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Good morning. Welcome to the show. It's 10.00am on Sunday, the 14th of


August. Simon, Amanda and myself are joined in the studio by one of


Britain's shrewdest businesswomen and a dragon to boot, Deborah.


Mercury Prize nominee and music sensation Katy B. They'll be here


for some cocktails and a look at next week's telly. This is


Something For the Weekend. Good morning. Welcome to Something For


the Weekend. I have just gotten back from my holibobs. You were...


Camping. It was a fantastic holiday. I thought you would have gone


glamping. Barbara Windsor wasn't there. She might have been actually.


I thought I saw her in the choos. Were you chasing after her -


# Duh duh duh # That best Carry On scene... Is it


going to happen in Babs like that. Where were you? Dorset, swimming in


the sea. Isn't that a bit cold? It's all right. It's summer.


Really? It was brilliant. I loved it - a bit of cloud, a bit of rain,


a bit of sun, fantastic. I loved it. Were you glowing, Tim? Really good


fun. I can't recommend camping enough. Did the girls like it?


loved it. That must be the danger. When we were away, "Oh, it's a bit


cold." I know, we get a bit Mony. "Do some star jumps!" Do the


Barbara Windsor thing. We have an interesting little clip here


because we love the forces here on the show. We have some - did you


see this? Because I was away this week. I have seen it. I didn't know


all the riots were going on, and I didn't have any communication. I am


strange. I am addicted to 24-hour news. It was strange having things


drip fed to me. I would go out to the car. Did you not go to the


toilet? Yeah, I did go to the toilet, but there is no TVs. What?


He didn't take a break, 24-hour news. Keep with it, Simon. This is


apparently in the papers last week, that these lads were part of the


Seven finks Commando. Easy for you to say. These are the lads in the


Army doing Glee. Really funny. # Anything but roll the dice


# Strangers waiting # Up and down the boulevard


# They're shadows # Searching in the night


# Duh duh # Don't stop believing!


# Hold on to that feeling # Streetlights #


LAUGHTER Good bods there, aren't they? Good


bods on the lad. I love that. is not a single body hair on that


don't tell me the forces are like our footballers - they're not


taking hair strairtners out there and shaving their chests? I think


if you enrol, you have to have no body hair. Because you run faster.


Be like Beckham! We need our forces to be manly, don't we? You work


your chest, don't you? Needless to say - that would absolutely kill me


to do that. I have a hairy old chest. Now, let me tell you what


guests we have on here. Following her album success, Katy B, the girl


from Peckham with her brand of dance music, is here to talk about


festivals, fame, and the possibility of winning the Mercury


Music Prize. Very prestigious. And here to tell us about her life as a


celebrity businesswoman is Deborah Meaden. Definitely not here to roar.


Do dragons roar? They breathe fire. Spew. And the new one - Hillary - I


like her. Good shoulder pads. shoulder pads! Brilliant. I have


two ideas to pitch to Deborah. Are you going to ask for them on air?


tell you what, we're going to be millionaires, all of us. Do you


want in? Yeah. Please. We'll take over the world. Do you know what's


sad? I have known you for five years, and you and I when we go out


constantly have this discussion of the great business ideas we have.


Funnily enough we haven't done any of them. You wait until you hear my


ideas. You'll love them. This is from Debra, "A device that's built


into your car so when you can't find it in the car park, you shout


its name. It shouts back, 'I'm over here.'" the problem is we all know


what we think about people who name their cars - losers. Do you name


your car? I don't have a car. do you get around? I take the tube,


and I take the bus. I do. Right. You - you're a driver, Simon. Now -


I'm environmentally friendly. you drive, though? Yes. You don't


have a car? No. I don't make as much money as you, Tim. You wait!


Yes! Then you can buy as many cars as you like. This is an idea for


Deborah, "Shoes with heated soles so you don't slip on ice." You


would have to walk really slowly. Your feet would be really sweaty -


horrible. Get your pitches in to Deborah, also, anything about


business - she's great with talking about things like the recession.


Get your views in on those. She'll answer anything. Get it in. Katy B


is here as well, so if you have Please remember to tell us your


name. What are we cooking today? Today it was starting with beetroot


pancakes with king prawn - nice. Look at that. That looks really


yummy! What's the herb you've got on there? A bit of dill. Beetroot,


dill, prawns all works together. The main course - one of the things


we featured before is rose veal, which is very much coming into


prominence in Britain. Everyone goes - oh, veal! But the way the


animals are treated is very humane. We should eat more because it


actually uses the beef cashes more so than they would be destroyed -


carbs. Dessert is plum and ginger trifle. I haven't had that for


years. Proper old school - delicious. Do you have those


sprinkly thingys? You can't have trifle without the hundreds and


thousands. I used to go to the supermarket, take it, eat it all


the way around, then put it back at the end. What? When I was a kid!


You're the reason the country is in the state it is in. I think I


should make a citizens' arrest. It's gone past seven years. You


can't. Really? No, I just made it up. It's in Ireland. An Irish law.


A non-car-driving criminal. That's me. Finally, courgette fritters


with bloody mary tomatoes - courgette, sweet corn, a bit of


carrot in there, then vodka, horseradish and tomatoes, delicious.


All our recipes can be found on our website, bbc.co.uk/Something For


the Weekend. Here is what else is happening on today's jam-packed


show. We're going deep into the world of ocean giants. It's like


jumping into six lanes of traffic! Elija Wood meets Will Friday.


any DVDs? It's all going Harry Potter in Who Do You Think You Are.


He's certainly risen in his profession. Some top TV to


fleerkward to and hopefully top cocktails. Wayne? We have savoury


drinks if you have that kind of palate. We have a twist on the


brunch drink bloody mary called a canary mary. You do like to rhyme


things, don't you? Using what? Yellow tomato juice. Is that unripe


tomato juice? Golden tomatoes. have not had a yellow tomato.


You're missing out. Can I have one on standby? Thanks, Wayne. Let's do


some cooking - beetroot. The big effect of the riots is Wayne and I


were supposed to go out Monday night, and the gig he was doing in


Manchester got cancelled. Come up and see you anyway? So we didn't go


out, no. Gutted. We're doing... was away with the riot - were the


riots everywhere in the country? They hit hot spots. Manchester,


Birmingham, London, obviously, a bit of Liverpool, a bit in Bristol.


They didn't hit Scotland and Wales? It's an Irish riot. It's done,


though, completely. We hope. We're going to do beetroot pancakes with


king prawn. So for our pancakes we have butter, bacon powder, lemon,


egg, raw beetroot, some milk and also some flour, then we have


prawns, lime, paprika, dill and butter. Amanda... Yes, Simon Rimmer,


to be sure. Stick the baking powder into there. I have got - where are


our gloves? Hold on a second. Before we start gracing the


beetroot we have to get the plastic - unless you're not... I am not


bothered. Grate some beetroot into there. Then Tim, in the meantime,


you can - milk, butter and egg into there. Whisk that together. Get a


little bit of lemon zest. Whisk it until it comes together. It doesn't


need to be fluffy or anything. a bit splashy, the old beetroot,


isn't it? It is the greatest ingredient, though. I juice


beetroots and drink the juice. anything? It tastes of earth.


tastes of beetroot, actually. I mix it with carrot, cellry and a


bit of apple juice. That's all right. I ain't no diva.


When I was out camping all we had was barbecue facilities or cook on


an open fire. Yeah. I love that, though. So I produced - I sent


pictures to you, didn't I, because I was proud of myself. Because


you're in a camp site doesn't mean you have to just eat rubbish. I had


Chinese marinated steaks and sauteed cabbage. So it was glamping.


No, that's what I made. He sent me pictures. It was brilliant.


sends you pictures of everything he cooks? When he's proud of it, yeah.


I go, "Look what I am doing on the barbecue," sauteed cabbage. I went


into a supermarket and thought - because I like eating vegetables,


and I can't eat too much continual meat, bread and potatoes. I thought,


I am there for a week. What can I do? Sauteed cabbage. When I turned


up to do it, everyone was just sniggering at me, "What the hell


are you doing?" But everyone liked it! Everyone liked it. It's all


about education. Amanda or doesn't matter who really - little by


little - you probably need two- thirds... We do wet to dry?


into dry. And a little - whisk it together so it starts to get gloopy.


You want this to be smooth. This is the danger now, obviously, and


because we have bits of beetroot in it is making sure - make sure you


get the side bits in. Do we have enough beetroot in there? You can


never have too much. You can have much, much moor. Look at the pink.


Look at the colour. It's beautiful. So pretty, Simon. Nice, isn't it?


That's why beetroot is so great, not only does it taste nice -


beetroot is good in risotto. Had cod with roasted beetroot and a


salad. You're so proud of yourself, aren't you? Hang on. Considering I


used to eat frozen food for years. Everything I had came in... Was it


when you started on this show? For the first year of doing this


show, I was just not interested at all. Well, that's not helpful on a


cookery show, is it? But I started thinking after awhile, you know


what? Some of this food is quite good. Now I think it's just easier


just to make everything. It's all about practise, isn't it? Simon is


- I still don't do loads of sauces and things. Did you say the food is


quite good? I don't know what I said. I think you said Simon's food


on the show is quite good. His food is great. That's better. We have


cooked together in his house! getting a little bit concerned


about you boys. "Honey, look what I cooked!" It was good. This is the


way to do it - get a full spoonful. As it goes in, tip it up like that.


That's how we'll get nice circles. Oh, it's me. Yeah, go for it.


You're now on those duties. Tim, here, what you're going to do now -


we need you to chop some garlic, zest, a little bit of lime, and


we're going to fry off the prawn. That'll probably do you. It's going


to be weird because it means we're going to have an even number on the


plate, but - which always makes you feel a little bit weird. Shall I go


really like even numbers. It was weird, because when Amanda Hart net


was on here, she produced four on a pleat. Angela, sorry. You've got me


on the brain. She always put things into threes. Is it a chef thing?


it's just me. I think three balances a bit better. It's the


magic number. On television everything is in three. It's my


lucky numbers. Tim, so we have... A bit of butter. The garlic can go in


there. Amanda, hopefully now... I need to flip these? No. Get the


spatula and flip. Where am I zesting it, into the pot? Straight


into there, with the juice as well. Meanwhile we chuck in our prawns.


I'm not doing very well, Simon. Hang on a second. Nice work. Five.


Lovely. We also add a bit of paprika. From a flavour point of


view, talking about the balance of flavours, we've got the earthy


flavour of the beetroot and now we've got the garlic and paprika.


It is quite nice everyone being around the stove. I think there are


too many chefs in the kitchen. Or maybe it is many hands make light


work. Or too many chefs spoil the broth. Tim, put some dill into


there. We are on fire this morning. Those are pretty much done. If you


don't like beetroot you can leave it out. We are making a savoury


American-style pancake, a breakfast pancake. You can add chilli. Is it


goes into the pan? Yes. There is our stack of amorphous-shaped


pancakes. Our mix is slightly on the thin side. It works. But if you


get to the that point it is like, that sift a bit of flour on the top.


If you tip that in, it might be a lit lumpy but in a sieve you can


add it lightly. It is exactly the same colour as your top. I co-


ordinate all my food with my outfits during the week.


Tim, Those are big prawns. And then we have a stack of our beetroot


pancakes. And then our prawns. Loads of garlic, deliberately.


We've got a big contrast of flavour. Lots of garlic, lots of prawns. And


the dill gives it that bit of freshness, which works beautifully


with the beetroot. The beetroot gives us our earthiness. We spoon


over this delicious garlicky butter. A touch of sour cream on the top


just to give us some acidity. are dying to get the dill on.


dressing. Beautiful. Amazing. you go. So it is really gar licky,


Simon, is it? I think these boot root pancakes, I would happily eat


those on their own or with bacon if it is for a breaky thing. Loads of


garlic. Paprika works well in it. Dill, lime. Pancakes. Absolutely


stunning. What are we making for main course? Rose veal with a


Romesco sauce: absolutely delicious. You can get all of the recipes on


our website - bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend.


Very good. This is so fascinating, this show - not this show, the one


we are about to show. This one is quite good. This is just mildly


entertaining. LAUGHTER Sometimes. No more Hobbits for Elijah Wood. He


play as failed lawyer who strikes up on unusual relationship when he


meets his next door neighbour's dog, I know we've just met but I'm


totally desperate. The exterminator is on his way and I didn't make


arrangements for my dog. He said he was going to kill them. Sit OK if


he stays in your yard until I get back from work? Huh? It's OK.


Wilfred, come here boy. You like dogs? Yes. Great. Here's a few of


his toys and snacks. Be a good boy. Very nice. Some sofas it's


impossible to get comfortable. Not this one. Ryan is it? Yeah. Got any


DVDs? A few. I like Matt Damon. he's good.


It's my sister. Just pretend I'm not here.


You can follow the first episode of Wilfred, which is a bit mental, on


Tuesday at 10.30pm on BBC Three. want one of those dog suits.


want a dog suit? So much fun you could have with that. Each to their


own. Since last August our first guest has been on a mission to


storm the charts with her dubstep sound. Three European hits and a


tour and a Mercury Prize nomination under her belt, she looks set to do


just that. # I keep on moving with the lights


# So you can scan me with the lights on #


# It's not that easy # These days can't find a man to


please me # Their lines are far too cheesy


# No boy's on a level, believe me # # I know we all make mistakes


# But you're holding every breath that I take


# This is more fake... # Brilliant music. Welcome to


Something for the Weekend Katy B! It's been a whirlwind of a year for


you hasn't it? Yes. Straight out of uni. Yeah, the Katy On A Mission


video I did at uni, at the end. So at least I wasn't unemployed.


you wrote it while in uni, not taking attention to your studies?


Yeah, basically. Kind of. I was at uni and I was writing an album at


the same time. It took a time, I was three years there. It took a


while. I wish I went to uni later in life so I could have proper


focused on it. When you say uni, I don't mean business studies, you


studied pop, flight Yes, everything that comes under that umbrella,


from folk to blues to, you know, song writing. Country and western.


You can mix and match. They had a classical course as well. What did


you stphrern But learn -- what did you learn? Pop music, there's a


reason for it. All the social aspects of it of how genres are


create, from punk to hip-hop. There's reasons for them starting.


A lot of my tutors have written books on it. Did you come out with


a degree in popular music? I did more of the practical side. I tried


to avoid writing essays. So there's a practical side to the course as


well,? Definitely. The choir was amazing. There was a singer called


Esther. She is amazing. She is incredible. She was the choir


teacher there. That was probably the best thing I got from going to


uni. It is not the only school you went to, is it new went to this


apparently famous BRIT School. There's only a couple of people


who've come out of that famous aren't there - aderblgs Jesse, just


a couple. -- Adele, Jesse, just a couple! What's going on? There is


lots of different aspects to the school. There's dance, theatre,


design, radio, media. I guess if someone is studying music and they


want to go into the music industry, there is probably a chance they are


going to do that. Whenever anyone is interviewed and they went to the


BRIT School, they say it is like a normal school but we do other


lessons. Is it like a normal school? I wept there when I was 14.


Di my GCSEs there. I guess it was like my other school. I enjoyed my


secondary school, but you went out at lunch time. A lot more freedom


there. You still did normal lesson there is. -- lessons there. When it


was full-time music, I loved it. And Adele and Jesse J were there


with you? They were a year above. What about the success rate at your


school? There must be loads in your year who haven't made it. In my


class there wasn't all just female singers. My bass player in the band,


he went to the BRIT. Not everyone wants to be a recording artist.


They go into song writing or production or do something


completely different really. got a record deal pretty swiftly, a


year after leaving university, you released an album. That's pretty


swift. I had my first sort of is 12 inch vinyl out when I was 17. I'm


22 now. That was five years ago. you are so old! I'm getting old now.


It wasn't an overnight thing. Making the album was definitely, on


a mission, it took nearly three- and-a-half years to make it.


your first 12 inch any good? have to do a bit of research.


dig it out and have a listen. Your new single a Witches Brew.


# Come see what I got for you # All the others can be


misunderstood # Come with me


# I will make you feel so good # Come with me


# I will make you feel so good # Oh, oh, oh, oh


# I need tow feel it too # All the others will be


misunderstood # Come with me I will make you feel


so good # Come with me I will make you feel


so good # . That's a little bit scary. What's


the idea behind the video? I guess, my whole album is quite real. I


guess it's from while I as at uni partying there were all different


situations. I think Witches Brew was the one song on it which was pa


bit of a fant S it is still about really liking someone and them not


liking them back and you wishing cue put a spell on them to make you


theirs or whatever. It is definitely more of a fantasy tune,


so I wanted the video to be more like... I don't know. The video at


the end, I felt like I was on the set of Thriller. Your album's


nominated for a Mercury Prize, which I think is the most


prestigious of the awards. It is great isn't it? A lot of great


bands in it this year. You all have to play live in front of each other.


Are you nervous about this or excited? I'm definitely excited.


I'm just happy to be nominated. It is great it is an award for the


album. In this day and age when you can go on iTunes and buy individual


tracks and everything, I guess to recognise the album in its entirety


is a nice thing. Especially as you are so new. If you don't win, who


do you want to win? I remember saying on the day I wanted a girl


to win because there had only been three girls that had won it so far.


I'm rooting for the girls. I went on tour with Tinie Tempah. He's


great. I think James Blake will win it, if it is not you. Do you want


to put bets on? He was in my class at uni. Was he! He went to


goldsmith's. What happened to bands coming from pubs and stuff. I did


Are you going on tour? When are you off? I am going on tour in October-


November, so I'll be all over the country. Festivals left, right and


centre as well - you're a busy little girl. It feels like I have


been to every festival, but it has been amazing, brilliant. Katy will


be with us to run our eye over some gadgets and to cook a pudding with


myself and Simon, so if you want to ask her or our Dragon Deborah a


question, e-mail us or Tweet us. Please remember to send in your


name. OK. This one is going to sort out the men from the boys - do we


say "the girls from the women?" We don't. We should. This one is going


to sort out the girls from the women. We're going to give you a


song, some headlines and a classic TV show. All you have to do is give


us the year they all have in common. Good luck with that one.


# Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh # I know this much is true


The new law on the wearing of seat belts came into effect a month ago.


All the signs are it's brought a dramatic reduction in deaths and


serious injuries. The BBC's Breakfasttime, Europe's first


regular breakfast TV service received more than 1500 calls of


congratulations within an hour of going on air for the first time


this morning. The compact disk player is in the shops today. It


works with a laser beam, and it will cost at least �450, but the


experts reckon it's a "sound" investment.


# I bought a ticket to the world # But now I've come back again #


James, where did you get this Get up to your room. Get ready for


bed. Go on. Now! Right. Any of those headlines, memories, ring a


bell? '85. I think it's earlier than that. It's '85. You reckon?


Absolutely - no idea - absolutely '85. It's I'm going '82. '82 I am


going. I was trying to think of the Spandau Ballet clothes - True. In


the end of the night we had slowys at the end of the night in a club.


Yeah. We should reintroduce you. Once you got a girl, you kept hold


of her because it was so hard to actually go to telephones and phone


people. It was embarrassing. There was no texting, cheating -


communication with a girl, "Hello." Equally at the end of the week you


would go around drinking - that's me off. Friday night sport. Time


now for your versions of our dishes starting with the Netherlands, the


sisters who made the lemon and pistachio cake. This is Chris


Mottram from Solihull with his dog Roxie, stuffed courgettes from his


own garden and he served them with homemade blackberry yogurt and


honey. Nice swirl. Do you know how to do one of those? With a smoon.


Shall we try them it? Fine. Clearly big Man City fans. We have Naomi,


Colin, Ben and Amanda from left to right, and they made the coconut


chicken curry. Swansea today for them. No, Monday, Monday night.


Finally, a couple of forces guys - it'ss forces themed - Private


McKelvey and Lance Corporal Burton out in Afghanistan, great, love


these pictures. Come on, the forces!


If you're going to send us in pictures if you're in the forces,


tell us what you're cooking with and tell us all about what foods


you're eating out there. Also, I'm competing again against Army chefs


the 29th of September in Santo, so Army chefs, I need tips with what


to do with the rash pack stuff e- mail us or Tweet us to get yourself


on the fridge. So what are we making now? We're doing rose veal


with a Romesco sauce. We can't be eating veal! Ingredients first -


butter, garlic, the sauce, tomatoes we have charred over the flames so


the skinned fall away, British rapeseed oil, some peppers we have


roasted and peeled, a relatively smiled chilli pepper, lots of


garlic, macadamia nuts and hazel nuts. Macadamia is supposed to be


the King of nuts - always expensive, but always delicious, quality every


time. Then with it a warm potato salad, British potatoes, parsley,


butter and a bit of white wine vinegar. We have some breadcrumbs,


egg and flour. Here is the fella himself, a lovely piece of rose


veal. Veal is one of those things - it's a very contentious issue we


have always shied away from it. British rose veal is a humane


product. It's recommended by the British Meat Council as a really


good product to eat. Basically, what happens is if you have beef


carves, the vast majority - to be honest, the minute they're born,


they're destroyed. What we have now with rose veal is they're kept for


six months, the same as you get for a lamb or a pig, kept in humane


conditions. They're allowed to move around. This is completely


different. What you get is a beautiful tender cut of meat and


it's humane. It's say. You get it in lots of supermarkets now, and


it's recommended eating. OK. First things first, what we're going to


do is batter this out. On to there - bash it out - not with the


knobbly bit, but the flat bit. No, not the knobbly bit. I looked at


that and went - oh! Oh, dear. again, you know exactly what to do.


It's making sure it's a nice, even bashing out. How thin do you want


it? You want it to come out so it's quite thin, really. You want to


cook this relatively quickly. good start to the football season


for your boys? You know, yesterday, when it was halftime and Liverpool


were beating Sunderland 1-0, I thought, this is exciting. Then we


fell away in the second half, but I thought we looked exciting. Did you


see us on Match of the Day? I did. I think Kenny Dalglish - I would


like Liverpool to do well because I like Kenny and Steve Clark. They're


playing good football now. I think they'll get there. It was quite


exciting. It was tough being a Chelsea fan because we don't play


until today, so I had to sit there yesterday watching all you lot play.


It's shame the first day of the season isn't like the last day of


the season when everyone play at the same time. So everybody plays


at 3.00pm... Yeah, we should do. we all get involved in it. You have


Stoke today, haven't you? Stoke. am good friends with young Timmy.


wouldn't speak to him tonight. He'll be a very disappointed man.


Do you think? I reckon we'll have won the League by the end of


January. Predicting - I know you don't like predicting - you at home


or away? Away, 6-0 to us. I am getting carried away - 5-0. Oil,


butter, potatoes in the pan. We're going to Chriss those up. Now,


we've got the veal beautifully battened out. Is that what we're


looking for? Perfect. Then we go into the flour, pat it off, into


the breadcrumbs, a little bit of salt on there as well. Did we not


season the flour? The flour is already seasoned. We're double


seasoning? Yeah. There we go. Pat the excess off there. Into the egg.


Are we only making one of these? Yeah. It's just going to be


beautiful because we're going to cook it in realtime. The joy of


this, of course, is it's a really simple, fast thing to do. You don't


have to batten it out. You could cook it as a lovely cut of meat. A


warm pan, not too hot, because you don't want to burn the breadcrumbs.


Lovely, and we cook away. So the potatos are cooking away


beautifully. I have chopped a bit of parsley. Once these have a


little bit more colour on them we're going to add in some white


wine vinegar. Are these - these are not boiled or anything? Yeah, yeah,


they're cooked. Cooked and fried in wine and parsley? Wine and parsley


and vinegar - oil, butter, potatoes, white wine vinegar. So we get that


acidity. Romesco sauce is a beautiful sauce, a sauce


traditionally always associated with seafood, but you can do it


with anything, and I think it works well with strong-flavoured meats.


It is a Catlin dish. All you do for it is the tomatoes we have chard,


take off the skins, the peppers we have charred, take off the skins


from that, then you fry a little bit of chilli, but it needs to be


mild. It shouldn't be spicy, spicy. It should be a warm spice, so it's


a builder rather than one of those that goes, raa! It shouldn't be


fiery. We toast off those ingredients. We could use olive oil,


but I don't want that big flavour. It doesn't smell of anything.


doesn't. It was always said rapeseed oil is going to be our


version of olive oil. I don't think that's true in the slightest. I


just think it's a good, quality oil and works in its own right. I am


just going to drain off this butter into there. This is a classic


combination of potatoes and meat, and then we flip over that little


bit of veal like that - beautiful. Do you have to cook veal through


or... No. It can be pink. A little bit of butter goes into there now -


only got it on one side. I am trying to taste this. Maybe I'll do


it this way. There you go. I'll taste it. You decide what you think


it tastes like. Tastes like car oil - no, it doesn't. It doesn't taste


of anything. No. It's got slightly more after-taste than a veg oil.


There is a little bit of pepperiness just at the end. No?


You not getting that? Not really. OK. In goes the parsley with the


vinegar, so that's delicious, OK? Now our Romesco sauce... Sorry. I


didn't listen to the answer about cooking this through. Do you have


to cook this through? No, it can be rare. All of this we roast together,


puree it, then we end up with this absolutely delicious sauce. You


have a little taste of this on its own, and it's glorious. You'll see


it's got a little bit of warmth in it but not tonnes. That's delicious.


Shall we do a smudge? Let's do it. What we need to do is get a little


bit of sauce on the spoon. Stand the spoon upright with the sauce on.


I am not going to do that now. Tell me the whole thing. I'll show you


the move without any sauce on. So you do sauce on, down like that


then the back of the spoon, you'll swirl it back. Not bad. Not bad.


But if you do it - when you put it on if you go in and then... Oh, you


didn't say that! LAUGHTER


And actually, mine is more attractive.


LAUGHTER And then to serve, we have our


delicious sweet-and-sour potatoes. There we sit, our lovely piece of


veal on there, have a touch more sauce with it. It is so delicious.


There we go - a bit of a messy plate that one. We're done. Good to


go. Ladies, would you like to try some veal? That's an amazing smudge.


Do you like that smudge? Amazing. Have you had veal before, Katy?


We should not be afraid of it. We should eat more of it because it's


actually good for... What about the pudding? We're doing a delicious


plum trifle. Do you like the veal? First time for everything. All our


recipes are on our website. It is the same address if you want to e-


mail questions for Katy or Deborah Meaden. Or Tweet us and send us


your name. John Bishop is always welcome on our TV screens,


especially doing the stand-up he does best. This week he's talking


People in their 40s, we were introduced to the world of the


animal kingdom through David Attenborough. And the problem is if


you have ever watched one of those wildlife programmes with your


partner, you always end up getting compared to it. Like I have been


married now for 18 years - on and off, and always -


LAUGHTER Always what happens is you sit


there, you're watching a a wildlife documentary, and all of a sudden


she thinks that reflects our relationship. There was a


documentary on about six months ago about these emperor penguins that


go down to the South Pole, and they're there in the Antarctic,


they're there in sub-zero temperatures, and the female


penguin will lay an egg, and the male penguin then has to stand on


the egg for three months - three months - on the egg, standing there


in minus 50 degrees while the female penguin is out with her


mates clubbing! LAUGHTER


Or whatever female penguins get up to, and then come back three months


later, at which point he's nearly dead and he goes to get something


to eat. We're sitting there on the couch, she's going, "Three months.


You wouldn't do that for me, would you?"


"I babysat for you last week." "You wouldn't do that for me."


"I am not a peng win! You lay an egg, I'll sit on it!"


You can experience more of his scouse charm on BBC One and BBC One


HD. I am getting ready to pitch. Our next guest is from the Dragon's


Den. Welcome back to the show, Shall we start with two? They are


both lady things. The first one women like having cosmetic problems,


so what we do is we invent a skin disease maybe. Which doesn't exist


but we put fictitious things in papers and journals and we invent


the cure. The cure is a placebo but women love buying cosmetic pills,


so we invent something that doesn't exist and we invent a cure which


doesn't exist. Could you be arrested for that? Technically that


is - illegal. That's the word. Did you see my face trying not to


smile? That's not a good look. other one, ladies like things don't


they, enhancements. They like... What are we doing here? They like


fake tan, fake teeth, everything. Ladies do? Yes, I've seen nit


magazines. All ladies like long fingers, I've heard, so we invent


finger extensions that glue on, so all ladies can have long fingers.


That came into the Den once, but for cats. False fingernails for


cats. That came into the Den. I didn't think that was a very good


idea either. So is that potentially the most ridiculous pitch you've


heard or have there been worse? think that definitely ranks with


false fingernails for cats. They are great ideas. I will do it with


Duncan. You could well get Duncan to invest. But he's never invested


a Pakistani! He's saving it up for fingernail extensions. How is the


show going, are you enjoying it? is the 9th series. We have a new


drag gone. It is the first time in nine series we have had more than


one woman. Is there a bit of rivalry or is it better, less of a


boys' club? It is neither. We are all competitive. It is not about


whether you are a man or a woman in dragon's defpblt we are all


competitive. Having a new person, we all up our game She looks scary.


She made her money through haul snadge Indeed. She has a -- she


made her money through haulage? Indeed. She has a haulage business.


You need people in the Den who are prepared to put her money where her


mouth is. Hillary has got stuck in there. On seven series, how much


have you invested in? 26 businesses and over �2 million. Which is


interesting, because when you ask people, they think I never invest.


I don't know how that works. team up a lot with other Dragons.


Do those partnerships work well? Very well. I've done a lot of


businesss with Theo. It worked well and we know how it works. He knows


what he does and I know what I do. They all want your personal input.


You've got 26 businesses of your own. There must be a time when you


think, I can't do any more work. They are all in different phases.


Some of them are baby business, and others... I have had two failures.


They are all in different stages. And then I've got the really good


businesses. Who has made the best investments out of the Dragons?


Is there any dragon you wouldn't co-invest with? Peter maybe.


there are different businesses for different reasons. One of my best


investments, Facebook for foodies website, My Dish. That's one that


Peter did not get. Sometimes you think, I wouldn't invest with you


anyway, because I don't think you will add anything as a dragon. Not


only am I choosing the right entrepreneur but the right dragon.


Duncan is down with the kids. He invested in a band. No, that was


Peter. Anything that you didn't invest in that you think you should


have? I'm not a regret kind of person. I work hard to get that


investment. If you don't get it on the terms that you are happy with,


there is no point regretting. I suspect I might have missed Reggae


Reggae Sauce. Je ne regrette rien. We had him on here and he must have


said that a thousand times. We've got a funny clip hire. Peter Joans


can rap. # Testing. We are going to do a bit


of rap. I said a hip-hop # You don't stop the rocking


# To the bang bang boogie... # How long are the pitches that you


do? The longest one I've been involved with was three-and-a-half


hours, so when people see us go from nought to furious in 30


seconds flat, it could be three hours. And the shorths one I think


has been 11 minutes, which is as long as it takes for them to do


their pitch and us to say, "We're out." A lot of people have been


asking, is it a good time at the moment to start up a business? Our


country is in recession. Europe is collapsing financially. Is it a bad


time to get involved in business? If you've got a good business


proposition that's relevant now, you've got to think if it was


relevant last year it may not be relevant now. But it could be a


good time for business, because space clears. Businesses that


survive because people are spending money, people are very careful how


they spend their money in recession. It is hard to get a loan from a


bank, isn't it? It is. But there are ache el investors that you can


go to. If you have something edgy or risky, they are your best bet.


With your businesses, are you worried about what's going on?


Different businesses, different things. I would like to think we


spotted, you know this, hasn't just hands. I sold my main business,


West Star Holidays in 2007, just before the collapse. Because you


knew it was going to collapse? thought, now is my moment. I had to


do it when the market said it was ready. That's part of my reason for


exiting. Businesses have to look forward and think, how is this


going to affect my business? It might be a positive business. If


you are offering a good service and people trust you, you will do well.


That's what people are looking for. Very good advice, Deborah. Thank


you for that. Time has run away and for that reason, I'm out of this


interview. Deborah is staying around to invest in a dish with


Simon. E-mail or tweet if you have any questions or weird pictures.


Nothing as weird as Tim's please. There's lots more to encourages


including Wayne's cocktails, Lucy's gadgets, and all of this.


BBC is diving with the ocean giants. It's like jumping into six lanes of


traffic... Simon is cooking crispy corn


fritters. And JK Rowling asks, who do you think you are? He has risen


in his profession. Mercury Prize nominee Katy B has


Mercury Prize nominee Katy B has joined me and Simon to cook a


pudding. I go to the mercury often. There is so much disappointment in


the room. I hate to say that. It is the one thing where no-one really


knows. It is an independent judging panel. They sit and bang through


the albums and they only decide on the night, don't they? Really?


is often a surprise, the Mercury. can't remember who won last year. I


can't remember. Anyone know? And apparently when you win, your


record sales go whoosh. Apparently. Did you cook? I can boil an egg,


fry an egg. I can't poach an egg. You can't poach an egg! We'll teach


you that before you leave today. it is all eggs, is it? Steamed


vegetables. If you don't cook a lot, what do you eat? Eggs? Mashed


potato. I like chicken. I like spicy chicken. Have you got your


own flat? No. I still live with my parents. So your mum cooks all the


food. She cooks really good food. Your mum is sitting at home going,


"Come on!" I'm away a lot and my schedule is really busy, so she has


learned not to cook for me any more. There were quite a few arguments.


She eats really healthy. Have you got a sweet tooth. Definitely.


We are going to make a plum and ginger trifle. Shop-bought ginger


cake, apricot jam and rum. Plums, stewed. The custard, milk with


flour, grated ginger, squeezed all the juice out, sugar and eggs.


feels more like an autumn dish. British plum season is in July. We


always associate it with winter- time. Do you know what I like at


this time of year? A green gauge. Do you? Yes, very good. Anyway...


What's a green gauge? A green plum. Sweet but really nice. Small season


but really nice. Are they better than normal plums? You can't do


better. Apples are the Kings of fruit, in my mind. So... For the


custard we add the milk. Whisk that in. At school there were lumps in


the custard. We are making sure we don't get any. Whisk until it


becomes a smooth paste. What did you eat at the Brit stkphool There


was a canteen, but you -- what did you eat at the BRIT School? There


was a canteen, but everyone went out. Some people went to the park.


They were the naughty kids. Really? And there was a chip shop. You


could get a chip roll. Or there was a canteen. They did alright food.


Actually there was a kiosk and they did panini. What we need to do is


get our catering up to the BRIT School, a little van outside.


'n' roll food. They are arty types. We'll stick their sandwiches into a


ciabatta and charge them an arm and a leg. We've whisked the ginger and


the milk and the eggs. We are stirring so it doesn't catch or


burn. After five minutes or so it becomes thick. We let it go cold


and we end up with ginger custard. In here we've got loads of whipped


cream. Katy, all of the cream out of there and into there, mix


together. I read in the paper that food-related words that haven't


made Steve Wright the Oxford English dictionary because of not


enough use, spatulate is one. I want that to be a word that gets in.


You could stick that in one of your songs. What does it rhyme with?


Hate. I rate. Regulate. Regulate, yeah. That's


your challenge for next time you come on, Katy, what song has the


word "spatulate" in. You're looking massively impressed by that. OK. So


all of that mixes together. What you end up now is that beautiful


creamy custard. This is almost like the cream you get in the middle of


a custard slice. You actually look like you're quite enjoying that.


It's very therapeutic. With all of your pop education, didn't they say


to you, "One day you'll end up on a cooking show making trifle?" Might


be able to learn a few things. is beautiful. You can taste that in


its own right. I love ginger. Yeah, that's gorgeous, yeah. Now this is


all about assembling it. You can either do these as individual ones,


but it's far nicer to do bigger ones. This is where we need


Generation Game music. We break it up and pop it into the bowl.


Trifling is another word we can add a definition to - getting families


anymore, do they, Simon? No. All that goes in - chuck it in. This is


the joy of trifling. We can be random with it. All of that goes in,


then we add a good glug of rum on to there, then our lovely stewed


plums, so what we do with our plums is pop them around the edge like


that. We can do it with our fingers, so cut side up - this is not what


you were imagining you were going to do today. Dig in. All of that


goes around the edge like that. Just push them in. They go around


the sides so it looks pretty. This is all about presentation. The


flavour, you can slap it all in so it tastes delicious, but it would


not look near as pretty as this is. This lovely plum-ginger juice we've


got all gets poured in. We have no jelly, but traditional triefls


don't have jelly in them. It's a modern invention. In goes apricot


jam for flavour. Traditional trifles don't have jelly. They have


jam? Yeah. Then spoon all of the custard into there.


Lovely. This is all about building these things up. Then you need time


for it to set, OK? So once all that goes in - you can slap it all in,


Katy. All right. And then it will find its own level. Lovely. And


then finally, we... Is that all right? Beautiful. That'll do. Then


we add a big layer of cream once it's found its height, on the top


and pop that in the fridge. Calorific. This delightful fella.


Ooh! It sets really hard. We add a little bit of cinnamon which works


beautifully with plums, then crystallised ginger, which works


beautifully with the ginger in the custard. Finally, you can't have


trifle without hundreds and thousands - like that. OK. So who


would like to be mother? Tim, would you like to serve or would you like


me to serve? No thank you. I want to shove my face in it, don't you?


Wow! Less fruit, more cream, please! Katy, you first, as you


made it. While you're doing that coming up, Wayne is going all


savoury in cocktails, plus Deborah will be cooking the final dish.


What is the final dish? Courgette and sweet corn it fromers. OK. A


trip back in time now and a second chance for you to name the year


that all of this happened. How is it? Mmm. Lovely. Deja View.


# Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh belts came into effect just a month


ago, and all the signs are that it's brought a dramatic reduction


in deaths and serious injuries. BBC's Breakfasttime, Europe's first


regular breakfast television service, received more than 1,500


calls of congratulations from viewers within an hour of going on


the air for the first time this morning. The compact disk player is


in shops this morning. It works with a laserby. It will cost at


least �450, but the experts reckon it's a sound investment.


# I bought a ticket to the world # But now I've come back again #


What's wrong? The dog ran away. away? Yeah. He said he had to go


away and for me to be a good girl. He gave me this.


one in this year, but how true is our guesswork? Debra, what year do


you think that was, do you know? 1984. I went 5. What do you think?


Definitely early '80s. '85? I went '85. For the first time I am 100%


confident on this one. Don't say it. It was number one on a certain


birthday year. Whisper it to me. The 13th. The 13th he said - the


birthday - that's not a secret. you can work out the maths, I am 43.


It was number one. I heard it at a disco. We have a classic twist on


the bloody mary. This one is called Canary Mary. The name comes from a


bar in Shoreditch called the Breakfast Club. We have some of our


usual suspects like pepper and sauces - a bit of white pepper


first is coming in... How did this become a hangover cure is what I


want to know? Sea salt. There is really no such thing as a true


hangover cure. By drinking more! Hair of the dog, they say. A little


bit of grated ginger goes in there, then we're going to have a good


obligatory double measure of vodka going in, and then we've got our


yellow tomato juice in from the Isle of Wight. The pressed tomatoes


add a little bit of sweetness. like it. It's good. Are you partial


to a drink, Deborah? Orange juice, yes, obviously. That looks like


orange juice. No, it's tomato. Instead of red pepper, we have


jalapeno sauce. It's like a meal. One little dash of Worcester sauce.


What's your favourite tipple, then? What do you like? Probably - it


depends what season it is. I do like a nice cider Shandy in the


summer. Ooh. That sounds nice. lovely hot summer day in Somerset.


Crieder with lemonade. Yes, sorry. You're looking - that's not right.


He looks horrified. He always looks horrified. Don't worry. Sweet?


not proper bitter jumppy... flat cider. With cucumber, like a


Pimm's. I mean, how much do you want? We'll make some money out of


that. I'll tell you what, we'll just stick cider in ice and resell


it. Someone's done that. That was a great business thing. Do you know,


that absolutely regenerated... went mad, didn't it? Make it look


orange. That's all right, yeah. We've actually got some actual


pictures. I'll put this one to you whilst you're trying that. Good


manners... You have a sip of that. You might need it after the pitch


as well, Deborah. That's lovely. you like that? This is from Barbara,


"A phonetic dictionary, as you can't find a word in a dictionary


if you can't spell it" - is that a good idea? How big would it have to


be, this dictionary, because presumably however you pronounce


the word, you could have it many different ways. That's delicious.


What's in there that's different? Oh, it's the Hal peenio - that is


absolutely... You notice I just rolled it without ice, mixed the


ingredients. When you get watery tomato juice, it gets thin. It


kills it, so rolling it, you keep that tixure. See, Wayne just said


"watered down" - you would spell that "daan". I have a little bit of


fresh lemon juice, fresh pressed celery. Celery's juice is really


good in drinks especially if you're going to complement it with drinks


made from plants. We have agave syrup, which has a nice character,


a shot and a half of silver tequila, 100% agave. You're selling this as


a real natural drink. I like it. Really healthy! You can have one of


these - two of these! I am in. about healthy beer, you know?


going to polish it with these two! Apple lickure in there. Celery and


apple is a classic combination. It works really well with the lemon


and techealla, agave, to give it a bit of sweetness. I quite like,


given the size of my heels this morning - "High-heeled shoes you


can unscrew." That's a good idea, so you can go to work in your...


These would turn into flats, then. Or you go out on a night out when


you have had a few too many drinks you could waddle off. That sounds


like a good idea but if you took the heel office that, they wouldn't


be flat. Have you noticed all ideas are for women because they're the


ones that... They're all your ideas, for women. I am a bit worried about


you, Tim. Cosmetic ideas. False fingernails for cats were put


forward by a man. Have a try of this. That's absolutely gorgeous.


You have celery, apple... Thanks. If you want to mix either of his


savoury cocktails go, to our website to find them. 70% of the


earth is covered with 376 million trillion gallons of water - feel


like Professor Cox now. Where better to film a new landmark


series? There you go - voiced by Stephen Fry, this is the courting


chase of the humped-back whales. It's Ocean Giants.


This hot pursuit can last all day and cover miles of ocean. To stand


a chance of catching the action, escalates to explosive shows of


strength. Look at that. He's right in contact with him. You can see


his peck fin. The other animal is colliding into him. Look at him


pushing and shoving. See that flouk just flick over like this, and he's


diving down, charging at somebody, pushing somebody away. For the dive


team, it's like jumping into six by at 20mph. A male upends into the


crucifix block, a tactic to stop a becomes more dangerous for the


Ocean Giants tonight at 9.00pm on BBC One and BBC One HD. It's gadget


day. Lucy Hedges is here and Katy B is here to trial out the first


gadget. What is it? The Paper Jamz promicrophone. It's basically


designed to make everyone sound like a professional singer? Even


me? Not a chance. This amp we have has a load of effects to multiply


your voice to make it sing like you have year singers behind you. You


can effectively sing back at yourself in imperfect harmony. Katy


has so kindly agreed to do a little demo. Hello, hello. I am going to


That's really weird. I don't think that's enhancing your voice. Do


chorus. This is like having a backing singer or choir behind you.


# I can't go to bed with the lights on. #


That works. Do you remember the big, pink microphones. I vaguely know


what you are talking about and it echoed. Yeah! Like an ice cream


cone. Yeah! No idea. And you can put songs in there? It comes with


two tracks pre-loaded. We've got our song and you could sing over


that. Exactly. And you can go to iTunes and


download your tracks, three at a time. This is �35. What do you


think of that? It is great. I would have loved that as a kid. What's


have loved that as a kid. What's next? This is the the BlackBerry


Bold 90906789 it's the first phone to sport the new OS7 operating


system. Is it quicker? Night now backs a 1.2 gigahertz processor. It


has liquid graphics display. Everything swipes and pans and


zooms in a lot easier than before. If we go on-line, I can zoom in


really easily. It is fluid, smooth. A lot slicker than before. It has


720 video. It allows you to balance your business and personal life


from one account, called BlackBerry Balance. You can do that with


corporate work and not affect your personal side. It is a great way to


eradicate the need to have two phones. That's fantastic. Another


great thing about on the back, this is a near-field communication panel,


the same technology you get with Oyster Cards, so in theory you can


use the phone to pay for your crisps or bus pass. It is not in


the UK yet, but it is coming. The fact that the BlackBerry has it is


exciting: at the moment it is on Vodafone for three on �41 a month


contract. It is coming in December in all other shops.


This is really cool. This is the App Blaster. It's a plastic gun


designed to enhance your iPhone gaming experience. Katy, put your


fingers on both triggers. What these two conductive pads do, they


are connected to the Triggers. One will pertain to bullets and the


other to missiles. Katy looks a little crazy. She is shooting


aliens which you couldn't see at home. This is footage from earlier


in the office. The idea is you are in the office. The idea is you are


playing in real life? That's the beauty about augmented reality. It


is about super-imposing graphics and images into real-life


situations. It is pretty sawsome isn't it? It is good that you can


shoot real people as well. How much is that? That's �20. And the app is


free of charge. Thank you to Katy and Lucy. If you want more


information, go to our website - bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend.


Now, she's the world's best-selling author but knows little about her


Gallic ancestry. JK Rowling asks, who do you think you are? I feel


this weird pull towards Louis. He left France to go to London, a


massive city that's also a foreign city, so he is an immigrant. That's


very gutsy. And then I found the letters so moving. This very young


man writing to his English girlfriend. Marion has told me he


was a waiter who worked at the Savoy, so I'm going to London. Jo's


great grandfather Louis arrived in London in the 1890s and worked in


the City as a waiter, before and after the First World War. Louis


was head wine waiter. And he got an award for it, a French award,.


are joking. Not at all. It's a prestigious distinction. This was


given to him in 1922. And here is his title in French. Fair play to


him. For a working class Frenchman who has come to London, he's risen


in his profession. Absolutely. And we are extremely lucky that the


Savoy keep an archive of their former employees. This is Louis's


card. The card contains his previous employment history.


Ed you can see the creator of Harry Potter in Who Do You Think You Are


on Wednesday at 9 on BBC One and BBC One HD would you ever delve


into your family history? I'm not sure I would like what you found.


I've got this image I've made up. I might stick with that. I think you


have loads of skeletons in your cupboard. The more I get to know


you... I'm cultivatingage edgy persona. Maybe. You can cook?


only can't I cook, I don't. For 25 years I've managed to resist


cooking and here I am, getting up early on a Sunday morning. The body


language when Deborah walked in, and I know she doesn't cook. We are


making courgette fritters. Celery salt, horseradish, Worcestershire


sauce, cherry tomatoes. Flour, milk, spring onions, carrot, sweetcorn


out of a tin, sugar, chilli point of order and eggs. Deborah Meaden,


the first job for you. The milk the first job for you. The milk


goes in there. The eggs go into there. I would hate my husband to


get the impression I could crack an egg. We've had so many tweets from


viewers with genius ideas. One of them is from Scott Richards. Egg


yolk sauce in a bottle, because everyone loves an egg yolk on their


chips? Do they? That was good timing. Half of the thing is in


getting an investor on board is getting them whener in the mood.


You have to work, Deborah Meaden. Whisk that and add to the flour.


Can I use a fork? It is fine. It is delightful. Bless you, Deborah.


There is always the worry that one week we will fall off air. This


might be the week, Simon. Pour that into the floufrplt Legal pour?


Literally pour. And then give it a whisk. Simon, have you got any


ideas? Chefs always have grand ideas. I have mentioned on the show


before, one of the things that frustrates me, when you have a food


processor... When you use a food processor. When you start them up


and get them to move, it never quite does it. I think there's a


market for a food processor that works on a track or a spiral. When


it goes in you can press spatulate mode or whatever you might call it.


Spatulate is not actually a word. I'm not understanding any of the


words, so don't pick up on spatulate! Here is your processor.


You have all the stuff in from and when you turn it on, it goes, glug,


glug, so I think there should be something that has rails, some kind


of motion that helps it move. Deborah? I think it sounds like a


good idea. Only because I'm listening to an expert. You should


always know who the expert is in a room. Simon knows what he is


talking about. Well done. We've got another tweet here, from Kate.


Pyjama bottoms from when women are asleep which exfoliate the hairs


while you sleep. No more shaving. That is such... Can you imagine


trying to sleep with sandpaper strapped to your legs? LAUGHTER


I've done worse, Deborah. 350-50 -- 50-50 flavoured toothpaste, bacon


and eggs one end and mint at night? Not quite. I think I read that


somebody called you up and asked to borrow money from you or something?


I get quite a lot of that. Do you? One of them was rather charming. It


said, "I've got no business investment, can you just give me


some money?" You do admire the cheek really. Did he get the money?


No. Do people stop new the street saying, "Deb remarks I've got a


great idea ?" Does it get annoying? I don't mind. I like that people


have got good ideas. That doesn't bother me. That's a great reason to


stop me and talk to me on the streets. Have I ever invested in


anybody who has stopped me on the street? Not so much. Say for


example my idea, it is fine, but to get that to the marketplace, it is


masses of money, investment and chance. I can't tell you the amount


of times I say there's a thousand miles between an idea which we all


have, thousands every day, on our sofas, and a business proposition.


I'm looking for business proposition. We can all come up


with great ideas but you've got to have a reason why you would do it.


You've got to enter the market, you have specialist knowledge, you've


got to give me something to make it a business prop sifplgts So we


mixed if flour, -- proposition. So we mixed the flour, sweetcorn.


These are our fritters. Our Bloody Mary tomatoes, in a hot panto


seefrplt we add celery, sell -- in a pot pan to sear: we had celery,


celery salt, horseradish and tomato juice. Shake. Pop in the oven for


10-15 minutes until they are soft and we end up with glorious Bloody


Mary tomatoes. Wow! We put a bit of rocket on the plate. You can use


the cannery Mary that Wayne used in the came way. These cherry tomatoes


with vodka, it is a simple pasta sauce. That would be glorious.


is quite a drunken meal, vod characters tomatoes and a Balady


Mary to wash it down with -- Bloody Mary to wash it down with. We are


running out of time. We are done. Amanda, go for it. I can't wait for


Deja View, the year. Over to Tim Deja View, the year. Over to Tim


and Katy. The news headlines about the seat belt law, breakfast TV and


the CD being launched. It was 1983. I was a couple of years out. I was


closest. It was Wayne's birth day. Only a few more minutes. Alex


Jackson says to you Deborah, do you have any good tips on successful


pitching and presentation. If you were going to come into the den?


honest. That's the single biggest thing. Be honest and be yourself.


Don't try to go into this slick sales pitch and be somebody else.


Be yourself and tell it as it is. If you have a good business


proposition, it will come through. What we do is we pretend to be able


to read people's futures through the stars or something, and charge


them for finding out, maybe on a phone line. We just say nice things


like, "You are going to meet a handsome man." It's aimed at women.


LAUGHTER Women like that sort of stuff. They do. And make-up they


like. You just study women all day long. I like kittens as well. I've


got a handbag full of kittens. That's it. We are out of time.


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