Series 4

Series 4

New young talent in Wales

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Walk or Fly

1. Made in Wales: Series 4, Walk or Fly

After his father's death, a young boy hies his grief behind a superhero mask.

The Mob

2. Made in Wales: Series 4, The Mob

A film about subverting the expectations of young people, set during the London riots.

Dragon Chasers

3. Made in Wales: Series 4, Dragon Chasers

A group of misfits manage to bring a Celtic warrior back from the dead!

Telling Tales

5. Made in Wales: Series 4, Telling Tales

Two young women are forced together as part of a storytelling workshop for offenders.


6. Made in Wales: Series 4, Fetch

Rhod learns the hard way that a zombie is for life and not just for Christmas.