Episode 5 Tonight's the Night

Episode 5

Entertainment. Melanie C performs with a deserving Liverpool lass and Les Miserables star Alfie Boe duets with a dad who's overcome a personal tragedy.

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He hit it is Saturday night. But this is Tonight's The Night. Please


welcome your host, John Barrowman! # I gotta feeling that tonight's


gonna be a good night. # That tonight's gonna be a good


night. # That tonight's gonna be a good,


good night. # A feeling that tonight's gonna be


a good night. # That tonight's gonna be a good


night. # That tonight's gonna be a good,


Good evening! Welcome to Tonight's The Night, the show that turns


dreams into reality. In fact, this show reminds me of the one where a


guy finds an ancient Lamp and rubs it, and then he is rich, right? Oh,


that is the Antiques Roadshow, sorry. No, I'm in Aladdin. Think of


me as the genie. I appear out of nowhere, make dreams come true,


although I do not walk around in a turban, toppers with curly gold


slippers. At least not on week nights. I thought it was funny. So,


here is what is on the way. Surprising schemes and amazing


dreams. I Andy Murray serves up an ace of a


time for a deserving teenager. The Overtones make a dream come


true for their number one fan. The one and only Melanie C gives


someone a duet to remember. Plus: of I'm Debra Stephenson, and


I'm on the Isle of Wight to help make a special teacher's dream come


true. On with the dreams. I am a very


quiet, retiring... Kind of person. I am also a wallflower. Oh, please!


Those qualities made me perfect for this first surprise, a library.


Would you like to see my impersonation of a librarian? Shh!


Check this out. I am in Liverpool to meet Lisa


Dalton, A special singing teacher. This is Lisa's local library, but


today's visit will be like no other, because I am about to make a dream


come true. When 29-year-old Lisa was as younger, she loved singing.


Now she uses that passion to inspire others as a performing arts


teacher. But her mum thinks Lisa still harbours a dream of


performing in front of millions. She has always wanted to sing,


especially on TV or with a band. That must be her dream. A Lisa's


sister Sharon thinks that dream deserves to come true, because Lisa


is a tower of strength to those closest to her. Her Lisa is so


supportive. She is a fabulous sister. It was Lisa that Sharon


turned to when she tragically lost her baby daughter three years ago.


Lisa did a lot of nice things for me. She was always at the end of


the telephone. She sang at my daughter's funeral. I don't know


how she did it, but she was and still is amazing. That is why I


wanted to thank her. So to thank this loyal Liver Bird for being an


outstanding friend and sister, Sharon would like to arrange for


Lisa's singing dream to come true. This has been her dream for so long,


to sing on television and to be made a star for the day would be


brilliant. She would be so happy. To help a spring a surprise on Lisa,


we have commanded her local library. I am pretending to make a CBBC


documentary. My sound man is going to have a problem, and Lisa will be


left holding the boom. Sister Sharon and unsuspectingly so arrive


at the library. Would you mind? before they begin browsing, we


persuade them to take part in our programme.


I am John Barrowman, and I am here for the library revolution for CBBC.


Sharon is in on the act, but can I wrote this into topping out when


our fake Sound man gets struck by fake food poisoning? John,


something is not right. I have to go. Lisa looks concerned about our


sound man, but will she help? Hi, I am John. Could you do me a


favour? I am sorry to ask, but could you help? Keep this a hand's


wit above my head. Bring it down a bit. Hold it there. I will be as


quick as I can. I am going to talk about how


important books are in my life, but will Lisa realise my memories are


actually from her life? First, Lisa's favourite author as a child.


My favourite author was Roald Dahl, and I had a brilliant time reading


his books. Hint of recognition? How about her limited use of a Spanish


Dictionary? I was in bad enough on one of my


first trip to Spain. I only learnt have to ask where the Biro was.


That worked. Will she now recognise her own showbiz biography?


I won the north-west Variety Club North entertain of the year in 1997.


It was amazing. Lisa looks like she has played! But


does she know this story will end with the surprise of her life?


It is not just about libraries, it is about you, Lisa. I am from


Tonight's The Night, and I am here to make your dream come true.


thought it was weird! Oh, my goodness. Yes. I am going to stand


over here. I know you have been a pillar of strength to your family,


and in particular to Sharon. I know you love to sing. Yes, you do. I


would like to take you to the Tonight's The Night studio, and I


would like you to sing to an audience. But not just any audience.


Not just the studio. I want you to sing to the nation on Saturday


night prime-time BBC One, Tonight's The Night. Yes, please!


I don't know what to say. I really am in shock. I am never usually


speechless! Would you screen really To sing with a live band and meet


John Barrowman and being a BBC studio, it is everything I have


dreamed of. A couple of weeks later, Lisa is getting ready for her


performance. But she will not sing alone. Lisa is a big fan of the


Spice Girls, so average for her to sing a duet with fellow Liverpool


last Melanie C. Oh, my goodness. I can't believe it. It has been


surprise after surprise. I can't wait. She has given me some wise


words. I will do my best to impress Mel and my family and friends.


sounds fantastic. If she can keep that confidence tonight, she will


blow everyone away. I know this means the world to you. Lisa was a


fan of the Spice Girls when she was younger. So she is getting a two


for one deal. Childhood dream, plus the dream of performing in front of


the nation. How will she be feeling? She will be so excited. It


is her dream come true, and it is a dream come true for me to see her.


And mum? We are going to need a lot of tissues here tonight. She does


not strike me as being someone who lets things stand in her away. She


seems like a go-getter. Yes, but she is still nervous. It will give


her the confidence she needs. tonight she is going to shine. Here


with Melanie C, Lisa Dalton. Tonight's The Night.


# I've been wandering around the house all night. Wondering what the


hell to do. # Yeah, I'm trying to concentrate.


# But all I can think of is you. # Well, the phone don't ring cos my


friends ain't home. # I'm tired of being all alone.


# Got the TV on. # Cos the radio's playing songs


that remind me of you. Ladies and do come in, it gives me


great pleasure to introduce least # Baby, when you're gone.


# I realise I'm in love. # Days go on and on.


# And the nights just seem so long. # Even food don't taste that good.


# Drink ain't doing what it should. # Things just feel so wrong.


# Baby, when you're gone. # I've been driving up and down


these streets. # Trying to find somewhere to go.


# Yeah, I'm looking for a familiar face.


# But there's no one I know. # Oh, this is torture, this is pain.


# It feels like I'm gonna go insane. # I hope you're coming back real


soon. # Cos I don't know what to do.


# Baby, when you're gone (When you're gone).


# I realise I'm in love. # Days go on and on (On and on).


# And the nights just seem so long. # Even food don't taste that good.


# Drink ain't doing what it should. # Things just feel so wrong.


Lisa, Sharon nominated you because you have been a pillar of strength


and so supportive. Is there anything you would like to say to


her? Her I would like to say, you are such an inspiration to me. You


are the best sister. Thank you so much for being a great big sister.


Many, you have had a lot of your dreams come true, so you know how


she is feeling? She is amazing. All day, she has been singing


fantastically. No matter how much experience you have, it is so


nerve-racking to perform in front of this audience. She was


incredible. Thank you! Many will be back later with her new single. But


for now, ladies and gentlemen, Lisa Dalton!


Well, we have a show fit to burst. Here is what is still on the way.


Andy Murray surprises a tennis mad teenager.


A dream from Cleveland sings with the Overtones.


And Les Miserables start at Alfie Boe is here to make a West End


dream come true. This next surprise takes place in a


bingo hall, so eyes down for a full house and let's test you guys out.


If I were to say... Kicker ticket, what would that be? 66! That's


right. And if I said, two little Watch the teeth! And if I said two


Fat Ladies? No, it would be politically incorrect! Talking of


ladies, here comes the debut appearance of a rather attractive


older woman. In a-type first, I finally got to put my stockings on.


Talk about legs Eleven. I am in Stockton on Tees to


surprise a very special lady, Lisa Campbell. She and her Mama on their


way for a night of bingo. But she does not know that I have got her


number and I am about to give her as the surprise of her life. Lisa


has been singing and dancing since she was little, and mum and dad are


her biggest fans. She has always performed since she was at school.


If there was a concert on, she would want to be in it. But five


years ago, Lisa's life was turned upside down when she suffered


complications during minor surgery. Lisa's medical problems started


after a simple operation, and ended with blood clots on her lung. Then


she had a further operation. She has to be careful, because she


bleeds easily. But Lisa being Lisa, she has got on with life. Lisa's


condition means she is on Mechan Dick -- medication for life and


closely monitored by the hospital. It also means she has been forced


to hang up her dancing stews, but she has remained positive and is an


inspiration to her best friend, Rich Hall. It Lisa has been such a


good friend to me. I think her medical problems have got her down


sometimes, but she is a fighter and keeps coming back. This fighter


deserves to have a dream come true. Lisa will be singing live in the


tonight's the Night studio in front of millions, but she will not be


alone. I have arranged for her to sing with her favourite band, the


Overtones. She has always said, I would love to sing with the


Overtones. She said they are her favourite band. She has suffered so


much in such a short time that she deserves some good luck. She might


be lucky at the bingo, but in life she is not the key. We have read


the bingo hall with hidden cameras. Bad and Rachel are watching


Upstairs, but there are a lot of Tonight's The Night fans in the


hall. So disguising myself will not be enough. But I yourself a bit


Bridge etd Jones eat your heart out. Does my bum look big in this.


Pleased to make your acquaintence. I might look like a lady on the


outside, but I'm all man inside. For get Mrs Doubtfire, more like


Mrs Doubtful. Lisa's in her regular seat for what she think sz a


regular Monday at the bingo. Let's see if Betty can put her off her


game. Six and seven, 67. The year I was born. Oh, 11. Betty's lucky


number. Eyes down for Full House. Lisa don't be put off by the mad


woman behind you. Oh, no, now I've got the giggles. 41, as old as I am.


62. That's more like it. 8 and -- Eight and one, 81. He's calling


them very quick. �50 I could use a good 50. Now it's time for national


bingo hall live link up. I'm about to announce a new game, Barrowman's


big bingo bonanza. There will be a lucky winner. Welcome to Monday


night at the bingo with me John Barrowman. He's very handsome isn't


he? If I were to say to you, cup of tea, you say number? Three. Yeah


you got. It brilliant. Here's a more difficult one. What do you


call a Beatle who likes playing bingo? Bingo star. I don't write


them. Tonight we're going it find one lucky player from the hundreds


of bingo hall that's I'm talking to live right now. You could be that


lucky person. Are you excited to find out? Yes! Good, so am I. This


lucky person has an envelope taped to the bottom of their seat. So all


of you look under your seats - now! Have a good dig. Come on. Do we


have someone? Where are you? Awesome. Congratulations. Look out


Lisa, Betty's on your tail and about to claim the big prize.


What's your name? Lisa. Are you excited? I'm sorry dear, there's


confusion. I was supposed to have that saet. I can have that ticket


and I have another surprise for you because I'm actually John Barrowman


from BBC One's Tonight's The Night. And Lisa, I'm here to make your


dream come true. Bingo! APPLAUSE


Lease ya, I know that you -- Lisa, I know that you have been through


an awful lot in your life thus far. A few highs and a few lows, maybe a


lot of lows. But you've always bounced back. How would you like to


come to the Tonight's The Night studio and sing, for the nation,


prime time Saturday night? Yes, please. Yes? Good. But that's not


all. You'll be singing with The Overtones!


APPLAUSE I've watched the last couple of


series and always thought "I wish that was me." I'm a huge fan of


John, seen him in concert. I think he's amazing. I love the work that


he does. I think it's brilliant that he can help people like me.


It's the day of her big performance. Lisa is in full swing. She's about


to get some company. When The Overtones walked in, I was so


shocked. I didn't expect them. I think it showed on my face. How are


you? All right. Lisa might be star struck, but she wastes into time


getting in practice with the boys. The most challenging part of the


song is when I have to hit the high notes. I'm scared I won't do it on


the night. Lisa has a beautiful voice. We told her to relax and


have a good time. To perform with the overtones will be amazing.


They're my favourite group. It's a dream come true.


Lisa has always put everyone first, hasn't she? She has. She's had to


cope with so much over the years, where do you think she's got that


strength from? She's got an iner is strength. Because she's had such a


rough time with her health, but she always thinks of what's to come,


the future. That's what this is all about, it's her future. Rachel, you


said you're nervous, you're excited. How do you think she's feeling


right now? I think she's probably going to be nervous as well. But


she'll be more excited and happy that tonight's finally here. Mum,


why do you think she likes The Overtones? She likes, she loves


their type of music. She always says she'd love to sing with The


Overtones and this would be her dream come true. Are you sure it's


just the music. They're all pretty handsome, if you ask me. No, it's


not just the music! I got the truth out of you finally. Performing Come


Back My Love with her favourites, The Overtones, Lisa Campbell,


Tonight's The Night! # Come back my love, don't go away


# Come back my love, come back to stay.


# I love you so, # Well I want you to know


# I need your love so badly. # Du-da-wop, du-da-wang.


# Du-da-wop, du-da-wang # Du-da-wop.


# Oh, won't you come back my love, # Don't go away


# I need your loving every day. # I love you so


# Well I want you to know. # I need your love so badly.


Ladies and gentleman, she's got her dancing shoes on. Please give it up


for Lisa! # You said goodbye, I wonder why,


# All because of those silly lies # I love you so,


# And I want you to know # I need your love so badly.


# Everybody makes big mistakes # In this game of romance.


# I'm asking you darling # Why don't you come back and give


me a chance? # Come back my love, yeah don't go


away. # I need your loving every day


# I love you so, # Well I want you to know


# I need your love so badly. # Everybody makes big mistakes


# In this game of romance. # Now I'm asking you darling


# Why don't you come back and give me a chance?


# Come back my love, yeah don't go away.


# I need your loving everyday # I love you so,


# Well I want you to know # I need your love so badly.


# I need your love so badly # Guys, I have to ask, what did you


make of that? I absolutely just have to say how well she has done


from start today, to rehearsals, she was so, you know, grateful as


well to meet a fan and come on a show and sing a song from the album


has been amazing. Well done. It's Lisa and The Overtones now, isn't


it? You said if you could have a moment like this, it would mean


everything to you. Does it? means absolutely everything. I'm


never going to experience this ever again. It's been amazing. Ladies


and gentleman, big round of applause for the overtones and Lisa


Campbell! APPLAUSE


This show is all about fantastic surprises and amazing dreams.


There's plenty more on the way. We bring the West End to our stage


as Les Miserables star Alfie Bow gives that star a new leading man


and we welcome back Melanie C. As you know for some of these


surprises I have to go undercover. For this one I had to become a


tennis coach, which meant finding my inner sportsman.


Yes, so, ball one 15-0, ball two 30-0. Ball four, 40-0. Whoa, watch


the face! What is it with the balls tonight!


LAUGHTER I'm at a tennis centre in Edinburgh


to serve up another dream for a brave young man called Phillip.


13-year-old Phillip has always been tennis mad. Mum Jennie knows only


too well. Ever since Phillip was a baby, he's been obsessed with


tennis. Phillip sometimes go to -- goes to bed with his rack wet,


seriously he does. Five years ago he was diagnosed with lieu keemya.


His consultant remembers the sport that helped him cope with the


treatment. It was tennis which kept him going through what is really a


very difficult time. After recovering from leukaemia, Phillip


decided to get involved with charity work with his coach.


Phillip's done a great job fundraising. He's been fundraising


to help other kids with leukaemia and other forms of cancer. To say


thanks, his mum's asked me to arrange a special surprise, a face


to face with his hero Andy Murray. When Phillip finds out the surprise


in store for him, I think he will be, he will go through the roof.


Meanwhile, my team of rigged up secret cameras at Phillip's local


court. I'm rigged with a new nose to become a tennis star. Watch out


for the balls! Fill p and his friends think they're coming to


have a master class with that unknown Scottish tennis legend


called John macaroni. That's me. I know nothing about tennis. Except I


know how to make quite a racquet. So as the boys join me on court,


it's safe to say this lesson starts bad and gets worse.


Right in the Boris Beckers. John Macaroni has valuable tips. Lesson


one the air guitar warm up. I want you to get a wee bit of air guitar


going. Come on, there you go. You've got boring air guitars like


that. Come on, get a bit like that. OK... Lesson two, how to become one


with the ball. I'm going to stand, dead centre and blind fold. I want


you to hit the ball to me, all right? Psychology will make sure I


will connect with the ball. Here we go. Number three. Did I get it? Try


again. Number two. Yes! Lesson three, using the coach for target


practice. You request not be serious! That was out. It was so


far all of them have been out. Come on, out. I'm winning. I'm winning.


Come on try and hit me. Hit me. Oh, that was a beauty. Come on, here


look. See this big smile, knock my teeth out. All right that's enough


clowning around, it's time to say goodbye to Macaroni and hello to


John Barrowman. I'm actually not really here to teach you how to


volley, because my name is John Barrowman and I'm from BBC One's


Tonight's The Night and I am here Phillip to make your dream come


true. The person who is responsible for this is... Your mum Jennie.


There she is. Give a big old hug. Guess what,


we've got a very special treat for you. We're sending you to go meet


up with Andy Murray. Can I say it's a yes for you to play tennis with


Andy Murray? Yes. Awesome, high five. You're playing with Andy


Murray, I was like "Oh, my God." An amazing surprise. 24 hours later,


and Phillip's in Paisley. It's a community tennis day and the crowds


are out for Andy Murray. But only Phillip is getting the privilege of


having a hit with his hero. really excited. I'm quite shivers


with the nerves. I'm not cool at all. I'm just really excited to see


Andy and he's just over there, so I've never done anything like this.


It will be a great opportunity for me. Hi. How are you doing? Are you


all right? Good thanks. Big tennis fan? Yeah, huge. Where about do you


play? Craig Lockert. I played there when I was growing up. Do you have


advice? The most important thing is to enjoy it. Not to get too


stressed out by it. To work hard and listen to your coaches. With so


many fans about it's a struggle for Phillip and Andy to get on court.


It's time to improvise and time for me to hand over to your commentator


John Macaroni. Thanks there John. It's the Clash


Of The Titans, on one side a Scots lad and the other the other Phillip.


Here comes the ball and again and again. Andy's never played on dirt


before. And it's game, set, good work Phillip. I just had a hit with


Andy Murray. I was -- it was brilliant. Just a real le decent


guy. It's great. He's obviously a very brave boy and a very good


tennis player. He's a lot braver than I ever was, that's for sure.


Can't wait to get back on the tennis court because today's been a


real inspiration to me. And I've really enjoyed it. Thank you very


Philip, come on. He said you were a better player than he was at that


age. I love that you are speechless. Probably a first. Richard, you are


bad. Why did you give up tennis a while back? Well, I thought I


cannot hit them any more, so time for a new sport. More um, you must


be proud of him. I am extremely proud. He has gone through an awful


lot for a boy of his age. We love that you had a great day and got to


meet your heroes. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Philip!


Now, this is where we put one of you guys in the frame. I am looking


for someone who is a theatre director. Someone who is putting on


a touring direction of the Jersey Boys, someone looking for a new


leading man. Not for the show, I am just generally looking for that


person because I might want to do a gig! Back to business. I am


actually looking for someone who is retired, someone who has been a


charity fundraiser for years, someone who lives in Yorkshire. In


fact, Wakefield, and that is you, Susan. But actually, Susan, I am


not looking for you, I am looking for your husband, Terry. How are


you? Find! A view are speechless like Philip! Well, I hear you have


hung up your fund raising broods. Officially. You are wondering what


we are talking about, so you guys, come with me. And the rest of you,


look at this. We have been married 28 years. I


would describe Terry as a very outgoing, very easy to talk to.


Always happy. Terry is a joy to work with. When I walk into the


office in the morning, Terry will immediately stop whatever he is


doing and he will have a smile on his face. It gives a lift to the


day. Terry puts the fun in fund- raising. In the last five years, he


has raised approximately �1 million. That is testament to the fund-


raising team. I have no idea how he does it. He seems to have endless


amount of energy. He always encouraged us to take part in


events at the hospice as nursing staff. He would not ask you to do


anything he would not do himself. He is a great ambassador for the


hospice movement. You only had to mention a coffee morning or an


event in a pub, and he would be there. It just comes naturally.


fund old lady in the town would give a pound, he would treat that


person the same as if they gave �500. Everyone knows he does a good


job, but something out of the blue will make him realise how much


people think of him. Terry should enjoy tonight and be proud of his


achievements. Dad, you have done brilliant work for the hospice.


They will miss you. You have been a great dad. Enjoy tonight and enjoy


your retirement. Pure good egg. have a nice night, Terry. You


deserve it for the hard work and fund-raising you have done for the


patients. Terry, I love you. deserve to a special night, because


the people you touch, you make Don't start. You are going to make


me go. Wonderful to hear. How do you feel when you hear stuff like


that said about you? Amazing. They are all friends anyway, but I have


worked with them for a long time. They are lovely to work with. For


them to say that tonight is just... Of amazing. Susan, the hospice is


Now 20 years old. How did Terry mark that event? It was last year


and they wanted to do something special, so he had the idea of


launching a rose. So they went to see a rose grower, him and another


fund raiser. And they got the rose grown. It is called the Wakefield


Hospice sun rise Rose, a beautiful rose. It is in the gardens of the


hospice and also in Wakefield Park. Terry and Susan, many others think


you deserve recognition for all you have done. We know how important


the rose is to you and the hospice. So I would like to sing this song


and dedicate it especially to you. # Some say love, it is a river.


# That drowns the tender reed. # Some say love, it is a razor.


# That leaves your soul to bleed. # Some say love, it is a hunger.


# An endless aching need. # I say love, it is a flower.


Terry, you have helped so many people. Some of them are here


tonight. The ones that love you, your family, your friends and your


fund-raising colleagues, come On Over! When the night has been too


lonely. # And the road has been too long.


# And you think that love is only. # For the lucky and the strong.


# Just remember in the winter. # Far beneath the bitter snows.


# Lies the seed that with the sun's love.


Just for you. Terry, have you got anything you want to say to these


people? No. I was out with her last night! They are sneaky, aren't


they? I have to ask you one final question. Are you going to retire


now, finally? Probably not. That is what I like to hear! Ladies and


As you know, I make dreams come true all over the UK, but I can't


be everywhere at once. So for this next surprise, my friend, Debra


Stephenson from the impressions show became a school inspector on


the Isle of Wight. Unfortunately for everyone, someone in the class


was very disruptive. I am Debra Stephenson, and I have been sent on


to the high seas - well, the Solent - on a special mission. I am on a


ferry on my way to the Isle of Wight, home of award-winning


beaches and singing maths teacher Paul Stephens. Paul is an aware


that I am coming to give him the surprise of his life. So hoist the


mainsail, Batten down the hatches, full steam ahead, captain. Do


excuse me. Paul's classroom has been rigged with hidden cameras,


and he will now be the one under examination. According to his wife,


he has always dreamed of swapping writing on the board for treading


the boards. Paul's biggest wish would be to sing with the cast of


Les Miserables. He loves the show and all the songs. Poor's


performing skills have raised thousands for local charities over


the years. But since the tragic death of his son five years ago,


Paul now gives his time to one main charity, cardiac risk in the young.


Daughter Lucy explains. Andrew suddenly died of a heart condition


he did not know about. Since then, my dad has thrown himself into his


singing, using that as therapy to help him with his loss. So the


years, of Paul has sunk to help others. Now it is time to sing for


himself. And when knows which song he will want to perform. Paul loves


the song bring him home from Les Miserables. It is a very poignant


song to him. A very emotional song. He will be so shocked that it is


his turn. I don't think he has a clue that this is coming.


secret cameras are in place and my wig is in place as I become


hopeless school inspector and Jane Barrington. I feel like a young and


Robinson. So, John, see me after the class. In fact, and Robinson


may be preferable to Jane. At least Anne can do her job. And as wife


when watches from a secret room next door, super klutz Jane tries


to throw pour off his stride. -- tries to throw pour off his stride.


Don't mind me. Thank you very much. Everyone is on their best behaviour


for the inspector and does not react. How will they manage the


next distraction, Scotch eggs and flattery? Would you like a Scotch


egg? No, thanks. You should, you know. You could manage it with your


figure. I shouldn't, on the other hand. Here is a quick IT lesson for


you - expensive computers and liquids really don't mix. It wasn't


very expensive equipment, was it? Only a few thousand pounds.


Computer has often get bugs, so it is time for me to have one of my


own. Aaagh! Sorry. It is not that I am allergic, I just don't like bees.


In reality, there is no bumblebee, but I am about to give Paul the


buzz of his life. I am really sorry to make such a fuss. It is just...


Well, I think you are a great teacher. In fact, I know you are a


great teacher. And I know that you do a lot for charity. And the


reason that I know this is because... And Debra Stephenson


from Tonight's The Night. And John Barrowman has sent me to help make


your dreams come true. Right, yes? Yes. I understand that you are a


big fan of the musical Les Miserables. How would you like to


come down to the Tonight's The Night studio and sing a song from


that musical on the show? Love to. I was hoping you would say that.


I am frightened and excited and nervous. We will see how it goes.


We've brought fuel London. It's prt place to inspire Paul ahead of his


big performance. Who better to ask for tips, than the star of the show,


Alfie Bow. Hello. Nice to meet you. Very nice to meet you indeed. Are


you OK. Excuse me. I'm overwhelmed. Looking out there. What do you


think. Give us a bit of a song, seriously. In front of you? Yeah,


in front of millions as well. # God on high


# Hear my prayer # In my need... #


I thought Paul's voice was wonderful, very nice. I only heard


a little bit, but I think he has a natural ability to sing. That song


gets them going. It's a great song to sing. I know it's close to her


heart and sentimental to you. yeah. I was going to ask you a


favour, if you'd mind if I sang the song with you. I'll be there.


I'm crying you can take over. give you the hard stuff to sing.


I'll do the easy bit. When Alfie told me he was performing, that's


amazing. I seem to be getting loads of surprises at the moment. With


Paul's story, it's enough as it is, but with the song added and well as


the sentiment behind the song and what it means for Paul, it's going


to be a very, very special moment. APPLAUSE


You're Paul's daughter, you must be very, very proud of your dad with


all that he does. Yes, we're very proud of him. He's worked really,


really hard. It's paying off because he sounds amazing. And he's


a great dad as well. How's he been since he was surprised by Debra?


He's been so excited. He hasn't stopped smiling. I think he can't


believe he's actually going to sing on TV. We know Paul's son died


tragically overseas. This is an important song for him. What does


it mean to him to sing this song tonight? He's always loved the song,


but obviously since an druep's death it's become more poignant.


Every (Andrew's death) Time he sing it's now, I think he feels he's


doing it for Andrew. It's curtain up on the performance of a life


time. With Alfie Bow, and Bring Him Home, Paul Stevens, Tonight's The


Night. # God on high


# Hear my prayer. # In my need


# You have always been there. Ladies and gentleman, please


welcome Paul Stevens. APPLAUSE


He is # He is young. # He's afraid


# Let him rest. # Heaven blessed.


# Bring him home. # Bring him home


# Bring him home. # He's like the son I might have


known # If God had granted me a son.


# The summers die # One by one.


# How soon they fly # On and on.


# And I am old # And will be gone.


# You can take. # You can give


# Let him be. # Let him live


# If I die, let me die. # Let him live


# Bring him home. # Bring him home


Paul, you've sung that song many times. Is it always an emotional


thing to sing? Absolutely, yeah. It is now, yeah. You were magnificent.


Thank you. If you could see everyone, they're in tears. Such a


beautiful song. Alfie will you be able to sing it now knowing the


story this man has behind it? was just incredible. He said he


would come down to the West End and take over the role. Only one song.


I'm glad you've enjoyed it and it was wonderful to have you here and


able to make this dream come true and Alfie also. Ladies and


gentleman, Alfie Bow and our West End dreamer, Paul Stevens!


APPLAUSE It's been an amazing show. It's not


over yet. On this stage the music doesn't stop. Back with her new


single Think About It, it's Melanie # I know I shouldn't be doing this


# Why can't I stop? # Butterfly's, bloodrush,


everything'd telling me to run but I'm not


# Only regret what you don't do. # Why don't we do what we want to


now? # Don't give me time to back out.


# Cause I don't wanna think about frikin up.


# Trying to pretend that we didn't # What we're doing.


# I don't wanna think about # Giving up.


# Not tonight # I don't wanna think about anyone,


anything, anyway. # If there's a chance or break.


# I wanna smash into pieces # Let's make a big mistake.


# But I don't wanna think about it # I don't wanna think about it.


# My heart beats my head. # And I'm letting it


# Take me over. # I got to keep going


# Can't stop, can't sleep. # Cause tomorrow I'll be sober


# You only regret what you don't do. # Why don't we do what we want to


now? # Don't give me time to back out.


# Cause I don't wanna think about frikin up


# Trying to pretend that we didn't # What we're doing


# I don't wanna think about. # Giving up


# Not tonight. # I don't wanna think about anyone,


anything, anyway # If there's a chance or break.


# I wanna smash into pieces # Let's make a big mistake.


# But I don't wanna think about it # I don't wanna think about it.


# I want to feel something I've never felt before


# And I don't care if it hurts # It's worth it.


# I want to be someone I've never been before


# So I'm gonna run. # I'm gonna close my eyes


# I'm gonna jump into the fire. # I don't want to think about, not


tonight # I don't want to think about


anyone, anything, I don't want to think about it


# You only do what you want to # You only regret the things thaw


don't do, do, do # Let's do what we want to #


APPLAUSE Ladies and gentleman, Melanie C! If


you want to find out more about anything in tonight's show or just


enjoy those dreams once more, then log on to bbc.co.uk/Tonight's The


Night. I'm back next week for the final show of this series, when


girl band the Saturdays get a new line up. Dame Town iri Tekanawa is


here. And R&B sensation Jay Sean gate crashes a party for a special


# Don't you feel it growin', day by # People gettin' ready for the news


# Some are happy, some are sad # Woah, gotta let the music play.


# What the people need is a way to make them smile


# Ain't so hard to do if you know # Gotta get a message, get it on


through # Oh now momma don't you ask me why.


# Oh, oh, oh listen to the music, # When, I know you know baby,


everything I say, # Meet me in the country for a day.


# We'll be happy and we'll dance. # Oh, we're gonna dance our blues


away. # Whoa, listen to the music,


# Oh, oh, oh, listen to the music # All the time


# Like a lazy flowing river. # Surrounding castles in the sky


# And the crowd is growing bigger # Listening for the happy sounds


John Barrowman is making more dreams come true as Melanie C teams up to perform with a deserving Liverpool lass; Les Miserables star Alfie Boe duets with a dad who's overcome a personal tragedy; a tennis-mad teenager meets his hero Andy Murray; and doo-wop sensations The Overtones sing a one night only duet with their biggest fan.

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