04/09/2011 Something for the Weekend


Cooking, the best of the week's TV and celebrity chat. Tim Lovejoy, Louise Redknapp and chef Simon Rimmer are joined by funny man Adrian Edmondson and girl group The Saturdays.

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Good morning, welcome. It is Sunday Good morning, welcome. It is Sunday


Good morning, welcome. It is Sunday morning, and it's Something For The


morning, and it's Something For The morning, and it's Something For The


Weekend. We are live and joined today by everyone's favourite


student turned folk punk rocker on tour, it's Adrian Edmondson.


Filling the studio with a little bit of chaos and song, it's The


Satudays. They are all here to chat, to cook, to gadget and to take


a look at next week's telly. this is Something For The Weekend.


Something For The Weekend. Only three Saturdays, split. Three


Saturdays? Yeah. Oh, I thought you said only three Saturdays, I'm like,


what, this year? I was as well. "Until" I thought you were going


say. Only three Saturdays, split, that's what I am thinking. Two of


them are joining Sugababes apparently. No, the transfer window


closed last week, Simon. Not allowed. Loan deal. Loaning out to


the Sugababes? Talking of the Sugababes actually, the Mobo


nominations came out. Have you done them? I think so, yes. I have been


to many MOBO Awards over the years. Did you play at any awards?


Brits. As the Supremes. Yes, know where you are going. Is


harder to play in front peers? Something like the Brits,


there's a huge amount of because you are there because you


are meant to be one of the best bands in the UK, sort of thing, or


wherever. Do you get more nervous doing that than doing normal -


absolutely, yes. They are not screaming your name where your


punters are. The Mobos, this is for Simon, not for you. Adele -


are ten people nominated. That's a lot. Katy B, Chasing Status, I like


them, I walked into a field at Glastonbury and


the time and the whole field were going like this. Absolutely


brilliant. They were one of my favourites at Glastonbury. Tiny


Tempah, N-Dubz, and the rest who are we going for? Chasing Status.


will go Adele. This is right down your street, right down your alley


you know all these artists or not? Tiny Tempah? No him. Giggs?


him. Don't lie! Fergie is him time off.


him time off. Wretch 32, Wily and Kicks. I'm not sure of all of them.


Wiley is the only one I know so I will go with him. Best album:


Adele, tiny Tempah, and the others. I will go Adele on that one. Great


album. Pop group Saturdays are with us today. Three of them are


here. The other two have gone, left the band. He is just spreading


rumours. They are going to be talking about gossip, splits, tours,


the boyfriends, they will talk about it all here. Everything which goes


along with being Britain's biggest girl band, we will discuss in a few


minutes. We are Adrian Edmondson, who not only


changed comedy for a generation in The Young Ones but is


also famous for his Bottom. He is now on tour with The Bad Shepherds.


Yes, a good band, they are, they play punk songs done in a folk way.


Folk versions of punk songs. Yes. If you have a burning question for


him and his new career, or The Saturdays, then email us via


website. Or tweet us. Tell us your name, please. I helped choose


Mollie's shoes this morning. Did you? She trusted you? I was in the


building and she asked you? didn't actually ask me, she was


asking everyone else. And you just butted in? I am as good a judge as


anyone, I went "Those ones", and those are the ones she is wearing.


I chatted bags and shoes with her as well. She had a love of the same


brand of bag. Really? You've gone very girlie on me. You don't discuss


bags and shoes with me. Yes, we do. We did do tassels. This has been a


terrible start to the show. Shall we go onto food, do you think? We


are doing military jackets as well, maybe an aviator. Anyway, let's talk


about food. Let's talk about you really know about, Simon, food.


Allegedly. We will start with a savoury figure tart, some Carmelised


onions, thyme, a little balsamic vinegar.Ium. Then


butter beans for the main. You could use cod or haddock. Then


butter beans, peas, creme fraiche, onions, nice. Dessert is


and tahini cake. Tahini of course being - I don't like that plate. Not


aesthetically pleasing. I know we are colour-blocking at the moment


but that is ridiculous. I it was so now because


colour-blocking is so in, just breaking up shapes, the round and


square. I thought that's what we were doing. It's because there is a


break in the football season. You've all gone stir crazy. Yes,


we've read Gossip magazine all week instead. Finally, we re-visit a


classic, my Mum's lasagne. There's your surprise for this morning,


Of course it's one of the most standard - the most downloaded


recipes ever on the website, it uses cottage cheese, not the white


Brilliant. You can find all recipes on the website. Here is


If the groom chooses the dress then If the groom chooses the dress then


If the groom chooses the dress then Don't Tell The Bride. She is going


Don't Tell The Bride. She is going Don't Tell The Bride. She is going


If the groom to go off her nut if I've picked a


The The Twins Of The Twin Towers is The The Twins Of The Twin Towers is


the untold story of 9/11. Said "I love you", and he says "I love you


to, bro". And fluffy cuteness Nature's Miracle Babies. Here, they


like to give Mother Nature a little bit of extra help.


Right, it will be a top show and Right, it will be a top show and


even better with Wayne here, but Wayne are you feeling a little bit


blue? I am. Today we are doing the love or hate of cocktail


ingredients, blue Curacao. What are famous blue cocktails then?


Probably the Moss famous is - most famous is the blue lagoon, but


going make the first ever fashionable blue drink from the


1950s, called Bluebird. fans will be happy. Right, we are


going to - what are we doing? Looking at me like I know. We are


going to cook some food. We are. We are going to do a figure tart, so


ready rolled puff pastry, some butter, onions, garlic, some feta


cheese, balsamic vinegar, thyme, demerara sugar and figures.


demerara sugar and demerara sugar andfigure figures. -


figs. My favourite time of year. Mine is spring and autumn, when the


seasons change. I love summer fashions. Always smarter in the


winter. You can layer as well. I actually look forward to the


changes, I like going into season. Yes, although I am


stretching out my kind of wearing shorts for rehearsals as long as I


possibly can. We noticed today. just us. The whole - everyone


saying. I'm keeping it going until such time as my legs are blue. OK,


let's cook. Tim, cut that in half and then slice nice and fine. We


will caramelise the onions to start with and this will be the base of


our fig tart. Is the key with caramelising onions to have


temperature low and leave them quite a long time? Hello! No, that is


right, isn't it? Yeah! LAUGHTER. Woo!


No, just go with that. Carry on. No, just go with that. Carry on.


You are absolutely right, that's exactly what to do. Our pan is too


hot. How many do you want? I think when you caramelise onions, it's one


of the rare occasions when you put things into a cold pan, so put them


into a cold pan with the oil, bring it up to heat nice and gently to


bring that sweetness out. I am blown away by that. Fantastic knowledge.


It's great knowledge. Once they done, Tim, chuck those into the


and I was at Liverpool food and drink Festival yesterday


brilliant by the way, really good fun, and a good friend of mine,


Brian who was doing demos at the start of it, he said never forget


when you are cooking that you are always in control. This has been one


of those great instances where the pan is too hot and we are all


reluctant to think - there's still so much heat in that pan, there's


nothing wrong with taking that pan off the heat. You control it so let


it cool down a little bit, you don't have to react so quickly, which is


always a good thing to keep in your head. That's the thing, it's all


timing, isn't it? Yes, we all make mistakes, now I have my pan too hot,


it's off the heat and give a swirl around. We are going to cheat.


Traditionally we would have long heat, cook long and slow, 40 minutes


or so, so natural sweetness breaks down. Important that


is low. You are dead right. But if you want to cheat a little bit,


simply add some demerara sugar and that will give added sweetness and


the sugar will caramelise. I thought there was something special


about demerara sugar but it's actually dyed white sugar. Really?


I thought it was more natural. That's disappointing because I think


if I'm giving the kids demerara sugar, I'm doing the best for them.


No dinner. A spoonful, here we go. That will keep calories up. Jamie,


you've got a bowl. Lou, cut those into quarters. Figs are weird


things. I love a fig. The thing I feel with them is they can


be a little disappointing. You always want them to be


juicy. But with other ingredients they always work, don't they? Can


eat this one? Please feel free. They always look nice on a salad. If


you are having people round they always finish a dish off. Yes. I


think you need to caramelise them or bake or roast them because


is all right but not magnificent. How was Jamie's trip to Bulgaria?


Any good? Yes. You know what going to say - I don't really know,


but yeah. I didn't ask, but we that was good. We did win. Your


knowledge is tremendous this morning, Lou, because normally we


talk to you about the football and you kind of go "I haven't got a


clue". So those we cook nice and slow. Add a wee bit of balsamic


vinegar to get that nice end up with these lovely


onions with that little bit of bitterness and the thyme in there as


well. Always cut the figs into quarters. Tim, because we are going


to make unconstructed tarts with these, you want a piece about


big and cut in half. Can I use an onion knife? You can, that's fine.


Then cut in half that way. Here? Is that a half or more two


fifths/three fifths? I used to do it like that when I was a kid. Pop it


in there and prick with a fork. Press it in first of all, then you


can actually roll the against itself, so what you do


basically is you would - what on Earth are you talking about? If you


want to stop the puff pastry rising up, basically fold it in half like


that and roll it, so all the layers that make it rise, you break those


down and then roll did out, fold again and roll it out. You will


crush the puff pastry so it will still rise by its nature but in a


slightly more controlled manner. we are going to let them rise.


Prick, the same with the other one as well, Tim. I'm humouring


the moment. No idea what he is talking about. We are just making


sure that these - scrunch that up a bit as well - Yes, let's make


look exciting and arty. more fashionable, big collars, that


sort of thing. What am I doing? All over really. Just stops them


rising a little. Am I putting in? Yes, a big dollop, then figs on


top so you have an attractive arrangement. I actually think, if


you have time on your hands, just caramelise a big load of onions,


stick them in a jar in and it's great to have - Just


hanging about. Yes, to put into beef sandwich, into pasta.


Caramelise my onions, put them the fridge. Yes, and with the point


facing upwards as if you have opened up the fig, put in there, then


crumble feta cheese on top of that. Whichever of you fancies doing it.


Is three enough? Then we drizzle - three is fine. Drizzle a little


olive oil and then bake them - very straightforward, Simon. It looks


pretty and when they come we end up with - It's the sort of


thing I would like to do for the girls if they were coming round my


house for lunch. Great idea. What, The Saturdays? Or just - they


come round my house for lunch. we have the baked forget at that


which again is quite a caramelise, deep flavour and then we add


little more fresh feta and the now will be


have all of that lovely flavour there. We are going to serve this


a simple little bit of tomato rocket salad and these just lift


These just lift out, like that. These just lift out, like that.


There we go. All done. But equally with this, if you don't have


tart cases, it will still work by holding itself together. You can


always just put them on a board scrunch them round and put the


filling in. What you get now is lovely sweetness of the caramelise


onions, the balsamic comes through, you get the fig, the forget at


onions, the balsamic comes through, you get the


onions, the balsamic comes through, you get the fig,


onions, the balsamic comes through, you get the fig, the


you get the fig, the feta, and the onions make it, I think. I like


that. I really like that. For main? Smoked coley with butter


You can get details of all of You can get details of all of


today's recipes on the website. you haven't caught this show before


the premise is that a groom is given the budget and complete control to


organise his poor bride's dream wedding. Like the cake


surely end up in tears. This is a new series of Don't Tell The Bride.


Whacky John is not wasting any time Whacky John is not wasting any time


in finding his dress. He has even picked up the perfect model. Tada!


Is that had a you want? Oh, - (LAUGHING) . HOW


(LAUGHING) . HOWhow am I supposed to look at her in that? I will just see


you. Could be worse. If she is not up for it, I might be! Cameron


might look strangely alluring, but what about the dress? Detail-wise I


When it's on, it doesn't look too When it's on, it doesn't look too


blingy, just the pattern, I think it's lovely but it's totally up to


you. I can only wear it for you. can only present it to you as my


body lets me. How has he got boobies? I like it. John is


tempted to buy the first dress he tries on. But even he knows that's


risky strategy. She will go off nut if she knows I chose it within


ten minutes. But you've looked at the whole rack. If you went and


started again at another store I think you would just be back to


square one. I know. Yes, it's only the most important dress of Jacqui's


life, you don't want to confuse yourself by thinking about it.


That's the dress. I've nailed it. One, two, one -


And you can see if the wedding goes And you can see if the wedding goes


without a hitch in Don't Tell The without a hitch in Don't Tell The


And you can Bride on Tuesday at 9.00 on BBC


Three. Our first guests are of the UK's biggest girl band, with


the Reality viz and Facebook followers, they have had


nine top ten singles in the UK, including these hits.


# Then you know, just a bit too slow # Then you know, just a bit too slow


# Then you know, just a bit too slow # You know you want to pretend that


# You know you want to pretend that # You know you want to pretend that


# Then you you are a superstar


# And now you want us to end # What has taken you this far?


# Don't tell me you are done as far as we go


# You need to have a sitdown with your ego #


#on the dance floor, dance floor #on the dance floor, dance floor


# I'm the gangster on the floor


They are good friends of Something They are good friends of Something


They are good friends of Something For The Weekend, welcome back


For The Weekend, welcome back For The Weekend, welcome back


They are good Frankie, Una and Mollie. How


you? Good, good. So the big question is, have you split as a


band? Where is Vanessa and Rochelle? Vanessa has not been very well so


we've sent Rochelle to go and look after her. But Vanessa didn't turn


up for your gig yesterday, did she? No, she is so ill. Where is it?


Tamworth. You make it sound as if she just didn't bother. No, she is


ill. That's good about being in the band though, you can just carry on.


Yes, the formations do change but have to sing her parts as well. We


would rather still turn up than pull the gig altogether. That's


lovely thing about being able to cover for each other, if one is


we will step in and cover. When did you know she wasn't playing


yesterday? Yesterday morning basically. How long did you have to


rehearse? About five really. I


really. I suppose you familiar with your vocal parts,


can just slot in, you know so what each other is meant to be


doing. Yes. It is funny though, when it goes from five down to four


you don't think it would make a huge difference but all of a sudden it


does feel so different. It's not the same. Someone gets stuck with


the big lead vocal in a song they've never done the lead on before, you


think ah! So are there arguments is it all happy camp? Happy, happy,


happy in the nappy. How many have you been together? About four


now. So another four, a lot to come. Believe you me, I know.


does start getting pressured though, does it? I think the older you get,


because the more individual your lives become and you have


and stuff like that, so yes. Definitely. Do you argue over the


outfits and things? No. No? We all have different tastes. And


different body shapes, so say something that would suit


who has boobs and a bum, are never going to suit me because I don't


have those. I definitely have to say I envy Frankie's toned


envy her in her belly tops but I don't think I want to wear it, I


wish I had that tummy, you know? Nice shoes by the way Mollie. I


helped choose them this morning. I was slightly offended you went to


Tim and not myself. Just butted in. I wasn't asking for an opinion.


Thanks, Tim. How are you finding life now? Obviously


have gone up a notch, paparazzi is everywhere, you all have famous


boyfriends, apart from Vanessa. the pressure really on now? Are you


feeling the pressure? No, I we've grown as a band as well and


everything has happened not too quickly. We weren't an


success, we didn't come off a reality show so everything happened


gradually for us. We've done two headline tours and now we have our


arena tour, which we are still so excited about. Whenever anything


happens, today our single is is out and we are watching it grow on


iTunes and everything is so fresh and we are really enjoying it.


the dressing room, obviously because the other two aren't here, we are


texting: where is it now on iTunes? People often underestimate the


amount of work that goes into music career and how much you


will have to give up to be successful. There's no sort of going


on holidays when you want. Oh no, definitely not. Meeting boyfriends


whenever suits you. Talking about your boyfriends, you don't have to


go out with normal fellas anymore, you've got yourself a footballer,


man in a band, a supermodel you've got a rugby player, it's like


the modern day village people. Who is the best boyfriend? Who kind of


turns up on time, doesn't cancel dates? Which one, the footballer,


the model, the band? Is there one that's better? Wayne has come to


lot of shows recently. He has at most of our shows recently.


I don't know if that's because he is nicest or just has the most time.


Don't mention that. Una, you are going out with Ben Foden, rugby


player, and I read on my notes that the way you met was that his agent


contacted your agent. Obviously were all shocked by that. What has


rugby player got an agent for? dating agent, you know, on the side.


Is that the way it happened? he is really good friends with his


agent and was just chatting about girls and he was asked: do you fancy


anyone? Has anyone caught your eye, you have been single for a while


now. We were starting out, it three years ago and he had seen me


on some interview, Something For The Weekend, and he


just said that girl, really fancied me or something and said I


like to go out on a date with her. He didn't think it was for real but


the agent said he would see what he could do and he got my number. We


were all on the internet, looking this guy up. Quite cute and he has


played for England out in New Zealand - you won't be able to get


out there to see him will you? don't think so, no. Do you know,


Duran Duran got one of the model companies when they became


successful - do you know this for fact, before you say it? They got


sent all the model thing and they picked their models, Simon picked


Yasmin out of there and they a date. Really? Right, music, new


single, a bit of a change in image and style? There's a change in


sound definitely. With it's the most Dancy record that


we've ever done and the video kind of more - I would say


more - a lot of ours have had stories, ego, Notorious, we were


secretaries, going to the club, this one is more just graphicky and


posing around, I guess. We can have a look.


# Put my head to the speakers # Singing blow my


# Blow my mind # I feel alive


# All fired up, I feel alive # I feel alive, I feel alive


# All fired up, I feel alive # All fired up, I feel alive


that's out today. Yes. Then going that's out today. Yes. Then going


on an arena tour, is that the best bit still, the touring? Definitely.


Definitely. I kind of don't believe it yet. I think until we


there it's just a bit unbelievable - it sounds so cheesy - but it is


dream come true. When you are an artist, an arena tour is just huge


and can't wait. Lots of lots of dancing. Costume changes.


Yes, you can really go for it whereas we've done theatre tours and


taken it as far as we can, but an arena tour there's no limits


really. Got the good stage set-up, I suppose you have choreographers


coming in. Yes, the everything. Dancers auditioning


actually was fun. We made them take their tops off. We need to see you


all with your tops off. It's of the costume. Exactly! Is there


a downside to any of this life you've got at the moment?


we can see at the minute, no. No. No, just early mornings. Not a lot


of breaks, you were saying you only had a week off this year;


right? I think when you do get a day or two off you think what am I


going to do? I love having one day occasionally where you can


watch TV all day and not leave the house. I love that. With our


situation, obviously we need a day off like everyone else does, but


everything is a possibility to get the single out there, or - you know,


it's always - there's always somebody around. Yes. Definitely.


All right, The Saturdays, three of them, are sticking around to do some


cooking and look at some gadgets, and, yes, that's it. They are coming


round, so keep your questions for them or Adrian Edmondson coming in.


Right, I'm definitely going to get Right, I'm definitely going to get


this right this week, apparently, but can you just name the year when


these headlines hit the news, and this song was number 1 for what felt


like about six months in Deja View. It was, wasn't it, more than that.


# I know I love you, I always will # I know I love you, I always will


# My mind's made up by the way that I feel


After numerous delays, the Channel After numerous delays, the Channel


tunnel has been formerly opened. Accompanied by Prime Ministers and


hundreds of other guests, they celebrated the project


elaborate ceremony in Calais. The sale of Rover to BMW by British


Aerospace took businessmen and stock markets totally by surprise.


The Queen has given her approval exploratory drilling for oil in the


grounds of Windsor Castle. It is believed there could be


barrels of oil there. The Mayor of Windsor said the Queen was making a


# It's written in the wind # It's written in the wind


# It's everywhere I go # Yeah, ooh, yeah #


I thought I saw that particular gown I thought I saw that particular gown


in a shop in Kensington, just this morning. No, it couldn't have


Oh yes, it had exactly the same collar. So distinctive. It's


nice actually. I mean, one doesn't buy ready to wear


Wet Wet Wet and Marti Pellow. House Wet Wet Wet and Marti Pellow. House


of Elliott was on - what year that? I haven't got a clue.


have I. I don't even know which decade to go for. Late 1980s or


early 1990s. 1990s, I think. I would go 1991. He had


hair. Better with long hair. I liked him with short hair and a


cheeky smile! I don't know, 1992. We've no idea, have we?


my ear are going "No!" It happens every week, doesn't it. How far


away am I on that? Everyone at home laughing at us, pathetic middle-aged


men with no idea of what has gone in their life. They should


we would have it nailed. OK, time for photos of last week's recipes


Gary and Lou Andrews made the extra Gary and Lou Andrews made the extra


spicy wings. Rugby World Cup starting next week. Who will win?


New Zealand, Australia? No idea. New Zealand I'm going to


You are going to support? No, support England, of course. Moving


We've got Andy from Bovington in We've got Andy from Bovington in


Dorset - is it Bove-ington? No idea. Love the lighting on this one. If


that has just come out of the he has hands of steel there, holding


that thing there. It's absolutely straight out of the oven. This


Maisie and Steve from Stoke-on-Trent, they made the lemon


meringue roulade and said it was very tasty. Not the only ones


make it? Yes, my daughters made it. Our ridiculous pieces of fruit and


veg that look like something next. This is good, the pepper. The


Scream. We are turning into That's Life. I know this, who made this, -


it's you. Yes, apparently it's me. It's one of those things you look


at. The magic eye. Yes, stair intently at it through the whole of


this item. If you are going to have a go at any of our recipes, send it


via the website, or tweet. That's my favourite thing, when you spot


celebrities in food. That's what we really want to see on the


That's what the public want to That will get the ratings up. Yeah.


OK, what are we making? Fish? That smells delicious. As soon as fish is


smoked it smells great, right? Beautiful. Smoked coley. It needs a


poached egg on it. Anything smoked with a poached egg is good. Coley is


a cheap fish from the cod family, pretty sustainable these days. Not


always available so you can use smoked haddock, smoked cod, still


with sustainable sources on course. Beautifully smoked, that's


lovely. We have some butter beans out of the tin,


out of the tin, creme fraiche, onions.


We are going to be wasteful because We are going to be wasteful because


we are a television show but out this, all of this is edible so you


can cut that, that, that. I what we are going to do, we will


have a little cut there and there. Just this one here? Beautiful. That


piece is the piece that we are going to poach. OK. Lovely. Then, in here


we've got milk and bay leaf which brought up to a simmer to poach it


in. They originally smoked fish to preserve it. Absolutely, yes. How


does that happen? It dries out moisture because it's moisture


starts to deteriorate. That's pretty moist. It is, but you think


how wet a piece of fish that's unsmoked is, then the reason that


they smoke it - the more you smoke it, the drier it becomes and


therefore the longer it will stay. Slide that into our milk and


for about six minutes or so. In here, we've got some bacon we fried


off. Why milk? Does it taste better? It takes away a little of


the smokiness but keeps that lovely smoky flavour in there. You


have to do it that way. You can just bake it. Coming back to the moisture


thing, because we are poaching we are putting a little extra


back in it. Rehydrated to a certain extent. Half of that onion, you can


finely chop or slice, but we are doing this in realtime so it


to be that we can eat it in realtime. The other day I was


banging on about cruise ships because I became fascinated by


I managed to get some stats on cruise ships because I have


obsessed with the size of these things. Someone sent me a picture of


one the other day and the Fir thing that came into my mind was: how many


eggs must they go through on that? have some facts here. Do you know,


this is according to Princess Cruises on their Coral Princess


ship, a capacity of just under 2,000 passengers, they use 2,400 eggs per


day. Per day? Per day. Madness. That is unbelievable, isn't it? I


like it though. Any other facts, what's the most surprising one?


That's the most surprising. They have 680,000 paperer towels.


that toilet tissue? No, that will be in the restaurant, so hand towels.


They have 300lbs of French fries, 600 pounds of ice cream, 850 pounds


of beetroot. How much beetroot? Is that on their list? They don't have


that, no. Falling behind. pounds of freshly baked bread. So


much fruit. It's like a floating city. Are you going to go


cruise then? No, but I'm fascinated by them. They are huge.


to all the human waste and the - everything? It's just like - I


know, they are the things you want to think about on a cruise.


we've our onion, bacon and fish. Now, Tim, I need you to zest the


lemon into the pan there. into the pan? Straight in,


will get a little zestiness in there and lemon juice as well can go in.


In the real world we would cook this quite gently, cook the bacon,


it out of the pan, cook the onion in the bacon fat. But now we add a


little white wine. Then squeeze probably the juice of half of that


We are building up flavours so we We are building up flavours so we


have the lovely smokiness of the fish, then the saltiness and


smokiness of the bacon. Then the onion and a little garlic. Now


cut through that with some delicious lemon which will bring great


into that. That smells lovely. There's something quite interesting


about lemon and bacon. The two things seem to conflict. We need


something to bring the two flavours together. Yes, lemon and bacon


doesn't work, does it? What will come together is creme fraiche. You


could use cream but creme fraiche again because we have acidity


really well with it. We will that together like that. A


Now you've got the creme fraiche in Now you've got the creme fraiche in


there, suddenly the flavour and smell starts to work a bit better.


OK. Then, as this starts to soften we simply chuck in our beans and


peas. I am using broad beans and peas. If you open up your cupboard


at home and have a tin of mixed beans, use that. If you are using


tinned beans, rinse them first. Why? Because they are stored in


brine so there's that flavour behind them.


them off so they are clean and fresh, that's what we need to do.


OK. Then finally a quick chop parsley. We are going to talk


tennis, Tim? I played my first competitive tennis match,


been taking tennis up if don't know, and I'm really enjoying


it. I lost the first 6-2, then 6-3, then won the third 7-5 and we ran


out of time but I absolutely loved it. Exhausting. The bit I


interesting about it is you around, do a rally, and then you've


got to do a serve and you exhausted to do that.


played tennis ever? I used to loads when I was younger but I


haven't played for years. Let's get a game! Come on, let's do it.


like Borg-McEnroe. I will be the moody one. You will be on the


baseline and I will be throwing stuff around.


I used to play it. The fish needs I used to play it. The fish needs


another minute. How is your Achilles? Has that healed? It's


good, yes. So we can get our game. You, who have been coached


for the last four months, let's a game of tennis, and me who hasn't


played for 20 years. Can't who will win. But if you do win,


what a hero you would be. You would never hear the end of it.


about the rewards at the end. on, let's do it. We spoon that


there. What about this? We add that, did we? Yes, a splash of


wine went in after the bacon and vinegar. Looking good. Then we


spoon. There we go, ladies, go for it. Help yourselves. Careful, the


middle is not quite cooked so take from the edges. Half a job. Come on


Frankie. Right, Frankie and Una are the dream teem cooking the pudding


with us later so what are we for pudding? Weird, lemon


bacon. It is, but it works. We are doing a chocolate and tahini pud.


Like the sound of that girls? Mm-hm. All our recipes will be on


the website. You can email questions from there to our guests or tweet


us, not forgetting to send your name, please.


OK, ten years on, this is a OK, ten years on, this is a


documentary about 46 people who lost their twins in the 9/11 attack


the World Trade Center. This is the hard breaking story of the


They had closed the Brooklyn Bridge They had closed the Brooklyn Bridge


down, so nobody can get across it. And I said: look, my fire house


on the other side, I need to get there. He is like: go ahead. I got


there and I saw his rig going in through the battery tunnel.


Zac's twin brother Andre worked for Zac's twin brother Andre worked for


Zac's twin brother Andre worked for a special rescue unit based on


a special rescue unit based on a special rescue unit based on


Zac's twin brother Staten Island. He arrived at the


Phoned him on his radio and I said: Phoned him on his radio and I said:


Andre, I know the way you guys operate. Don't do anything stupid.


said I love you. He says: I love you too, bro. And the weird thing about


it is: why did I say "I love you"? I really told my brother I loved him.


I mean, 'cos we knew it. It was just something you knew.


Towers on Tuesday at 10.35 Prime Minister on BBC1. That's 11.25pm


Scotland and 10.45pm on Wednesday in Wales. Our second guest has had a


hugely successful career, comic, actor, director and most recently a


folk punk musician. brilliant. Who is he? He is not


bad. We probably know him playing Vyvyan in The Young Ones.


I was here first. You got any I was here first. You got any


witnesses? Look, I don't need any witnesses, just get off my property.


Look, this must be my bedroom, all Look, this must be my bedroom, all


my clothes are here. LAUGHTER. No, they are not, Vyvyan.


All right then, have the bedroom. All right then, have the bedroom.


don't want it. It's not mine. Yes, it is. No it isn't. You said it


was yours just now. So did you. I didn't. Did. Didn't. Did.


Didn't, didn't, didn't, didn't, didn't!


It's a long time since I've seen It's a long time since I've seen


Neil, your bedroom that, it actually looks quite funny.


Adrian Edmondson, I have badgering you all morning because


I'm a huge fan. You must have a tiny boy when you were watching


The Young Ones. Just barely born, yes. How old were you? At school,


probably 11 or something. audience. Yes, because we


saying earlier there was no such thing as big PR machines, was there?


My brother just said: get down and watch this, it's mental. It


really badly when it first went and grew because of people like you


in school playgrounds. It school. You don't need PR machines,


you need playgrounds. It was that weird thing where you were at school


going "Have you seen it", and if missed it, you missed it. It was


advent of the video machine. you go. A strange time back then,


but what was interesting about it was it didn't get commissioned


comedy show, did it? No, at that time there were two ways of getting


comedy on at the BBC, one was through the Comedy Commissioner


one was through the Variety Commissioner and we weren't funny


enough to be commissioned by the comedy man so we had to have


music to fulfil the variety criteria. You would be halfway


through the whole sketch, the scenario of the sitcom and then


Madness would come on or Dexy's Midnight Runners. We had madness


twice. The Damned. Twice, yes. you had a lion tamer to satisfy the


BBC's variety criteria. remember that. Was he funny?


before the show we watched it on YouTube and Mike basically goes: I


can't go up to my bedroom because there's a lion tamer up there. Then


you cut to it and he is just for, like, a minute. There were


some really bad bits, some surreal bits that never quite worked. That's


why I don't remember it. Who wrote it? Mostly Ben, with a


it? Mostly Ben, with a bit of Rik and a bit of his girlfriend.


Indulge us and take us back to birth of alternative comedy.


at the time comedy was kind of catered for by a show called The


Comedians, a panel show - Davidson and all those.


shirts and big dinner suits. It was vaguely racist, vaguely sexist


of - some very funny jokes, but kind of set in its ways and there


nowhere for us to do our stuff so we just started doing it in the corner


of the room. You know, literally. Then moved into the pub, then


came to London and started the Comedy Store, then started


Strip. There was no circuit in those days. We invented it. What was


Edinburgh like back then? Edinburgh was a student festival. It was


cracking. The difference today is extraordinary. My daughter is a


comedienne, in a sketch group, goes to Edinburgh every year


they are fighting against all these established names and I always


thought Edinburgh should be for people on the way up, not people on


the way down. Yes, because people who do Edinburgh - how does


then fit into your whole - you obviously a musician, you play


of instruments, yeah? Yes. You know when you get to the end of school


and people suggest you should go to university and you look around for


the the dossiest course to do, I chose


drama because of that. Had there been a doss music course, I would


have done that. So you would rather do music than comedy then?


Absolutely, yes. Wouldn't everyone? Come on, everyone wants to get


there and sing. Yes, I'm with you. I understand that. You do too, Tim,


I can see it in your little face. I would like to do operatic stuff. You


know what, you are looking more and more like Tin Tin. Why is that?


French? No, he is Belgian. You've got a little quiff going on. Just


hanging on to my hair. I'm going to be like you soon. So your band is


folk music mixed with punk? We are a folk band because I love folk


instruments, so we play mandolin fiddle and I don't really like folk


songs because they don't to me. I like the music but not the


lyrics, so we choose songs that are more relevant so we choose songs


from the late 70s, early 80s, Sex Pistols, Strangelers. It works.


They are protest songs, big ballads like Down at the Tube Station at


Midnight by the Jam. Perfect to have a look at it.


Anyone like songs by The Damned? Anyone like songs by The Damned?


That's a shame, we don't do any those.


# I could be wrong # I could be wrong


# I could be right # I could be wrong


# I could be right #


# Now don't look to us # London calling


# So we ain't got no swing # Apart from the ring of that


That's brilliant. Where are you That's brilliant. Where are you


playing that then? Where can people come and see it? We are on


from the end of October, through November, all over Britain. Look


The Bad Shepherds on the website, you will find out where we are. And


there's an album? We have two albums out, yes, we've done two


albums. How are you selecting the songs then, just going through your


old record collection? I just choose my favourites. That must be


brilliant. We will play this one! can't believe it how I've luckily


fallen into this. I bought the mandolin by accident, those little


parties you have before Christmas with your mates and you go out down


Denmark Street where the music shops are and you accidentally buy a


mandolin - Did you just see it in a window or go in and browse? I


collect instruments anyway but woke up with a mandolin on the table and


started playing songs I like, like London Calling and realised


immediately it was something I really get hold of and it was great


to suddenly find that because I have been messing about with music for


years, you know, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Bad News and stuff like that,


just to find something I could really do and make the sound


different. You sound excited and enthusiastic about it, so see him on


tour. Adrian will be showing off cooking skills later, but in


meantime get your questions in him. Tweet at us - tweet asate?


Right, here is what you have to forward to today.


Science meets conservation in Science meets conservation in


Science meets conservation in nature's Nature's Miracle Babies.


nature's Nature's Miracle Babies. nature's Nature's Miracle Babies.


Science meets conservation has actually taken them years to get


It's a classic, it's Simon's Mum's And there's a new Apprentice on


And there's a new Apprentice on Would I Lie To You. Lord Sugar's


Would I Lie To You. Lord Sugar's Would I Lie To You. Lord Sugar's


It's a classic, boardroom is plenty big enough


Right, lots still to come and our Right, lots still to come and our


regular expert Lucy Hedges is also here with some gadgets including a


vibrating watch, USB toothbrush and a brand new wearable gaming. USB


toothbrush? Mmm, sounds interesting, doesn't it? It does,


yes. But before all of that we are joined in the kitchen by Frankie and


Una from The Saturdays. Cooking, girls, dare I ask? Good, not good?


girls, dare I ask? Good, not g Clive Goodman for me, yes. Love it.


for me. Microwave. Toast. I'm really good at toast and Marmite. You are


new now, this new regime of caramelise onions. It's all change.


You were very confident competent when we came on and the


rest of you weren't really. Me Rochelle would be the two that


the most really. Yes, I give it go, try and make cakes and stuff.


Perfect. Great words spoken many we are going to make chocolate and


tahini pots so we have chocolate and tahini melting in there. We


milk chocolate, eggs, soft light brown sugar, flour, a pinch of salt


to bring out the flavour of the chocolate and that is tahini, ground


Sesame paste, and it gives nuttiness into the flavour of this. Does it


taste a bit like sesame seeds? Sorry. Are you not keen on that?


Kind of. Just have a taste of that. When it comes into the choccy pud.


Then you won't taste it. It has a slight nuttiness. Like peanut


buttery. Imagine that with chocolate. It gives a bit of


background. We've melted chocolate with butter over barely


water. Crack those three eggs into there.


Guys, you know when you are touring Guys, you know when you are touring


and stuff, obviously there will be lots of dance routines, lots of


energy stuff, is acoustics you would be into, where you go to


an acoustic set? I've played the guitar since I was young so often


when we do live performances I the guitar out and do acoustic, on


both our tours we did, on our tour myself and Mollie who plays


bit of guitar as well, we teamed up and had these two guitars - mine was


red and she had a - we called it the red head and the blonde guitar. Una,


we are going to whisk away on that one. I've done it slightly the wrong


way. Drop it into the bowl already, before you turn it on. Otherwise it


will splash. Yes, then go for it. How long does the tour last for?


it months, weeks? We've got dates at the moment but they are


quite spread out. I think it starts on the 2nd and finishes around the


20th so we are going to have to squeeze in Christmas shopping


somewhere in between. am for a tour though because


are up for going out, enjoying themselves. That's what we said,


it's party season. There always seem to be one big arena tour around


Christmas time. It was JLS last year, massive big spectacle. When


you start preparing for it? Now? Normally you only get a


that's the month before but we've got our new album coming out in


November so we are kind of starting in October to fit it all in. Yes,


it's going to be amazing. Really get it going. Go for it. I'm going


to step back a bit. It smells delicious. We've added to that,


we've got the butter, chocolate, tahini, the eggs and then a little


pinch of salt so all of that is coming together. Equally, you can


whisk the eggs and sugar together, maim them voluminous, but we will do


it in one pot which makes life easier for us. Beautiful. Then -


don't do anything on this so pop it down and then tip the flour into


there and just gently mix it in. What we are going to do now is just


combine the flour. Rather than overwork it, just combine it. When


it's just about together, it's a folding in - I see you've let


Frankie off a little bit over there. I'm noticing that. Una, you do


that. Frankie, crack the eggs. So what we've there is lovely flavours.


You know those soft centred chocolate puddings, it's that


feeling, but rather than have the worry - basically, you make them and


take the mould off, if they are not cooked properly it all falls. Where


going to cook and eat them out of the pots so they can be squidgy in


the middle and you don't have to worry about it being perfect. I


just wanted to know who you guys thought would be the first to get


married. I know it says today about you in the paper. Apparently it's


me. It moves around in circles. had the rumour six months ago. The


rumours go round. But if you guys had to put your money on someone?


It's up to the boys, isn't it? don't know. It's really


embarrassing. I've just done that awful thing. Don't answer me, don't


answer me! But for some reason everyone is trying to marry us


at the moment. And that's is first to start a solo career? I


remember us doing that, I think Frankie will be the first to get


married and, like - yes, I will get married, then quit and have a


career. I love your story because you went to the royal wedding, the


Zara Phillips wedding and bought them a bin? It was on their


You know when you get the list of gifts online, it was the most


expensive and best one left on the list, it was quite expensive


they wanted it. Frankie, you need to half fill those tubs there. Perfect.


See, I would be happy with the practicality of that, someone


getting me a bin, something you can actually use. You definitely will,


a good bin and it was a really top of the range bin as well. That's


great. Things you don't spoil yourself with. You would have had


jet wash on yours. Yes, absolutely, I love anything practical.


I know they won't get two bins because there was only one on the


list. Once we've done that, then stick those two little cubes


chocolate in the middle and then right up to the top. So now we've


got this lovely cakey mix then some chocolate in the middle so as it


cooks the chocolate begins to melt. Straight on there, and then top


up. So that will be gooey on inside? Yes, and that's the joy of


it. If you were going to turn you have to get the timing right but


this way we are just going to the top. If it's really squidgy it's


fine, or overcooked is still Something like this, cook for 6 to 8


minutes. The slightly bigger one will cook for 10 to 12 minutes. So


quick, isn't it, really? We end up with these delicious little fellas.


We've changed the plate for the presentation on this because Tim


didn't like that one. He didn't like the yellow plate.


it didn't really work for him and obviously that is our main stay


these days, Lou, as you know. Yes, all about the fashion. What's that?


Clotted cream. You do make it look lovely. There's more there. Dig in.


Ed, dig in. That's yours. right into it, you get all the


squidginess inside. Everyone has gone for the pud. OK, what's our


final dish, Simon? Mmm, that is absolutely disgusting. Lovely. Who


mixed it? It's beautifully mixed. Simon, what are you making for


last meal? My Mum's lasagne. I like lasagne. Wayne is getting us


into the cocktails soon, but not before a classic drama: we just


# I know I love you # I know I love you


# I always will # My mind's made up by the way that


After six years of construction and After six years of construction and


After six years of construction and numerous delays, the Channel Tunnel


numerous delays, the Channel Tunnel numerous delays, the Channel Tunnel


After six years has been formally opened by the


Queen and President Mitterand. Had he celebrated the �10 billion


project at an elaborate ceremony Calais.


The sale of Rover to BMW by its parent company British Aerospace


took businessmen and stock markets totally by surprise.


The Queen has given her approval for exploratory drilling for oil in the


grounds of Windsor Castle. An oil company believes there could be


million barrels of oil there but the Mayor of Windsor said the Queen was


# It's written in the wind # It's written in the wind


# Oh, it's everywhere I go # Yeah, ooh, yeah #


I was just looking at this dress in I was just looking at this dress in


the window. Would madam care to try it on? No, I don't think so. It's


just I wondered who designed it. It's not a Paris copy, is it? It's


not a copy at all, madam. not a copy at all, madam. It's a


That was Wet Wet Wet's Love Is All That was Wet Wet Wet's Love Is All


Around, it was number 1 for 15 weeks in this year, but which year? That


bloke from The Troggs was involved in crop circles. Was he? I went


for 1992. Am I miles away? I have an inkling it was between 1993 and


1995 because I was living in the States at the time and it wasn't as


big a hit there as it was here. What were you doing there? You were


like Tom Cruise. Bigger than that. Look at you. I didn't know that.


Newport Beach, California. Did you break a lot of ladies'


there? I had my moments. It was blue drinks. You what?


Right, and what were you making Right, and what were you making


then, blue drinks? Yes, the love or hate of cocktail ingredients.


talk about the blue ones, will be big again? Everyone thinks of


blue lagoon, blue Hawaiians, and in Montmartre they used to drink the


Blue Bird which was based on the White Lady with sweetened orgeat


syrup. I have lemon juice, measure - You see a blue drink and


just think that has got to be really bad for you.


Yes, a few people tweeted and asked Yes, a few people tweeted and asked


how is it blue? Has it blue orange oils or something like that? But it


is artificial colouring, put in Curacao. The island of Curacao is


down in the Caribbean. We don't associate blue with being a good


colour, do we? When they put things in toilets they make them blue


because we associate that with clean and chemicals. The interesting thing


is, do you know why it's kind of blue? Curacao comes from the


of Curacao, bitter orange is similar to oranges from Seville and Dutch


sailors used to go there and the name Curacao is from the cure that


they found in those oranges, and they made it blue because of the


island's colour. Everyone associates it with the disco era. Kind of


cool. There's this ice cream you can get, and it's really weird


because it doesn't look like it should taste. It's right up Heston


Blumenthal's street. My kids' mouths are literally blue for three


days. What does it taste like in. I don't know, I never tried it.


When you go to the cinema they have those blue slush puppies. Can't be


good. Your tongue goes blue, that's the downside. Would that happen


with this? No. I could get away with drinking as many of them as I


wanted. No one would know. It's really nice though. Yes, it's


sour. Actually a very similar drink to that is called a Chelsea Side


Car. Blue is the colour, Tim. Citrus vodka. It tastes a lot fresher.


This is big in the far east, this one is China Blue. Citrus vodka,


Curacao, golden grapefruit juice some lychee juice. Chill it down


over ice. A nice combination. The bitterness of the grapefruit


think it's a lovely colour. Works in nightclubs with strobe lights.


Just chill it down quickly to get a Just chill it down quickly to get a


bit of dilution. Pour it over ice. So nice and long. This is a nice,


refreshing summer style Adrian Edmondson is here as well. Do


you want to come in? I've never touched alcohol before but I'm


prepared to do it for you. Try both of them. They are blue. And the


orange and lychee, that really exotic combination. That's sweeter,


lovely. I always think blue things are for old people. You know,


rinse, blue cocktail. Try that one. That's another blue one.


in that one. And lychee. You can taste the lychee in that. Martini


is the thing for me. Can you make me one? It's just weird drinking E


numbers. What's the point in drinking something that's a load of


dye? I don't understand. It is OK, thanks, Wayne, both those are


on the website. Transport yourself to Chengdu, China, this is the


breeding centre where using they are trying to help panda bears


back from the brink of extinction. All very cute. It's Nature's Miracle


So why are they going to the trouble So why are they going to the trouble


of separating Mum from her baby? Now, mother's care is best, of


course, and this is an excellent mum, but here in Chengdu they like


to give Mother Nature a little bit of extra help in the panda nursery.


All the baby pandas here spend most All the baby pandas here spend most


of the time with Mum but at least once a day they come in here, to the


nursery, and it's a sort insurance policy. They can


them and give them a full health check and make sure they are


thriving, 100% OK. Of course, gives Mum a bit of a well-deserved


If they find that the baby is maybe If they find that the baby is maybe


not putting on as much weight they would like or there are any


problems, they can give it a supplementary feed and bulk it up a


It has actually taken them years to It has actually taken them years to


get these incubators right because they've got to mimic mum exactly and


that's quite tricky. The temperature, for instance, changes


as the cub gets bigger and bigger. It needs a different temperature, so


that has to be monitored all the time. Then there's the humidity too.


Imagine the cubs held in tight to mum's fur and it's very humid down


there and they have to get that exactly right. It's this sort of


attention to the fine detail has made Chengdu such an


success. Babies tonight on BBC1 at 8.30. Lucy


Hedges is here helping out Saturdays who are over there,


check out the latest gadgets. the latest news? I have been in a


massive Berlin electronic trade show. All the latest tech has been


shown off so tablets from Samsung, this awesome device called the


Samsung Galaxy Note. It's a mini tablet slash massive superphone but


it has these controls to make user experience more fun. For example,


you lay your hand over the it pauses video. Turn it over, the


same. You can screen grab it and it's called a Galaxy Note because


you can doodle all over it with a special pen, share with your


friends. Sony also came out couple of tablets as well. It's


automatic tablets now - it's all tablets now. Yes, it's all about


the tablets. Mollie, you are modelling the first gadget.


What do you think of the aesthetic What do you think of the aesthetic


look of it to start with? Do you like it? To be honest I think it


looks like I'm going to the swimming baths. I think it looks modern


funky. It's called the Mutewatch. Minimummism at its finist.


functions, so you have alarm, time and a timer. If I could borrow your


wrist for a second, we pull the time up. Ooh, it's the other way around.


It has to be the other way around for the camera. Shall I


this? Good modelling. You will get yourself a contract. If you


basically hold two hands, did you feel a little vibration? You


change the time by tapping the top or bottom of the screen, and so on.


It vibrates again to let you know you've set the time. What you can't


see at home is it vibrates as you do things. We can set an


well. So set an alarm and the little lightning strike appears in the


middle. If you want to get the alarm and are thinking I don't


want that anymore, turn it back on, you simply squeeze the screen.


you want to do that for me, give a little pinch, which gets rid of


the alarm. Pinch. There we go. really clever watch. It's �250,


pretty expensive. You are joking! pretty expensive. You are joking!


Come on. Do you know what, it's for boys. Like, my friend Lee would love


this. He loves fancy things like this but for girls, this is killing


Ha ha! It is quite chunky. It's Ha ha! It is quite chunky. It's


meant to be minimal, you said, well. It comes in


colours, right? Yes, it's going come out in red or white. OK,


OK, moving on to the next gadget, OK, moving on to the next gadget,


prepare to have your minds blown. is only an electronic toothbrush.


like cleaning my teeth. I do. Do you like flossing? I'm not a


flosser, I like brushing though. So do I. Electronic toothbrush


or manual? This, very similar to this. I use manual but I'm willing


to change. Oh, you should. Well, this is the the Philips Sonicare


What's really clever is it uses What's really clever is it uses


conductive technology to charge it so when you plug it into the


standard socket it charges it. When you are on the move, you can bring


this, a cute travel case which you can charge by USB. Just what can it


in there. So a normal toothbrush but the charging is different.


soon as you put it in there, it charges for you. That's a good idea.


It uses sonic technology which basically means it's going to give


you a more cleaning experience than your standard oscillating


toothbrush. Where is the USB? We haven't got it. But it goes into


this case. I like it. You are not going to want to put that in your


suitcase. How much is that? �250, just like the watch. Pretty


expensive. Worth it for the people who eat a bit of cake and can't stop


thinking of what they are doing to their teeth. Ladies, let's wander


over to the final gadget with Frankie. This is an application for


a range of augmented reality T-shirts.


We saw with the app blaster a few We saw with the app blaster a few


weeks ago which superimposed aliens into the studio, when you hold up


the camera to the T-shirt, it brings it to life. Press to play. It's not


alive. Destroy the enemy. So basically all these


are going to come to life and you need to - there we go, it's working


now. They should roll onto the screen any minute now. Take time.


Any minute. What does Frankie to do? Basically to tap the


spaceships and blast them. There's a range of about 20 T-shirts, they


came out in Vegas last year. don't get it. Who is wearing the


T-shirt? It's for everyone but mainly designed for kids. So what's


your friend doing? Does, like, Dad have to wear the T-shirt? Dad!


Sorry, to keep the kids entertained. Thanks, we are not getting invited


back. I liked you. Frankie, were my favourite and now you


not anymore. I was trying express your point though. But you


are a dad. Yes, I am, but not your dad. Probably old enough to be


dad. But you know what I mean. No, no, so who is wearing that? You


your mate to wear a T-shirt? Yes, get your mate to wear it, kids are


having a laugh on a Saturday afternoon. I think with adults the


novelty would wear off very quickly. My arms are aching up here.


Whatever. It's cool for kids, right? Thanks to The Saturdays and their


gadget knowledge and of course Lucy. For more information on all of


those, email us. There's a series of Would I Lie To You back on


When filming is over for the day, When filming is over for the day,


Lord Sugar and I sometimes wind down by playing ping pong on the


boardroom table. LAUGHTER. That's hell of a story. True. David,


do you think? Have a minute just to let it sink in. You don't play


proper table tennis table, just on the boardroom table? No, you can


buy - it's underneath actually, the boardroom, it's rolled up and


you unroll it and clamp it on the boardroom table,


kind of thing, and you are in business. So is it just a net? Not


the lines. We don't have lines. The table is slightly bigger than


regulation size. Right. Is it not also curved? Curved? I thought it


was curved. You are thinking of Loose Women. Ah. It's difficult


tell, watching on television but how much room is there at the


the table? Oh, plenty. I will believe you. Ample. So you have to


back off quite a way when playing table tennis properly, I happen to


know. Can we stamp on this immediately? Lord Sugar's boardroom


is plenty big enough for almost everything. LAUGHTER. Yet you


I love that show and Would I Lie To I love that show and Would I Lie To


You kicks off again on Friday, at 9.30 on BBC1 and BBC1 HD. We should


get Lee Mack on here. Yes, very funny. Adrian Edmondson is in the


kitchen. Any good at cooking? Quite good, yes. I've always thought


myself as a good cook. What sort of things? Pretty adventurous, I will


get the cook books out when people are coming round and cook something


I've never cooked before. Really? Yes, I am that kind of guy. One of


the dishes you should do is Mum's lasagne. Which isn't


of the books. We've done the show before and it's one of the


most popular things on the website. Continually and my Mum is pestered


by people now. And the is this, right? Cottage cheese.


Sounds weird. So rather than having a creamy, gloopy white


have that lovely acidity. Parsley, thyme, oregano, we have tomatoes and


puree. We have Cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, mushrooms, onions.


Why dry instead of fresh pasta? Italians use dry rather than fresh.


I've never understood why to use fresh. The only thing is ravioli


would be used fresh, but - it's never al dente. And


floury as well, I would say. Firstly a bit of mushroom, onion and


pepper chopping. What kind of size? Whatever you would think as a


lasagne sized chop. The difference between here and home is these


knives are sharp. I took the top of my finger off once.


You used to have a farm? I still You used to have a farm? I still


have it but have rented it out. When you had it, did you work it?


Yes, I had about ten sheep and ten cows and we used to slaughter


eat them. That was the whole point, was to educate my kids to show them


that's where food comes from. I did that the other day with the kids


when they caught a crab in Norway, they caught it and ate it and


thought that was a good thing. I had never seen food die before. Were


your kids traumatised? No, fine. did have a couple of pet rams who we


reared at home and we didn't them. But they eventually went the


way of all flesh. We just didn't them ourselves. Did you enjoy


working on or owning a part-time? The great thing about farming and


the reason everyone should do it you get to play with enormous toys.


You can buy a tractor for real, can buy toppers, a massive


helicopter blade in a tin box. the power of it, you would love it!


One of the nicest things we discovered was when Seasick


was on the show, he bought a tractor with one of his first contracts. He


wanted a special tractor special name. Can anyone help


out? John Deere? Yes, that's it. We have Massey Ferguson. That's


of British. I love all of that, I like whatever professional -


whatever industry you are talking to there's always that rivalry of


brands. Photographers will about brands of camera, farmers,


will be brands of tractor, chefs, brands of knife. I love all that


stuff. So we fried the minutes off and we are going to rattle through


this - fried the mince off. How would this take to cook in


the whole thing? For me, I would want to cook the sauce for a


hour before putting into the lasagne so all of the soft juicy


combine. If you want to race it, you could do it in 15


The longer you leave it the better. Also it's nice to make the


day in advance and then construct the lasagne because that will give


more depth of flavour. In go all the herbs. Back goes in the mince that


we've browned off already and we give that a bit of a stir around. We


are really chasing through. Tomato puree, your cook tip is to cook it


out before you do anything else with it. I didn't know that. Your life


will change. But you are putting it in late. We still will cook it out.


Make sure everything is coated with it and then cook it out for six or


seven minutes. If you have a mouthful of it, it's bitter, but as


you cook it, it sweetens. I'm going to write a book about that.


assume you've done that, chuck in the tomatoes, cook, cook, cook, 20,


30, 40 minutes, an hour, however long. Then we end up with this


sauce. That's the glorious bit nice bit of sauce. This is the nice


bit, isn't it, when you can eat it without the other stuff. Yeah. With


just the meat, yes. Yes. Then - little sauce on the bottom so the


lasagne won't stick to it. That's plenty. Then layer up lasagne, the


next layer. That way round? Doesn't really matter. Bit more?


Another good dollop of that. know the musicians in your band?


Yes. Are they punk musicians folk musicians? Folk. Andy is the


twice all Ireland fiddle champion. Also the all Ireland banjo champion.


So you thought to do it that round? Yes, Troy plays a kind of


Half of that on there. Take some Half of that on there. Take some


out? No, that will do. We've got to finish this. You are looking to have


a few dollops of it - my mum never spreads it. Sorry Mum. Sorry


Simon's mum. Sorry, Mum. This? Yes, then another layer. In


you cover the whole base so it all holds together and then you can


a massive big load on there. Massive big load on now. We have to


ask you a question whilst we've you on and it's not about you but


about your wife and Ab-Fab. I know a lot about her. Because I did that


horrible thing - not horrible but I was walking past and they were


outside Stella McCartney, filming Ab-Fab and I took my phone out,


started taking pictures. When is coming out? I think there's one


coming out around Christmas. are making three episodes. That's


exciting, isn't it? Yes, it They have the whole original team. I


know they have that woman from The Killing in it as well, the Danish


cop show. Big woolly jumpers. The rest of that, cottage cheese and


then - It's hard this, isn't it? Harder than being a farmer.


your own lamb? Yes, it is, but we are using beef. Special beef lamb.


Then the rest of the cheese goes on and we bake it for a good 40


minutes. This goes on? Yes, and that you can spread and sprinkle,


whatever you want. Then we bake and end up with - You can go top.


Beautifully done, sir. The basic difference is the cottage cheese?


It is. What is the difference? When you have a traditional lasagne


you have that gloopy sauce and taste of a white sauce. This, Adrian


saying before, the nice thing is eating the sauce without all of the


pasta and anything else with it, so you get loads and loads of meaty


flavour without having to have this horrible - not horrible, but having


a big gloopy sauce that swamps a of the flavour. Yeah. It's the


flouriness that gets in the way. Also it's quite sweet in lasagne,


whereas this, because the cottage cheese is quite acidic, that


our taste bids. Always that bit of acidity as contrast in any dish is


what we need. Simon is going to plate up his Mum's lasagne. Louise


has the answer to Deja View. when the Queen began to search for


oil at Windsor Castle to the sound of music was - Frankie has the


answer. 1994. Yes, that was my guess! You got it right. Well done.


Whilst you are trying that, I'm going to ask you a question


it's the one that everyone has been asking, it has been coming down all


morning, are you going to work with Rik Mayall again? We do have


to work together when we are a bit older, we have a plan for basically


Bottom in an old people's home we are hitting each other with


medical bags and - and Comic is back, is it? Yes, they made


and I think we are doing a Famous Five remake as well, Five Go to


Rehab is on the cards. That's to be good. Chloe says here for you


Mollie, you used to be a top skier, do you still ski. Used to be


skier? Yes, how good were you? We talked about this on the show


before, didn't we? We had Grahambell on the same show and he used to


teach you how to ski, didn't he? Yes, I was in the Great Britain


until I was 17. Wow, I'm impressed! Thank you. I don't get much time


now, and if I broke my leg or anything like that I think I would


probably be killed, but I went in February, so I miss it so much


though, but I prefer to do this. She went without telling


manager, didn't you? Yes. He was like: what's that boot bag you have


got with you? Yes, I'm going skiing tomorrow. Bye-bye! Did you give


before the band? I gave up the band just because I always


wanted to do this. It was quite risky because I was doing quite


with it so it was a big thing to give up but I always wanted to do


this. I was on the mountains, singing, do you know what I mean?


Sounds amazing. What's that like? Gorgeous, yes, it has a kind of


salty sourness to it which is nice. Kinds of cuts across it.


Live cooking, the best of the week's TV and celebrity chat. Tim Lovejoy, Louise Redknapp and chef Simon Rimmer are joined by funny man Adrian Edmondson and girl group The Saturdays.

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