2006-07 Shorts

2006-07 Shorts

A series of short films exploring places where extraordinary wildlife can be found.

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Episodes List

Stoats of Kedleston Hall

1. Wild: 2006-07 Shorts, Stoats of Kedleston Hall

Documentary about the stoats that live in the grounds of Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire.

The Sheep Beside the Sea

3. Wild: 2006-07 Shorts, The Sheep Beside the Sea

Documentary telling the story of a banished flock of stoic sheep on North Ronaldsay.

Robins of Eden

5. Wild: 2006-07 Shorts, Robins of Eden

The Eden Project is an architectural wonder, so why have robins set up home there?

Dancing Cranes of Sweden

13. Wild: 2006-07 Shorts, Dancing Cranes of Sweden

Documentary about a lake in Sweden which is a stop-off point for 10,000 migrating cranes.

Shearwater Island

16. Wild: 2006-07 Shorts, Shearwater Island

How thousands of strange nocturnal birds make their home on the tiny island of Bardsey.

Mull: Eagle Paradise

18. Wild: 2006-07 Shorts, Mull: Eagle Paradise

The story of the white-tailed sea eagle, one of the successes of British conservation.