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It's an education like no other. I don't care what background you


come from, whether you are upper- class, middle-class, the only class


I'm interested in is finding someone who is first class.


From all over the country, 12 of Britain's youngest and brightest


business brains have come to London. I love to encourage young people


like you, to see whether you have that spark of genius in you. Aged


17 and 16, all have a passion for business. I will give you �65 for


both. They will compete for a life- changing prize worth �25,000.


this aside, focus on the task. kick start a business career.


try to pretend you know it all, believe me, it will be embarrassing.


To succeed they have to impress the boss. This is not a talent show.


In charge of a vast business empire, Lord Sugar started his career while


still at school. Now he's on the hunt for his next young ayoung.


I speak, please -- Young Apprentice. Can I speak please. They must work


together as teams, but shine as individuals. God this is difficult.


It wasn't me. Because in the end, there can only be one Young


Apprentice. You're fired. You're fired. With


Previously on Young Apprentice. want you to come up with a new


anti-% ant deodorant, and produce a television advert. Harry M stamped


on things. I'm project manager, this is what I want to do. Zara's


team was forced to re-think. have to listen to our market


research. On the dance floor, James and Harry M broke into a sweat.


While Lizzie and Gbemi got creative on a can. You know mirror, mirror


on the wall. Cool moves. Put Zara back in business. That's right Ryan,


one more time, please. In the boardroom she enjoyed the sweet


smell of success. Your advert was the best one, very well done.


Harry M got heated. James you were trying to cause trouble every step


of the way. James stayed fresh. When did I criticise you saying you


were a terrible project manager. And Gbemi reflected on failure.


don't get it, that was a bad design, Gbemi you are fired. Thank you Lord


Sugar. Becoming the fifth casualty of the boardroom. Now seven remain


in the battle to become the Young Apprentice.


6.30am. Hello, Hayley speaking. This is


Lord Sugar's office, he would like to meet you at Madame Tussauds, the


cars will be with you in 20 minutes. Thank you.


Everybody get up. Madame Tussauds in 20 minutes. 20 minutes. Hair


straighteners are on. Five weeks gone, and for Harry Maxwell, five


times a loser. I think some people, particularly Harry M has got a lot


to prove, because he has to make sure he wins this task. I have


never seen anyone survive week after week, that boy, he's very,


very lucky. This has to be the one I win, you know. Never worn this


tie before, could be the formula for success. You're just a bad luck


charm, innit! Madame Tussauds. 200 years of turning living legends


Good morning. Welcome to Madame Tussauds. Famous for their wax


figures. The reason they are successful is they keep up-to-date.


Every single detail has to look right, clothes and shoes,


hairstyles, and every day there is a new list of things that need


replacing. Your task this week is to help them acquire those objects.


Now, you need to find and buy ten items and bring them back here by


7.00pm. Everything you come back with has to look the part. But it


mustn't cost the earth. You need to negotiate the best possible price.


Now, I'm going to mix the teams up a little bit here. Harry M and


Lizzie, I want you to move across to Atomic, and Harry H and Haya, I


want you move across to Kinetic. The team that spends the least


money on all the items wins, and on the losing team one of you will be


fired. Everything clear? Off you go. Ten hours to buy ten items, for A-


list celebrities, at rock bottom prices. But first, the new teams


need leaders. So, has no-one got anything they can put on the table.


I don't think so. I mean I've not really. I have zero experience but


I'm happy to put myself forward. will put myself forward, you put


yourself forward. I go for Lizzie. Done. I'm willing to do this, I'm


good at negotiating, I will be perfect for. That what I am wary of


is you are from London. I would like to put myself forward as


project manager. If you really want to do it. I do, the only thing


stopping me is saying I really want to do it is London. So I will be


project manager. If you want to be. Do you want to be. Can we make a


decision. Yeah I want to be project manager, that is why I put myself


forward. We will go with you. you want to be the project manager.


I do. Then you should. I will be project manager. I will definitely


do if you want to do it. You know a lot about London. So I will be


project manager. Yeah. Happy with that. I'm happy with that. Cool!


Hello, we're looking for a left- handed electric guitar. Each


looking for different items, Lizzie's team hit the phones.


need a medium suit 34-chest, 32 leg. We start at six regulars. Is 34 a


boys' one? Do you have 100 helium balloons? We could arrange that.


We're calling for a 34-chest suit. Maybe a child's retailer? I do know


a bit about Camden. I do know about Hammersmith Fulham, Kensington and


Chelsea. Down the hall, Haya has a plan, head for the parts of London


she knows and look for bargains. Perhaps Portabello. The lefthanded


electric guitar, I'm thinking Camden. The best thing to do is go


to the locations and see if they are there. I think the best thing


to do is go to the cheap locations. You are not suggesting anywhere.


have asked you where. I have told you the places I know. I think it


would be easier to go to the location and start searching.


Keen to get shopping, Haya splits her team. I look out that side, I


will look out this side. Can we go to the hair saloon, they might have


a moustache comb. No they wouldn't. Hi Haya, it is Harry, the three-


piece suit, have you any ideas as a londor doneer where there is a


discount clothes shop. I think there is a cheap one in Sheperds


Bush. Still se waxworks is Lizzie's team. Anyone know what the tache


is? -- dashiki is. I need to find a dashiki, someone has asked me to


find it, have you a search facility of your stock to look at? I have no


idea what to find it. No problem, thanks very much. Life is so much


easier with the Internet. 1.00am, Portabello Road market. We --


Portabello Road market. Haya's tip for top bargains. This is battery


watch. Not mechanical? I don't have any.


Do you stock size ten shoes for West Ham. Suits, vanity case.


you sell shoes? Haya's strategy is to wander from


shop to shop in the hope they may have any of the items, there is no


structure or strategy. It is crazy, they don't know what they are


looking for. We can perhaps walk down there. We really need to move.


But for Harry H. Can you stop here, please on the left. A lucky break?


Hi, Haya, I have literally, driving along in the car, I have seen the


furniture shop down the road which has exactly the stool we want.


stool for a tenner or less. See if can you get it for less than ten


pounds. Really squeeze it. I'm looking for �15 on that.


can't go down that price. I'll take it for �20. �30 is the best price,


I'm doing it for you. This is for people with 100 attractions. I need


my money, you can put it in a skip, �2. �22. Shake hands on �23. �22.50.


�23, shake hands or not doing it, trust me. First deal of the day,


knocked down Bihary H. I got a pretty -- By Harry H. I got a good


bargain. Not a natural charmer, but I can haggle. I'm inquiring about a


pocket watch. What borough are you in? Thank you very much. We have a


lead. Lefthanded guitar.


I want to see if you have a particular suit, 34-chest. Don't


make a phone call when I speak to you again, it is quite rude. If we


find one of the other products near Croydon, we will give you a ring.


Four items pin-pointed. Lizzie's team hits the road. Where are we


going to? We're going to Croydon. Where is Croydon? I don't know, I


don't live in London. I only know the address they gave me. Yeah.


Armed with directories and maps of London, Hayley and Zara head off to


buy a watch. It is about two hours London's Tin Pan Alley, Mecca for


musical instruments. Following a lead on the by star, James and Haya.


We need to start low and make it structured so I don't say a price,


we don't throw prices over each other, that is unprofessional.


we are on a very tight budget. up a story like my brother really


needs it. How are you. We're looking for a


lefthanded electrical guitar. her brother's birthday party.


that lefthanded. Is that the cheapest model. Yep. If we get that


we won't get the balloons. You don't need the balloons once


you got this. No you don't. What is the lowest price. This is rock


bottom. Rock bottom. You could buy that and flip it over


and restring it. Is it a lefthanded? No it is a right handed.


It is what Hendrix played! The figure in mind I had was �50.


could give you �89 and a bag worth �12. Can we take it away with the


�70. �89 is the best price. What about �80. Could you give us a


pound off it. �88. Thank you. They have done


pretty well, �99 down to �88, final push by James to get the pound off.


Every pound literally counts. are we going snex Pocket watch.


Have you tracked down a store that has it? No. 12.30pm, in west London.


We spoke on the phone, we wanted 100 helium-filled balloons.


Normally we charge for plain balance lons 70p, �70. Could you do


it cheaper? For 100 balloons I can do �60. Do you promise. Ten seconds


negotiations, �10 off. Thank you for your time. It may be a laid


start for Lizzie, what a good one. The key to this task is


organisation, the hours of planning are starting to pay off. 1.00pm.


want to know what a dish-ka is, I don't know what a dashiki. You are


pronouncing it wrong. For James and Haya one item is a mystery. I think


it is Indian. It is Indian or African. I just want to ask if you


know what a dashiki is? Dish-a-ki? Dashiki.


Next for Lisi's team, an industrial warehouse. Hello. Inside, 40ms of


Redcar pet. So what's the price? -- red carpet. So what's the price?


�450? Any chance of a deal? Absolutely not. It is for family


event. Repeat custom, the parents are looking to refurbish the house,


I would get them to come here. �400? Go on then. For Harry M,


second deal of the day, at almost �100 off. We made a good deal there,


keep it up, well done negotiating. Let's go to the next one.


Sheperds Bush market. Chasing his second deal, Harry H. The quote


over the phone was �95 for the 100 helium ballons, don't gor for the


�95, go for �70. I give you �5, normally it is �100.


I'm taking a lot of volume off you. �5 is more than...The Most I can


stretch to is �85. I will do �90 last, not less than that. �90, �30


more than Lizzie's team. I have got the ballons, I was only able to get


her down to �90, that is the only negotiation I could get to. That's


too much. I have given her the money.


2.00pm, still crawling their way to Croydon is Hayley and Zara. What is


a dashiki? I'm thinking oriental clothing and Indian wear. Have you


never heard of it? Hi Lizzie sts Zara, concerning the dashiki, we


called uppen tos of places, clothes stores, accessories, beauty saloons,


none know what it is. Phone a big library and ask them to


search their book catalogue. They might have a book about them. I was


just wondering if you could do an overall search of your books in


your library, and see if the word "dashiki" comes up there. Nothing


comes up. Do you have a dictionary on hand, would it be a bother to


look up that word, thank you very much. Hello, it is in the


dictionary, it is a west African type of shirt. West African shirt.


Thank God. Problem solved, for Lizzie's team. Do you know what a


dashiki is? I have never heard that. For the others it is still a misery.


Do you know what a dashiki is? is an Arab dress. Thank you, really


good help, saved my life today. I found out what a dashiki is?


thank God. What is it? It is like an Arabic dress. I'm Arabic and I


have never heard of this. I have never heard it too, I found a guy


who knows what it is. A dashiki is an Arabic dress.


did you not know that. I have never heard of a dashiki before.


Mid-afternoon. Croydon. After two hours on the road. �18 carat, �400.


Time to wind up a deal and head back. This is a bargain this one,


�169, that is cold gold. Pocket watches went up to thousands, it is


�169. Have you tried other shops. This is the only place we could


find that sold sold the pocket watches. I hope you are not in an


expensive shop. This is real gold. Do they want real gold and in


working condition. Have you got any items so far. We have just, it has


taken this time to arrive at the location. We have leads on other


places to go to after this. Get it now, because we really need to


literally pick the things up, OK, thank you.


Hello, I was wondering if you might be able to do a little bit of


negotiation on the price, because it's not bad, but it has a few


blemishs, I wonder if more around �140 than �169. Can we split the


difference and go �145, we will give it a little polish on the back.


With the little polish I will go for � 145, thank you very much.


Nine carat gold, 15% off. Back in London, the other half of


their team hunt for the next item. What is the three-piece suit


situation. A Justin Bieber-sized suit. I think we should go to the


market and on the way to the market we will do more phone calls, the


market is our best bet. Do you think there will be a suit at the


market. We could head to this area, it is called Germany -- German


Street, we can pick up a suit for �150. For a brand-new suit, it is


going on a wax doll. I was thinking will they sell suits on a market. I


have never been to market where they sell suits. Have you ever been


to market. Where is this place you want to go to? German Street, it is


central London. We are moving towards that direction. Destination


agreed. Up market St James's. I don't


suppose you have a three-piece suit of chest 34. A street full of


gentleman's Taylors. I don't think anyone down -- Tailors. I don't


think anyone will do less than 36- short. I wanted to see if you had


any size 34 inch chest suits. need a boys' shop that specialises


in smart clothes. You need a boys' shop. Harry doesn't listen to what


I say and what anyone else says, I told him to look at children's


shops earlier today, he has brought us here. I'm really disappointed.


On Haya's team...With seven items still to find. Time is running out.


What is the cheapest open-faced mechanical? �around 275, it is in


silver. Around �275, it is silver. What about that one? That is not


gold. We just want the cheapest one. Can we get the �75 for �40. We are


in a tight spot, you will make our day. �40 come on. �40. Thank you


very much. Pocket watch, ticked. Spotted by Haya, another item on


the list. This one is �110. compact vanity case? Anything for


�20. I like your necklace. It is Russian. You are such a good man, I


will pay you �65 for both of them. The tax man will think I'm crooking.


We will shake hands both of them �70, we really need this, we know


you are a good person. That is a good deal for both. I'm getting the


money out. Go on, go on. Thank you very much.


�70. You're both crazy. Two items up, �750 down. I always compliment


the person selling, I say I love your necklace andly always come


here, it worked. Perhaps -- necklace and I will always come


here, and it worked. We were running around the place but we are


back. 4.30pm, stuck in Croydon, with four items to find, Hayley and


Zara. How far away is the place for the guitar from here? I think it is


quite a way. Is there anywhere around here that


might sell? Arg os might. Oh my God, Zara, a guitar shop. I was


wondering if you have a lefthanded electric guitar? I think we have a


couple in at the moment. I'm thinking of starting at �90.


How does perhaps �90 sound? That's too much of a discount. How about


�100. If you can do me cash, I can do �110, and I will let you keep


the plek trum. We will do it at �110. �20 off, done and dusted.


was wondering if you know where I can get a dashiki. Hunting alone,


Harry H. I'm looking for a dashiki, do you know what it is? Thank you


very much. A man told me a dashiki is an


Arabic dress. Dashiki? No. I have just gone into Church Street market


and there is nothing there. I'm doubting whether the guy who told


us it was an Arabic dress is telling us the truth. I'm Arabic


and I have never heard of a dashiki. The woman was from Sudan. Harry


could you search for the suit and the shoes. Have you got the


moustache comb. We want you to look for the moustache comb as well.


What are you looking for? Can you look for the suit and the size ten


shoes. All right goodbye. I'm doing the best I can, when they


keep changing their mind every second, it doesn't help.


Just over one hour to go. Come on, dwont have very much time. Four --


We don't have very much time. you sell suits, come on James.


Three piece, 34 chest. Amazing. I ring Harry. No. Can I ring Harry,


in case he has bought it. Harry have you bought a suit yet? Have


you found one. How much is it? �50 for you. �50, please.


Good. Central London. Harry M and Lizzie. All the shops are closing.


Target red stilettos for Elle Macpherson. They look like big


shoes. Beautiful shoes in large sizes and narrow fittings. Come on.


How much is this? That one is �130. Is there any chance you could go


down to about �80? No. Is there any way to come down. OK, can we have


them in a size 10. We need to negotiate. It is a shop, she's not


going to negotiate. The shops are nearly closing. Can't we tempt you,


not even by �1. I'm not allowed. Harry M and Lizzie found the shop


to find the red stilettos for Elle Macpherson, they paid full price,


not a penny off, Lord Sugar will have a word with them tomorrow, the


penalty, I'm not sure, that is down to him. 30 minutes to go. Harry go


back to Madame Tussauds, keep your eyes peeled. Any shops on the way


that might sell any of the three items on the list that we may have


left. Closed, closed, closed. Sugar's deadline for delivery to


the waxworks is 7.00pm. We should go back. Let's just go.


We have been running around like headless chickens, we can't find


the suit, I hope you guys are heading back. We are heading back


now. Let's just see what we can find.


Do you know what a dashiki is? Let's look in there, African


clothing. That was. Do you have a dashiki? Yes we do.


I'm really pleased we found that? We need to carry on.


Be careful, don't pop any. Justin Bieber better appreciate this.


Both teams face �50 fines, plus the item guide price for every one


missed. We still have three items missing.


That is �150 plus the price. worried that a dashiki could be


really expensive. Overall I'm OK. Are you OK? I'm OK.


Let's just be confident. Right OK. Long day.


Tonight, back to the house. You can go through to the boardroom


Good morning.. This task was all about the ability of negotiation,


purchasing stuff at the right prices. This was never going to be


easy, I banned the Internet. I know for most of you that is like


cutting off oxygen for you. Google Earth was not available, and you


may have had this old fashioned thing called the Yellow Pages at


your disposal to find stuff. Apologies from me to give you


antique equipment. I will start with Kinetic, team leader? That was


me, Lord Sugar. Put yourself forward? I put myself forward and


so did Harry H. I think Harry put himself forward for the sake of


putting himself forward. I know central London, I don't know the


other areas as well, so we agreed in the end that Haya be project


manager, it was just as I was as keen as other. It passed between


you like pass the parcel and landed in Haya's lap. How did you plan the


thing? I said I think we will find this item, the pocket watch, in


Portabello and we will find it there, and a rough idea of where we


will find most stuff. What I would like to know is if you did the


obvious thing, sat down, made your phone calls and then looked at the


map and said right, that's there, here, here, you go there and here,


in other words, did you have an organised game plan? No. Not a full


strategy. We knew where we were each starting, after that it was a


bit like headless chickens. When you left you had two areas located,


after that you still didn't know what the items were when you left.


I didn't know what a dashiki is. This wasn't meant to be an easy


task. A dashiki, I didn't expect you to go into Tescos and it could


be on the shelves. As an example, I don't know who Justin Bieber is,


but I would have found out afterwards, if you know what I mean.


We asked a lot of people and nobody knew what a dashiki was. I had a


feeling it was something to do with Indian culture. It was hell looking


for this dashiki, which we still don't know what it is. We will find


out, because I think the other team got one. What was your methodology


of negotiating? James and I had different technique, I had the


method of complimenting the sell, he was persistent -- the seller, he


was persistent and kept on asking. I got the lefthand guitar we


managed to get it down to �88 with the last pound off. You were dogged.


Tell me about the stall, clearly not from research? There was a


discount furniture shop, and they had a clearance section, I went


there, there was a stool. You just caught it on the fly? Yeah. You got


a 43% discount, that is not bad. OK, generally speaking how was Haya as


a team leader? I do think by the end of the day, I didn't really


know what I was looking for. Sometimes I would say something for


Harry and James would butt in. ended up having to make a lot of


the calls to Harry to check had he bought a suit before we bought a


suit. Don't tell me your team didn't know who was responsible for


what? Before the shops were closing, I was first buying a suit and then


I found out I was buying something else. I didn't, you tell me you


bought it. Haya, as team leader, the most embarrassing thing is for


two parts of your team to buy the same thing. It was all a bit hectic.


It was. Atomic, who was your team leader. I was, Lord Sugar.


Basically, I split the teams between myself and Harry and Zara


and Hayley. You and Harry? Any particular reason? I thought I


would like to keep an eye on Harry during the day and these two would


work well with each other. We were given an item, I took the pocket


watch, Lizzie took the ballons and Hayley the guitar. We called up


place, we wanted two meetings in place for each sub-team so we could


continue making phone calls on the other products. You set the game


plan out. Did you have problems with the dashiki? We had an awful


lot of problems. I was making frantic telephone calls trying to


find out what a dashiki was, when none of it worked, I tried a


different strategy, I came up with finding a book store and look in a


dictionary and find out what it is. You are taking credit for that,


because Nick advised me it was Harry's idea. In an initial meeting


I asked why not try the biggest department store, later in the day


I phoned Zara and I said phone up a big library and see if they have


big books, I tried that and they didn't come up, I asked the library


to try the dictionaries and it was in there. That is how you


identified it. That was from Harry's idea to phone the library?


The library database. Whatever. Listen, can you put this team out


of their misery and tell them what a dashiki is? It is a west African-


style shirt. Who was wearing one at Madame Tussauds? Nelson Mandela, we


thought. That's it. What was Hayley's job? I was in charge of


the guitar, we bought the pocket watch in Croydon, and this area


seemed reasonably cheap, perhaps, so I did a good deal with the


guitar, I believe. Was it a good deal? The original quote was �130,


I got it down to �110. Pocket watch? I was responsible for the


pocket watch. We found one place, it wasn't terribly highend, the


watches went up to �1,700, the cheapest one they had was �16, it


was a nine carat gold pocket watch. He found one for �35. For all I


knew it could be used for a member of the Royal Family. It cost the


earth, look the part, but not cost the earth, look the part was the


�35 thing you found, cost the earth is what you done. What was it a


Rolex this thing or a Pate Philippe. Let's get down to some of the


numbers. Nick, start me off with stop


tomorrow, tell me how they got on? -- Atomic, tell me how they got on?


Six items at a cost of �963, the fines totalled �573.87. The total


cost of the day was �14 18.87. Right, Karen, same thing for


Kinetic? They sourced seven of the ten items at a cost of �721. The


fines for the three items that they didn't find was �248.10. So their


costs for the day was �969.10. you have won. Over �500 it looks


like to me. Good, your treat is to go and find a dashiki! Dress up in


a dashiki, so that you know what they are.


Seriously, your treat is all about having a makover. I'm sending you


down to meet a celebrity photographer and you will dress up


in some nice stuff and have some great pictures taken of yourself.


Well done. I will see you on the Some of the prices you paid for


some of your stuff were a bit of a joke. So I will see you back in


here shortly to go through this in a little more detail.


This afternoon we have a little bit of Hollywood glamour for you, are


you ready? All will be revealed. Just going to perfect! I'm thinking.


You look great James. I always look great. Boardroom face! I love the


Well, we lost. Everyone has made a mistake today. I think Hayley and


Zara have performed very poorly, they bought two products that were


expensive. If I had known you could get a pocket watch for a tenner, I


wouldn't have spent �145. disappointed with what they have


produced. The person who is responsible is the project manager,


she oversees something, if something was wrong she should have


picked up on it. I think I pulled my weight, I found them and did


negotiations. Yes I made one mistake, but so did everyone else


in the group. They are all You can go through to the boardroom


Well, the failure of this task is two- fold, you paid too much, and


your fines were quite high also. Can I ask what the biggest fine


was? The shoes, the reason is you didn't negotiate for them? We did


try and push, they weren't willing to drop a pound. Was it fair to say


Harry was concerned about that particular negotiation. You just


had to do that deal and get on. was panic, I was desperate. I did


try, it wasn't the only shoe shop I tried, tried them all day, it was


5.55pm, I take full responsibility. It wasn't a treasure hunt, it was a


negotiation task. That was a bad call. There is a few bad calls here,


let's talk about this watch, for example. Originally priced at �16,


you got it at � 145 -- �169, you got it at �145, the other team paid


�35. I can see it was a lot to pay for it, from what I had in front of


me it was the cheapest option. you look at pawn shops like


suggested. We didn't. What area were you in? We were? Croydon. We


called up in the original brain storm and they were the only shop


that sold the specifications. on, it is not such a rare item, I


don't know any shopping parade in the whole of London that hasn't a


watch shop of some kind, even if they don't have pocket watches the


person would have been able to say go to Fred down the road he has


them. I don't get it. One of the thoughts we went to Croydon is we


thought it would be cheaper. don't think that is is what


happened, nobody looked at the map. We made a fundamental mistake,


going to Croydon was not the best move. It certainly wasn't. Totally


wrong location, and you bought the guitar there also. The other team


paid �88 for their guitar. You ended up paying �110. Did you find


negotiation hard, Hayley? I don't think I did, no. I think I


negotiated well. Also, there are four items which are missing. The


one I can't understand is the suit? I phoned up as many suit places I


could find. I literally phoned so many, they were all saying 36, they


didn't have the sizes. I told you first thing in the morning, try a


child's tailors, you didn't listen, the other team got it from a child


tailors, it wasn't until the tailor said to go to a child's one the


penny dropped. It was towards the end of the day, it was where to


find a suit, I said German Street. German Street, that is rather


expensive, I would have thought? That is what I would have thought.


What about Saville Row, I bet you tried there? That was a last resort.


I wanted to go to a market, you weren't happy with that. The other


team bought their suit in a market. They bought it to Sheperds Bush.


wanted to go, he said we definitely wouldn't find in a market. I didn't


think you would pick it up in the market. I think you were looking


for places you would go. confused, frankly, the most


complicated thing was to find this dashiki item, which you actually


found, by some clever manoeuvring, dictionaries and all that stuff.


The rest of it is dead easy, stall. A suit, -- a stool, a suit, did you


set your troops out right here? thought I did. Who do you think was


irresponsible then? I think we're all responsible for the task,


however, if I was to bring back to people into the boardroom, it would


be Hayley and Zara. I think it was worrying that Harry


M has so far lost every task. is an unfair comment, I know I have,


actually, if you consider my performance on each individual task,


the stuff I have done and shown, for you to sit there and criticise


my performance is unfair. Speaking from experience, you are quiet and


negative all day and spring one idea out and save yourself. I tell


you what, Harry go back to the house and I will see you in the


next task, OK. Go outside and think about this,


because I'm going to be asking you quite bluntly why you should remain


in this process. Off you go. As far as Lizzie is concerned,


credit to her, she puts herself forward, she has made a lot of


mistakes in this task. She wasn't a forceful project manager on this


task, that's for sure. concerned about Hayley? She's


incredibly polite and well-mannered. I don't know if her elbows are big


enough for this. She is working in a team with quite formidable people,


Zara being one of them. She's a bit domineering, yeah.


Could you send the three of them in, So, Lizzie, tell me, of the three


of you sitting here, who is responsible for the failure of the


task? The failure is not piping up a lot, and not negotiating as much,


Hayley, however mistakes-wise would be Zara. Zara, have you got


anything to say? Fundamental flaw I made with the watch was going to


the wrong place to get it, and I will say that was a mistake. I will


accept that, I have the humility to take that. The dashiki was the wild


card in way, no-one knew what it was, I was the one who worked


incredibly hard, I made limitless phone calls trying to find it.


working in previous tasks, with every idea you take it as your's


and day it is your's. Do you have an instance. With the dictionary


thing, it was Harry. You think that Zara pinchs other people's ideas


and makes them out to be her's? don't think that is fair. In your


experience of working with Lizzie, does she have ideas? One flaw I


would pick out in this task, at the beginning of the day we seemed to


have a plan in place, it crumbled, by the end of the day there was no


structure to what it was doing. Me and Hayley were taking initiative


on our own on what to do. Can you elaborate on that. We were in


Croydon. I never sent you there. got the watch and guitar. You had


three more items to get. I think it was location, we did go too far out.


I think it was we didn't have a structure to what we were doing.


When they rang up in Croydon they said they had leads on every other


project, I thought they are far out and all the products are near them,


they came back with three of them. I was given the wrong information.


You knew where we were going, if you had flaws to pick up with it,


that should have been done there. thought everyone had the initiative


not to go to the edge, that is common sense. Look ladies there is


no point going over the same thing again. Hayley, why shouldn't I fire


you. I believe I am a good negotiate to and I think you need


to be yourself all the time, I don't think you should have perhaps


a split personality. Split personality, are you suggesting


that someone here has? I think perhaps Zara is at times n the way


I don't know, perhaps nice on the task in the boardrooms a different


person. When she comes here she thinks aggression is always right,


I don't believe it is right. you different outside the


boardroom? We're now playing this as individuals, and I need to


defend myself as an individual. I have the humility, I have said I


made a mistake with Croydon. The fact is I will never make a mistake


of going to the wrong location again, can I learn from mistakes,


throughout this process I have exhibited an awful lot of talent. I


have not given anything less than 100% every time. Who should be


fired in this task? I think Hayley should be fired. I may be overly


domineering at times,ly work on that, I would rather do -- I will


work on, that I would rather do too much than too little. I don't think


I have done too little. It has been picked up on, that you stand back.


You overshout her voice don't you think. I'm not responsible for what


Hayley does, she is responsible. It is not my job to mother you. If I


say a point I like to say it. have shown an awful lot of passion,


and I only want to get my point across because I'm incredibly


passionate about what I do. Lizzie, who should be fired? Zara. Zara?


Hayley who do you think should be fired? Zara. Not very good from


your two colleagues. In fairness, they are not really my colleagues


any more, once we step into here we are playing as individuals. I would


expect them to think of themselves as individuals as I think of myself


that way too. All right, Zara, yeah, I think it


is fair to say that you do, you do tend to try to take over, I have


noticed a little bit you usually use what I say in this boardroom


and then apply it in another way. Hayley, you are very quietly spoken,


and very polite, and you know, I don't see anything wrong in that, I


wanted to see if there was any steel beyond that politeness. I'm


not sure whether you have actually shown me that, really.


Lizzie, you're also a little bit quiet, but you do speak up at the


right times. You have put yourself forward. But this particular task


there was some terrible mistakes. So, you know, for that reason, it


is very difficult for me to kind of pass the blame of this task on


anyone else. So it's a very difficult decision that I have to


make. I think I have concluded that Hayley, you seem to be a person


that stays in the shadow, your politeness is great, I know you are


enthusiastic, but at the moment, in this competitive environment that


we have here, Hayley you're fired. Thank you very much for this


fantastic opportunity, Lord Sugar. There was some mistakes made by


both of you. But, yeah, I think you deserve to remain in the process.


So, go back to the house and I will see you on the next task, OK.


I feel Lord Sugar has made a mistake in firing me. However, I


wasn't aggressive enough in the boardroom. But then that's not how


I am as a person, so I'm not going to be like that in the boardroom.


Zara kept trying to take credit for the dashiki. I gave the exact


guidance on how to do it. She wants people to make big mistakes and


take it all. When Lisi says she's bringing back Hayley, and she said


Harry has lost every task. I would bring you back because you're the


weakest person there. Seriously, I would have brought you straight in.


Zara and Lisi. Lizzie. Why did you buy a nine


carat gold pocket watch. I don't know anything about pocket watches,


we each had faults, we admitted it. In the end it was, he just made a


decision on Hayley. So three girls, versus three boys. Now just six


candidates remain in the fight to become Lord Sugar's Young


Apprentice. Next time. Your next task is all


about developing, flavours of popcorn, the not so good news is


that I only need two people in the final. Tempers snap. You promised


With just two weeks to go before the final, the seven remaining teenage candidates must work against the clock in order to meet Lord Sugar's next challenge. Called to one of London's top tourist attractions, Madame Tussauds, both teams are given just ten hours to find ten items for ten waxworks. Under strict instructions to find things that 'look the part but don't cost the earth', the teenagers' powers of negotiation are pushed to the limit.

In a chase across London, Nick and Karren watch on as the candidates attempt to track down items fit for celebrities like Justin Bieber, Elle MacPherson and Nelson Mandela, at the lowest possible price. One particular item causes a lot of head scratching and dead end leads for both teams, and tensions rise as time ticks by.

In the boardroom, missing or incorrect items are subject to penalty fines, and the losing team gets a grilling from Lord Sugar. It isn't long before the blame game begins, but time finally runs out for one more candidate, who hears the fateful words: 'You're fired!'.

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