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Episode 6

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It's Saturday night. This is Tonight's The Night. Please welcome


your host, on Barrowman. # I gotta feeling that tonight's


gonna be a good night # That tonight's gonna be a good


night # That tonight's gonna be a good


good night # Tonight's the night night


# Let's live it up # I got my money


# Let's spend it up # Go out and smash it


# Like Oh My God # Jump off that sofa


# Let's get get OFF # I got a feeling.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Good evening and welcome to


Tonight's The Night. The show which makes dreams come true. It is the


last show of the series already! Audience AH! SNL I STILL HAVE SO


MANY I still have so many dreams to make come true. And the winner of


best actor is... John Barrowman. CHEERING


Thank you so much. I'd like to thank Mr Spielberg and my


supporting cast, Brad, Tom, Colin. This is for you guys! What am I


saying? It's for me! Me! Me! Me! Me... John, What? Hold on, did I


just have one of my secret private dreams? Did you see it? Yeah.


it the best actor one? Yes! Whoa! Thank goodness. Anyway... My dreams


don't always come true but I have plenty that will for some very


deserving people. Here's what's on the way. Top girl band The


Saturdays are here with a brand new member. Dame Dame Kiri Te Kanawa


makes operatic dream come true. Jodie Prenger goes to south Pacific


with its star Samantha Womack. Plus, I'm Jay Sean. I'll be gate crashing


a party to surprise is very special person. So stay where you are.


Right now, we've all left something valuable in a taxi, haven't we?


Just last week I left my bag, phone and personal items in the back of a


cab. But I also left some hidden cameras and microphones in there


too. You're about to see for the first time on national television,


my pants being flashed in the back of a cab. Today, I'm in Guildford


to surprise Connie Nash, a tower of strength to her friends and family.


We're going to pick up Connie in our cab. Little does she know, it


is hidden with cameras. When she gets into the cab, she'll notice my


man bag's inside. My phone's in there, a wallet and other things.


It is time now to go get Connie and make her dream come true. Connie


has a passion for singing. She'll belt out a tune any time, place or


anywhere. It can be hard rock, country naiing. Singing has always


been her life. She sings in the old people in the village. She'll sing


anywhere. Give her a stage and Mick row phone and she's away. When


she's not singing, she's helping mum who has health problems. She


runs the house and has everything they need. She's my brick. She's


there for me. It is not just her family she's there for. Her best


friend says Connie is the first person they'll turn to in their


hour of need. Connie is so selfless. She'd do anything for anyone at any


time. She's an amazing person. Because of that loyalty and support,


I've arranged for Connie to sing live in the studio as a new member


of the chart topping girl band, The Saturdays.


I will be the proud est mother in the whole wild world when Connie


appears on stage. I'm going to monitor everything from this


vehicle. I can see what's happening in the cab on the screens. I can


hear what's happening on this ear piece. I can also talk to the cab


driver on this microphone. Connie thinks she's going out for a night


out on the town. We're about to make they are dream come true. The


taxi ace arrived. Connie and her friend will hit the town. You look


beautiful. Thank you. Everything all right? Yes, thank you. What do


you two do? Study? We study musical theatre. All singing and dancing?


That's us. I ain't agot a dancing license in here tonight. Whatever


you do. Oi!, Johnny, stick to the script. What's that on the back? Is


that yours? Don't know. Is there a name or telephone number on it.


Have you got the number there or anything? Hey, watch my lucky


pants! Hello, I'm Connie, I'm in the taxi. I've found your bag and


phone. Thank you so much. I left it. I can't believe I got out of a taxi


and left it. Is there any way you can drop it off to me. I'll pay for


your fare. Who's going to pay? You or them? Them. That's handy. I'm at


guild for Castle. At the skal royal Oak. Thank you. He's American.


Connie has no idea it is me calling. Until she starts snooping in my


wallet. That can't be true! SCREAMING It is John Barrowman. I


just spoke for John Barrowman on the phone. Who's he? He's famous.


For what? Musical theatre. So, what part of my life are they really


interested?. Let's take pictures with his pants. They're taking


pictures with my pants! Hilarious! Genius. They've put my sunglasses


on. Are we drooping off now? We're nearly there. Are we going to meet


John Barrowman? SCREAMING I'm so pleased. Thank you so much. Connie,


I'm actual ji John Barrowman from BBC One's Tonight's The Night. I'm


here to make your dream come true. You put on my sunglasses, took


pictures with my pants! You're so busted! You're so busted! This has


all been a set-up because I know that you've, you're a pillar of


strength for your family. You do things to help out your mother in


particular. We know you have a dream to sing in front of millions


of people? Yes? Yes. Would you like to come to the studio and we'll get


you up on the tonight's the night stage and you can sing to the


nation. Awesome? Yes! Thank you very much. You're welcome! There


you go. So surprised. Nothing like this ever happens to me. This is


amazing. A complete dream come true. Can I say, these are not my pants!


They are not my pants. Mine are much bigger! It's the day before


her dream performance and Connie's in Manchester rehearsing her big


number Higher. She's about to get some visitors. Much cos you keep on


pushing # Like I need permission to be


heard # Hi, When The Saturdays walked in, they were so friendly.


Every one gave me a hug. They are really lovely girls. Maybe she


should join the band. # When I keep listening


# Cos you keep on pushing #... Snl She has a powerful voice. I think


she will be really, really good. # I'm gonna lift it higher #


When the doors open I'll be nervous. But it will be amazing.


Connie's not just there for you but everybody, isn't she? She's always


there for friends and family. Always goes that extra mile for


them. Joanna, you guys look like you have a good time together?


little bit. She's always up for a laugh. Put a smile on anyone's face.


She's brilliant. Christopher, dad... I believe so! You believe so! A


first on Tonight's The Night. I feel like I'm watching Trisha.


Christopher, she's about to perform with Britain's biggest girl band.


She has a lot of confidence but will she be nervous before walking


on? She's bound to be. But she'll be bursting to get out there and go


for it. Here with Britain's hottest girl band, The Saturdays singing


one of their biggest hits, Higher, Connie Nash, Tonight's The Night.


# I'm doing nothing # Kauz then at least I'm doing


nothing wrong # And I'm staying on my own


# Then turn off my telephone # If nothing's gained, nothing's


# And you can tell them # # Yeah, you can say whatever I


don't care # And if you wanna play it cool


# Then I got news for you # It's getting hotter, hotter over


here. Please welcome on stage our sixth


Memon stage tonight, it's Connie. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.




































# So when I speak, listen, this is my decision.


# And you keep on messing up the world.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE That was really awesome. Girls, how


did you feel to have a sixth member? Amazing. She's so good.


Connie, how was it standing behind those doors waiting to come on?


Scared. I was really nervous but excited. I just wanted them to open.


Girls, she looked and sounded the part? She did. Are you surprised?


The girls said cos she's blonde, if I feel sick or want to leave she's


in. If she's not pulling her weight! Do you need a brunette?


Connie, make me a promise. If you do find a pair of pants in the


backs of a taxi, don't put them on your head. That's a moment entoe!


Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, The Saturdays will be back later


with their new single. For now, everybody, Connie Nash. CHEERING


AND APPLAUSE We've only just begun. There's


still plenty more on the way. R&B star Jay Sean gives one lady a


party she'll never forget. Samantha Womack, the new star of South


passiveic meets a crazy hairdresser. It can only happen on Tonight's The


Night. Time to deliver another dream. I was born and raised in


this city. I know very little about the countryside. The nearest I've


been to a farm was playing the rear end of a pantomime cow! The pay was


good but the view was lousey. So, for this next dream, I had to


discover my rural side. Let's see how I do in the wild, Wild West...


Of Somerset! I'm here at the royal Bath and West show. To see Teresa.


She's no idea we're here to make her dreams come true. 19-year-old


Theresa is here to sing for the Royal British Legion. According to


her best friend Hannah, it is one of the meant charity gigs she does.


Teresa loves singing. If she can sing and work at the same time, it


is perfect for her. After performing, Teresa donates any fees


to charity. And even sleeps on transfor the between gigs.


gives up all of her time. She travels back and forth from London


at her own expense to do things for the legion. She does it because she


wants to, not because she wants anything out of it. Mum lily wants


Teresa's dreams to come true so I've arranged for her to sing with


her hero, the internationally famous Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. It will


be shock initially. Then she'll scream and be excited. Performing


on stage and on television would make her dreams come true. Back at


the country show, Theresa is getting ready for her performance.


I'm throwing myself into the rural ways. So I really am one of the


skal village People. I'm getting to terms with this countryside. What


do you think baa, bra. I never want to say I milked a performance!


While Theresa takes the stage, I'll find out what dashing uniform the


legion have for my disguise. I heard you've something for me. What


is it? I have the British Legion poppy mascot. This is awesome.


Let's get my poppy on. Thanks. Theresa has been told when she's


finished, there will be a photocall with the poppy mascot. She's no


idea it will be me inside the costume. I'm ready to go in. Poppy-


power! Theresa's finished and here I come. This is really a long way


from Captain Jack. CHEERING This is one hot and sweaty costume.


It is stuck to me. I'll have to get Theresa to help me get it off. I'll


not really a mascot. I'm John Parr Oman and I'm here to make your


dream come true! Whoa. Hello. I would like you to come to the


Tonight's The Night studio and sing on television to millions of people


out there in the nation. Will you do that? Yeah! I tell you, the


things I do for showbiz. This young lady does an incredible amount for


charity in her local area and she's what I would call a self-less young


lady. She's always offered to get paid for performances and you do


what? Tell us? I do it for free because I love it. If she gets


money, she gives it back to the community or charities but I've got


a surprise for you, you will awe' be singing with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa,


CHEERING I don't want to say I'll be star struck. That will be


embarrassing. But I probably will be. Would your mum come up? Before


she meets Dame Kiri, I've another surprise. Meeting Sophie, Countess


of Wessex. Have you got over the shock yet? Yeah, this is just


another one. I'm sorry to do this to you. She's getting to sing with


dame Kiri. You'll have to tune in. I will definitely do that. It is


such a pleasure to meet you are. Thank you, appreciate it. Thank you.


Now we're down with the royals. You and me. Will and Kate look out. It


is Theresa and John on their way. Watch this space. Thank you for


making my dreams come true is all I can say. You're welcome, sweetheart.


Thank you. A few weeks later, Theresa is practising with the show


when her duet partner props in for an unexpected rehearsal. # To be


the best I can #... # If I win... # I was shocked when I heard her


singing. I thought, oh, my God, it's the voice, the voice of Dame


Kiri. Well done. Hello. Hello! Oh, God. This will be fun, isn't it?


Thank you so much. I didn't think something like this could happen to


me. It has been amazing. Absolutely amazing.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I know you're nervous and he and excited. What


kind of sacrifices has Theresa made for others? She does so much.


She'll have parties of her own to go to her own social events. She'll


give all that up to be there to sing at the charities. She will not


put herself first, she always puts the charities first. She gives


everything back to them. Epbg low, you're dad?, she's a one-off?


proud of her. She's my little star. Theresa is now getting something


for herself. Singing World In Union with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Theresa


sings on Tonight's The Night. # There's a dream I feel so rare,


so real # All the world in union


# The world as one # Gathering together


# One mind, one heart # Every creed, every colour


# Once joined, never apart # Ladies and gentlemen, please




# We must take our place in history # And live with dignity


Just to be the best I can # Sets the goal for every man


# If I win, lose or draw # It's a victory for all


It's the world in union # The world as one


# As we climb to reach our destiny # A new age has bee gun -- begun


# It's the world in union # A new age has begun #


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE That was amazing. Absolutely


amazing. Theresa, this has been your dream for a long time. Come on.


How does it feel now you've fulfilled it? Amazing. I want to do


it again and again. I would scream but it's not good for my voice!


Don't scream. For someone so young. What an instrument, what a voice.


Lovely, but a lot of work to go forward with. The show's wonderful.


Thank you very much for making this possible for her. Thank you. No,


thank you. Mum, dad, it was also a dream for you. How do you feel?


Absolutely so proud of her. Fantastic. Thank you. I'm coming


over for pasta. Ladies and gentlemen, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and


Theresa DI i Roberto. Here I am again surrounded by the great and


good but only one of you is in for a surprise tonight. Let's get


searching. I'm looking for someone who's taken a whole new direction


in their life. Loves the roar of the Grace paint, the smell of the


crowd. Somebody who is a one- Mangham tuer dramatics group.


Someone like you Keith Lee. that's not me. Someone like you,


Keith Lee? No. Wait a minute. Let me just check something. You're


like Keith Lea. Oh, it's someone who works in Keighley Yorkshire,


like you, Peter Whitley! CHEERING You thought I'd messed up there,


didn't you, Peter? Yes. You and your daughter come with me while


the rest of you take a look at this. I've been married to Peter for 14


years. He's very fun-loving. Always looks on the good side of things.


My dad's special. He's always there for everybody else. Feeter as a


father-in-law is qairing. Loves his kids and granddaughter. Recently


he's done a concert, Help the Heroes. He does things for


MacMillan cancer care. He's due to do a parachute jump. Over the years,


Peter's raised thousands of pounds for his charities. New Year's Day,


at 26 weeks pregnant, I was rushed into hospital. I didn't know what


had happened until I woke up ten days later when I found out I'd


Swine Flu. I had to ring Peter tell him there was always a chance he'd


lose his granddaughter and daughter. He was extremely worried and


anxious. Our priority was to support Hannah and to support Dan,


her husband. Even though what he were going through, Peter was


strong, always there for meself. Giving lifts to the hospital.


Always at his daughter's bedside. Having dad there meant so much to


me. He's a very special person. dad gets his energy from making


other people smile. Other people happy. Peter, have a wonderful


evening. I'm proud to know you. You're a very special person. I


want you to enjoy tonight. I love you. Dad, I want to say a huge


thank you for everything you do. Have a great night. Love you, love


you granddad. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE N Hand in a,


how much of a support was your dad through your illness? A huge


support. He was there by my bedside while I were on life support and


through my recovery. He was there for Dan and the rest of my family.


Peter, throughout everything, you seem to be able to put a smile on


people's faces. What makes you want to do that? Laughter's The Best


Medicine for anybody. I just love making people laugh. I could sit


with you all night and giggle. I could. I just like seeing people


enjoy themselves. I get a lot of pleasure out of it. Peter, you've


brought so many smiles to so many people. You've done so much for


your family and community. I'd like to put a smile on your face tonight


by singing this song just for you. # You know I can't smile without


# I can't smile without you # I can't laugh and I can't sing


# I'm finding it hard to do anything


# You see I feel sad when you're # I feel glad when you're glad


# If you only new what I'm going through


# If I just can't smile without you # Some people say


# Happiness takes # So very long to find


# Well, I'm finding it hard leaving your love behind me


# Peter, it's time to bring out some of the people who you made


smile over the years. The people who love you, your friends and


family, your colleagues. Come on over here, Peter. CHEERING AND




# I can't smile without you # I can't laugh and I can't sing


# I'm finding it hard to do anything


# You see I feel glad when you're glad


# I feel sad when you're sad # If you only knew what I am going


through # I just can't smile without you #


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Did you ever realise how much you


mean to everybody? No. No, I didn't. I love everybody. Thank you.


you suspect anybody was planning anything? Not a thing. Not a thing.


Debbie didn't even tell me which shirt to wear! You were left on


your own? Let me tell you, you made a good choice. Ladies and gentlemen,


a big round of applause and a big smile for Peter Whitley.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE We've plenty more lined up. Here's


what's on the way. R&B star Jay Sean makes a surprise for one lady.


The cast of South Pacific are here and The Saturdays return. OK dudes.


It is the last show of the series. Do you want to party? AUDIENCE: Yes.


Can you feel it? Here we go. Get ready. It's coming. # I got you


# I got you # Agadoo... #


Guess I'm not street enough to be a super star DJ. For this next


surprise, that was a good thing. I'm in London to meet mum z Taz.


She's coming here for what she thinks is a regular gathering but


I'm about to make it a party of a lifetime. And, of course, we've


rigged that party with our sneaky secret cameras. What are we like?


We all know a party isn't complete without a DJ. Calm down, ladies, it


is DJ Roger with wheels of steel and pants the polyester. Feel that


static electricity! And the party has another surprise. Performer on


the way, international star Jay Sean. That's a gate-crasher she can


deal W while Mumtaz arrives at what shis is a family get together Jay


Sean is behind the scenes. It is especially for her and she deserves


it. Since Mumtaz's dad died tragically in 2004, the 25-year-old


care assistant's kept the family together. Her brother explains.


father was the add heeive. Gelling figure. Mumtaz took on that. She's


the first programme to help us resolve any problems. If we are sad,


she's the first person to make us happy. She's the person we look to


But Mumtaz has had struggles of her own since she was diagnosed with


arthritis. It hasn't been easy. Mumtaz was diagnosed with arthritis


for two years now. There are days when she can't moval ought. She's


gone through tough times. So, now it is time for Mumtaz to become the


centre of attention with a big thank you from sister and the rest


of the family. Mumtaz Lynx to put others first rather than herself.


She likes to see people smile. We think this time, we want to make


her happy and give her a big surprise. So, after the family got


in touch, I knew the surprise to give Mumtaz. A personal party


performance from her idol, Jay Sean. Much Back at the social club, DJ


Roger's working the crowd while Jay Sean watchs from upstairs. Over to


you, R&B's top DJ. My name is Roger DJ by nature. I'm going to shout


over everybody, all right? crowd wants some hot R&B but Roger


has no idea what that is. Here we have a great R&B classic. Hit it me,


man! # I am the one and only... # Oops, that seems to have cleared


the dance floor. Surely Roger's singing will bring them back.


# I am the one and only # DJ Roger decides to get Mumtaz involved.


Time to get everyone on their feet for another R&B classic. Backstage,


Jay Sean's horrified but not for the reasons you might think. He's


gone and ruined it. I normally come out. This is my entrance song!


on, Jay, you'll make your entrance soon. First, it is time for the DJ


to give Mumtaz a surprise she'll never forget. Come over here, I'm


John Barrowman from BBC One's Tonight's The Night. And I'm here


to make your dreams come true! ALL WHOOP Your brother got in touch and


wrote the letter because he loves you dearly. He thinks you're


wonderful and the pillar of strength for your family and he


thinks you deserve this. I know you like R&B music. How about a song


you can dance to with Amran by a Jay Sean, is that all right? I've


got a better idea. Because, I've brought Jay Sean here today.


Whooping and cheering. It was lovely thinking, oh, my God, am I


dreaming. I'm happy and proud to be a part of this dream come true. I


hope you enjoy it. It is lovely to be here with you and all of you.


# You ready for this? This song is especially for you.


# So just let it be # Come on and bring your body next


to me # I'll take you away, yeah


# And I'll turn this place into a private get away


# So leave it behind so we have a night to get away


# He's so fit! He's so good looking. I want my son to turn out like him!


I never thought I'd see him in real life. Today, he was in front of me,


singing for me. It was unbelievable. # And even if the sky is falling


down # You will be my only


# There's no need to worry # Frplt this is my dream come true. I can't


dream anything else apart from that. This is the best dream in my life.


Thank you so much to everybody. Said, even if the sky is falling




Mumtaz, that was a very welcome gate crashing, wasn't it? Yes, it


was an amazing experience. I had a lovely time that day. Thank you for


what everybody done for me. You're very welcome. The reason was your


brother and when your father did die, Mumtaz was the glue that held


you all together? Absolutely. My father loved his family. Loved


everyone in his life. He was so self-less. We inherited that as a


family. But Mumtaz inherited what my father was. We are very proud to


have a sister like her. I believe every family should have a person


like mum it is a. Ladies and gentlemen, a devoted sister,


daughter and wife. Mumtaz. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


So far tonight, I've been a hope pls DJ and aspiring poppy.


Sometimes I have to ask my mates to help. Welcome back my really good


friend, Jodie Prenger. Jodie, I really need to check out your suit


abimity for this hairdressing mission. We'll play a word game.


I'll say a word. You respond, the first thing that comes into your


mind. OK. I'm thinking of Bob, Monkhouse. Wedge, Heels. Curling?


Team. Do you know anything about hairdressing? No! This should go


perfect then! I'm here in Doncaster to surprise Jessica Bolton, a


trainee hairdresser. Unsays pected Jessica's been roped into filming


part of a documentary about me returning to my roots as a


hairdresser. I don't know me Bob from my bow fant. I think it is


time to get this pre tense on the road. She's a hairdresser by trade


but Jessica's dad says her real passion since childhood has been


the theatre. She lifls for the theatre, breathes it, sleeps it.


When Jessica was ten, her mum had a serious fall. Jessica had to grow


up quickly. My wife had an accident which left her disabled. She


couldn't walk for a long time. Jessica had to do a lot of looking


after her brother and sister. Jessica's friends think she has a


childhood dream to fulfil. It would be to make it on to a West End


stage, a Broadway stage, any stage. So, to thank Jessica for all she's


done, she's asked her to sing with the star of South passiveic,


Samantha Womack. This will be enormous for Jessica. It will be a


real boost. She'll never forget it as long as she lives lives. She'll


feel the most excited ever in the her entire life. She'll be shocked.


Back at the salon, Jess is primed. I've got me slap on. The cameras


are in place. Our fake documentary about my hairdressing past is


really to role. First up, we get a member of the production team to


phone the salon. I get to perfect my telephone manner. Hiya. Good


morning, Pan ach. How may be help you? 9.30am. Is that all right?


We're not open then. 9.30 will be all right. We're not open.


Afternoon. 4.00. OK. Booked. you get the name? The what?


name. Do you know what they want? Jessica calms me down. Thanks to a


hidden camera and mic I get to hear what she thinks of me so far. And,


But we're watching you, Jessica. Things are about to get even more


hair raising when one of the salon's regular customers is in on


the secret. Don't worry, you're in safe hands. Careful with it. Sorry!


Jodie! Keep your head back. Keep your head back. Let me swap this


towel for you. After her free facial, it is time for our plan to


get her prize locks trimmed. She only wants half an inch off but I'm


not great with measurements. Like that? Without cutting your finger.


I'll be fine. Just take a bit off. Just a tiny bit. About half an inch.


Just about there. Yep. That's it. That's not half an inch. That's


about four inches. That's about four inches off my hair. De pends


what you're told an inch is. Can we make... Can we make it into hair


extensions. Glue it back on. I'm going to give you... I'll let you


hold that. With the boss left to deal with an unhappy customer, it


is time to let me clear things up with Jessica. You probably gathered


by now that I'm not here filming a documentary about me being a


hairdresser. I was never ever a hairdresser. What I am here, I'm


Jodie Prenger from the BBC and Tonight's The Night and John


Barrowman has sent me to make your dream come true. So what we're


going to do... Were you all in on this? What we're going to do, we've


arrange it had all so you can go sing a big hit musical song from


South Pacific in front of millions of viewers on Tonight's The Night.


How do you feel? I'm so scared. won't be on your own. We've


Samantha Womack, the star of South Pacific who will be singing a duet


with you on the night. How's that? It's amazing. This is most


definitely a dream come true. I never thought it would happen to me.


I would like to thank everyone involved. Jessica, I heard how


supportive and amazing you are to your family.Y ndz or clues as to


who you think has arranged this dream come true for you? Dad?


dad? Thank you. A week later, Jessica's in London learninging her


song and dance routine I'm in lover with a Wonderful Guy from South


Pacific. She'll perform with a professional cast and her duet


partner Samantha woe mam. I've come to surprise you. Hello. How are


you? I'm good, thank you. walked through the door. I couldn't


continue. I've seen her on telly but to see her walk into the room


was fantastic. Much I'm in love, in love with a


Wonderful Guy # Jessica has a beautiful voice. I'm really excited


about singing with Sam. Lots of rehearsals, dance row teens.


Fingers crossed for that one. have a feeling Jessica under


pressure, under the lights will do brill yapbltly. I'll probably fall


to pieces. She looks really confident. I'm really excite about


going on the show. Big audience will probably make me nervous but


at the moment I'm buzzing, can't wait to do it.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Jessica really stepped up to the plate


after your accident? I don't know what I'd have done without her.


She takes performing as an escape. Will she be excited about tonight?


She will be excited. A little bit nervous but I think she'll love it.


What was that again? Ooh ooh ooh nervous, like me! Are you guys


nervous? Yeah. She'll be brilliant. Jodie, you are excited for her?


is really tough but she will be fabulous. She is.


We're all sitting here excited and a little ooooh! So, here's Jessica


with Samantha Womack and the cast of South Pacific.


# I'm as horny as can SAS in August # I'm as norming a as blueberry pie


# No more a smart little girl with no heart


# I have found me a Wonderful Guy # Imin a conventional dither


# With a conventional star in my # And you will note there's a lump


in my throat # When I speak of that Wonderful


Guy # Ladies and gentlemen, Jessica.


# I'm bromidic and bright # As a moon happy night on the due.


# I'm as corny as Kansas in August # High as a tkphraing on the 4th


July # If you'll excuse an expression I


# I'm in love, I'm in love # I'm in love with a Wonderful Guy


I'm as corny askance as in August # If you'll excuse and expression I


# I'm in love, I'm in love # I'm in love with a Wonderful Guy


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Amazing. Take a deep breath. You


can breathe now. Take a deep breath. How does it feel Jessica to stand


centre stage? It's amazing. It's just a dream come true. It really


is. Sam, to have that dream come true, it's a really big deal


something like this? It's huge. We were all watching the VT backstage


in tears. It was so moving. We're so glad to be able to help you make


this dream come true. You're fantastic. Mum, dad, are you proud?


Amazed. Really, really proud. this girl can cope with anything?


She sure can. The West End would be proud to have you, girl, they


really would. Ladies and gentlemen. Jessica Bolton.


Earlier they made one girl's dream come true. Now they're back with


their new single all fired up. It's The Saturdays.


# Blow my mind # DJ blow my mind


# Blow my mind # DJ blow my mind


# I put my hand against the speakers


# Singing blow my mind # DJ blow my mind


# I put my head to the speakers # Singing blow my mind


# DJ blow my mind # All fired up, I feel alive


# I feel alive, I feel alive. # All fired up, all fired up


# I feel alive. I feel alivele Rb we can make the party super


naughty. # Dancing on the bar


# We're dancing on the bar # We make the party super naughty


# Dancing on the bar # We're all animal


# We're all animal, animal, animal, animal


# We're all animal # So put your claws out. Get your


clause out # All fired up, I feel alive


# We're so close to the edge of desire, we're so hot, hot got that


fire # We're so close to the edge of


desire # Feelts so hot, got that fire


# We're so close to the edge of desire


# Feels so hot, got that fire # Blow my pined, DJ blow my mind


# Blow my mind # DJ blow my mind


# I put my head against the speakers


# Singing blow my mind # DJ blow my mind


# I put my head to the speakers # Singing blow my mind


# DJ blow my find ml # All fired up, I feel alive


# All fired up, I feel alive # Give me keep me, keep me on your


radar # Keep me, keep me, keep me on your


radar # So keep me, keep me on your radar


# Keep me, keep me on your radar N # Keep me, keep me on your radar




Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, The Saturdays.


Unfortunately, that's it for tonight and for the series.


AUDIENCE A w! If you want to re- live any of tonight's dreams go to


our website. They say it is not over until the


fat lady sings but in this case, I'll have to do. Until next time,


thank you so much for watching and remember, please, keep dreaming.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # If you wake up and don't want to


smile # If I takes you just a little


while # Open your eyes and look at the


# You'll see things in a different # Don't stop thinking about


tomorrow # Don't stop, it'll soon be here


# It'll be better than before # Yesterday's gone, yesterday's


gone # Don't stop thinking about


tomorrow # Don't stop


# Why not think about the times to come


# And not about the things that you've done


# If your life was bad to you # Just think what tomorrow will do


# Don't stop thinking about tomorrow


# Don't stop, it'll soon be here # It'll be better than before


# Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone


# All I want is to see you mile # If it takes just a little while


# I know you don't believe that it's true


# I never meant any harm to you # Don't stop thinking about


tomorrow # Don't stop, it'll soon be here


# It'll be better than before # Yesterday's gone, yesterday's


gone # Don't stop thinking about


John Barrowman hosts the final episode in the series as he sets out to make more dreams come true. Britain's hottest girl band The Saturdays perform a surprise duet; Dame Kiri Te Kanawa teams up with a deserving teenager; R & B sensation Jay Sean gate crashes a party for a very special mum; and Samantha Womack and the cast of the new musical South Pacific join forces with a theatrical dreamer.

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