Episode 2 Let's Sing & Dance for Comic Relief

Episode 2

Among the celebrity acts competing are the stars of Casualty and Holby City, quiz geniuses the Chasers and new boy band Boys Allowed.

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Welcome to Let's Sing Dance for Comic Relief for Comic Relief. Here


are your hosts, Mel and Sue! Oh, there you are, there you are!


Welcome along. I tell you, what an introduction that was. I think I


have that cold sores on my buttocks. Kicking off your Saturday night in


style with a brand-new line-up of stars to dance and sing their hearts


out. Tonight there are two places in the final to fight for.


So let's see who'll be electric boogalooing,


harmonising and maybe even doing the 'robot' for your votes.


Tonight, the stars of casualty and Holby City. A new girl group in town


like no other, boys in town. A West End boy showing his talents,


EastEnder style Danny-Boy Hatchard. Proving they can sing as well as


stance, James and Ola Jordan. And finally, finding their dreams


Somewhere Over The Rainbow, quizzing superstars the chasers.


And reports from Emeli Sande in Uganda and Billy Connolly right here


in the UK. All that and an exclusive


performance from Louisa Johnson and from Amanda Holden in Stepping Out.


To Add A Cherry... I Went Overboard With The Celebrities. We Have A Very


Special Panel. We've got a very special panel -


Russell Kane, Claudia Stroke the aura. I'm going to stroke


the actuality. Hope you are in the mood for classic Saturday night


entertainment. Mr Mel -- Mr Khan, you look happy to be a


tonight. I'm just happy to be out of Birmingham! Look, this is for


Claudia This is for you. Some onion bhajis for you. There we go! Share,


share! Over ?3. There we are, very nice, there we are. Khan Mr, did Mrs


Khan make these? Don't be ridiculous! Claudia, so nice to see


you. So nice for having me, with the ourselves. And we have a full bar


say. I thought this was a documentary series, I'm still in


shock. We're waiting for our acts backstage you are nervous and hoping


not just to impress them but you at home as well. That's right...


LAUGHTER Two acts will make it through. The


winner of the viewer vote on the panel choice. You can vote with your


favourite iPhone and mobile... Or... They are very dry, very dense. The


phrase viewer vote is hard to say with half an onion bhaji in your


cheek. You can also vote for free, yes free, online. All you have to do


is sign in and register to vote now. The vote will open... Not now. There


is no moisture to be had in my body! Absolutely... One for each cheek,


there we go. What! Does anyone have a flagon of H2O? It's everyone's


favourite doctors, casualty and Holby City actors.


Casualty and Holby...? Is there a doctor in the house? Not you, a real


doctor. I've lost three -- as the three most


important members of staff at this hospital we've been asked to perform


an Let's Sing Dance for Comic Relief for Comic Relief. We'd lie if


we said we weren't worried about how people will cope when we are away.


The hospital doesn't run itself, you know? Hello, casualty. Relax, I've


been doing this for years. Lots of damages? We understand their


concern. We are integral to the smooth running of Holby City but our


patients need not worry, we have a plan. It's taken a while to find the


right people but we've managed to organise cover for when we are away.


The hospital is going to be in extremely safe hands. Hello,


Casualty? Relax, I've been doing this for years. You won't feel a


thing! Don't worry, I'm here now, everything's going to be fine.


Everything is going to be fine. That's better, isn't it?


Performing Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk, it's the cast


# I'm too hot (hot damn)


# I'm too hot (hot damn)


# 'Cause uptown funk gon' give it to you


# Saturday night and we in the spot


# Don't believe me just watch (come on)


# Uptown funk you up # Uptown funk you up (say what?)


Gang... Amazing. You guys look like you need a defibrillator. It was


intense, very intense. We need oxygen. Well done. What's the


prognosis? What a way to start the show. You have funked us so hard, my


auntie's hip has probably popped back in. What a way to start the


show. Good luck to anyone following that, it was fantastic! As three got


so overexcited, your voices were fantastic, the dance, you looks like


you are having a good time, we adored it. Congratulations. You're


through, you won! Absolutely superb as hospital staff, these three are a


credit to the NHS. They really are. I'm so glad you are here, can you


just checked on one of my bunions, please? If the stars of Casualty and


Holby City gives Purdue Saturday night Fever rising and you want to


make an appointment with them,


then pop off your bra and pants, get behind the screen


and take notice of these Calls cost 15p plus your


network access charge. The vote opens after all our


acts have performed. Please don't vote now as it


won't count and you may be charged. You can also sign in or register


to vote now for free online Huge love for the stars


of Casualty and Holby City - all of our amazing acts are giving


up their time for one main reason, to raise heaps of money for


brilliant Comic Relief. It is easy PC to do your bit. All you need to


do is... The money you raise goes directly to


helping people here in the UK and in some of the poorest communities


around the world, so please give what you can. All the information


you need is going across my lower third right now. You must be 16 or


over. Please remember to ask the person who pays the bill. If you


don't know who that is, you are in the wrong house.


And Gareth. It's Boys Allowed. Duncan, it's over. He is in the


zone. Thanks, Gareth, good guy. When we got the call that Comic


Relief wanted girls allowed to get back together for a one-off


performance, we couldn't have been more excited. To be doing it for


such an incredible charity is such an honour. We all feel so proud to


have been asked. The only problem is, we're just so busy!


It's fine though, I've spoken to the girls and we have a plan. We are


going to book some standings and hope nobody notices. It worked on


the N M as, twice! Hi John, it's Kimberly here. You


want to get the band back together? Didn't we do a reunion just last


year? Not like this one. Hi Duncan it's Kimberly from Girls Aloud. Hi,


Kimberly. You're getting the band back together? Great, I will tell


the boys. Maybe don't do that. I get it, you're keeping it as a surprise.


Oh yes, it will definitely be a surprise. Getting the band back


together? Yes! Getting the band back together? This is going to be


amazing! Hi Gareth, it's Kimberly. Band? I was never in a band. I will


take that as a yes. We're getting the band back together, or some! --


awesome. Perfect, no one will ever know the difference.


# Why don't you fool me, feed me Say you need me


# C'mon and hold me, hug me Say you love me


# Why don't you fool me, feed me Say you need me


# Cos when you hold me in your arms I turn to slave


# Cos if we party any more we'll start a fire of pure desire


# The way that we talk, the way that we walk, it's there in our thoughts


# The way that we talk, the way that we walk, so easily caught


# The way that we talk, the way that we walk, it's there in our thoughts


# The way that we talk, the way that we walk, so easily caught


# Why don't you fool me, feed me, Say that you need me


# C'mon and hold me, hug me Say you love me


# Why don't you fool me, feed me, Say that you need me


# C'mon and hold me, hug me Say you love me


Wow! Yes. Come on over. Come here. They are on, they are off. Amazing.


Lads, Well done. Lads... That is the definition of a mixed message right


there, I'm loving it. You loo like my primary school teacher. We didn't


want to tell you, Mel, but tonight, Mrs Woodall. Unnerving. Brill yanlt.


You look great. Claudia, have all your boyband dreams come to few


wigs? Gareth as Cheryl is intoxicating. You're coming home.


No, very, very well done. It was fantastic. The choreography. The


singing. Ben, yes - welcome. Was that enough to divert you away from


the tupperware? Yes. I thought it was quite interesting, I have to


say. All the boys together, having fun in unison. Reminds me of Friday


night at the mosque - only boys allowed there, too! How many the


chemistry between them? I'm know what this show is about. Boys


dressed as girls and people paying to make it stop. It's like the lads


running out of budget on an Amsterdam stag night. That is Mrs


Woodall you are talking about. Respect for dantsing in heels. I


know sister. So if Boys Allowed had you feeling


something kind of ooh and made your heart go boom boom,


then all the details Remember, you can't vote


until we say otherwise someone Thanks Boys Allowed,


please head over to the posh seats. And, please, don't think


about splitting up just yet! Mrs Woodall off you go. Thank you so


much. Don't you bust a move


as still to come... Simmer crowd, I know. I Those


shoulder blades know. Are poetry. Still to come: James and Ola who


have been rehearsing in perfect harmony. The Chasers who are


channelling their inner child at rehearsals. See what happens when


three top comedians Shake It Off in style.


# Shake it off # Shake it off


#. Is Up next an actor and


Walford's finest Danny-Boy Hatchard, who's already


faced tough competition to get here in the form


of a fellow EastEnder... Danny-Boy Hatchard! Singing and


dancing! That's a lot of smoke. Danny, Danny, Danny Boy. He's gone.


I can't tell you how chieted I am that I've been asked to do Let's


Sing Dance for Comic Relief for Comic Relief. When the letter


arrived, I simply couldn't believe it. Just seeing my name, it was... A


dream come true. What? Me? I know Danny Boy was expecting to be


invited but... They must have changed their minds. Is I actually


haven't seen him in ages. He's obviously busy doing something else


anyway. That's probably why he's not doing it. Singing and dancing is


what I've always wanted to do. So the only big decision was, who do I


perform as? But then I realised - it has to be... Elton.


And now, performing Elton John's I'm Still Standing -


# You could never know what it's like


# Your blood like winter freezes just like ice


# And there's a cold lonely light that shines from you


# You'll wind up like the wreck you hide behind that mask you use


# And did you think this fool could never win


# Well, look at me, I'm a-coming back again


# I got a taste of love in a simple way


# And if you need to know while I'm still standing you just fade away


# Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did


# Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid


# And I'm still standing after all this time


# Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind


# I'm still standing yeah, yeah, yeah


# You starting down the road leaving me again


# The threats you made were meant to cut me down


# And if our love was just a circus you'd be a clown by now


# You know I'm still standing better than I ever did


# Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid


# I'm still standing after all this time


# Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind


# I'm still standing yeah, yeah, yeah


Danny, are you all right? Do you need a leg up? Are you all right,


love? There you go. Danny Boy. Are you all right. How is the leg


bearing up? I've never seen anything more energetic. You were a gazelle


up there. Thank you. Would I get away from the lion? You would dazzle


them with those jazz hands. Were your pipes calling, Claudia? Indeed.


I thought you were magnificent. Had you to do all the singing and


dancing. Then the end. It was fantastic. You and I were dancing.


Loving it. A huge congratulations. You also win everything.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Mr Khan. A soapstar but surely a popstar in the


making? Great choice of song, good singing and dancing. What a style


icon Elton John was. Anybody who wears a suit, hat and glasses has


got to be a style icon, right? Exactly! Russell, the real question


on everyone's lips is - did he fall or was he pushed? Very good. Very


good. Did you like that? Very clever, very clever. There's no


answer. You were like a bee on a baroca. I thought you were going to


mug yourself something rotten. You didn't, the vokals and dancing were


amazing. Congratulations sunng, you did yourself PROUD! Thank you so


much. Don't mug me off, mate. Come on. Hello, sailor.


So if you want to see Danny-Boy Hatchard Still


Standing in our grand final, then all the details are


on the screen now - but you know the deal - the


vote isn't open yet, so please don't try or you may


The posh seats are filling up nicely.


Well, our stars have certainly done their bit for Comic Relief,


My friend sponsored me to do advance yoga for Red Nose Day you have to


avoid Squashed buns. Do you remember when you made that battenburg and it


tasted like... Sick. I'm off to spend a penny or a pound and you can


buy one. Hold these will you, mate. We have sandwiches, crisps, sausage


rolls. Everything you need for a Red Nose Day party. The classic Owe


asignificance track. 1 -- oasis track. I'm starting to feel...


Ropey. All the technical jargon for an abseil. Get fundraising. Get your


free fundraising kit now: It's like being in Ryland's


bathroom. I must collect my tooth brush.


Right, three acts have performed, two belters to go.


Our next act are a couple more used to high kicks


than high notes, here hoping to show off both


James Ola. James and Ola. They are good at this. What do you say we


take this up a little. Meet me in the ballroom and bring the glittery


clothes. Tonight... Two mammoths of the dance world return. For one


night, and one night only, they are BACK! Lord and Lady of the Dance.


Yeah, that's right, James and Ola, a life of dance and it's all come down


to this moment. This is what we trained for. This is what we live


for. We're here to dance and we're here to WIN. Weeks, months, years of


gruelling training. The pressure is on. There's no room for mistakes.


There's no room for mistakes. No going back. No going back. This is


it. This is it. And tonight, they dance and sing. Singing! Singing!


That's right - singing. I thought you said it's Let's Dance, you


didn't say anything about singing? Well, next time you read the


small-print. All right. Now it's going to be a disaster, isn't it? I


can't sing. Oh, don't be like that. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Performing All


About That Bass, it's James Ola. # Because you know I'm


all about that bass # Yeah, it's pretty clear,


I ain't no size two # But I can shake it, shake it,


like I'm supposed to do # 'Cause I got that boom boom


that all the boys chase # And all the right junk


in all the right places # Yeah, my mama she told me "don't


worry about your size" # She says, "Boys like a little more


booty to hold at night" # You know I won't be no stick


figure silicone Barbie doll # So if that's what you're into,


then go ahead and move along # Because you know I'm


all about that bass # Go 'head and tell


them skinnies that # No, I'm just playing,


I know you think you're fat # Every inch of you is perfect


from the bottom to the top # Yeah my mama she told me,


"don't worry about your size" # She says, "Boys like a little more


booty to hold at night" # (That booty booty,


uh, that booty booty) # You know I won't be no stick


figure, silicone Barbie doll # So if that's what you're into,


then go 'head and move along # Because you know I'm


all about that bass Come on. Blow the nose. That is it.


That is more velocity than I thought possible. Why do I know you will


take those costumes home. I know it. I think you owned it before. James


loves it. I have a new found respect for women. Oh, my God! It takes


hours, doesn't it? It takes a long time to look this good, you know.


What I will say is that performance broke several international


treaties. We will leave that. I'm sorry. So sorry. Russell, was it all


about the bass for you, how did it go? I've regressed. I'm sucking my


thumb. I don't know what we watched. I'm sure it will be popular in Japan


whatever happened. James went full Miss.


Piggy that takes courage on TV. It was trippy, it was wonderful, please


don't touch me. You mow than anyone know this pair of old. We know this


can dance. What I'm in awe is I didn't know of James' beautiful


singing voice. I wish that had been brought to my attention you would


have been singing all day. Mr Khan went, "we need tea" he pulled out a


thermos. You need refreshment. I found that very disturbing I must


admit. That was the intention. I might do a little prayer, if you


don't mind. Here we go. APPLAUSE


There we go. We will take that to the lab. Don't touch that, trust me.


If James and Ola had all the right junk in all the right


places, well then that's a matter for a surgeon,


but if you want to vote for them then all the


details you need are on the screen now.


Don't vote yet and do vote carefully.


I was voted off last week and it's taken me


a full seven days to get my security pass back!


Put your hands together for James and Ola - off you


If you had this lot in your pub quiz team,


The Vixen, the dark destroyer, the Governess and the Beast, it's the


Chasers. Maybe just down a little bit, that's the one.


So... The Chasers are performing on Let's Sing Dance for Comic Relief


with Comic Relief. I think if I'm honest, neither singing or dancing


is really their specialist subject. And it's not like they can learn


this stuff from books, you know what I mean?


LAUGHTER The thing about talent is it so


subjective. What one person thinks his low or


for someone might think is absolutely brilliant. I personally


think they're going to be great. Dancing... Yeah... They can


definitely move. And singing... Well... These guys


are geniuses. I'm sure they can... Is miming an option?


Who am I kidding, the four of them singing and dancing together on live


telly? It has disaster written all over it. And worst of all, they are


doing the Wizard of Oz. Who's going to be Dorothy? !


Performing a Wizard of Oz medley - it's The Chasers!


# There's a land I once heard of once in a lullaby.


# I could while away the hours, conferrin' with the flowers


# And my head I'd be scratchin' while my thoughts were busy hatchin'


# When a man's an empty kettle he should be on his mettle


# Just because I'm presumin' that I could be kind-a-human,


# I'm afraid there's no denyin' I'm just a dandelion,


# But I could show my prowess, be a lion not a mowess


# If ever a wiz there was If ever, oh ever a wiz there was


# Because, because, because, because, because


# Because of the wonderful things he does


Let the chase begin, my pretties! Your scary, I don't like you!




Vixen... I sometimes think this show isn't camp enough, we need to do a


little more. Look at you, there's Toto as well. Lies, that was


spellbinding. Cracking, absolutely cracking. I believe we are not in


Kansas, Mr Khan. Amazing, absolutely lovely. A round of applause! I loved


it so much, such clever people, you can dance, clever people. You'd be


very good at getting through emigration. Can I have a selfie? Of


course you can. Here we go, there we go. Lovely. I will Snapchat you


later! Very good. Russell? What do you think the wonderful, great


wonderful Wizard of is Bradley will should make of that? Where did that


voice come from? As soon as he started singing idol, this is going




I associate myself with these people the geeks, nerds and knowledge


hunters. Tonight they were liberated.




It doesn't have to be about the show? Or four of you were brilliant,


your voices were brilliant, hair, make-up, costume, everything. You


took our breath away. Well done! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Even the governess almost broke a smile.


There we go, she smiling. If you would like the Chasers


performance all the way to the final,


then find the heart, the courage All the voting details


are on your screen now. But the vote isn't open yet,


my little pretties, there is a pantomime somewhere with


a Melanie shapes hole. Thanks guys, please, join all


the other acts in the Posh Seats. All our star acts have now performed


and just look at them. It's like the front row


of the Brit Awards, viewed Panel, please offer me your thoughts


on this evening's events? Russell? It's been a sublime display


of wonderful imagery and James as well, James Jordan. It's been a


fantastic night. Everyone's done something so different and I will


need counselling and a leaflet after this.


Utterly fantastic, and just to reiterate what you said before,


everyone's come here working so hard for Comic Relief, so people might go


mad at home. So... Extraordinary entertainment. Mr Khan? I thought it


was... I had a lovely time. I thought it was very easy. If


Strictly are looking for someone... I can do it! LAUGHTER


That's what they think, but it's your vote that really counts.


I guess there is only one thing left to


voting is now open! # Call me, call me


# Call me, call me #. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


And now, the news... This is getting serious...


So serious... Are they thinking about you or us...


If you'd like to vote, we literally had to do that. Tonight's winner...


These bifocals are playing up again. Get the bill payer's position before


and in advance of your call. Always, that standard stuff. You can also


vote online for free. For absolutely nothing. Go to the BBC website,


where you will also find full terms and conditions. The boat closes in


about 30 minutes. 12 minutes and 50 seconds. You better be quick. Don't


try vote if you're watching on demand because that's in the future.


Beyonce has been spotted in public mistaking her own daughter for


somebody else's. It turns out it was Destiny's child! LAUGHTER


Now time for a quick reminder of tonight's stupendous performances


What a cracking show it's been and, in a way,


Well, except for the ones who don't win.


Now whilst our performers head backstage to swap tights,


here's a reminder of just why we are all here tonight.


And that's to raise lots of money for Comic Relief.


I've got cancer and Parkinson's and I need a haircut. But no, this is


Bob we made a film about him. Loneliness was his enemy. One


evening she turned round and she looked at me and she said, "where's


Bob?" I'm Bob and the bottom dropped out of my world then. This is Jo she


was diagnosed with dementia at 57 years old. It was a devastating


discovery for her and her husband. I made an appointment with the GP she


said, "unfortunately you've got early onset... Early onset


Alzheimer's. " This is Margaret, struggling to cope with the loss of


her husband, the love of her life. Where do you go when your soul mate,


partner, lover is gone? There's nowhere. Nowhere to go. And you, you


amazing people out there. Young, old and somewhere in between. Your cash


helps people like this, who life has dealt a tough hand. I would ask you


tonight to do it again or, for the first time. It's the first time you


won't know me. I'm the comedian with the weird beard what once took off


all my clothes for Comic Relief. But that's not what matters. What


matters is you, tonight at home and this amazing power to completely


change someone's life. To give them hope and happiness. I really hope


you will find it in your hearts to give a quid or two to people like


Bob. It will be simple and marvellous and you will be so proud


of yourselves. Can be part of a life saving miracle tonight if you can


part with a some bob. To donate: Thank you.


Wherever you are in the UK, you are likely to be within 20 miles


of a Comic Relief funded project, so the money you help raise really


All the information you need to donate is on your screen now.


Please remember texts will cost your donation


plus your standard network message charge and 100% of your donation


You must be 16 or over and please ask the bill payers' permission.


For full terms and conditions and more information go


Now, Mel's got something special for you - direct from the West End


stage and here for one night only - it's the very talented


Oh, my days. Quality has arrived in the Posh Seating area in the form of


these guys. Amanda. Yes. Welcome all of you. Thank you. So welcome to the


show. Tell me about Stepping Out? It's a comedy play about a group of


women and one man, Jeffrey, Dominic on the end. They meet every Thursday


for an hour's tap class. You get to know them throughout that


hour. It's very, very funny. Dominic, are you the only chap in


the show? Yes. Tell us about your character? Jeffrey, shipping and


insurance man. That's about it. It's very bored. Extraordinary. I could


talk about shipping for hours. I have been told not to. Presumably


you all tap dance? No. Not at all We have it on our CV as good actresses.


Nick is very good. Natalie is good. Dominic is from a showbusiness


family. Well, off you go and get ready


to tap the light fantastic ladies. Open now at The Vaudeville Theatre,


in London's West End, please tap your hands together


for the cast of Stepping Out. What a brilliant performance


by the cast of Stepping Out there. Now it's time to find our


what happened when our very own Russell Kane Shook It Off


in a shopping centre with Katherine Ryan


and Shappi Khorsandi. Listen, I had a call from Lenny


Henry last night who told me there was a massive dance slot available


for one person on Red Nose day. I think I should clearly do. I'm like


the Canadian len Goodman. That settled. Richard Curtice said he is


a fan of my dance moves. You might have to step back. I was called by


Beyonce she Face Timed me and said she is talking about my performance


on Let's Dance. I am he a talking about this, baby girls. Beautiful.


There is one way to settle this. Dance-off. Who should we do. One all


three of us can relate to. If I look at us, who do I see? Jay-Z. Amy


Childs. She's not a popstar. I can do her. We can do the biggest star


on the planet... Attention all shoppers, the store will be closing


in - hang on. Is that Taylor Swift? # At least that's what people say,


# In my mind sayin' it's gonna be all right


# Cos the players gonna play, play, play, play, play


# And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate


# Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake


# Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break


# And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake


# Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake


# That's what they don't see, mmh-hmm


# In my mind sayin' it's gonna be all right


# Cos the players gonna play, play, play, play, play


# And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate


# Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake


# Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break


# And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake


# Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake


# Hey, hey, hey I shake it off


Are we done? Let's go. Now I'm just cross-dressing in a shopping centre.


Very strong, Russell. Very strong, very thong. A lovely parting image.


I was lucky to come back from Kenya and Uganda, as funny as it is, the


reason we are doing this is for Comic Relief. Please donate or I've


done that absolutely nothing. Please. Thank you Russell. Everyone


please donate, if you can, big or small, we don't mind. The vote has


now closed. Coming up with an exclusive


performance of her new single, How many admissions do you get a day


for malaria? 50. Is that all children? Yes. Yaku is brought in by


his mother. He is limp and unresposive. We made a diagnosis of


severe malaria. He was severely ill. Eight-year-old Agnes is carried in


by her father, Sammual, she is anaemic from suspected malaria and


urgently needs a blood transfusion, but this hospital has run out of


blood. The most important thing is to trans fuse. It's serious. One of


the causes of mortality. This is the horrible reality of malaria.


Sleeping under a treated mosquito net at home is the simplest and most


effective way of preventing malaria. But the families of Yeku and Agnes


can't afford nets. As the hours tick by all the parents can do is wait,


and hope. In the two minutes it takes you to watch this film, a


child has died from malaria. In another two minutes another child


will have lost their life to this cruel disease. But it doesn't have


to be this way. ?5 buys two mosquito nets. ?10 buys four. That's a whole


family protected from malaria. So please, please, please give


generously tonight and let's stop another tragedy before it happens.


Thank you. To donate: I'm pleased to say that


both Yeku and Agnes have recovered from


Malaria and are now sleeping under mosquito


nets thanks to your All the details you need


are on your screen now. I know things are tough, but please


give what you can. Time now for an exclusive


performance from pop's Here with her new single,


Best Behaviour, it's Louisa Johnson. # Give me your trust


and I'll try not to break it # Ooh you got me on my


best behaviour, I # Give me your trust


and I'll try not to break it # Ooh you got me on my


best behaviour, I # I know you've got


a heart of porcelain # I'm trying not to


crack it in my hands # Ooh you got me on my


best behaviour, I # I'm on my best behaviour,


I'm on my best behaviour Amazing, amazing. It reminds me of


that pyjama party we had. With the barbecue? Yes.


Gang, it's the moment you've all been waiting for.


You have the obligatory red envelope, please. No. I believe it's


heading in right now from the land of Oz.


Well, I thought I'd get my money's-worth out


Lesley, I take it, by the look of your face, you've been


Can we have the envelope, my darling? The absolutely fabulous


Lesley Joseph! Always in character, never off. Game


faces on, exactly the same as my normal face. Time to welcome back


our five star acts. These stars of Casualty and Holby




Boys Allowed! Danny-Boy Hatchard!


James and Ola! And the Chasers!


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE There they all are. Amazing.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Earlier tonight this magnificent


star act is danced and sang for you but only two can go through.


Those with the highest viewer votes will have a place in the final and


those who come second and third will face the panel who will choose their


favourite. Load the dramatic lighting!


Is this dramatic enough? That is highlighting something a bit


weird... Lights up again please, lights up, that's not good!


Now, we're just going to do these props. The British public have voted


and we can now reveal the top three acts in the public vote.


So, in no particular order, the first act is...


Casualty and Holby City! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


I like that, shouting and then silence!




And, finally... There is a lot of tension. In the top three, it is...




I can't Berwick, we have to say goodbye to Boys Allowed and


Danny-Boy Hatchard! You've been brilliant guys, you've


been brilliant, thank you so much. After the posh seats, please.


Boys Allowed! We will now reveal the winner of the


public vote. The fate of the other two is in the hands of our panel.


The winner of tonight's Let's Sing Dance for Comic Relief is...




Congratulations! You're going to Oz, you're going to


Oz! You are going all the way to Oz! Well done. Bye-bye!


Listen, we look forward to seeing you in the final, guys. Off you go,


you're going to Oz, you're going to Oz.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE This is all going very, very well.


This means there's just one place left in the grand final. Who will


join the Chasers? Will it be James and Ola or the stars of Casualty and


Holby City. It's down to the panel to decide. Before they do, here's a


reminder of their cracking performances.


# I'm too hot (hot damn)


# So if that's what you're into, then go ahead and move along


# Because you know I'm all about that bass


As the screw all said to the peanut, it's crunch time. Who is it going to


be? James and all adored or the stars of casualties and Holby City?


-- all the stars of Casualty and Holby City. I need one name,


pressure time. Mr Khan, with coming to you first. Who would you like?


This is so difficult, who do I want in and who do I want out? This is


worse than Brexit! I think... You both did very well, it was all for


charity, but I need to look after my bunny and so it's going to be


Casualty and Holby City! One-vote, vote for Casualty and Holby City.


Claudia, a name please? This is tense but I work with them so I have


do vote for James and Ola CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Russell, it's down to you, who is it going to be?


I feel I need to inject oestrogen just to look at James. It got me


singing and dancing to the point where I need a doctor, need Casualty




Thank you so much, you were amazing, you were brilliant.


Well done, massive congratulations to the stars of Casualty and Holby


City, through to the grand final. Sadly it is goodbye to James and all


adored let's hear it for our acts. -- James and Ola Jordan.


What an amazing night it's been, a massive bank 's to all our


incredible stars and fantastic panel. We are back-to-back Saturday


night with five more fabulous acts but right now we leave you with your


winner was the ET also most thats. It's the Chasers! Crack it open.


# There's a land I once heard of once in a lullaby.


# I could while away the hours, conferrin' with the flowers


# And my head I'd be scratchin' while my thoughts were busy hatchin'


# When a man's an empty kettle he should be on his mettle


# Just because I'm presumin' that I could be kind-a-human,


It's great that you could come in for this, Lenny.


Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins host as five celebrity acts sing and dance to iconic pop tracks, all in aid of Comic Relief. In each episode, two acts are put through to the grand finale, where viewers will vote for their champion.

Competing in this episode are the stars of Holby City and Casualty, quiz geniuses the Chasers, dancing stars James and Ola, EastEnders actor Danny-Boy Hatchard and new boy band Boys Allowed.

The judging panel is made up of Claudia Winkleman, Adil Ray as Mr Khan and Russell Kane, and there are appearances from Katherine Ryan, Shappi Khorsandi, Amanda Holden and Tamzin Outhwaite. Plus music from Louisa Johnson.