Series 21

Series 21

Two teams hunt for antiques to sell at auction

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Belfast 17

Bargain Hunt: Series 21, Belfast 17

The Bargain Hunt teams join presenter Tim Wonnacott at Greyabbey in Northern Ireland.

Gloucester 20

Bargain Hunt: Series 21, Gloucester 20

At an antiques fair in Gloucester Docks, two sets of teams try to find the best bargains.


Bargain Hunt: Series 21, Portobello

Four teams compete for bargains at the antiques stalls of the bustling Portobello Road.

Rockingham 19

1. Bargain Hunt: Series 21, Rockingham 19

Philip Serrell and Paul Laidlaw visit Rockingham Castle in Leicestershire.

Builth Wells

6. Bargain Hunt: Series 21, Builth Wells

David Harper and Jonathan Pratt offer bargain-spotting advice in Builth Wells, Wales.


7. Bargain Hunt: Series 21, Gloucester

Contestants hunt for bargains at the Gloucester Antiques Fair.


8. Bargain Hunt: Series 21, Belfast

An interior designer and his cousin take on a stylish mum and daughter.