21/08/2011 Something for the Weekend


Live cooking and celebrity chat. Tim Lovejoy, Louise Redknapp and chef Simon Rimmer are joined by Shooting Stars' Vic and Bob and the original Pop Idol, Will Young.

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Hello, good morning. Welcome to the programme. It's 10 o'clock. We are


joined live by National, the treasures of Vic Reeves and Bob


Mortimer. As if that wasn't enough, we also have singer, songwriter,


actor and great British celebrity Will Young. They are here to meet


some have it, do some cooking and take a look at next week's


Good morning. Welcome to Something For The Weekend. Louise is back!


How many months were you off for? knew that I'd get stick today.


People stop me and say it in the street now, those boys give you a


really hard time. I went on my holidays to Majorca. Any good?


Lovely, great for the kids. Shopping? No. I didn't go shopping


once a. You've just come back? was in Norway. Nice? Brilliant.


Lovely place. Nice people, good place. What was the weather like?


It was good. It was warm, cloudy, bit of rain. Everything that I like.


It was good, cloudy, rain! Variation, that's what I like. We


went fishing, we went water-skiing, the whole shebang. I tasted water


from deep fiords. Would you recommend it? Yes. Beautiful place?


Yes, if you like nature. It was a big week in... Television terms,


this week. All of the big shows started. Big Brother, did you see


that? It I did, I watched a bit last night. I'm not the biggest fan,


to be honest. I found it a little bit hard going, to be honest. I


think you have to like someone in it or hate somebody in it. I don't


think I am anywhere in any of them. I watched the contestants... Well,


you don't really call them contestants, the celebrities going


in. I haven't seen it since. looking at these celebrities. Tara


Reid. She is probably the most famous. I went on holiday with her


once. Well... She was in the same place I was staying. Did you talk


to her? Do you know what? Do you know what, what? Well, she was


drinking habit and she gave my daughter's bracelets. That's nice.


My daughter has made the world They were hanging out with her,


they were, like, she's getting broody! Everybody says the same


thing, there are no celebrities, and then everybody gets into it.


What is weird this week is that they're not two wives of people.


It's odd. Wives?! You are famous because he was someone's wife, and


then you get in. X Factor, last night. Did you see that? I didn't


see it. I liked it. The highlight for me was Gary Barlow. I thought


he was brilliant. Everybody thinks he's a bit boring. I thought he was


brilliant. I saw the end, where the little lad ended up having a go at


them all. The producers know that he's not very good and he's been


told he's good, to get up there and get an audition. Everybody knew


that was going to happen. Then he becomes famous. Is it a good thing?


He's in the papers, is it good to be famous for the wrong thing or


not at all? I found it depressing. I think giving him airtime, I


didn't like it. It should be about talent. He has no talent.


people laugh. People love it. Entertainment. I want positives,


not negatives. Embrace the positive. I agree, embrace the positive!


Following his success on stage and screen, Will Young is back doing


what made him famous, a new single and a new sound. Vic Reeves and Bob


Mortimer are here to talk about what makes their comedy brains work


and the latest series of Shooting Stars. If you've got something you


want to ask or say to Vic and Bob,, the royalty, as we all know, if


there is a question you have always thought you'd like to ask them,


then... I think we've got some here, but I don't think they are


particularly good. It would be good to have some more. Will Young, as


well as a singer and actor, he's also into politics. He's been on


Question Time, we will show you a bit of that later. If you got a


question for him, maybe politics, senders and e-mail or get in touch


through Twitter. -- send us an e- mail.


What are we making today? Now that you are back, we can get a proper


food. Starting, beef tataki. Its Japanese marinaded beef fillet. A


very bare Beith, a very rare beef and fresh salad. And then we have


the mirin glaze sea bass. That is Japanese rice wine vinegar. We've


got pak choi, coconut rice, green Thai curry sauce. Nights. Good


shot! Desert is Dulce de Leche up brownies. That is condensed milk


that you boil up and it becomes thick and like caramel. Is that


what you used for banana and toffee pie? A can of condensed milk, you


boil it away and it thickens and you get that delicious toffee. Or


you can buy at already made, probably easier. Is it calorific?


Speaking of which... Corn dogs. They are hot dogs, wrapped in


polenta, flour and eggs and then deep-fried. I'd never tried one of


those, I want to try one. When we were in California, I tried them. I


know they are really bad for you, but there's something nice about


them. Sometimes you got to have something bad for you, you've just


got to. So we are doing that. the recipes can be found on the


website. Here is what else is happening between now and 11:30am.


More victims, more laughs and more Shooting Stars. You can see the


question, you can read it out yourself. Go on! It is Jurassic TB


in Komodo: Secrets Of the Dragon. Dragons have an incredible sense of


smell, using their forked tongues to taste the air for odours. And a


right royal Trekkie in Harry's We have to be more careful, it can


Renaud van just break your leg. Simon has just said, I love Komodo


dragons! There you go! Are you going to giggle while I am trying


to do this? Sorry, Miss. Would it be one of your top five animals?


Yes. Donkeys and monkeys, obviously. I just wanted to say... Wait! I've


missed you, what are you making? got some Mediterranean-style drinks.


If your palate leans towards more a bitter, dry, refreshing drink, I've


got some really tantalising ones. It's hard to smile for him today.


It yes, he's an Arsenal fan. They didn't do very well yesterday.


Simon is a Liverpool fan, a bit of tension in the studio. We're going


to cook beef? Beef tataki. Japanese marinade beef. Salad accompaniments,


shallot, cucumber, pickled ginger, beansprouts and watercress. The


marinade is brown sugar, shallots, soy sauce, ginger, garlic. Similar


ingredients for the salad. Lehman, this time, sugar and chilli. --


lemon. If you are someone who only likes the beef cooked right the way


through, if you marinaded in this way, it's probably the best way to


sample it without it being cooked through. What they don't like about


steered beef is that you get the bloody mess of it. Because we


marinade this and then let it go cold, all of the juice sets, so you


get delicious flavour, rather than it being bloody. It's not blood, is


it? No... Well, yes, it is. But I watched it on QI, what is it?


doubting myself now. I can't get involved, I've got no idea.


thought they said it wasn't. I don't know, maybe someone could...


I could be wrong. It's a first, but I could be wrong. When you cook it,


is it blood, or is it just uses? Send us a tweet. Surely, it's got


to be blood? Unless Stephen Fry was We asked hearing this, I need you


to cut that in half down the middle, very finely sliced shallots. We got


to start grating the ginger and I'll crush the garlic. For the


dressing, if he would like to chop that chilli. Everything goes into


that bowl. The soy sauce, the vinegar... And by doing rains?


doesn't really matter. You can cut it in half and do it quite finely.


Whichever you feel is the creative way to do it. Just finely chop.


went fishing in Norway. I'm not really into fishing. Well, I didn't


think I was. But it's really fun if you go out on a boat out to sea.


Have you done that, sea fishing? It's amazing. It's really good fun,


a couple of cans of beer, we caught mackerel and some cod. My kids got


into it, they caught the food, killed it and then they cooked it.


To actually see the whole process, it's quite good. What else did you


eat that was good? We caught crabs, we ate them as well. I ate brown


cheese. It tastes a bit like Dulce de Leche. It's got a really sweet


flavour. Something I love is called It's a traditional meal that they


have won Thursday's. It's like when we have fish and chips on Friday.


It's a dumpling. They cook it with smoked pork and stuff. It's quite


stodgy, but it's delicious. Should we make it? We should, it's


delicious and I liked it a lot. Anything like dumplings is nice.


It's quite comforting food. Norway was do particularly rich country


until it found its oil. I think it was... I don't know, what poorer


people used to meet tough on themselves up -- to -- used to eat


to fill themselves up. There's incredible fish over there, we ate


in a restaurant and the guy that owned it said he had a real treat.


He brought out boiled cauliflower. They struggle to grow vegetables.


He thought it was such a treat. We are going, you know... Up we had


Just to recap, we've got lime, shallots, lime, ginger, a really


nice marinade. Is that fine enough? That's perfect. The lemon zest in


there, that is the dressing For Allah salads. These things are


separate. Pour the marinade into there. This is a little bit strange.


We really want to work all of these flavours into this. Our lovely


piece of beef goes into there. We zip up the bank... Well, we don't


Then we work that marinade into the beef. Kobe beef, which they massage


the cow was, we are kind of doing Do you just think, what can we get


Louise and Tim to do? Massage some There is a genuine reason for doing


that. You want to work as much of the flavour into the fibres of the


meat. Then we let it go completely cold. When it is cold, put it in


the fridge and trill it down. If he can do this a day in advance, it


really makes for some delicious flavour. A minimum of two hours, I


would say, for it to marinade. I'm just going to slice up bits and


bobs for the salad. A minimum of two hours? So you get some flavour


in there. Ideally, overnight. If you fancy this, have at 40 tomorrow,


rather than today. For the salad, a I led the way the Spanish beat. It


is all about sharing. -- eat. You pick at what is in the middle of


the table. I love it. You are going to look back at yourself in 10


years, massaging Sam meat in a bag and think, what was I doing?


next thing we do is, we have marinaded this overnight. The stuff


coming out of meet his muscle and not blood. -- meat. What I want is


really find slicing. As fine as you can without it falling apart. If


you start to cook like that and he pinched the beat, you will find it


holds bit tighter. -- you pinch the beef. As much of that slicing as


you can. If ever you're going to eat meat, today is the day. Did I


put enough lemon in there? I always get and it will do. It is probably


enough. We have ginger, shallots, bean sprouts. That looks lovely.


The presentation is key when you are having a dinner party.


serve this on a board so everyone can dig into it rather than having


little bits for everybody. Stick it on. Your days of growing up in


Liverpool. That does look fab. this of marinated shallot sits on


there. It is one of the nicest things we had cooked on the show.


That is heaven. It will last a good while. What a remaking for the main


course? Mirin Glazed Sea Bass. That is up there with the Komodo dragon.


All of the recipes are on the website. This is amazing. What game


show has barely any rules, celebrities who line up to be


outgunned and hosts who seemed to enjoy themselves more than they


really should? The answer is Shooting Stars. Your question is


going to be delivered to you by Archie Andrews, a new friend to the


show. He is a lovely friend of ours. That is it, Archie. On the other


side is a question for you to read out. You can read it out yourself.


I am not reading that. You can read it out yourself. Is it true or


false, so there is black? It is Bowles. -- false. You can watch


that episode on Monday on BBC Two. The main men are here with us now.


Hello. How are you? Very well indeed. How is the show going?


has been really well received. We must have learned something


different. Eight series over how many years? We reckon 16 years.


1993, whatever that is. industry keeps changing. When you


do another series, do you think, we need to do something different.


do it for at own good. This is probably the most exciting. This


has dancing girls in an Boys and stuff. It is exciting. -- and boys.


George Doors was such a big person and Angelos is a funny guy. He


seems to have developed a life of his own on the show. It is quite


nice because you do incorporate the music and the dancing girls. It


makes something for everyone. There are some things in there which are


interesting and entertaining. other words, if you do not like us!


A lot of shows are gag after gag. Shooting Stars is full on


entertainment. It is everything. is jam-packed with than and


laughter. If anybody doesn't know what we are talking about with


A quick change! We wrote that for us to do. We were going to do that


and then we are offered it to Angelos to do. He has the best body.


Is there any format to the show when you sit and write it? Do you


think, we need a song and...? Absolutely. We work on different


sections. Music has always been a big part of your act. Not many


comedians do that. You do the singing and dancing and the comedy.


We are old fashioned like that. We do not explain what is going on to


the public. We have a song and dance in an old-fashioned way.


do not say, do you remember when you were growing up? John Clements


has said, who has been your biggest comedy inspiration? You have


created a whole new type. I did not watch television. I liked spike


Milligan. He was not allowed on the television much towards the end of


his career. When he was, it was always a treat. Tommy Cooper as


well. Lock and Hardy. You have done a load of stuff on the internet.


What are they called? Afternoon delights. You should see them


online. They are very good. It is a weird thing that people are having


to move on to the internet. Everything you did was watched...


It was two channels. Is that the way we are going? I think


everything is going on the internet. You have a computer, don't you, at


home? Do you enjoy it? The only problem is it is too high. Millions


have watched it so that probably is the future. Less and less people


are watching it on the television. It must be frustrating when you do


not get a television slot and you think, I'll stick it on the


internet. Yes, anyone can do it. We did 21. That was won a day Padang a


month. So many people were tuning They are all made up as we go along.


People think we are making Shooting Stars up. One big difference is


that we learn the scripts. Everything we say is scripted. We


learn it. There is not that the Lions on the autocue. -- reliance.


Oliver says, would you ever do another sitcom? We are going to


bring back On The Buses. Who do you have on this series of Shooting


Stars? We had Jimmy Anderson on tomorrow. With a bit of luck he


will be a big star. You get good names. People want to come on and


be part of it, don't they? John Humphrys from Mastermind is very


good. Has anyone not got it? Sat there and thought, I am not getting


less. Occasionally you have that. We do not really allow people to


say much. It is the highlight of my career being on the show. And mine.


It really was a long time ago. and Bob are not going to go


anywhere. They're going to do some cooking and help out with games and


gadgets. E-mail on the website. Please tell us your name. When I


was on holiday, I'm missed this, trying to guess the year from the


music and news stories. Here it is, # Don't leave me this way.


# I can't survive, I can't stay This was the day when Prince Andrew


and Sarah Ferguson became engaged. This morning's announcement came at


10am, an hour earlier than expected. Hampton Court Palace has been badly


damaged by fire. The blaze has destroyed part of the south wing.


Businessmen have taken over from the boffins as Amstrad computers by


about the rights to manufacture and There is a touch of the Cassius in


you. Did Mr Bainbridge have a pleasant look to his boys? No. He


sounded as if he was chewing raw meat. That is him. He is a Charlton


fan. That was a long time ago. Alex Jones said, I think it is season. I


thought I might do it in football seasons Fisher. I am going to go


1981-1982. No way! No. I am trying to think. We cannot do it on a year.


We will have to do it on a football season. I am rubbish at that. Now


we will start with your versions of our food. They took the try fought


on location. This one is at Bristol In Norway there is the bloke who


did the... You know the bloke who did the Angel of the North? Antony


Gormley! He does those... Of those sort of bronze statues. Them


everywhere in Norway. It's really good, you look around in car-parks


and things. The beach at Formby, He's got his terrapin type thing.


That is his wife's attempt at the beetroot pancake. Maybe a little


anaemic. Do you name terrapins? Would you? It wouldn't be in my top


Caroline and Clare from Surrey, king prawns. Again, they love their


Cooking chicken with the Third Regiment. And also, I know that you


have a crush in Esther Rantzen... have a crush in modern day, on old


Esther Rantzen. At the time I didn't, but now I look back at her


when she was young! This is John, who found these amusing carrots.


Are we going to go down the, the Joe Abbie Jones in a quad bike?


That would be brilliant! The beef was so good. We did it


with a fillet of beef. If you want to get a cheaper cut, that would


We are going to do a lovely piece of sea bass, which you are going to


cook. We have mirin, coconut milk, green Thai curry. We then have rice,


First things first, let's get the sea bass on the go, Tim. What I'd


like you to do, with your best skills, this is a beautiful piece


of sea bass. I want you to trim and makes for nicer presentation.


we were fishing on the boat, a couple of guys who fish a lot,


Kenny, his name was... Great name. What are you doing? Bringing in an


know what I saw?! I saw the most amazing thing in Norway. You know


what it was? A cruise ship. I've never seen one before. You've never


seen a cruise ship? They are massive. It's like a town!


Unbelievable. Incredible. We oil the fish, rather than the pan.


We've left it out at room temperature. I never liked the idea


of going out on a cruise. desperate to look inside one. It's


so big. Apparently Gara swimming pools and everything. The idea of


being confined in one space, while you kind of... With 10,000 people


you don't know? Yeah, I struggle enough being at home with my family,


never mind with 10,000 people you don't know. Into the pan, skin-side


down. When I was on shooting Stars, they said to me, true or false, no


man has ever enjoyed a family holiday. True or false? False!


Whereof I going? So skin-side down. Because it at room temperature, it


doesn't arch its back. If it goes in cold, it will. This way, we cook


it evenly. Back over two of the board, coconut rice, really simple


to do. What we are going to do... It seems weird when we do that.


When I am here, you are there. It just felt odd for a moment. Proves


ships. I'd never seen them before. But unless you live in


Southampton... Do they come into Liverpool docks? They do, there's a


big political debate. Liverpool want to get more of that lucrative


market. They are enormous, absolutely massive. I just can't


imagine them being good fun to go on. How much food must they put in


those things? Loads. People at home ongoing, what? He's never seen a


cruise ship? And you mocked me for the Komodo dragon. Here is a man


who sent -- spent his holiday looking at cruise ships. I don't


want to go on one... Well, I just want to look inside it. You should


go down to the train stations and look at the things that can in


there as well. Trains? Yeah, they are brilliant. When I grow up, it


was so boring that we used to go and watch the trains, to see if


bit like The Railway Children? We stared at around. To recap, rice,


coconut milk, lemon grass. We are now going to turn it over. You are


cooling in the pan, because it was too hot? We would burn the fish,


simple as that. People tend to go from the side. They will tear the


skin and it doesn't look attractive. What we want to do is that we want


to go from this end and then flip it over. That was easy! That is


because you are great at cooking, Tim. Again, because it's cooked


evenly, because it came to room temperature. The green Thai curry


paste. It's just a simple accompaniment. I'm going to rattle


through this, ideally, cook it slowly for four or five minutes so


it becomes quite fragrant. Then add the coconut milk. Because we are,


as ever, rapidly running out of time, we're going to bring that to


the boil so you get delicious flavours. We've got the coconut


rice, covering up to the boil. Lovely, fragrant rice. Two Things


To finish off the fish. We're going to baste it. We're going to put a


bit of butter on the side. I always like it when we start running out


of time, you are smirking because you can see me... I was daydreaming


about cruise ships again. Where would you go? I don't want to go on


one. I just want to go into one and have a look around. How many people


go on them? I don't know, thousands. It's terrifying, it's like a


skyscraper. Bigger, just huge. I'd never seen anything like it. So, if


you turn that off... It's like the Death Star. We drain off the excess


but a. When you were younger and people used to say, I'd love to go


on a cruise, that is what they are and I never got my head around it.


We might be missing out. Maybe when we come into retirement, will do


that. Someone told me you get your own apartment, with a garden.


think those are the top end. What we would be able to afford is the


middle ones. You had just smell the container. We got pak choi which we


have poached with some stock and some butter. So, two bits of pak


choi. One of my favourite vegetables. It would be one of my


top five. Always a really delicious flavour. Mine are peas. You can't


beat them, a staple of your store cupboard. Turn it out for me. You


don't have to do it with a fancy Cup, but it looks nice. Beautifully


done. We have a little bit of an hour Thai curry sauce. It sits in


there. That will bring all of this together. Finally, what we do with


the mirin, it is Japanese rice wine vinegar. It's nice and sour, but


with a lead of sweetness. We pressure that over the fish.


nothing has happened to that? Nothing at all, straight out of the


bottle. Sit back on there. I'm going to garnish with coriander


leaves. I know you will not eat them, but it looks pretty. We also


have lime. That looks nice. Thank you. Please, join in. I was


thinking, if you had a pair of clip-on braces and some cherry red


dot Martens, you could be like a cooking skinhead. It would look


quite good. I'd like it, some big place GAR music. What are we


is that? Just general fish? Cod is the king of fish. Call of


It's the same address if you want to give your questions to Vic and


Bob or will UN -- Will Young. The this is a programme about one of


the most primeval and slightly sinister creatures on the planet.


It's set to dispel the myths about the super lizard, the natural world,


the Komodo dragon. You love this. As cold-blooded reptiles, dragons


can sit for hours assessing the situation around the water hole,


waiting patiently for the perfect opportunity. Water buffalo were


introduced to the islands by Dutch colonists. The heaviest Ra tan.


It's a hard catch for even the biggest dragons. -- weigh in at a


ton. But a lame buffalo has a Dragons have an incredible sense of


smell. Using their forked tongues to taste the air for odours. Its


board they can even detect a pregnant buffalo by the smell she


admits. They will follow her relentlessly, devouring her calf as


she gives birth. So, the smell of a bloody cut to a buffalo leg is


enough to rouse their senses. With excellent eyesight, they can easily


distinguish the lame from the They can literally smell the


buffalo's weakness. Several dragons You can hunt down the Komodo:


Secrets Of the Dragon on Wednesday. Our second guest shot to fame in


2002 when he became the first winner of Pop Idol. His debut


single went straight to number one and became a best single of the


decade. He's back this week, with not only a new album, but a new


# I'm tired of waiting. # And it feels like Jealousy.


# And I bowed out on my knees. Welcome to Something For The


Weekend. We'll get on to your new video in a minute. Oh, that's


boring! We can talk about ballet. This morning, when you met, a UK


men and said, I love you. Stay! STAY! I was singing it in the


shower, when I was exfoliating. Which one is that? Eternal? It's


the first single, actually. Many, many years ago. I actually lusted


after you at school. I had a post and everything. I've gone red.


poster. And then you were discussing ballet? We realised we


both have it in common. I still do ballet. You did it for... 18 years.


Could you get together and do ballet? I think we should practise


it after. That would be good for me to watch. We'll do it while we are


cooking. I'll stretch out. We will I bet you're good. Can we get Simon


to do some as well? Now you're single and your video. There is an


interesting theme. You work on a trapeze. You are a frustrated


Olympian. I actually am. When people say, I could have played for


West Ham if I kept up the training, I still think in my head I could be


a 400 metre Olympian. I still think that in my head. I dream I play for


Chelsea. I dreamed that the manager phones me up and says, can you do


it this week? Will Young will be doing 400 metres. Louise Redknapp


will be doing ballet. We could make it work. You actually ran the


marathon, didn't you? I was a bit disappointed this year. I did it in


four hours and two minutes. Will you do it again? I want to do 3.5


hours. Can you do it? I actually made a documentary on it. I went to


Loughborough and had an assessment. That was just before I started


smoking. They said, we think you can do it in 3.15. It is hard to


keep going for all that time. I did it for Catch-22, a charity that


helps young people and is very prevalent. I will do it again.


is your album called? Echoes. People are saying it is like dance


music. You don't like to call it that. It is not a dance album. What


I should have done is picked out some of the nice things that people


might say about it in reviews. It has got a kind of electro rhythm to


it. Did that happen when you went back into the studio? Actually, it


started when people were remixing my songs. Because I am known as


mid-tempo and ballads, I was hearing the remixing and thinking,


this kind of works. This desire to do this kind of record came about.


I thought, if I do not do it now, I will never do it. I am beyond happy


with the result. To come back with something different... I do not


read reviews. That stays in your mind. The change of direction is


always good after you have had a greatest-hits out because it is


always good to have something new. You were the winner of Pop Idol.


How come you have a career and so many others do not? I think it is a


mixture of tenacity and stubbornness. I started Pop Idol


because I wanted to be a pop star and a wanted to be a songwriter. I


had such a passion for it. I refuse to give up. I just refuse.


stick by what you want to do. you as passionate about politics?


studied it at school and university. You were on Question Time.


disagree. If they had opened the schools, people would complain it


were a health and safety thing. You are being antiquated. I think there


is a culture of timidity that is being created. They do not know


which way to turn. Do I think it is the right decision? I do not think


it to something for the public arena so, I do not think it is the


right decision. Very stroppy. You're competing with Stephen Fry


on the vocabulary brand. It is good that you were speaking your mind.


want to do it again. I really like making comments. Coming in as


someone who is in the entertainment business, you hold an interesting


position on that show. You do not have to toe the line. You have lots


of political opinions but the rest of the panel is armed with facts


and figures. Did you do research? Yes, I did. I listened to the Today


programme for about a month and read the papers. You kind of get an


idea of what topics are going on that week. You know there are four


or five topics. Which you have liked to have been on it during the


rioting period? I actually went. Because of the work I feel very


strongly about it. I feel young people might be tarred with the


same brush. The one silver lining is that young people learn very


quickly. They just need to have a bit of the lead shown at them and


be directed in the right way. They have been let down recently by


government and society. It is a real mess. They are heroic. So many


young people I have met, in the face of adversity who are doing


incredible things in their lives. I feel passionately about to ring as


much as I can. We have run out of time. What is Catch-22? We catch


young people at a moment in their lives and send them on to better


things. That is it from Will for the time being. He still has to do


ballet with the least Redknapp later. -- Louise Redknapp. Ella is


at expect today with some gadget games as well as the summer


cocktails. We still have all this to come. Prince Harry is taking


heroes to the Arctic. Unless you really hate the cold, this place is


amazing. Simon Rehman is cooking up some Yankee corn dogs. -- Simon


Rimmer. Wouldn't it be fun to challenge the man who gives the


orders? Lots of stuff to come in the kitchen. Vic and Bob are here.


Who is the master chef and which one of you is the amateur? I am


beat egg chef and thick looks after the meat. -- Vic Reeves. We like


old-fashioned things like ox tongue. I kick every day. When I make the


baker. I put sour cherries in Brownies. I think that is the


grown-up way of doing puddings. you cook at all? Nothing that fakes.


I put them in the game. -- takes. - - eggs. As a cake cools, your


interest fades. Butter and chocolate melting in there. They


may have sugar and eggs. Dulche de Leche Brownies. That is condensed


milk. It turns into that. You can purchase it all ready. It is a


delicacy of South America. That told me! We have chocolate and


butter we have melted together. What do you want me to do with


mother teaches cookery. My mother tortured all the girls. That is


beautiful. Just sift the flour and the cocoa into their and tip the


sugar. I think it is probably a spoon job after that. I will get


rid of that. Do you use an electric whisk? I do. Have you ever seen


flour explode? Would you know about that? I have never seen that happen.


If you sprinkle it over the hob, it does. Probably do not try that.


am getting frustrated now! Braniac Was good fun while it lasted.


discovered there was a word last week which was trying to get into


the Oxford English victory -- dictionary. Which you like to


spatulate that? It means to use a spatula. My mouth is glued up with


chocolate. If you cannot be bothered, you can leave it out.


have an e-mail. He is a big fan. I would like to know, what is your


favourite junction on the M6? Junction four. Six for May.


Junction 6 on any motorway and you turn right, you end up going in a


circle around Britain in a spiral. I just made that up! Wouldn't it be


fascinating if that did happen? thought thick with do It All.


Vic Reeves would do it all? What happened to the galloping Gourmet?


He is still around. He had a lifestyle problem and then he


discovered Christianity. He was good looking. When I was a kid, it


was the only cookery programme on. I used to live next door to Fanny


Craddock. I never saw her. She never came out of the house. Does


this spread out? What you will get is the crusty top on the Brownie,


knife. It would be nice with sour cherries in. I feel I have let you


down. Have you got any? We have some red currants. You take this


for about 30 minutes or so. Then you have a delicious browny. It is


wasteful but by like to cut the edges off. It does look good. -- I


like. A bit of that and a bit of Peter? He started off as a bus


conductor. He used to do what he is act and frighten the ladies on a


bus in Leeds. Last I heard, he'd gone back to doing that. You hear


rumours. If anyone knows where Uncle Peter is... Do they have bus


conductors now? Maybe he's a bus driver? It's lovely, isn't it?


going into this bit, chocolate. didn't think he were capable of


We're going to be road tasting -- testing some gadgets later on. What


else are we doing? It we are doing corn dogs, finally. Very unhealthy.


It kind of get stuck in your teeth. Cocktails, next. First, the last


chance for you to get your brains in action and name the year in Deja


# Don't Leave Me This Way. This was the day on which Prince


Andrew and Sarah Ferguson became finally and officially engaged.


After all of those weeks of speculation, the announcement came


at 10am, one hour earlier than expected. Hampton Court Palace, one


of Britain's most famous landmarks, has been badly damaged by fire. It


has destroyed part of the south wing of the palace. Businessmen


have taken over from boffins as Amstrad computers buyout the rights


to manufacture and sell all What does he do, your dad? He runs


his own business now. What is that? Painting. Around here. You know


Bain bridges? Lionel Bainbridge is That was The Communards. But when


did Don't Leave Me This Way hit the number one spot? I went season 1989.


Football seasons. 1987, I think. The latter part of it. I'm going to


We'll find out before the end of the show. Two cocktails today? We


miss the cocktails, were you drinking them on holiday? Because I


was on holiday, every night I had to toast way in. On about the 5th


one, it was still for him. Did you get any sparklers? No, sangria.


are making a Spritz Coppa? It's an early evening drink, before a meal.


It should be better and with a drier side, but still quite


refreshing. You have to balance the flavours. That's really important.


A little bit of them a list witness. -- the Nelis witness. A bit of


Lemoncello, from Italy. And then this lovely aperitif. It's


basically got my quinine in. It's got a bitter characteristic, but we


have this weakness coming from the got a nice big wine glass, with


plenty of ice. We are going to strain it over the ice. The it's


nice and refreshing. Nice and light. Prosecco, just tell me what that


is? Its Italian sparkling wine. France have champagne. Prosecco is


the finest sparkling wine you get in Italy. It's like champagne, but


it can't be called champagne because it's not from the right


region? Exactly, geographical. where would you rate it in


comparison to champagne? I like it, it's less sharp. It can be acidic.


This is a little bit more sweeter and softer. It's not so


What about the price range? They can be as expensive as champagne.


Standard ones, between �15.20 pounds. That is lovely. It should


be light, easy and refreshing. Generally it's cheaper than


champagne? Generally. Champagne has a real big name. It's a really


We have some grapefruit juice. A shot of orange what care. -- Orange


bot care. A tablespoon of apricot syrup. Golden Grey Pride. -- Golden


made by a legendary London bartender. It's a bitter aperitif,


flavoured with ginseng. It's got honey, the flavours of juniper and


everything else. It's really aromatic. When are you going to


make your own alcohol? I did a few years ago. I made a variation of


something which is produced down south. You can still buy it in


Spain? No, I've missed that. It made my morning. Bartenders are


making them run products now, getting them onto the market. They


have such knowledge of different flavours of drinks and distillation,


which flavours complement each other. They are starting to make


their own products. You'd like to invent a liqueur of some


description? It in the pipeline. Cauliflower liqueur? Beetroot.


would be good. It's all the rage. It tastes a bit iffy. I think it


would go out of fashion to quicker. Maybe I should go back to my market


days and get some inspiration. I was a greengrocer. Were you? Yes,


for many years. Apples and pears. Delicious. That's a little bit


stronger than that one. It is, a real bitter dryness. A nice opening


to an evening meal. If you Mr a thing, you can go to the website to


find them. Drama for you now, set in 1930s Germany, in their attempts


to fight violent Nazism, the Left turned to the law courts. An


intriguing story, this is The Man Who Crossed Hitler. You want to


Nelson Brown shirts, but what would you really want? Wouldn't it be fun


to cross-examine the man that gives the orders. Goebbels? No, Hitler.


Called Hitler as a Star Witness and you can redefine the scope of your


trial. Those gunmen are not what is important. Imagine the furore of


that stand, you asking him questions about Brown should


violence. It would be the greatest show in Berlin. Stormtroopers in


the dock. His new pals, the rich financiers, in the gallery. Both


thinking that they own Hitler. You bring them together in the same


room, gawping at each other like cretins and wondering how they


belong in the same party. Who will be shaking hands at the end of the


day? He forced him to choose between the big fists and the deep


He was in court, six months ago. He did well. That was a friendly


examination, they let him say what he wanted to save. But he swore on


oath that his party had turned its back on violence. He said he wanted


his men to operate on the right side of the law. That should have


been the beginning of the scrutiny, not the end. But that is not the


main plan? It is absolutely the plan. What if I can show that he


didn't disavow violence? You can watch that tonight at 9pm. Now,


gadgets. Ella is with us. All of the guys are here to help us with


the gadgets. We have a team of big kids. First we have the Pump & Play


toys. A I'll just show the bottom of it before you get going.


pumps up in about three minutes. These are interchangeable.


laddies in that? Around three years old. If I was a kid, I want to get


on that. What would happen if I sat on it? Maybe it's best not. That's


So, you can play bumper cars would it? Because they are inflatable,


they will not wreck your house. They are furniture-friendly. Indoor


and outdoor. Mine has got wedged. How much are these? 34.99. You can


interchange the shapes. Without doubt, a kid would climb onto that


within seconds. Do you want to climb on it now? Well, I'm getting


the age. -- urge. Vic and Bob, you're going to get ready for the


last one. We are coming over to the Scalextric us Team GB velodrome.


You can about your Olympic dreams. This is the best Sunday-morning


ever! It's like hanging out at home, basically. We have Team GB cyclists,


some signage. Its Micro Scalextrics. You can hook it up to any others


that you have at home. The only problem is... Sorry! The problem is,


I've got the inside lane and it doesn't switch. I've got less to


travel. They thought about that. It takes a bit more skill to be on the


inside track because of the corners. You can't go around so fast.


enough, I'm absolutely... Piu R Kelly it? I'm worried about going


off. I think you can give it more speed than that, though! This is 69


when 99. It's getting you ready for 2012. Hornby are the official


products supplier of London 2012. It's official kit. Where can you


get it from? Can you pay for it in five easy stages? How much is it in


euros? That's good, do you like that? I preferred the other one.


Just to balance it out. Giving them such a plug. Now, on to the last


We've got Water Wars. Vic and Bob are sporting two of the bests, we


had two water pistols. I'm going to shoot you. Oh, I see. They are


reactive, so when you shoot the You pretty much got a ball side.


Defend yourself! Now you have to wait for it to dry, don't you? If


it had a hair dryer on the other end and, to drive yourself off, it


Now the fun is over. What was that, 30 seconds? Now we can take up


smoking! Of course not. That his Thanks to our gadget experts. If


you want more information on any of the gadgets, you can go on to our


website. This is a really touching film of courage, determination and


physical adversity. A team of Into this extreme, four winded


British soldiers. It is quite hard. To Emam Saheb expedition founders.


One polar guide. -- two. And one Prince. Unless you hate the cold,


this place is really amazing. Together they will attempt the


first unsupported trek to the North Pole by wounded servicemen. If


successful, they will set a new world record. This is the story of


their journey. From the battlefields of Afghanistan to the


He is doing ballet. You can follow that on Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One.


Will Young is currently stretching off in the kitchen. Come on! Put


your bottom in. First position. position, second position. Their


position? 4th position, 5th. Let Cook. This is ballet cooking.


a week cooking? Corn dogs. -- are we cooking? Every now and again I


think we should have something completely and healthy. We have


some mustard Mayo, mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. Our frankfurters


really not good? When my kids asked me for a hot dog, I think...


moderation, if you were going to give them frankfurters every day,


maybe you might have a few issues. We should enjoy food a bit. It is


all about balance. We have polenta, baking powder and a little bit of


flour. We're doing this in real time as well. We cannot talk to


match. We have to behave. No more of ballet. I saw your team of


Ladies helping with all this. I promised them I would do a good job.


Tip all this into a big bowl. I got time for a tweed? -- tweet.


This is from Gloria. Do you plan to do any more acting? Hopefully the


end of next year. I want to do some more theatre staff. I like it. It


is different to pop music. I saw Mrs Henderson Presents. You were


brilliant in it. You have a clip. Brilliant. It is a shame. Let's


good in that because you forgot it was Will Young in the movie.


forgot I was Will Young with almost outfits. Milk in there, crack the


egg. Add two-thirds of the mix into the dry ingredients. Whisk it?


bad bit is the frying. Without frying it does not work. About two-


thirds. That will do. Really work it together so it is thick. It is


really dependent on climatic conditions. Say, for example, you


have been cooking something else in your kitchen and there is lots of


moister, he might not need so much of the wet ingredients. -- you


might not. I knew there would be aid did somewhere. Welcome back. --


8 dig. One day I am going to teach them to cook. It is a threat. Keep


working. Be quite aggressive with it. Can I use my hand? There is no


need. We want this to be a heavy batter. It will hold around the


frankfurters so it will not fall off. I am a bit bored now. Look at


that! All of a sudden it comes together. Beautiful! We could do


one each. We could have a Blue Peter moment. We go right down the


centre. I do not think mine will Popat in the right place. A sausage


lolly is what we are looking for. It does not need to come out.


is geared. That is great. This is all about you. -- cooed. I want to


look as good as Gwyneth Paltrow when she was doing the cooking.


was a natural. She came in in the morning and was quite bossy. We


have made sure these are nice and dry. If they have Brian around them,


you need to pack them. Hold on to the end. Turn it around. Am I


having a go? You go first. Go on! What you are looking to do is go in


and twirl it around. It looks like the same viscosity as a nurse. --


humous. Leave it in there. Straight in. The whole thing. The stick and


everything. Beautiful! Your go. What happens now is we have the


eggs in there, the baking powder in there. We had a lovely, risen, soft


batter. Carry the whole thing over. It will be fine. Look how quickly


they could! Straight in. Go, Go, Go! Shall I take it out? We will


give it a minute. Back over to a station. Her Have I Got Time? Would


you ever consider being and X Factor church? Yes, I am moving


into my new house and I have to pay the mortgage. -- church. I am


moving in today, after this. I would do it. I think I would be the


nice church. I would be fair. -- judge. You have been naff. They are


covering up nicely. -- you have been there. I bet that one is mine.


Give it a good mix together. Did you watch X Factor last night?


I did not see it. I was driving back from Cornwall. There were me


and very stroppy teenagers stuck in traffic. It was a long drive.


is the best, Will. Seriously! I saw where they went in. You have been


moving them around. I am not having that. That is not mine. They are


still going to taste delicious. They are wrong on all levels


because they're really bad. They park our treat. -- they are our


treat. You would dip them into the sauce. While Simon organises the


corn dogs, we will go over to Tim. We can reveal the year when Hampton


Court Palace went up in flames and the Communards word number one with


this track, it was 1986. I've got it right! I said 1982. I was a mile


out. This is mustard mayonnaise. will ask some questions. Flour can


explode in the air but it has to be the right amount. It can cause a


huge explosion. I saw Uncle Peter in a shop in Ilkley. Heath was


visiting a sister in law. He was surprised when I recognised him. Is


that good? I am going to ask you a question while you are talking. You


are doing a show for Angelos. are getting that ready for Channel


4. He is doing his own show with magic and the illusions. Like Tommy


Cooper and that kind of stuff. will that be out? In October, I


think it is. This is from Sarah. They are good. You know they are


bad for you but... If you were a Prime Minister for a day, what is


the first policy you would introduce? I personally would get


rid of perfume. I do not like it. would have the whole world scented


with tangerine. Women who do their nail varnish on the train because


it smells. Sometimes you get on a long-haul flight and the smell, I


do not like it. Have the parties quarter due to try to get you to


join them in an election and stuff? -- courted you. There was one of A


Macro a few years here that I do not think I would do that. I do not


know enough about politics. I did it for my degree. Does anybody know


enough? It is just an opinion. it about being political and not


affiliated to a political party? Is that what you want? Loads of people


have asked, are you going to do another live show soon? We did have


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