, making fresh


deliveries every day and a job in the bakery where the team makes


delicious cakes, breads and rolls. I love the way you explain that, it


is very much on message. These are good opportunities, are they three-


month positions? They are. They are potentially the beginning of the


career? We have spoken to the candidates about this leading to a


career within Greggs if they are interested in doing well and


working with us. How many positions are you offering? Five. That is a


lot. A lot of people have applied, you are offering five. You saw many


more. You have seen the positions applied on the website. What was


the standard of the applications? What were the mistakes? A few


people did not complete the form. Where they had the opportunity to


sell themselves, they missed that. My advice is to use that


opportunity. Sell yourself on paper, get your personality over in the


best way you can. How? The words you yues. Demonstrate that you know


about the business. Demonstrate that you are passionate, you have a


can-do attitude, that you are willing to get stuck in and do what


is needed. Thank you very much, Roisin! APPLAUSE Thank you. Right


it is 9.29 on BBC Three's Up For Hire Live. This noisy area behind


me is the workshop where the studio job hunters are getting one-to-one


advice. Tonight, the mentors are from Rock Star enterprise and Crag


Rats. Well, from future star to nearly wrapped up, it is back to


see how the four fast h trackers, the stars of the show -- the fast-


trackers are getting on. Everyone knows that success is really about


one thing, getting the right people. Your first job of the day is


interviewing managers from a London support role. Now, for the first


time, Sasha is to conduct the round of a selection process. These are


the people that have applied for the role. I think it dawned on her


most what she was given the CVs for the role she is doing. She realised


that she is on her own. She has to do it. Is there, once I've done the


interview, how long should it take? She didn't ask me enough relevant


questions. She didn't ask me what to be asking the candidates. I've


been interviewed many a time. I know how they go well and how they


go wrong. I'm Sasha, nice to meet you. Come this way. I'm nearbyous


she will struggle. As the head of AOL Europe, Kirsty has been invited


to an exclusive networking event for business leaders. We have three


people that would love to talk to you. Don't limit the conversations


to awl the three, there are many people that are really interesting.


Do you imagine, I suppose, contents then as well as arts...? She is


asking great questions, but almost bordering on an investigative


journalist. Maybe she needs to keep it lighter. Do you have features?


She is getting stuck. I think that she needs to work the room.


Nick Hines. She didn't ask for a card, nor give her card, nor ask me


to contact her. That is a big no, She got the name of the brand wrong,


which might drive me nuts. She did not ask any financial questions, so


it went very personal very quickly. What colour is that? Beautiful.


Delight to take care of yourself? Is that something you pride


yourself on? -- do you like. lost professionalism quite early on.


She actually said "These questions are probably not very good, but


Ugo". These are not the greatest questions but I will ask anyway.


She was going to be asked questions that the interviewer had told her


was bad. I have said to make the second interview were more


financial, ask the interview me what drives profits. Profit, how do


you deal with making profit and a lack of it? Shittu: The advice the


second time around. She still comes across too nervous. -- she


definitely took my advice. Kirsty has begun to hand out business


cards. And make an impression. We're doing our launch today, and


we have rebranded it. It already existed but now we are... I thought


she was very bright and interesting. She gave me some insight that I did


not know about. Quite impressed. think I just made a deal. Generally.


Decision time for Sacha. I think they both deserve the role. It is


not just a job working behind the bar, it really does mean something


to them. I think I'm going to go with Jeanette. No, Lauren. You both


have different abilities and you are both perfect for the role in


different ways. You have given me a lot to think about. Janette, I


would like to offer you the role and the reason why is because I


feel that you are ready for the next step. I feel like a right knee


knee. That was awful. Lauren really wanted it. -- I feel really mean.


The way she looked at me was the way that I look at someone one want


a job. You could tell she wanted it. I have not done anything like this


before and I do not want to do it again.


A's -- APPLAUSE Sacha, good job overall but I'm not sure if asking


someone about make-up is necessarily the best interview


approach. Probably not the best but I was


trying to get to an approach where if she took care of herself, she


might take care of the customer as well. Don't get me started. It was


a mess and it went with the wrong. I felt guilty because I was not


doing to us again, it was their lives and I could see they wanted


it. It didn't all go wrong. Good evening. Did it all go wrong?


evening. Did it all go wrong? at all. I thought she did really


well. That was your first day with us, and that was the first task. As


the footage goes on, you will see that she did really well. She has


that she did really well. She has some great raw talent. Was it worth


it? It was the most amazing experience. You're my role model


now. Literally, spending time with her was the best thing I could have


ever done. We had a good time. had a great time and I learned so


much about myself. I learned to be confident, which is something you


taught me. Thank you. Any thoughts on that particular film? It is


difficult. That is really tough. For thrown into a big job. Yeah. Do


you want to do that in future? It was hard, because it did not row


-- did not know the role. So it was like picking someone for something


you do not understand. I would love to have my own business, but one


thing I have learned, by watching the whole film is that it is hard


work. Limos and cigars, I did not see any of that once! She was doing


her own thing, being down to earth, but it is hard. All the work and


none of the fund. None of the fun, but it was amazing. We look forward


to the last films later. On Tuesday night, Katie Hopkins talked about


what she called Mickey Mouse degrees. Mickey Mouse degrees. She


said that all former polytechnics should be burned to the ground. I


did not expect that to go down well. You were furious. Some few have


come down to the studio tonight to express your anger. You have a


serious point to make about this. You were watching on Tuesday. That


is why you have come down. That is why. What struck you about what


Katie Hopkins was saying? Basically, she was saying that she thinks that


you should scrap things like media. I am very passionate about media


because I studied it at college. Because she has said that, I do not


know whether I should go to you need to go and do media, or should


I change my career path, --? You're saying you are thinking of not


doing a degree? She said it was a Mickey Mouse degree. What does she


mean by that? I think that is prejudice. Some of them are clearly


very good. Here is a guide, listened to what she says and do


the opposite. It is an important point, if it had that impact. There


was a feeling that that show was negative against agrees. We have


some people here putting the other side of that story. Simon, what did


you want to say? To be honest, I was absolutely a rage that she


could say that about degrees. What gives her the right? Who does she


think she is? Who is she? A's -- APPLAUSE Kirsty, you have got a


degree in journalism. I have. One thing that has not, is


the fact that the last government's policies was to get 50% of young


people to go to university. Lots of people raise their aspirations, and


it does not seem to have been a plan of what we were going to do


next. Obviously, we are lazy and idiots, but we bought the green --


reebok the Dream. We were promised jet packs. Do you regret doing that


agree? I want to be Prime Minister in 30 years' time and I think that


I could be. In no small part, that is down to the fact that I went to


university. If only there is a -- if only there was a prime


ministerial decree. In fact, the rays, BP at Oxford. I did an


English degree and if I did not do that, I would not be here now. The


experience I got from that, I learned so much and I grew so much.


I learned the skills that I use. Even though I might not use my


degree in the future, the people I have met, it was so important. You


cannot put enough emphasis on that. That is the point that Richard Reed


made the other night. Catherine Kello, you were watching the show


this week and you want to make a point. I work for a company which


provides university employer guides, and research into the graduate


market. Going to university, I think it is important and it is a


positive thing, but only if people go with the mindset of a career,


and keep that focus. They should go to universities with the employers


are and where they are targeting. Why did you shout, rubbish?


studied English literature and I have not gone into a career about


English, but the two guys who are the partners in my business, I met


them both at university. Tom, and a tinge to dash through the


entrepreneurial staff at the University and James Ward with him


on a university project. They are younger than us but I would not


have my company if I had not been a university. We could do more on


this, I'm sorry we have run at a time. You have some messages coming


in. Lot of companies are online. -- lots of companies are online.


Companies like Thistle Hotels and Domino's Pizza. Here is what they


have been hiding out. -- finding out. "Career adviser told me to


take my degree of my CV were applying for non-graduate jobs.


Could it be true?" Live Nation have responded: "We wouldn't recommend


anything but 100% truth on your CV. Perhaps a cover letter detailing


why you would be engaged in the role and how support in your career


would help overcome the over- qualified issue." The suggest not


worrying too much about coming across as over-qualified. "One


great way to overcome the barrier is to show your qualifications and


a positive light by highlighting skills and experiences that the a


qualifier -- the employer is looking for." You can find an


online test on our website designed by employment experts. You can get


feedback on job-seeking skills and advice on how to improve your


weaknesses. Including a personalised video from Tim


Campbell. Take the test, it will help you. And we have an apprentice


been developing this weekend. -- an Apprentice scheme. Time is nearly


up for our Korea fast track -- trackers. They are wrapping up


their time as chief executives. Presentation time. Their next


challenge is to develop ways to transform their businesses. Start


thinking, how can we make this into an incredible salad bar. What would


you change to make this into the defining salad bar? Get some more


on there. Cheers. It is already a popular thing. Changing something,


it will have to be really popular. I will ask the staff what is


popular. What are the top three ingredients? Tortilla chips,


coleslaw and lettuce. I will try my best. If it does not work out, it


doesn't. That's not how one should think about it. If it doesn't work,


that is not good enough. Sacha up must now lead the drive into a new


market. You are going to take the business to a new arena, somewhere


where we do not currently sell, fashion boutiques. You are going to


pitch to them to try and secure the company in their stories. She has


to stand up and deliver the pitch, it is her picture. She has not of


the team to fall back on. -- Petr Cech. This is scary. How does the


Havingdon post fit in with AOL? Kirsty asked to promote to her


company's venture through the breast. He she is articulate, a


very good communicator. She is a very good presenter.


opportunities at the Huffington post are incredible. What was your


favourite flavour? Not at one. Chris wants to discover how to


bring new customers into his store. What would you do to bring people


in? One of the key ways is talking to the press. They listened to what


I had to say. I don't know if they were being polite? To young people,


in? People who shop in here are perhaps older, Thirties and Forties.


Nothing stands out from and makes me want to come in. I have 15


minutes to greater PowerPoint presentation and I have only ever


used it once before. -- create a PowerPoint presentation. It is the


biggest colour for this winter. you know, it is the biggest collar


for this winter. I would be like the colour of that one. -- I really


like. Ben is putting the finishing touches to the salad bar. If you


come up with a compelling vision, you could see this come to life


across 350 restaurants. Are we presenting all seven later? Yes.


This is probably the most important thing I have done in my life. It is


just going to be me talking. If I get this right, I will get lots


more opportunities. I'm not sure if I have met all of you. My name is


then. Very nice to meet you. Here is what I'm going to be talking


about today. The seven seas, the vision is transporting customers


around the world through their taste buds, and in a family


atmosphere. I felt proud of him on the one hand, seeing him present.


The passion he displayed, and then I was so frustrated because he


keeps putting himself down. I'm not going to lie, you are probably


thinking that some of the stuff I have presented is crab. Why do you


think we think that? This is the first time I have done it. I'm


passionate about it and I think it is a good idea and I think it can


work. Very often in life, there are no second chances. If you come


across as doubtful, self- deprecating, not believing in


yourself, as a first impression, Hello. I'm Sasha the replica for


Nails Inc today. Sasha is a little wobbly to say the least. I will go


through the products her. This is a recommended piece for your boutique.


She was too far behind an hour ago and making mistakes on products. I


said if he is had known the pitch two or telehours ago, he is would


have delivered an amazing pitch. This is a great base, a primer for


the nails. Chris is about to reveal how he thinks his management team


should go about attracting new customers. Right, hmm, the name,


Liberty is luxury, but if I was at home and I saw something that shows


prugts that are affordable. I would think that I never knew that, the


next time I come here I would have a look it. There are young people


walking down the street, they pass here, but that would get them


through the door. Today's presentation was confident. He had


the ideas, they -- we may take a few on board. I thought of also a


Liberty student card. I did all right. You can do anything. It


makes you feel that you can do anything. I love the yad. Having a


theme to it makes sense. I like the idea of people coming to Pizza Hut,


pea specifically to get the salad. I think that you planted really


good ideas into our hands. I think we should give you a really good


hand of applause. Today, the nerves floored you. Don't forget what you


did today as an MD's role. You will not start in business as an MD. She


is super disorganised, but he is has a lot of star qualities. I


think she's good. Meeting Thea Green was the most amazing thing


that could have happened throughout this whole experience. She's a


total role model. She is all the sort of things that I strive to be.


I don't want to be an MD, I will be an MD. APPLAUSE It feels as if


every day you gre in confidence. do. -- it feels as if every day you


grow in confidence. I do. Ben, that was amazing. Yes, I felt really


good about that. Two things to say, firstly, you come across very well


as a Chief Executive. Thank you. 7 Secondly, you are suspiciously thin


for the Chief Executive of Pizza Hut? You can't eat many of the


stuffed crust pizzas!. I do like them. But you don't eat them! Are


you going to roll out his plans? really like the idea that he came


up, how to create themes and events around a salad bar to keep it fresh,


exciting and to get the whole of Britain to eat more salad, which is


what we want them to achieve and I think that his idea was creative. I


tonight think that we will take exactly the recipes that he


developed, but the overall idea of creating events around a salad bar


was brilliant and we are taking that forward. OK. Fabulous. Chris,


for you, an innovative idea, the student card, you enjoyed yourself?


I thought it was really good. It is a shame that I had never heard of


Liberty before. It is an amazing place. You go in there and it is


like a dream world. You see random things. How much did they pay you


to say that? No, it really is a cool shop. I thought it was a shame


that no-one was going in there. Thank you, guys. We have a second


show tonight, we will hear more from you later. We will catch up


with what has happened to you since you made the films. We are back at


10 .3pm. We told you that Greggs are arranging paid placements for


some of you who applied via the website. Here is how the interviews


went. It is a good lesson on why showing passion can be a good thing.


The rolls are prepared in the food it is freshly baked. Freshly made


sandwiches. I am scare bad being interviewed. I was making


sandwiches to ensure that I can cut them the right way. I've been


heating -- eating constantly. I want to work every day, make a


living. I want to be a forensic pathologist, basically, that is


cutting up dead bodies, but I don't mind cutting up bread as well. We


have o presentation like magic balls. It is funny. Ben was the


only one who did not wear a suit. He could have smartened up slightly.


Greggs has been a part of my life since I can remember, going there.


I think that I have the tricks of the trade. I thought it was a gad


company to work for, I don't think it will go bust. I have mastered


the corn beef quiche. I am enthusiastic. I thought it was the


right amount of time for me to show what I can do. I work with


customers a lot. Serving, and helping them out, really. Hmm... I


can't think of anything else... good at teamwork, customer service


and hmm... It has dropped from my head... Oh, dear, what was it?


communicating. Yes. On a scale of one to ten, the chances of getting


the job are eight... Seven. I won't say I'm big headed and say I have


got it, just in case. If I don't get the job, I will try in the air


force. APPLAUSE So, mill eata, you have a degree in forensics? That's


correct. You have obviously applied for jobs relating to that and not


found anything? It is very hard to find a job in forensics, so I


thought I would try something else. How long have you been looking?


Four to five months. Wilson, you have been looking for a little


while, what is the experience like? It's been the worst time of my life.


It is horrible. You have nothing to do. You feel worthless and I


sometimes thought to myself, if I got run over by a car and died


tomorrow, society would benefit from me dying! That is absolutely


crazy! But... When you are unemployed, you are a bit of a


drain. Not that it is anyone's fault, but that's how you feel


sometimes. Well, listen, I'm glad you have come down tonight! Let's


catch up with Roisin. You are offering five placements, we know


about that. You explained that to us earlier. Tell us who has got the


jobs? We are delighted for their great personalities and their


abilities to work in team, we are delighted that be have offered


Melita, Frank, Irfan in the shops. We have offered Vicki a placement


in the shops, but would like to increase that from three months to


12 months and Wilson we are tkphriegted that you are joining us


in the -- we are delighted that you are joining news the bakery. So


well done to all of you. APPLAUSE You know, this not a game show. You


have the jobs. Wilson you had made the point very powerfulally. You


could not have made it more powerfully. I was so grateful to


hear the news. I was a bit speechless, but I have always


wanted to work in the food industry. Now I get to work for one of the


most successful and socially responsible companies in the food


industry. It is a great career. It is a three month start, but it


could lead to more. You seem like such a lovely guy. Melita, your


thoughts on this? At the moment I'm in shock that I have the job.


Really? Yes, my mum was screaming down the phone. Was she? Yes, she


was literally in tears that I got the job. And Vicky? Yes, I'm


delighted it is 12 months. I didn't know that. So that is good. Yes.


Quite good! I'm still in shock. Frank? It is really good it is


customers service, that is what I wanted to do. I'm so happy for you.


It is nearly 10.00pm, we are almost out of time. Stay with us on BBC


Three, where were we will be showing you where this lot ended up.


I don't have a place in London, so I will take a bag and live out of


that. I want to be able to go maybe not to MD level, but something to


that importance. Who do you think that I should be? So, have they got


jobs? You have to wait 30 minutes to find out. Thank you to everybody


who took part this evening. Sara Cox and Craig James, ladies and


gentlemen and James Caan, as well! APPLAUSE We will also be revealing


who is getting our last two yob jobs with the High Street chain


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