Series 2

Series 2

Richard Holmes goes on a journey through time to visit battlefields throughout Britain, northern France and Belgium that mark crucial moments in Britain's bloody and turbulent history.

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Episodes List


1. War Walks: Series 2, Hastings

Richard Holmes visits the site of William the Conqueror's historic victory.


2. War Walks: Series 2, Bosworth

Professor Richard Holmes visits the scene of Henry Tudor's victory over King Richard III.

Battle of Naseby

3. War Walks: Series 2, Battle of Naseby

Richard Holmes travels to Naseby, where King Charles I lost the English Civil War.


4. War Walks: Series 2, Boyne

A visit to the site of the Battle of the Boyne, where James II was beaten by William III.


5. War Walks: Series 2, Dunkirk

Richard Holmes walks the beaches from which British troops escaped capture in May 1940.


6. War Walks: Series 2, Blitz

Richard Holmes visits the sites that encapsulate the memory of a night of the Blitz.