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Good morning. Welcome to the show. It is 10.00 on the August bank


holiday weekend. We are joined not only by Rich and Dan from The


Feeling, but also Sophie Ellis- Bextor. As well as that, we have a


man who is a popstar, operastar and has The X Factor, Joe McElderry.


The studio is packed with people to do some cooking and to take a look


at next week's telly. Yes, this is Good morning. Welcome. It is


another Sunday. Another Something For The Weekend. It is Carnival Day


on the streets today. The streets are blocked out there. It will be


harder to get out. Is it the end of Edinburgh? No. Is it still going?


They have already done the best joke, I think. The best joke of


Edinburgh Festival was by Nick Helm. It said, "I need a password eight


characters long so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!" You


are not laughing. Time Vine came in at two. Louise? Crime in a multi-


storey car park, that is wrong on so many different levels! Boom-boom.


The worst joke went to Paul Daniels which we were discussing before the


show. It is one of the better jokes. Stand up, Paul. I am standing up.


Apart from that, he said - I said to a fella... Stop now! Is there a


B&Q in Henley. He said no, there's an H, an E, an N, an L, an E, a Y


am not going to read some of these, they are awful. I was in a band


called The Prevention because people said which were better than


The Cure! I'm going to go next year. I might not bother after those


jokes! Stand up, Paul. I am standing up. You don't sound like


Paul Daniels! More Ken Dodd! Isn't it funny when you go to Liverpool


and there is a statue of Ken Dodd holding a kebab! People who know


that station will know what I mean. X Factor. Yes, I watched it last


night. I said it like I was excited. What do you make of it? I enjoyed


it last night. The new line-up is fresh... Gary Barlow is really slow


the way he speaks! Gary is very... She is good, she is, isn't she?


like him. I like Gary. What happens when he gets excited?! It is like


me, monotone! LAUGHTER He is good. What annoys me, right - and I am


pointing out something that probably everyone notices - don't


you think the way Louis Walsh claps is weird. Most people do that, or


THAT, if you are on a football pitch. Louis is like back to front.


I do like Gary, he is my favourite new judge. He showed too much man


cleavage. Last night, he had this blue jacket on and he had a scoopy


T-shirt number. What do you think about that? You guys notice...


of the Boybands. I was concentrating on their comments,


not T-shirts and clapping. Right. We should get Louis on the show.


Joe McElderry is on later. He knows all about that. He won it. Did he?


It will be interesting to hear what he thinks about the new show.


on later on. He has a new album out. He is here to chat about his music,


his life and what he thinks about the show that made him famous,


minus Simon Cowell. Rich Jones has not only brought along his band


mates from The Feeling, but also his wife, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. We


will be finding out how they maintain harmony when home life and


work life collide. Dan and Sophie will bang out a tune for us here. I


heard it earlier and it is really good. I love it when they do that.


If you have something you want to ask The Feeling and Sophie, or Joe


McElderry, e-mail us via the website -


bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend, or Tweet @SFTW. Tell us your name


and we will be able to read out your questions. What are we making


today? We are starting off with buffalo wings with apple and


celeriac slaw. Are they going to be spicy? They are. Yes! APPLAUSE


is a really nice build-up Tim, you'll like them. Main course is


mushroom biryani. Table-topping on top there. Look at that! Everyone


else below them, much like Liverpool at the moment! And


dessert is a lemon meringue roulade. Look how pretty that is. It is a


meringue that we wrapped around lemon curd, passion fruit, cream


and raspberries. End of summer perfection! Finally, smoked haddock


gratin. Very simple dish. Smoked haddock. Cheesy sauce. A crumb


that's got hazelnuts, Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs. Those


recipes can be found at bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend.


Is it good being a judge? It must be the best thing in the world? I


would love that job! You have to dress it up a little bit. What a


great job. A nice job. That is what you do in your normal life, you


judge everyone. I don't get paid for judging! LAUGHTER We all judge.


Wouldn't it be good to go, "I like your voice" or not! A nice job.


Here is what else is coming up. are watching Simon Cowell - I can


do it! This is what is coming up today. There's snow relief for the


team in Harry's Arctic Heroes! The skis are coming off.


It is blood, sweat and tears in Jig. She just performed like no-one's


business and my mouth dropped. Meet The Woman Who Swims With


Killer Whales. What a cutey. Come Killer Whales. What a cutey. Come


That's all to come. This show wouldn't be a show without Wayne


Collins. I can barely say this to you. CARNIVAL MUSIC I will be doing


some great drinks. LAUGHTER attention seeking by the way!


APPLAUSE Can I say, Wayne's got some moves! I tell you what... What


nightclubs did you used to go to? All of them! Where? Where did you


grow up? Camden. That is why you can dance like that, good rhythm!


Carnival. You played there once? Years and years ago, before Eternal


became successful in the charts. We went and played at carnival. What


was it like? It was good. It was weird because you are in this road


on the back of a truck. LAUGHTER Sort of shouting loud. No, it was


good. I do like a bit of carnival. Not going this year. Have you been?


No. It is all right. All right. don't like crowds! You don't like


crowds?! LAUGHTER All that pushing through stuff. Don't you get crowds


at football? That is different. They sit around for 90 minutes.


carnival are crowds after crowds! You need to find a pub and watch


them come past rather than move with it. Unless you have the moves,


like Wayne! And you are on the back of a float. Wayne will be there.


is food time. We will make buffalo wings. For that, we have chicken


wings, some pwhuter, delicious chilli -- butter, delicious chilli


sauce, some smoked paprika, then the slaw is apple, celeriac,


vinegar, parsley, red onion. If you wouldn't mind, those three


ingredients - I did a Louis Walsh clap then! I will be watching how


he claps! He does a cupping clap. How do you clap? Like THAF! I do


slightly like that, I think. Like a lady! I go on a half-beat! LAUGHTER


In here? Yes, please. And the paprika. Mix that around. Chuck in


the chicken wings and give those a good mix. Buffalo wings... Am I


putting those in there? Yes. The chicken goes into there. Do it with


a spoon. You can do it with hands if you want. I'm worried about your


new top. I reckon you will get that over your cream top. I will get it


all over YOURS! I will move this way. Buffalo wings. I didn't know


buffalo had wings. They were called buffalo wings because they


originated in the town of Buffalo in New York. Want to know another


fact? Louise Redknapp used to take flying lessons. Get out of here.


Did you? I did. If we go. I was really quite scared of flying so I


went on a few lessons. Had a little course. Just to try and understand


the mechanics better. Rich and Dan from The Feeling, Dan flies


helicopters, Rich flies fixed-wing. Did you go fixed-wing or


helicopter? Fixed Wing. It was a small one. Did you take the


controls? I don't know if I ever got that far. I would love to be


able to fly. I thought I was at the time and then I realised someone


else was doing 99% of it. So, Tim, whilst we are mixing those around...


Much better with your fingers. That is proper cooking. Am I grating the


whole of this? No. It is just that nice flavour, rather than using


carrot - you can use anything in a slaw. Careful! It should always


have cabbage in it because it originates from a derivative word


for cabbage salad. Can I say, I seem to get the boring jobs in the


kitchen. You said you like grating. We let that marinate for a little


while. Ideally, a couple of hours, perfectly overnight. Take them out


of there. With our tongs, put them all on to there and then we grill


side. Once you have grated that, I have some apple that I peeled and I


will grate that as well for our slaw. Louise, do you like Ab Fab?


Yes. They were filming outside Stella McCartney's shop. I got my


phone out and started taking pictures. Did you? I was like


paparazzi. I did see pictures in the paper. It wasn't you? I was


BEFORE the papers! I was sorting myself out. A good job that.


Weren't you embarrassed taking pictures? I was worried. Being


paparazzi I was worried Hugh Grant was going to come and punch me!


That will do. Yeah, you are right. I didn't think about it. I thought


this is interesting. That Tim Lovejoy taking our picture! He is


standing there taking pictures of people. I love it. We grill those


for six or seven minutes each side. The rest of the marinade... Stick


them in. In there, we have our apple, celeriac. Tim, half that


onion. I will chop some parsley. All of that mayonnaise and the


vinegar goes into there. What we have, the vinegar cuts through the


cream. I find that coleslaw is on the creamy side. I agree. I like it


with a bit more of a zing to it. had anchovy mayonnaise the other


day. I don't fancy that. It's a good thing to put in if you are


having a salad, a bit of Worcester sauce. I don't get that anchovy


thing. I love them! So, that all goes in. We need plenty of pepper...


Do you need the red onion smaller than that? Would you have them


smaller than that? Yes. You like long, stringy bits? Then you get


big bits of onion in your mouth! It's got to go in somehow! LAUGHTER


What would you have? Finely diced? Finely diced. No! OK. Never pick


things up with a wet towel. Water conducts heat! As they have been


cooking, we turn them over, the excess marinade we basted them with.


These fellas... What are you looking for? That is incredibly


easy to make. Dead easy! Just rinse these. Then all we do to serve -


how nice do they look? You simply stack up - it's the buffalo wing


festival the 4th and 5th September in Buffalo. 70,000 wings they go


through. I like them with blue cheese sauce. The traditional way.


I avoided it because sometimes the cheese is a bit clawing... A bit


what? Clawing! It means it's a bit claggy. There we go again! Then


what we do - those fellas on there. The excess marinade, all this oil


we want a bit of that. Tip that to have coleslaw. If you want to


dip them, you can have a blue cheese dip. Are you going to be


disappointed? Yes. You should try that coleslaw. That is delicious.


Because the butter softens it up, and the paprika, at first you think


you could eat more cheery but it grows and grows and then you get


that lovely warm... For the main cause we are doing a mushroom


biryani. That is really hot. All of the recipes are on our website.


Prince Harry describes his world being split into three lives, his


personal life, army life and official life. This is probably a


mixture of the last two and it is certainly a mixture of freezing and


dangerous. This is Harry's Arctic The progress is really slow. It is


difficult to move around. The terrain is quite difficult.


Where the ice breaks up it forms mini mountain ranges called


pressure ridges. Sometimes it is one metre high and sometimes it is


six metres high. They are messy mixture of hard, concrete lumps of


ice all piled on top of each other. These skis are coming off. We are


crossing something big. Guy lost his leg in a rocket-propelled


grenade attack in Afghanistan, so for him it is hard to negotiate the


rough stuff. It is difficult terrain. It is hard work getting it


over those bits but you just have to deal with it. For Martin and


Jaguar with missing or damaged arms, getting over the boulders is


equally challenging. Steve needs to be extra careful with his fragile


back. Having Harry along is a great help. Everybody is helping


everybody. It is the only way to do it. The team have no choice but to


scramble over the pressure ridges, hauling their heavy sledges all the


way. You can watch the final part of that in Harry's Arctic Heroes on


today at 9 o'clock on BBC One. first three guests have more than a


little in common. They have platinum-selling albums, they have


produced top tunes and they have dominated the top 10. They have two


brand new albums between them. It's # I thought it was over, but


it's not. # I am in love with a fall.


# You don't know what you've lost. # Fine dust under the Starlight,


# I don't care, I don't care what you say.


# I love you more, I love you more every day.


# I know I shouldn't go but something makes me crave the heat.


# Your Love is bittersweet. Two of them are married, two are


band mates, one has just been a cameo on the other's album. Can you


work that out? Welcome to Something For The Weekend. Welcome to the


show. What is going on? You both have albums out at the moment. Are


they going out at the same time? They come out about one week apart,


something like that. They are both already out. They came out in the


spring. You are singing on their album but they do not feature on


yours? No! When did the idea hatched that you would sing a song


together? You play a lot together, don't you? Yes, Rich and I met


because he was in my band. I think it was when the song was written.


Yes, the song happened and we had always wanted to do some singing


together but it happened naturally, you cannot force these things. The


song does came about and it sounded like it would be perfect for so


the's voice. It is handy because when you are at home and you hang


out together, you think you are going to write a song. I could not


say to my husband, let's have a song writing session! But it must


be quite handy. Is this something you have always done? Do you write


together? Are there signs that do not make the album? We wrote a song


together for her last record. a couple. It is very natural


because we are all in the same house. I played the bass on her


last album. We used to live together. When we started dating, I


was living with Dan. And we have all got studios in our houses and


often we are visiting and the end up in the studio. It is quite


natural. After a big party? You go to the studio? You play corporate


Giggs sometimes and Sophie will come on stage with you and play and


sing. You are used to playing with each other. Yes, not just the


corporate stuff. It just makes it interesting. If everybody is there,


Paul's wife gets up as well sometimes, and maybe yourself next


time! I will be there. What about me? You can bring the tambourine.


In the corner! I would not give you that much responsibility. Talking


about going on tour, we had another band on the other day that spends a


lot of time in Eastern Europe. You do, too. Yes, I have just played a


gig in the North of Ukraine. There were 200,000 people in the town


square. It is weird to go away. It was Ukrainian independence day.


Extraordinary. Do you know how you have become so huge in Eastern


Europe? The last four or five singles have done quite well there.


They love a Metro and dance music which is predominantly what my


album is. -- electric music. I have nurtured it by going to St


Petersburg and things. They like it when you go and visit and perform


there. You are invited to come and sing. That other Bain said to me it


is not so much about the record themselves but they come to the


gigs. Hundreds of thousands come to the concerts. Definitely. There is


a lot of piracy in Russia as well so it is hard to tell how many


records you are selling sometimes, but I have been to very far flung


places and I have a lovely passport collection of stamps now. Last week


he played to 200,000. Today you are going to play to... 10 in here and


millions at home! You are going to do a song from the album. This is


our new duet. It goes something like this.


# Leave Me Out Of It. # You are alone and that is your


thing, baby, that is your thing. # I don't hear your voice.


# You are alone and that is your choice.


# Baby, that is your choice. # But you don't know what love is


until you have had mine. # You don't know what love is until


you have had mine. # You don't know what love is until


you have had mine. # Coming through your door.


# You don't know what love is until you have had mine.


# You don't know what love is until you have had mine.


# You Don't Know What Love Is but you need some.


# A crack in your heart that can be undone.


# You don't know what love is until you have had mind coming through


your door. # And soon I will have you calling


out for more. # Coming through your door, so I


That was amazing! Very good. I love it. I love when people come on and


they sing live. I enjoyed that. Let's talk about rock and roll.


Your hobbies, you fly a helicopter. It is a fixed-wing plane. It is


nice that you have got rock'n'roll hobbies. How are they going? Are


you keeping up with it? I did my qualifying cross country two weeks


ago. That is a two-and-a-half-hour solo flight. You have to land at


two separate airfield, totally so low. You get marked by air traffic


control and they signed you off. Now I can take another test. Will


you let Rich fly you anywhere? we have been pretty cool about it.


We have done it, actually. We flew down to Goodwood Ladies Day for the


horse racing. It was a cool way to turn up. I remember talking to you


about helicopters for two hours because you love it, don't you?


love it but it is hugely expensive. I bought a pub in the East End and


turned it into a recording studio. I got excited there! Let's go to


the park! But it is a recording studio? There is still a bar so you


can get drinks. It is brilliant. And you can play your tunes as well.


And I can play the tambourine! has taken over my helicopter but I


will go back to it when I have saved up some money. We cannot have


Sophie Ellis-Bextor on the show without doing this. Do you know we


are doing this? It is a clip of you from yesteryear. That is what


happens every time you get on TV. That is because your mother used to


put you on Blue Peter all of the time. What colour would you like?


The green. You simply poppet over your head. You do not really need


it in here with the studio lights. It is nice if you double it back


around the outside like mine. What do you think? It looks very nice.


Have a look in the mirror. It goes with your pink cheeks. You can


really play about with these. Twist that one around as well. What do


you think? Very nice. I say it looks nice about four times.


you enjoy it when your mother got you on the show? Yes. It was quite


seldom. In four years I think I was on twice. I have seen that snood


clip since she left but there is another one when I have a dress


made for me out of bin bag and I would love to see that! I tried to


keep it but it was noisy. That is all for now but these guys are


going to hang around to cook and we are looking at the greatest apps


for your phones and tablets. You can contact us on Twitter and


through our website. But you know on it, please. For those that have


not seen this before, let me explain. Deja View. We play a song,


some classic headlines and a film and you have to try to known than


year that it happened. Obama named the year.


# If You tolerate this, then Your children Will Be Next, will do next.


-- will be next. The Angel of the North has been


raised into position at the sight of an old coal mine in Gateshead.


The 800,000 pounds structure towers over the A1 and will be seen by


90,000 people every day. The four hours videotapes of Clinton's


testimony to the ground jury have been put on television.


encounter did not consist of sexual intercourse. The Union Jack dress


worn by ex Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has been sold for �41,000


with the proceeds going to charity. # If You tolerate this, then your


children will be next. Are you employed, Mr about? Let me


explain something to you. I found the do. That is what you call me. -


He like so White Russian. That should be simple, the late 90s. The


manic Street Preachers. I am going to say 99. I was going to say 1997.


I would go this season 98-99! Now we have lots of photographs,


brownies. What we have done here, we have a dog with the corn dogs.


Heather Massey from Cheshire and her 12-week-old... It's a Shar Pei.


My friend owns one. They bite and they turn and they can bite - that


is why they have all that baggy skin. Have they been bred for that


purpose? I don't know. This is Gee. Where's the rice? Oh there, hidden.


Then we have the corn dogs. We also asked people in That's Life style


some funny food photos. Thank you very much for a man in the moon


fried egg. Mr Strawberry from Alison Wild. They have added stuff


to it. I do like this one. The Scottie dog crisp. That is a pork


ball in the shape of a pig. Did you see that? There you go. We have


turned into That's Life. This is a ginger man. A man-made of ginger. I


like these ones. That is apparently Osama Bin Laden in a chapatti. This


is our favourite. Not sure what that is on. That is Elvis there.


looks more like Roy Orbison. It is like a greasy stain. It is a place


mat with a greasy stain. That is what I want to see. When you spot


people in food and... Fine, yeah! It amuses me and us. No doubt that


will run and run. So, if you want to send pictures of cooking, or


your own creations from funny food, send them via the website -


bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend or Tweet @SFTW. The wings were great.


Everyone went on them as soon as we finished. There are none left.


most important side dish that you need with the wings are napkins.


They are the stickiest things in the world. Yes. Main course, we


will do a mushroom biryani. There's lots of ingredients. The paste...


Biryani means rice? Yes. Traditionally, as we are going to


do, it is a layered dish. You will get it as a plate of rice with


stuff in it. But it should be layered and baked. So, for the


paste, for the curry paste, garlic, ginger, chillies, salt, turmeric


and garam masala. We have blended all that together. Mushrooms,


whatever you have got handy. The marinade, lots of yoghurt, cumin,


chilli powder, paprika, garlic, ginger and rice, stock, onion,


lemon, bayleaf, rose water and mint. A lot of ingredients. That


sometimes puts people off cooking Indian food. You need to buy a lot.


Once you have got them, they are interchangeable. first, the


marinade. I shall fry off... finely do you want it grated?


Whatever you fancy. We are looking to get flavour into it. You can


slice it if you want. Most of the marinade stays within the mushroom.


Because we want to soften the mushrooms, we chop them and then


quickly fry them. We are looking to get a bit of softness going...


mushrooms? Chestnut and buttons. If all you have got are field


mushrooms, pretty much anything will work. You are better off with


a more robust one like this. The good thing is, because button


mushrooms are cheap, it makes it a reasonably priced dish. There is


nothing expensive in this dish. Chuck those into the pan, nice hot


oil and cook those for a couple of minutes. You are not looking to


cook the mushrooms through. All you are looking to do is just soften


them slightly, get some flavour in there. A touch of salt, touch of


pepper. OK. While you do that, I shall slice some onion. You know I


have a good fact for you, an interesting thing for you. When I


lived in Norway last week, for four days, I went to a sardine museum.


Did you? LAUGHTER And? It wasn't - sorry to my friend - it wasn't the


most stimulating thing I have done in my life. Really(!) I met this


guy who worked there who again wasn't the most charismatic fella I


had ever met in my life but he told me that since they were able to


sterilise the tins in sardines, they pretty much reckon they can


last forever. They opened a tin of sardines which was 99 years old and


it was still edible. How's about that then?! Last week we discovered


you spotted trains when you were younger. Now we discovered on your


holiday - I bet your daughters were enthraled by their trip to the


sardine museum? Who needs Disney! What do you think you do there?


There is a lawnmower museum in crumb bri in Cumbria. That must be


great(!). They have their eyes taken out of them so they can teach


you how to put them on the thing ready for smoking. Then they give


you tins with plastic sardine fish and then you learn how to line them


up in the tin. LAUGHTER Needless to say I sat in the corner on my


phone! You know that sort of thing, maybe we should do joint family


holidays, we are busy! We leave that for a couple of hours or


preferably overnight. You are in a crisis time. What you need to do -


I'm frying off some onions. Cut that in half. Also finely chop the


mint. I'm doing this too quickly. Cook this slowly, five or six


minutes. Then we add the paste into there and we give that a stir


around as well. The sardine museum is an interesting one. LAUGHTER


There's a pencil museum. What goes on in a pencil museum? I suppose


you work out how they put the lead in it. Do they put the lead in it?


Is the lead melted first? I reckon it is extruded... How do they make


the lead that thin? They must melt it. How do they do it? That is why


it is a good museum. No-one has the faintest idea how lead arrives in


the pencil. So that could be your next holiday! LAUGHTER Then we add


our rice. We have soaked the rice in some water to soften it. Stir


that around and make sure every grain of rice is coated with that


delicious paste. Once that's done, we pour our stock on to the top.


I'm doing this in a flat frying pan so you can see it. Let that cook


for 15 to 20 minutes. Where is this going? We end up with this


delicious... In there? With a squeeze of lemon and our rose water


which gives us some fantastic fragrance. My favourite secret


ingredient is rose water. It brings a delicious aroma. I said a biryani


is a layered dish. We have our presentation ring. Fill it to about


a third up with the rice and pack that down as much as you can.


was a film with John Travolta, he came back as an angel, he had a


name, Frank? I'm being told it is Michael. He used to look at the


biggest things in America. That was good. That is fine. Press that down.


A spoonful of the mushrooms and top it with our rice. I forgot to put a


bayleaf on the bottom. It is not essential. The other essential part


of a biryani is the omelette top. We are going to shred this as our


garnish on the top. We have this lovely eggy garnish. Then pack that


down. It is important you pack it down. You want it to hold together.


If when you take the ring off, it falls, it doesn't matter. Can I use


my hands? Yes. Cover it with foil. We bake it for 10 to 15 minutes. We


are looking to cook out the mushrooms further. We end up with


this delightful biryani. Make sure that is packed down. What we do to


serve this is... I have missed a bit of this! I was thinking about


sardines. Omelette, eggs and coriander and then what we do to...


Eggs and coriander? Yum! The egg is essential. It is a traditional


ingredient in this. LAUGHTER Then what we have also got with it, a


little bit of shop-bought curry sauce which we will garnish with


again. That is something that you always should have with a biryani.


Then we pop our eggy bits on the top. Sardines, my granddad used to


give me sardines on toast. They are really good. He wouldn't let me


take the bones out. You should eat them! We are done. Now we can


destroy it. Would you like to have a go? Can you go at the same time


otherwise we will be here all day! It will be really hot. Does look


good. Spicy, the mushrooms... good? Gorgeous! Really hot. What


are we cooking next? A lemon meringue roulade. That recipe - in


fact all our recipes will be on bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend.


You can e-mail questions from there for our guests as well or Tweet


@SFTW. Not forgetting to send your name, please. That is very hot.


Time for a dance. This is a documentary that follows wannabes


preparing for the 40th Irish Dancing World Championships.


There's grit, blisters and fierce She was extremely quiet, so shy, so


nervous. So when they said they were going to a dancing competition,


you had said, "She's never going to get up and do it." So I went to the


competition. They were coming out to dance and the next thing she


stepped forward and she just performed like no-one's business.


My mouth dropped. I literally called you in Ireland. "We had a


boots for a Jig on Thursday at 9.00pm on BBC Two. It is the mums


that were doing it with them. you going to be a pushy parent?


I am! I will push my children away from entertainment. Are you?


yourself a job in medicine. People are always needing medicine. That


is what I think. Our second guest shot to fame after winning The X


Factor in 2009. Since then he's gone on to have two top ten singles.


He's been a popstar who has turned into an operastar. Welcome to


Something For The Weekend, Joe McElderry. How are you? Very well.


How are you two? Good. Very good. Are you enjoying your life at the


moment? Yes. Very hectic but it is all fun. I get to do something I


love. It is good. So you are King of the Reality TV Shows now.


get a lot of votes. With us going into the second one, people will be


like, "Here we go again, I won't vote for him!" It was amazing. The


support was amazing again. There is nothing better than getting that


direct public support where you know people are picking up the


phone. Was you as nervous on the operastar one? X Factor, you were


young, you didn't have no expectations, didn't know what you


were going to do. Was that the biggest? I was already known for


something else, so I was like oh God, and obviously you had the


whole thing of winning The X Factor, then going on to something like


that. I was thinking, "Like everybody will be watching." It was


because I was aware how big the last show was, after coming out of


it, I realised how big a task it was going to be. Why did you go


Why did you go into it when you have that decision to make? I to be


approached us in January and February when I had just been on a


three-week holiday. I was chilled out and relaxed and I just said,


sounds great! It was going to be miles away, but it was really


demanding. They everybody assumes that if you can sing you can reach


this note and that note, but opera does not work like that. It is


training your voice. It was like going to the gym every day and it


was exhausting. I take my hat off to anybody that classically-trained.


The breathing exercises, everything you have to do. I thought I would


just have to pretend to sing opera. When you go back to the pop songs,


do you find that you have a wider range India for a sound? -- and a


fuller sound? It is so much easier. I learned so much about my voice.


If you train your voice as a muscle, he's into it and do it properly,


you can do it. I can't! Have you had the greatest time since leaving


X Factor? From the outside perspective it does not seem like


it has been all roses compared to some of the other guys. The X


Factor was one of the best experiences of my life, ever. It


put me somewhere where I would never have got without it. It was


kind of painted worse than what it was in the press and things like


that. It was made to be this huge kind of like he's moved back home,


he's depressed. It was not like that. I was just like, whatever. I


will carry on. Matt Cardle won last year. He said that he was talking


this week about holding back the releases of other artists. Do you


think that is a problem? Who were you in with? SyCo. Yes, but


whichever contestants? Olly Murs, Stacey Solomon. So they release


immediately and you have to wait? It is part of your contract. You


are relaunched on the first show and that is the big reveal. It


works for some people but for others it would be better to put it


straight out. A year is a long time in the music industry. It is. And


people have an iPod, things are flitting in and out. Have you been


watching the X Factor? I have. I really like Kelly. I think she is


holding the fort with a big personality. She seems to be the


head one, at the minute. What do you think of the way that Louis


Walsh claps?! We have some clips of the judges. I hope you enjoyed that.


I certainly did. I was expecting a little person to pop out from under


the hat. The singing was truly horrible. We expect people to be


off with the nervous feeling that you did not sink into ones. A


terrible audition. We have been waiting for a group like you guys.


You you rock it and everybody loved it. You take three big stars away


from it. There will obviously be an element of change. It is a matter


of time and people will get used to it but I miss Cheryl Kohl. Are you


still maids with her? Yes, but you miss her on the panel as well


because she is the nation's sweetheart. She is doing a new chat


show. What do you think? It must be true if it is on the front of a


newspaper! And what about your new album? It is called Classic. It is


the journey from my pop music to the more classical stuff. Nessun


Dorma, somewhere Over the Rainbow, Canto Della Terra. I just wanted to


release it straight away and get it out there instead of that long wait.


It was a really quick turnaround and we had lots of quick meetings


in a week and we bashed out all of this repertoire. Then I went into


the studio and recorded it in six days, which was pretty hectic.


it is you -- looking healthy in the charts. Last time I looked, it was


number two. Let's have a look. # It is time to say goodbye.


There you go. Quick question, did you enjoy winning The X Factor or


Popstar to Operastar most? That is hard. I enjoyed them most. Come on!


I think X Factor because it was where it all started. But Popstar


to Operastar was nice as well. you fall out with Simon Cowell in


the end? Not at all. We are still friends and I would still talk to


him. People think we hate each other. You would not go out for a


pint with him, but you know! Air still think highly of him for the


opportunity I was given. You are not on his label now. I am with


Universal. A new beginning. Joe is going to stick around to show us a


new apps. Thank you to him for coming in. Here is a taste of what


is still to come today. You can get up close to killer whales. She is


just so curious. I am not feeding her. She is just interested in what


we are doing. Our final dish is smoked haddock gratin. Bill Nighy


Mr and Mrs Jones. Rich from The Feeling and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.


Who does the cooking? I do the majority but Rich is a very good


cook as well. I do some lovely blackened cod. Nice! How do you


Blacon part? -- do blackened cod? You'd use Japanese miso. There is a


level of skill compared to doing it at home as compared to a


restaurant! All right! Do you ever could deserts? That is not really


something we do. We are more likely to spend ages making starters and


main courses and then buy a box of chocolates. My children get fruit


for deserter and that is it. As a grown-up you think you don't want


to make a whole pudding. We want a spoonful of your child's pudding to


annoy them and then move on. I used to love custard and rice pudding


and things. Other people's are always better, like other people's


chips. I have bought some semolina because they think they should have


to beat the horrible things we had as children! I like them both.


like it when my children tell me they are bored. That is part of


life. Being bought is being a child! -- being bored. This is a


lemon meringue roulade. Passion fruit, raspberries, whipped cream


with icing sugar. Then some egg white so that on 99% on with loads


of sugar for a meringue base. -- egg whites that are 99% done. So if


you can whisk them up, you gradually add the sugar. A can you


see how already it is like toffee? That kind of thing. This is a happy


marriage! I read in my notes that you bought Rich a cookery course.


Is that right? Yes but we have not done it yet. We have done a Fish


Cookery Course, which was another present. And did you make blackened


cod?! We did lobster. You need confidence when you are cooking. We


used to be intimidated in the fishmongers but now I know which


one I want. Really? Yes, we it predominantly fish and seafood. We


get live lobsters. At that is fun with the children. When I lived in


Norway last week for four days, we caught a crab and had to do that.


One of my daughters wanted to kill it and eat it and the other wanted


to set it free. It is kind of exciting. We once got a crab. We


thought we had paid more than we had previously but it was double


the size and we did not have a big enough saucepan. We boiled the


water and we were about to put it in but it did not fit. That was a


mistake. I think we had to do it upside down in the war in the end.


-- in a frying pan. OK, you can turn that off. Beautiful. All you


need to do is take all of that out with the spatula. Put it on there.


Basically we are going to bake a flat blanket of a meringue. I do


like to do this bachelor on a Sunday. -- spatula. How did you get


together? In Barcelona, on one knee on the beach. Cocktails and the


full moon? We had been working together for a year-and-a-half


before we got together because I was in her band. Had she always


been looking at you? When I auditioned, she was in a panel of


judges watching me play. She was whispering to her friend. She said


that she was just saying nice amplifier, but we know what that


means! Bake that for 15 or 20 minutes because it is very thin.


The Tate with meringue, when you stop baking them, set the oven at


180, but the meringue in and drop it down to 120 so the outside is


crispy and the inside is juicy. Put all of the lemon curd into there,


scrape out the passion fruit and mix it together. We have a question.


Do you get competitive over album sales?


go on tour? You must go out at the same time. We tried to make a two-


week rule so that we never go for longer than two weeks with the kids


and everything. That generally holds. Now Sophie can sing with us


as well. When you are together, do people become more interested in


your relationship than your music? Is that annoying? Now everybody


accepts it. But did you used to find it annoying? I think we made a


habit of being really boring early on. We have never been on anything


before together. How is it going? Are was quite nervous! It is a bit


weird! When I was reading through my notes last night, I was thinking


that it is refreshing that you are married but you don't talk about it.


You get so many people on and you are told not to mention the famous


wife or husband because they don't talk about it. That is a level of


intrigue that is probably not really necessary. You are married!


Spread that cream across there. Rich, it makes that together, lemon


curd and passion fruit combined. You need to work it so you get it


really mixed up. Then you have that lovely lemon curd and passion fruit


flavour. An end of summer dish. Spread out the cream. Pick of then,


whatever you like. Just nicely covered. -- thick or thin. Then put


the lemon curd and passion fruit along the top of it. Cream,


sweetened with icing sugar, egg whites, sweetened with icing sugar,


then the lemon curd and the passion fruit to give some acidity. You can


make patterns when you put that on lovely because of the passion fruit.


The rolling up is the exciting bit. Because it is a meringue, it is


going to break. So what we are going to do... What does the


roulade mean - rolling? Rolled. What we do, a little bit over like


that... I would have gone the other way! You will end up doing both


ways. Then the next bit like that. Then all you need to do is come


back the other way... We would have gone longways... I see what you


mean. Roll it right back. Perfect. Good. Then what we do - this is the


most difficult bit, getting it from the paper on to here. All you do is


literally go the other way and we have icing sugar on the paper as


well. How about that?! Then all we do, we simply serve a good big


wedge. If you chill this afterwards - one for you, Sophie. Don't be shy,


Joe! Why are you doing that? Tell us what you are going to make for


the last... A smoked haddock gratin. I will dig in. Wayne will be


concocting some carnival cocktails next. What is that like? How long


does that cook for? 15-20 minutes. Now it is your second and last


chance to guess the year in Deja # If you tolerate this... #


Britain's biggest sculpture the Angel of the North has been raised


into position on the site of an old coal mine near Gateshead. The


�800,000 structure towers over the Four Miracles hours, videotapes of


President Clinton's testimony to the Grand Jury about what he did


and didn't do with Monica Lewinski went out on television. These


encounters did not consist of sexual intercourse. The famous


Union Jack dress worn by Geri Halliwell has been sold for more


than �41,000 with the proceeds going to charity.


# If you tolerate this # Then your children will be next.


Dude. Hey. I finally got the venue I wanted. I'm performing my dance,


my cycle, at Crane Jackson's Theatre on Tuesday night. I'd love


it if you came and gave me notes. I'll be there, man.


That was The Manics plus headlines on Bill Clinton, Ginger Spice and


the Angel of the North. What is today's Deja View year? When that


film was around, did lots of people ask for white Russians? Yes. I love


a white Russian. What is in it? Vodka, coffee Liqueur and cream.


What year was that? 1998. I think '98. I have to go a bit different.


I will say '99. LAUGHTER Carnival cocktails today. We have rums from


cocktails today. We have rums from all over the Caribbean. So I am


going to bring some of the flavours from the island. I have aloe vera


juice, which is really good. Where is that? Right here. When you break


an aloe vera... It is high in acid. Do you drink this neat? You can do.


It adds freshness to the drink. We have some... Like licking a


battery! This is the Calypso Swizzle. Rum... Don't do that


anyone, don't lick a battery! I don't know why I said that! Stupid!


LAUGHTER I will get myself in trouble. Some sourz pineapple


liqueur. Please don't do that. Whatever you do, don't do that.


Lime juice, vanilla syrup. Or drink to excess, don't do that either!


You are covered. You are fine. shot of aloe vera juice. Aloe vera


grows wildly all over the Caribbean. What is this one? Guava juice.


love that. Used to combat... Sunburn. You break the leaves on


the beach and rub it on the sunburn. In Barbados there is a guy that


comes around - I know one man in particular - he breaks aloe vera


and he offers everybody a massage. He's always outside Sandy Lane.


massages everyone... Look at you two! This is a traditional


Caribbean swizzle stick. No shaking involved. We have more ice. That's


like... Trinidad rum over the top. Like a stick? Couple of pineapple


leaves. And our wedge of guava. That is Calypso Swizzle. That is


delicious. The freshness comes from the aloe vera juice. Mmm. I better


crack on. Give us a straw, please. I think the guava juice makes it.


Guava juice is really fresh. This is falernum. Jamaican white rum


followed by rum from Barbados. Oops! This is coconut and mango


water. You can buy that? It has twice the potas sum -- potassi


murks -- potassium... Exclusive supermarket. I am trying to be old-


fashioned. Shake it up. I read it rehydrates you. It is meant to be a


very good sports drink. Yeah. is why I am not buying it. As I'm


an athlete, I thought I better have a go! We have the rums from


Barbados, Jamaica, a bit of -... These kind of drinks are fun drinks.


Yes. A slice of freshman go. This one is called? -- A slice of fresh


mango? This one is called? Up north, with the Dom Republic, that is


called Sweet Meringue. That is lovely. The rum in there, the kick


of the rum. That is really nice. That is my favourite. I will swap.


Happy carnival! Cheers. Both of those cocktails are on the website,


bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend. If you are heading... What time we


leaving?! LAUGHTER I'm not going with you in that! Have a fun and


safe carnival. Have you got the top to go with it? It suits you, though.


I love your moves. Right. Killer whales are some of the most


dangerous predators in the world's oceans. One person has dedicated


her life to correcting this. Here she is The Woman Who Swims With


Killer Whales. Some of them will just, no matter


how long I have known them, will swim right past the boat and they


are doing their orca thing. Others, my boat turns up and they are


my boat turns up and they are racing over and they want to play.


I will drop out of here and see what she will do. A young female


approaches the boat. Just five years old, she's followed closely


by her mum. Come on. Mum's coming in too. You coming in for a play as


well? Ingrid greets them by slapping the water and blowing


bubbles. Incredibly, the orca often blow bubbles back at her. This is


the thing that fascinates me about these animals, they are so curious.


I'm not feeding her, but she's interested in what we are doing.


Blowing bubbles, the orca are mimicking Ingrid. What a cutey!


Come on. Far from being ruthless killers, this remarkable


interaction shows just how inquisitive and gentle wild orca


can be. Hello. You are a little calmer. Not so excited. And The


Woman Who Swims With Killer Whales is on Wednesday at 8.00pm on BBC


Two and BBC HD. It is gadget time and Joe McElderry and Dan from The


Feeling are standing by to help us. That is where the noise is coming


from. Dan has a driving game. Lucy Hedges is here. Apps this week. You


have six apps. Our first app which Dan is going to show off for us, as


you can hear... Spin it around for us, Dan. This is Real Racing 2.


Like most racing games, it uses the accelerometer. He is playing in the


Appwheel. It enhances your game experience and makes you feel like


you are playing on something bigger than a phone. It is better


precision on control. What do you think, Dan? It is fun. I feel like


a seven-year-old! It is very much like the Wii wheel. The game is


also... How much is this? It's �2.99, the Appwheel is �9.99. You


don't need the Appwheel to play it. It works with loads of games.


look at the next one. The next application is something called


android, it is called Swype. you swipe from letter to letter to


spell a word. This is the latest thing, apparently? It is very cool.


Have a go. With a bit of practice You swipe along the words. It is


quite difficult do do when it is facing this angle. We are doing it


for the purpose of television. You can be really quick. If it doesn't


recognise a word, it offers up a selection of words. If it still


doesn't know what you are talking about, you can save it to the


dictionary. So next time you put in your mystery word... They reckon


that is what everyone is going to be doing? Yes. It is not an


application in the typical sense where you can download it, it is in


Beta at the minute. You have to download an installer and whack it


on. Golf time now. Joe, come over. I will run round you this way.


will get you going. Do you play golf? I'm not a golf player.


not either. The idea is to putt. This is called iPing. Start putting.


This is called iPing. Start putting. Keep putting. What it does, in


conjunction with this cradle that you can see on the putter shaft. It


uses, the built-in gyroscope to identify impact angle... Swing from


the body. Soft hands. You are not that bad. I'll go. FOUR! LAUGHTER


wasn't good. It measures your consistency. You can kustmiez it.


What this does is establish your consistency. After five putts, you


establish your putting handicap. It is a way to improve your putting


skills. Do one more. Do we need to see... It measures all your putts.


What you can do, if you want to show off your stats, you can post


it on Twitter and Facebook. You can compare your stats with the pros.


Let's find someone. It won't be good. I agree with you. LAUGHTER


There's his stats, the consistency is quite on point. You need more


work. You are not a golfer, it is fine. What sport do you do? I do a


lot of running. I love running. Loads of great apps... Not football


or golf. It is all about singing! I won't ask you if you like that


because you don't really know. really! If you would like to come


round with for this one. We have an awesome application, it is called


Google Goggles. You are on the internet and searching, and...


is like the visual version of Shezam. You take a picture of


And what it does... It has crashed on us. Loaded back up. What it does


is utilise Google's expansive search engine. It is scanning the


photograph and it will pull up search results pertaining to that


image. What does it say? Similar image? It has not identified the


flag, not this time. It has not identified the British flag?! How


much is that? We have run out of time. This is completely free on


the iPhone and Android. Thank you. If you would like more information,


e-mail us through the website. And now, a new spy drama that crackles


with tension. Bill Nighy stars in What about you? Isn't your father a


writer? Writer and activist, yes. It must be odd having a famous


father. I am surprised you have heard of him. How famous can you be


in Syria? You were born in Damascus? Yes. My brother was


killed by the Israelis. When? years ago. What was he doing?


Waving a white flag, trying to stop them trying to knock down a house.


The Israelis were building a wall through occupied territories and


the Wall went right through the house. Been in that part of the


world? What were you doing? Oh, you know. I don't know. You are going


to have to tell me. I was on holiday. On the West Bank? Where


else do you go on holiday? Afghanistan? A maybe this is the


And you can watch Page Eight tonight on BBC Two at 8 o'clock. In


the kitchen we have Joe, who tells me his cooking is quite bad.


never cook. I like bacon. Baking or bacon? Baking cakes! It is the


accent! I was going to say bacon sandwiches! You like baking, I have


got you! Cooking is a bit of a nightmare. This is relatively


straightforward. If you have never done any cooking before, the


paprika, tarragon. And we have poached the smoked haddock in milk.


You do that because it takes away the salty taste and the overt smoky


it down so that it is just simmering, turn it down. Do you


expect people to know that? I have just told them! Just checking.


can put this in the gratin and bake it and it will just be fine but it


will be smoky and salty. We do that to make it taste better but it is


not essential. We are doing a crumbly top with hazelnuts, butter


and tarragon. You can relax for a moment, Joe. First we make the


sauce, melting butter in a pan. I am going to do this too fast. When


you go home, Joe, with your new- found talent for cooking, slow it


down. Do it gently. But I am ramping it up to do it quickly.


Melt it gently, then add the plain flour. I want to do this e-mail.


Would you consider being a judge on the X Factor? Well, yes, I would


actually. It would be good fun. Would you be able to be hard


because you know what it is like to be up there? That is the only


problem. When I watch it now, I feel their pain. I actually cry,


Joe. Simon, I cry when people get through. I was crying on my own on


the sofa last night. I cried at the girl that sank Respect. She was


just so happy. And that day is so build up. You arrive at 5 o'clock


in the morning and you wait all day, doing interviews. Just the anxiety


before you even step on the stage and then you get on and everything


is heightened. You know that there are cameras, an audience, big stars


in front of you. When I watch it now, it brings back memories.


Emotional, I bet. But they think I would be OK. I would be realistic


but sympathetic. Now you have the classical training. We have the


butter and the plain flour and the spices, and you gradually add the


milk. I am doing it way too quickly. Had it gradually and when it


bubbles, add some more. Are we going to ruin it? If you do it so


quickly, you stretch the flour. And it can taste a bit like flour. Then


we add the cream, the Parmesan, the cheese, then we stir it together.


What you need to do, slice those potatoes. You have got a job!


them in half and a layer them in the dish. Would you like me to


help? He will be all right. We are not so bad on time. Just if you


need me, shout, Simon. I always need you! When you did your


audition, was it in front of a live audience? We were the first year


when it was and my audition day was the first day. Did you all get on


instantly? Actually, I change my question. You know instantly when


you saw people getting on stage, did you think they would get


through and be on the live show? You are kept away from that room so


you do not know what is going on. You are in another room doing the


interviews, you know, that you see. It is only at bit camp that you


watch everybody and that is when everybody is looking at you.


competition. You can never tell who they will go for. It changes from


day to day. If you are a good one day but bad the next... And choice


of song as well. And the style of the song. No matter what they throw


at you in the competition, you nailed it every time. But it is


hard. Because if you are raid jazz singer and they decide to do this


go, you are in trouble. -- a jazz singer. A handful of spinach on


there and then some big flakes of this. With the fish, peel it off


the skin and just dollop it on. When you were doing Popstar to


Operastar, you had to learn some Italian. Give me some Italian lines.


I actually don't know any! I was expecting some romantic lines! I


only know the words of the songs. I am not fussy. I cannot even think


of something to say. You have let me down. Come on, Simon. You have


let us all down. I am concentrating on the fish! It is very messy.


this gets messy, that is the joy of it because it will all get baked.


Chuck it all end? Yes. It does not matter about the size of the pieces.


The bigger the better. From an eating point of view, you want a


nice big chunk of fish rather than little flakes. Nobody would eat my


cooking. Look at it! I hope you washed your hands! It is all about


confidence. And maybe not stabbing yourself. When that has gone in,


all we do is we dollop this lovely cheese sauce. It is going loopy


because we brushed it. You want it to be looser than that. The -- of


we rushed it. If it is too thick like that, you can add more cream


and milk. Now, the final part. This audition is nearly over! Tarragon,


battered, breadcrumbs, hazelnuts, rub them together. -- butter. Like


making a crumble, which is basically what we are doing. This


is delicious flavour on the top. It does not matter if the butter does


not melt when we are doing this. It will melt in the oven. Then


sprinkle it on top. It is nice to have a crispy top on something. It


is a meal in one. All you need. However much you feel is


appropriate, Joe. Use your creativity. While you are doing


that, another question. Which classical song is the hardest to


sing? Probably Nessun Dorma. It is really hard and the timing is funny


so you have to concentrate. It was the one that I had panic attacks


about. Sleepless nights, I am sure. We take that for 20 minutes or so


and this is what you get. The joy of it is we have hazelnuts,


Parmesan cheese, so you get really delicious smells and the flavour.


It has not taken very long at all. How much does that go in for?


20 minutes. You are looking at a dead simple dish that will feed a


big fat family, I mean in number, not that you are fat. Thank you.


Let's go back to Tim. Thank you. We can reveal the year of Deja View


when Bill Clinton made the headlines for the wrong reasons and


the manic Street Preachers were number one. It was 1998. We sort of


got it right. Talking about The X Factor. One of the questions on


Twitter, Sophie, which you consider being a judge? It looks like a


great job. It looks good from the sofa at home, so probably fantastic


on the television. Do you watch it? Yes. I like that the girls get on.


There is good chemistry. It is nice to see them having banter and


laughing over the guys. It is nice to watch. I don't know whether you


asked this in cooking, but do you keep in touch with the X Factor


contestants? Yes, Olly Murs, Stacey, Jedward. Jedward?! Do they have one


mobile phone between the two of them? Yes, they actually do. They


don't have my number now because I used to get random phone calls and


they did not say anything. It was like constant pranks. Hello?!


Feeling, have you got any concerts? Yes, we have a tour in October.


any festivals? Yes, Harvest. It is Alex Jones's Farm, which is food as


well. Lots of cheeses. And we are playing there. Will there be plenty


of cheese? Yes, plenty of cheese. Is that this weekend? No. Your


keyboard player is getting married. Oh, yes! We are almost out of time.


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