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Good morning. It is 10.00am. It is Sunday, the 7th of August, we are


joined today by former Footballers' Wives and now Hollioke helicopter


actress, Laila Rouass. And with us, it is the DJ and


producer, Aniko Kalovics. -- Calvin Harris is with us.


He is also very tall. Simon is back from the States.


Thank you it is nice to be here. We are here to do some cooking, look


at some gadgets and look at next week's telly.


Oh, yes, this is Something For The Good morning. Welcome to Something


For The Weekend. So, you are back, Simon? Yes, I got back at 9.00am


last -- 9.00pm last night. Are you jet lagged? I feel tired


but a bit weird. I don't know whether I want to eat curry or


bacon and eggs. They reckon if you don't want to


get jet lagged then don't eat on the plane. Then get off the plane


and eat the meal you are supposed to eat at that time.


But you are so bored on the plane. I love planes? I still get bored. I


want to eat the rubbish food. No! That and operations, it is the


only time you are relax ed. It is the only time you are not allowed


to do anything. Do we need to put you out for the


rest of the show, Tim? Maybe. Did you enjoy yourself, Simon? It was


brilliant. You have come back from the States


too? We were at the same place at the same time. We were California


dreaming. You didn't see each other there?


Snoifplt no, he called me, -- no, he called me, but he was where he


was for only five minutes, I could not meet him.


What were you doing chin-ups on the beach?! No! Changing the mood


slightly, there was a riot yesterday in Tottenham or last


night. We have woken up to that this morning. We have footage of


what it looked like. This is what they are running on the BBC News.


Last night people were getting stuck in. There is a recession


going on, there are riots. It is like the 80. We had forgotten about


this, because we grew up with it all, 1985 was the last riot.


It was a weird thing when I turned on the TV, I thought it was archive


footage. It has calmed down today,


thankfully. 1985, that was the last time your football team won the


league! I miss though -- those gags. She played the WAG in Footballers'


Wives, since February of this year she has been on our screens as the


cardiothoracic registrar, Sahira Shah, yes it is BBC One's Laila


Rouass! She is lovely. What is it, a cardiothoracic


registrar? I don't know, something to do with the throat.


And bursting on to the scene, he has scored seven number one hits,


two of which he worked on with Dizzee Rascal. It is the hugely


talented Calvin Harris if you have a question you wish to ask Laila


Oracle vine, e-mail us or tweet us. I think that Calvin has only had


two hours of sleep -- Calvin. Just like us! When did you get


back? I got back but couldn't sleep. If you want to ask them anything,


as I say, tweet us. What is cardiothoracic registrar?


Yeah, tell us what that is, but remember to tell us your name.


Right, what are you cooking Mr Jet Lag? We are started with Ricotta-


filled courgette flowers. This is the time with the nice delicate


flowers, this is a simple dish with a nice light batter and the main


course, one of the easiest dishes we have done on the show. It is


coconut curry. It is dead simple. Finished with yoghurt.


What is the red stuff tonne? A bit of pom graniate.


-- what is the red stuff on it? A bit of pomegranate.


I'm not a fan of fruit on my curry. Are you not? It is just a little


garnish. I'm not a big fan of fruit on my savoury. I like savoury to be


savoury and sweet to be sweet. I love a little bit of raisen in my


food! What is the thing on top top of the walnut -- on top of the


Walnut Whip? A walnut?! For desert we have a fantastic cake and


finally, a crab and tofu salad. Now, I know you both hate tofu...


like tofu, Tim hates it. This is a nice text tire with the


crab. -- This is a nice texture with the


crab. It doesn't taste of a lot!


All of the recipes can be found on the website. Tofu can be eaten with


chicken to enhance a meal? No? like it I like all of the things


you have learned over the last fortnight. Now, here is what else


is coming up on the show: Vik Reefs has everyone guessing


what they are saying on Shooting with the Stars.


And Village SOS. June Brown gets emotional on Who Do You Think You A


are? Can you leave me alone for a moment? Lots of great stuff coming


up. First, we have to see what Wayne has for the tples today.


-- tipples today. I have a tweet finally. What have


you got coming up? We have heatwave coolers. A lovely drink with


tequila and a traditional granita that is stunning.


Lovely. We look forward to that later on. Simon, what are you


cooking for the first meal back? The first dish back is the stuffed


The first dish back is the stuffed courgette flower.


We have honey, flour, lemon, pine nets, our courgettes with the


flowers on and the Ricotta that is the filling.


Now, Amanda, you are starting the first task of the day.


Mind if I move this? Not at all. So, the Ricotta is in there, the


next thing to do is to give the pine nuts a chop. These are my


favourite nuts. I love a pine nut. Nice technique. I like it. Would


you have done that, Tim? I would have done that, but I always think


that pine nuts smell of toilet paper.


Do you sniff toilet paper? Is it a habit.


It's been in my life for a long time. It is a habit.


What food did you eat in the States? A stunning restaurant was


in San Francisco. There was an oriental fusion restaurant. So,


Chinese, with a bit of Thai. The food is fantastic over there.


Having said that, the good food is brilliant and the bad food is awful.


Yes, the junk food. But I like their junk food. It is


better than our food. The breakfasts over there! The portions


are just way too big? No! Yes, of course I did.


Did you take in a movie over there? That is what you have to do in


America, to see the films before they are out over here.


My wife took the kids to see Harry Potter.


But that is over here? I know, but that is what they wanted to see.


Did you buy things that you can't get over there -- here that you can


get there? I know that Simon did, the bright grown trainers.


They are old school, Simon, that they are! Hold on, did anyone say


cut. I hear there has been a bit of misbehaving going on.


We don't want the juice, just the zest.


What's the cheese bit? The Ricotta. We are talking about tofu taking on


flavours, Ricotta is doing the same here. It is a neutral cheese. With


the pine nuts and the lemon, they are adding the flavours.


But it brings it all together. feel like I'm doing all of hard


work. Tim is doing nothing! Tim is going to start work now! Tim, crack


an egg and whisk all of that cold water into there quickly.


It is sparkling water it helps to keep the batter crispy.


Then we add a touch of baking powder and some flour.


Serious whisking. Good team. Did you take in sporting events


while you were there? What did you do while you were


there? Do you know what I discovered at my ripe old age. I


discovered body boarding! Really? What is your top tip? My West


Indies went, I thought I was too old.


You are never too old! I loved it. It is good fun, isn't it? So, you


were Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz? What was the biggest wave you


caught? It was probably about seven feet. I was living the dream.


It was the size of a house?! You do live the dream over there. It is


another world. You find yourself using their


expressions, slightly embarrassing, too.


They have lost their credit rating over there since you left.


We have downgraded the country! know! Now, back to cooking. That is


the batter, nice and then. Then, what we do, Amanda, these are our


lovely courgette flowers, we want to stuff the centre here. So we get


the teaspoon and pop it in there. You want probably two teaspoons. It


needs to be, so that when it is in there that you can twist the top.


Cool! I don't think I have seen a courage the flower before. It is so


pretty. Too pretty to eat. So, just two teaspoons, Simon?


need to rattle on with these. Tim, what you can do is now holding the


courgette, it goes into the batter like that. Give it a good coating,


shake off the excess and then straight into the furore. -- fryer.


Where was the best place that you loved, liked? I love san


San Francisco. I used to live there. So did he for four days! The best


place I went to was san Fiskow, the farm -- San Francisco, the best


place I love was the farmer's market.


You were in house, the garden was? The beech.


Now I have this... I brought this over there.


Did you find that American chocolate tastes of cheese.


I know, I don't like their chocolate, but this is strawberry


and rhubarb jam. Taste that, it is glorious! That is delicious. Really


going to use that in some way. This I bought for you, Tim. Big Hunk.


You know it! He knows it big fella. We are American, awesome! Cheese


right there. It says low fat. I was thinking of you. I am ripped.


Boys, what are you like! anyone's followed this at home,


congratulations. Obviously, you can get all the details of the recipe


on the website which you will probably need to. These are frying


away. Whenever we fry stuff this is fresh oil, fresh oil is the worst


thing for colouring things up, you want a bit of impurity in there, so


this will look pale but the flavour will be good. These are frying so


you have the softness of the courgette flower, covered with the


batter but you want a small amount of the batter. We have the ricotta.


Isn't it going to melt? It will hold. If you did something that


melted you have to have so much batter on it, it will be too heavy


for the flower. Ricotta doesn't melt? It just softens, that's all


that happens. If you were to put it in a pan and put loads of heat it


will eventually melt. We are protecting it with the batter, like


an ice-cream fritter. More pinenuts here as well. We fish out our our


courgette flowers. Which would be browner. That's the one that's just


gone in. Don't eat that one. We need an uneven number on there. If


you have contaminated oil they will hold up better. On to there and


sprinkle with a little bit of pepper and salt. Smells delicious.


All we do then to garnish them is lay these three lovely flowers on


there. The top one is the one we are going to eat. We are going to


dribble a bit of honey here, so we get that lovely sweetness at the


end. Go for it. What you have is the slight bit of - it's a delicate


batter, the flowers and that lovely lemony pinenut and honey finishes


it. Wow. What are you doing for main course? A simple chicken curry.


It tastes like dessert, so good. That's good. It's delicious. As


always, you can get all the recipes on our website. Time to have a look


at the new series of Shooting Stars, my favourite, and Vic and Bob are


on form, as always, it's Tight's Pick a category from above. Steel.


Good choice. Mr Reeves, who should be here, and he is, as always, will


sing a song in a club style. Listen carefully, can you tell what song


I know it. What was it, James? I have no idea.


Bridget? Come on Let's Twist Again. I was singing Making Your Mind Up


by Bucks Fizz. Let's hear that properly in the style of a


Yorkshire steel worker. # First you got to roll it out


# You look around # Then you will find it's time to


Still the highlight of Thai career being on -- of my Career being on


Shooting Stars and you can see that tomorrow night on BBC two at


10.00pm. Bob went to me, Tim, true or false no man has ever enjoyed a


family holiday? He is a funny boy. Your answer was?


I said true. I can't remember whether it was true or false. I


thought it was funny. He is a comic genius. Our first guest began her


career in Bollywood became she stars in Hollyoaks, Spooks and


Primeval and Strictly Come Dancing. You are going to laugh about that


all day. She's now on our screens as a surgeon in Holby City. You


might remember her from her days as an Earls Park FC WAG in Footballers


Wives. Oops. How funny. I hear we are


seated together. Perfect. Never mind, darling, the dress looks


completely different on me. I see what you mean. I am happy we are


sitting together. We are on the same team now. Yeah, Frank's very


excited. Conrad has been telling me all about your your wedding. Don't


you listen to what people are saying, I think you should be very


proud. Saucer of milk! Laila Rouass,


welcome to the show. Footballers Wives obviously based on real wags.


At the time that was probably Ulrika and Delalio. Why did they


get rid of it. The storylines were getting more absurd, you would read


it and think there's no chance this is going to work. It's not as


absurd as real life. That's the thing, we later learn they're up to


a lot more than we were up to. But it just got a bit much and you


think - the funny thing is within that footballers world life it


worked and it's believable. footballers started watching it and


going this is what we should do. This is what we should be doing.


are missing out here, they're having more fun. What was the most


ridiculous storyline, there were quite a few. Loads, but I think the


one that stands out is when Tanya baby-swapped, swapped my baby with


hers and because I am darker and I wanted a DNA test on hers so she


started fake tanning my baby so I would think..., it was bizarre.


did she swap babies? She was having an affair with my husband but


married to somebody else, we were pregnant at the same time and I was


convinced her baby was not my husband's so I wanted it DNA tested.


That happened! That happened at Leicester City, it did happen!


swapping babies is what you got out of that and not the fake tanning of


the child. That happened as well, at Derby County? Victoria has done


that to Harper apparently, so she would like more LA! The rumours on


the street it's going to be turned into a musical. I have heard, they


did Bad Girls and I think it would be amazing. They're doing


everything a musical, Batman. Spiderman. When are they going to


do Happy Mondays the musicals. would see that. Can you sing?


wouldn't be able to go on stage and do that. What would you sing about?


Tanning babies. Clothes. Gosh, I would love to see that. Would you


do it if you were asked? At the time you think this is bizarre, you


look back and it was such a great time. You would never get a job


like that again. The characters were OTT, shot in the summer in


amazing locations, the clothes were crazy. So, yeah, I might do but


it's hard work doing musicals. It's hard work doing Holby. Let's talk


about that, you are a something... Cardiothoracic. Cardiothoracic,


darling. My mother is terribly proud because she's always wanted


me to be a tkrpb and -- to be a doctor and this is the closest you


are ever going to get. That's what I say to my daughters, I am like


get into medicine. I am like that. It's nothing like medicine, but


obviously you are doing a lot of pretending so you have to be around


medical people sometimes? We always have a cardiothoracic doing theatre


scenes. I spent a day at the heart hospital following around one of


their top cardiothoracics. I haven't been into theatre, into a


real operation yet but I would like to. At the time, before I started


the show, I thought I am not going to be able to handle it but once


you get on set and see the blood and gore I think I would be able to


handle it. Are you squeamish? be, but doing the show toughens you


up. Medicine does look a fun job, is that the right word? It's tough.


I met an eye surgeon the other day, he fascinated me the way he pops


the eyes out. You don't meet these people and when you do you are


completely... When they do heart surgery, I am asking you like you


are an expert now. What's he going to ask me! Sometimes I go out to


buy lunch or whatever and I am in my scrubs which I am not allowed.


Cars stop, the respect you get is unbelievable. I am dreading a heart


attack or something. When you do the heart surgery don't they have


to cut through the ribcage. Yeah, you do, but not on the show.


said we! Have you got all the medical jargon down? No, it's like


another language. Sometimes a whole paragraph is just medical terms.


you ever mess it up? All the time. The great thing is doing theatre


you have the masks on so if you mess it up you can dub it. That's a


I get it. She needs to be prepped, just wait ago referral. Looking for


someone? Still here, but not for long, being discharged today. That


is if you can manage it. Morning. Have you two met? Just been


transferred, Clare. You can call her nurse Jones. You want me to


discharge her? You think I engineered this crash to push the


two of you back into each other's arms? The pack of lies you told


obviously worked. I get it, cut it out. Excellent. All yours.


Suits you the scrubs. They look comfy. You want some. I had to wear


some when my ex-wife had a C- section and you feel like George


Clooney, look at me! It's all about me, not her! Let me hold that baby.


So, you are in a movie as well. You have a new movie coming out, Conan


the Barbarian. You are his mum. am his mummy, yes I give birth to


her in the battlefield because she was a real fighter. She's in battle


and Ron who plays the father, he delivers the baby and I name the


baby Conan. It's a big screen movie. It's a big screen movie. I think


it's end of August. I watched the trailer, it looks good. A lot of


CGI stuff. A lot of CGI. Who plays Conan? Jason, this beautiful


spesman of a man -- spes man of a man. He could be your son. They're


doing a big premiere here? I am not sure. They did one in LA but I am


not sure if they're doing one here. You die early on. I die because I


give birth to him, otherwise the movie doesn't start! And there's no


Conan. We look forward to seeing that. It's fun. Not you dying.


the movie. The movie in general. Nice happy interview, about death


and operations! If you want to ask Laila a question or Calvin Harris


you can tweet or e-mail us through the website. First day with the new


teeth! It's Simon's jetlag. Remember to send in your name,


please. Time to put your thinking caps on and guess what year The


Beautiful South topped the charts with A Little Time, I love that


song and these new events that took # I need a little space just on my


#. Her supporters and opponents can agree about one thing when this


morning Mrs Thatcher announced her intention to resign it was an


historic moment, the end of an era in British politics. At least 32


people have been injured in a serious riot at Strangeways Prison,


hundreds took over the main cell block and others climbed on to the


roof. They're protesting about prison conditions. L Nelson Mandela


walked out of prison with his wife after 27 years in captivity. He


says he wants all South Africans to If only you were smart enough to


get this machine to print out this Hey! Hey, Ken, we've cracked it!


Right, Deja View time, Simon, you have not done this for a couple of


weeks, what year is this? I can't take part in this, I know the year.


I know the year from a few of the things.


Mandela, there. I think it would be good if we let


the women ruled -- rule the world. What do you think? Do you think


that we rule the world, Tim. Men? Well, we are in the power.


Obviously, we don't rule marriages, women do. You are testament to


that! But the world, Barack Obama, David Cameron, he's a man.


Interesting concept. Let's give it to the ladies, let


them have a go. They will organise it, won't they? They will get it


sorted. 86? 86? Fantastic that is as good


as the Liverpool crack. That is fantastic. Who has gotten


their photo tonne the fridge? The food was good last week.


Actually, speaking of women of the world, Angela was good. I took her


to the Anfield game. She met Stevie afterwards.


This is Alexander and Helen from Belgium. They made Angela's


meatballs. He looks very happy.


This is JJ Snely from Croydon in Surrey. He made Angela's cake but


instead of amaretto he used a Spanish sherry.


Lovely. They got married a couple of months


ago, she is already not in the pictures! Just an observation! This


is an artist, Paul Harvey. He made Angela's meatballs and Wayne's


drink. Stuckist is an international art movement against conceptual art.


Oh,? You don't understand that, do you? I don't know. Is it against


traditional art? Maybe Paul can tweet us and let us know what it


really is. OK. Is it you or me, Tim? Me! If wow


want to cook some of our dishes, send in your photos. Send us a


photo and if you want to ask some questions, go to [email protected] and you


can e-mail us at bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend.


Now, the main course. We have peace, yuing hurt, -- yoghurt, chicken,


curry powder. This is a dish I made when you have a bag of random


ingredients. It is really simple. I thought we should do this on the


thought we should do this on the show as it is so easy to do.


First things first. We have onions first. Caramelise them so they are


rich in flavour. The chicken, Tim, cut them down the middle and make


it big chunks of meat. I always believe in big chunks so they don't


break down too much. There we go with the flour, cumin, salt, pepper,


all like that. The footie starts today, Tim? The football season


does indeed start today. Who would you like to win the Shield.


I want City to win. You? I think that I want City to win. Bol ety


has become my favourite flair. You have missed his antics. What


has he been doing? Look it up on the web. The man is amazing. He is


City's Italian striker, he is extravagant, individual... Yeah,


one of the best clips to ook at is him putting on his training bib. It


is great. He tried to show boat goal, but it


didn't go in, he was taken off. Now, the flour, we are putting this


on the chicken to make it nice and crispy, and adding more flavour


with the cumin. We are going to seal off the chick no-one the hot


pan. So, get rid of all of that and we are to chop the mouli. We are


chopping it into batons. So we get the piece of mouli and you want to


cut down like that. And then simply cut it into batons


like so. Who do you think is going to win


the League, then? I have to go with Liverpool! Brilliant! He is so good.


It has to be our year soon! Now that King Kenny is back. It is


exciting. This time last year I was feeling unhappy with everything to


do with my Football Club, now there is that excitement to see around it.


You have old school management. We have young kids and Robbie back at


the club. So, are you going to win the


League? Of course we are. There is no question about it. Some of the


bookies have already paid out! they? I like your enthusiasm for


it! I think it will be an interesting season. I love it when


the footie season is back. You get the frisson.


It is so good though, Liverpool are back, Spurs are good, Arsenal is


good City are going to challenge. United are going to challenge every


year. So, where are these going? They go in with the onions. The


onions, the mouli, this is a simple, simple curry, one of the easiest we


have ever done. That That is really nice. I like that


Have I ever tried this before? Maybe when Louise was on the show?


It is a raw flavour. That would be great in salad?


Lovely. Lovely with pickley things. A big shortage of coconut in the


world. So we are struggling to get hofld coconut cream.


Why? Too much rain, the coconuts have not performed. Coconut cream


has been made a long time in advance if you can't get it


desiccated coconut is good or leave it out and add in cream.


But that goes in with the delicious mouli.


So, the onions, the mouli and the coconut.


Can you use coconut milk? Yes, you can, but the nice thing about the


cream is that it is thicker. That goes in, in goes the stock and


the curry powder. Bring it up to the boil and simmer it for about


ten to 15 minutes. That is all it is a quick-cook curry. This, as it


stands now is delicious. That is just with the co nut in it, but we


are turning it into something slightly more acidic in it.


It has split a bit. It is OK, coconut has lots of oil


in there, but we are adding delicious yoghurt into there.


Oh, that is delicious. Now, we are adding acidity into it


and peas, really for the colour as much as anything.


That is so nice. Can you give it a stir for me?


course I can. All we do is get the rice ready,


serve it with a little bit of rice on the bottom like that and simply


spoon some of this delicious curry on to the top. You can see the big


pieces of chicken o are what we want if they are too small we lose


them. Hi ladies! Hello! What was that?


know, men, food! We have turned into a sort of 60s vicar -type


programme! I am a curry freak. This is delicious.


Hmm! Really good. That is really good.


This is the one that will be on the fridge this week. That is delicious.


Now, the pomegranate in that is good. Better than a raisen! What


are we making for desert? A lemon and pistachio cake.


I am making that! That and all of the recipes are on the website at


bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend. It is the same address if you want


to e-mail questions for Laila or indeed Calvin, or you can also


tweet us at [email protected] Now, another new series, property


guru Sarah Beeny is on hand to help people help themselves in Village


people help themselves in Village SOS.


The Brecon Beacons in Mid Wales attracts millions of people ayear.


This village, once known as the jewel of the Black Mountains, this


area has lost its shadow. It lives in the shadow of its more popular


neighbours, Hay-on-Wye and Brecon. This street was once bustling with


thriving businesses. A clothes shop and barber's were all open for


trade. There is no doubt it is a beautiful town. There are many


successful shops here, but if the tourists continue to drive through,


then Talgarth will become another ghost town, but there is a life


line. In the centre of the town there is an 18th century mill. It


was a busy hub, groinding corn from all of the local -- grinneding corn


from all of the local farms, but the mill has ground to a halt since


19of 6. It is now derelict. A group of locals think that the middle


could be spectacular. -- 1966.


Former engineer moved to Talgarth because he is inspired by the town


and what the mill could do for it. So, this is it, there will be


people sat around, enjoying beautiful food, coffee. Down at the


end of the yard at this little door there will be this magical


machinery. You can catch Village SOS with


Sarah Beeny at 8.00pm on BBC One. Our next guest is the superstar DJ


who burst on to the scenes in 1986. He has worked with the likes of


Kelis and Dizzee Rascal. He has produced three number one singles.


# I get all the girls, I get all the girls


# I get all the girls I get all the girls


# I get all the girls, I get all the girls. #


# I'm ready for the weekend # Oh,, I put on my shoes and I'm


ready for the weekend. # # If I see a light flashing


# Could this mean that I'm coming # If I see a man waiving, does this


mean that I'm not alone. # # Hands to the sky and throw your


head back. # Love it. Welcome back to Something For The


Weekend, Calvin Harris, I love that tune. What is that about that


video? It is about a crazy guy going crazy in Las Vegas.


I said it was Las Vegas! Is it like old town Las Vegas? Yes, I guess so.


He makes his way through the stip and does things.


So, let's talk about Las Vegas, first, how much sleep have you had?


Since when?! Since you woke up? I've been having short spells over


the past week. I have had a gig every day. One day was two gigs. In


the last three days been an hour and 50 mince.


My heart has slowed down to a rate which I am barely alive. Breathing.


And everything's just slowed down in my head. So you feel like you


are in the Matrix or something? If I was to shoot you with something


now you could... I would probably just collapse. Or go underwater, if


you slowed your heart rate right down you could take one really deep


breath. Do not try this at home children! The deep fat frier.


not. That's another show. You have been in Ibiza. Vegas and Valencia.


The Big Chill last night. How was it? Good. I was all right. Sell


yourself! It was a good festival, I enjoyed it. We get back to that


Vegas thing because you are spending time there, you have a


residency there. At the Beach Club and Excess. It's a tough life.


What's going on in Vegas, a huge dance scene out there? Suddenly


America loves dance music. They discovered it a couple of years ago


when David Gower went massive and it's huge now for DJs. Is it like


European dance music? A lot of that and a lot of American as well. It's


big. What sort of people, is Vegas like Ibiza for them. Vegas has more


resident DJs than Ibiza, that's how huge it is there. What sort of


people are going there, kids from kal foreign why and stuff --


California and stuff. I guess so, people go to Vegas, it's a holiday


destination. It's like a resort vibe. What's your favourite, Vegas,


Herefordshire. You know Vegas, everyone is going generally to have


fun. And not sleep. Do you play the same tracks in Ibiza or Vegas?


I never play the same tracks from day to day anyway. Vegas is


slightly more commercial, I guess. What's happening in the dance music


scene at the moment, is it a vibrant place to be? Do you not


know, Tim? I do, but I am just asking the questions. You raver


you! I am giving Calvin the platform. Everyone seems to like it


at the moment. It's good. Good for me, good for everyone. Everyone


likes to have fun. Brilliant. You have been touring in the US but you


have also been touring in Australia with little known singer called


Rihanna. Yeah, I did two weeks at the start of the year with her.


good was that? Great. I have been reading in the papers, she's always


hardly wearing anything. That's why I don't read the papers. Good. Is


she nice? She's great. I spoke to her three times. She's very nice.


So, from that I am going to say she's very nice. That's the way to


be. Your new single, you have decided to sing on it. This is one


of those things, sometimes you sing on your tracks, sometimes you don't.


How do you decide whether to sing or not. I don't like singing live,


I don't do that any more. I am DJing and not playing live,


sometimes you do a track and it might work. Why don't you like


singing live? Not very good at it. It's the performance aspect of


being a singer isn't really the one for me. I like mixing and I like


making the sound, rather than singing. Do you look at frontmen


now and go wow, they're a great frontman, Liam Gallagher or


somebody, you think that Guy's got it because you know how hard it is?


Yeah... Have you taken singing lessons? I was all right. I am not


going to beat myself up about it too much, I was good. I am better


at making music and DJ-ing, I am doing that instead. Just talking to


you before, when you first decided to go live, you got your record


deal, dance music now goes live and puts on a performance. What were


your thoughts, I have to put a band together, how does it work? It was


something like Faithless, they had done it for years and had been


successful, so I just made it - tried to make it like that. When


you are live how much is live and how much is backing track? Back


then, I don't know, maybe 30% backing, but it gradually increased


the more I realised that I wanted to DJ because it's hard to


replicate things like subbass live and for dance music it needs to hit


you, that's why it eventually stopped. I don't think it really


works. Let's look at your new single. And see what you are all


Brilliant. You can sing. I know I can sing, but it's just the


frontman thing. Anyway, I am DJ-ing, I am much better and I can do the


hand movements. Like that, Tim can do that. We have a gadget later


which you are going to do some... saw that. It's good. Cool. Third


album you are working on now. Working on it. Any good


collaborations? Loads. Can you tell us who? No. It's a big surprise.


Really? Who is your dream collaboration with? Um... Herbie


Hancock. Really? John Lennon. know Holly Valueence - it's in the


papers today. Is it? Don't do that to him. There it is. Says she wants


to collaborate with him. So do I. It's in it's paper, must be true.


We are collaborating on a crab salad later. That's the dream right


there! All right. Thanks, Calvin. He will be staying to cook up some


dish with us, so you can tweet or e-mail us if you have any questions


and please don't forget to put your name. Still lots to come on the


show, including cocktails, gadgets and all of this.


June Brown finds the grave of a relative in who do you think you


are? Simon's cooking crab and tofu salad.


A deadly snake in Deadly 60 On A Mission.


Laila Rouass has joined me. And Conan barbarian's mum. You have


joined us for cooking, how is your cooking these days? Not great but I


love to eat and that can be a problem when you can't cook very


well. You are Indian and Moroccan, what sort of food did you grow up


eating? Lots of Lebanese. My mum specialised, she was a cook and


special specialised in Lebanese food, so Moroccan food, couscous


and I lived in east London, a very Asian area, curries were part and


parcel. In Britain, until sort of probably ten, 15 years ago,


Lebanese food, nobody really ate a great load, now it's massively


popular. It's healthy as well. There's not much that's fried, well


some is, but you have the sort of option to bake it. It's balanced,


that lovely freshness. Fresh is what it is. It is fresh. I was


filming in Syria for two months and the food is similar to that, and


you can taste the difference, you know when it's fresh, the fish,


just the ingredients. It must be good to open up a Lebanese


restaurant because there can't be that much prep, is there? There is,


because it's lots of little bits. You don't make one bit of


everything, there's the pastry, fillings, there is a lot. You would


love it, a lot of chopping. Always your favourite. Always love a bit


of chopping, Tim. So we are going to make a cake. We are going to


make a lemon and pistachio cake, we have Vanilla, baking powder, lemons,


flour. Here we have eggs and sugar we have beaten like crazy. The


frosting is Vanilla, cream and in there we have icing sugar and


butter, which is where we are going to start. We need to do that, keep


working it and it will come together relatively quickly. You


can be vicious with it, you are butchery course? Yes, once I get a


few days or couple of weeks I am going on a course, I spent a day


with an amazing butcher, love his meats and I really got into it.


don't know Jack. He is based in Selfridges. The beef has a marble


colour to it. How do you get that? You don't eat meat though. I love


meat, I don't eat pork. What made you do that? Generally people want


to know where their food's come from. How far do you go, do you get


a whole animal? When I was at Jack I did a rack of lamb, learned how


to cut up the carcass. Did you enjoy it? Loved it. I can't wait to


do it. You would like it as well. There's something really exciting


about learning how an animal is put together. Yeah. Learning how to


kind close to the bone to fillet things and where to cut through the


bone so you are getting the good cuts. It's exciting to do. Yeah and


you are learning so much. I am going to add a dash of cream in


there. You can really work that now. Have you ever done a butchery -


could you do it? Bits and Bobs. I could find my way around a beast.


When you see good butchery it's incredible. What about fish


filleting, are you an expert? do it, I think again I would hate


to say I am an expert, when you see people who spend their entire


life... The sushi guys, the art they go into is unbelievable.


a dying art. The way in which they do it and they have - it's one of


the big things with butchery is that consistency, if you are going


to cut a load of steaks you want to make sure they're perfect, all the


same. That's the frosting done, this will go into the bag for later.


If it seems it's too sloppy, you can either add more icing sugar or


pop this into the fridge for a while and it will stiffen up, but


not too long. This is butter and icing sugar and Vanilla. And cream


to soften it, you don't necessarily need to have that. That's nice,


have a taste of that. Dip your finger in, you are allowed we are


not going to use that bowl. The cake, in here we have the eggs and


sugar. We whisk and whisk and add a little bit of Vanilla in there.


like these machines, they're good. Great. Why do it by hand when you


can do this. Zest one of those lemons. And chuck the zest in there


and equally, we will then cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice


in there as well. This has been going for a good five six minutes.


Prior to this? Prior to this. You want a huge volume, so it's really


quite delicious. What's in there? Eggs and sugar, that's all that's


happened, it's nice and big and vanilla as well. Beautiful. That


goes in and the juice out of that that as well. This is what is


called a hot milk cake. This is an American technique. What happens


from this point with this still running, just turn it down a little.


Here we have milk and butter brought to scalding point, just


below boiling. Pour that in gently and it will start to bring it all


together. Why have you stood back? What's the purpose of this? Now we


have warmth in there so starting to begin to gently cook out the eggs,


we have volume and fat in there. We are getting a really delicious


volominous cake. What would be the difference with cold milk? It would


still work but the heat changes the chemical composition. The fats are


coming together so the fats combine with the eggs and sugar and create


a chemical reaction that's keeping that volume volume there. It's all


science. It's all about the science. Desserts are science. Then what we


do is drain this fella off. This is a nice wet mix at the moment. Then


you dip in all of that flour and our baking powder and quickly


combine it. This is the time now as soon as it's come together then you


stop. Pistachios go in as well. That already looks yum. Delicious.


It's a really nice mix. It will be quite heavy batter, but it smells


delicious as well. There's something about warming the milk


What is the difference between a dense cake and a lighter cake?


you want a light cake, what you do is have lots of things like oil


that you whisk. It is about whisking. You need volume, so the


bigger the volume, the lighter it will be.


So all of that goes in like that and we cook this fella out for


about 50 minutes until it is done in the middle. Lovely. Now, this is


the cake that we have. This is where it gets to be Generation Game,


Laila. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right.


So put your hand like that. That is beautiful. What we are going to do


is we want you to go round in a circle.


Oh, God. Beautiful, a steady hand.


You clearly didn't go out last night? No, I didn't.


Just keep going around. Do you ever make deserts? No. I'm


not very good with all of this stuff.


What we have to do now is keep the tension... I'm going to change your


bag for you. As they say in Holby City! Obviously you want to cover


the top of this. To garnish this we have lots of lovely fruit in it.


What about that bit there? We are going to fill it with fruit. We


have slightly thick lines on there. So you are looking for all of that


in there. Then the final touch is candid lemon peel on there.


My daughter would love that So, let's cut slices for everybody.


For you, chef. Very civilised.


For you, Calvin. Good manners ruins good food, go


for it! So, you get the lovely pistachio in there.


It is quite bready, isn't it. Yes, good description. Sorry it is


a little bit dry to do a link with of the


Coming up, Wayne Collins's summer ginnita and Calvin is cooking our


final dish. What is that, Simon? We are doing a


crab and tofu salad. Time to head down memory lain, can you guess the


year that this all happened in Deja View.


View. # I built of time to think it over.


# When this morning Margaret Thatcher announced her intention to


resign, it was an historic moment, the end of an era in British


politics. A series of riots in Strangeways


Prison. They are protesting about prison conditions. Nelson Mandela


walked out of the prison near Cape Town hand in hand with his wife,


Winnie after 27 years in captivity. Nelson Mandela wands all for


instance to be united in a non- racial society.


# You had a little time, you had a little fun


# Didn't you, didn't you. # Laura, I hope he make as move soon, I'm


starving. Guess what I'm looking at? What?


Bacon and poached eggs. Poached egg? Yep.


And mushrooms. Oh, mushrooms! I hate you! That was


The Beautiful South with A Little Time. Amanda, Wayne, can you guess


the year? I am always rubbish at this. I think it was 1990s it was


the year that I left school and the year that Margaret Thatcher


resigned. Really, I just started my secondary


school that year! I am going late 80s.


All will be revealed later. Right, you are making two cocktails


for us? Yes, they are very cooling. We are using a Margarita.


We are also have a sorberita. What is the difference?


different sorbets. So, we have tequila and mango


sorbet. We are giving it a good shake with some ice.


Waste not want not! Did you get your tequila there? Give it a good


shake to break it down. Really get in. Therethe sorbet has a sweetness


and fluffiness as well. It is wonderful.


I love the explanations, the fluffiness of the sorbet! It is


amazing. With have our Mexican Sombrero.


It is jupsidedown, the hat! It will be when I have finished with it!


There it is, a nice piece of fresh mango on the side, a sorbrita!


have I straw s? You can have. Just to keep it a little


sophisticated! That is gorgeous. Really, really good. That just does


not taste like an alcoholic drink. That is why it would be dangerous


for me. It is lovely, mate.


This is a cracker. I have lemon juice and eldelder flower cordial.


It is a summer ginnita. What is it with all of the


ginnitas? It is with the summer. We have gin, apple vodka, lemon


elder flower and half a litre of freshly pressed watermelon juice.


You put this together. Make sure it is well mixed.


Run through the ingredients again? Two shots of lemon juice. Six shots


of gin, six shots of apple vodka and the elder flower and the


watermelon juice. You put it in the freezer and keep


forking it up. Then you tpwet this lovely grainy texture.


This is the granita. I thought that granita was more of


a food rather than a drink? It is, you get different combinations, in


America they call them snow cones, shaved ice with fruit juice on them.


Very popular in California and upstate New York.


But you wouldn't give these ones to children! Yes! Once you get the


texture, they can keep in the freerz for days.


Wayne, you are an Arsenal fan, what is your prediction for the title?


It is a tough one. That is delicious! I love that!


That is amazing. That is a cracker for a dinner party! The football


season started yesterday, before I get complaints! That is brilliant.


If you want to make these refreshing frosen cocktails. --


frozen cocktails. Because it is frozen, you don't


have alcohol in there anymore! Now, 84 years old, Dot Cotton, is with


us now on a journey that takes us through Germany, Holland and Spain


in Who Do You Think You Are? Would you would like to leave me alone


for a moment? Of course, I understand.


Thank you. Rachel, dear great, great, great-grandmother. I have


come to visit you, that you never expected. I'm going to show you


what happened to your only living child when you died. Well this is


he, and he became famous. He was a champion bare knuckle fighter. So


you would have been very proud of him. So where is the sun? There. I


have a flower for you from him. Wherever the sun goes, that face


will track it. So your sun will be beside the sun. This I will place


in front. I don't suppose it will be there for long. According to the


Jewish custom I have a stone which, believe it or not, it has a little


face on it, I'm sure that you were prettier, but there she is. That is


for you. And you can see Who Do You Think


You Are on BBC One on Wednesday at 9.00pm in eving with Dot Cotton.


Lucy is here with the gadgets. Yes, it is all about the Apple. The


rumour mills is -- rumour mill is churning. We thought we were going


to get it in December, but it turns out it is coming out in October.


It came out a year ago? I know you are a massive fan. I am hugely


excited. I think that they are all great.


We have three things here now, what do you want to show first? This is


a Burg 5 Watch Phone. It is a cool watch phone it you deep-seated


desires to fulfil any Dick Tracy stuff, this is the watch for you.


The idea is if you don't want to take out your phone, this is the


one for you. You can stick the SIM card in


there? Absolutely. You can make and receive phone calls it has a built


in microphone and speaker, so you can talk in it spy-like. This is a


wire that is a dead kaithed head set. It is not a blue chip but it


is very, very afortable. -- dedicated.


You can talk into it and listen without it? Yes.


It flashes blue with a yellow signal. Usually it speaks the


number, but we are live on TV, so you don't want to do that.


Why? Frpbltsz because some people are crazy, they start to -- Because


they are -- some people are crazy. They call you and make you mad with


text messages. We have some of the girls giving it


their best shot, this is Something For The Weekend's amateur dramatics


society! So you can talk and listen. Can it take all sim cards, from the


smartphones as well? Yes, all of that


Really? That is interesting. How much are those? �100. It comes in


five different colours. What is next. This is the Casio


Exilim Tryx. It does have a little trick up its sleeve. It is attached


on the frame. There is an LCD screen that sits in the frame. You


can push it out, flick it out. Take all different styles of photographs.


You can hang it out like that. It works you can make it a tripod.


You can give it a cam corder-like grip when you are shooting video.


It is fully touch screen operational.


So it goes all the way around. You can rotate the screen it has a


twisting body. Thereit is very clever. We saw this in January in


Las Vegas it really was the star of the show in terms of digital


cameras. It injects a bit of fun into the digital camera. It is 12.5


million megapixels. It has Panorama mode. This is the HDR shot. Sorry,


that is not the Panorama. That is HDR, that stands for high dynamic


range. Where is this taken? Putney. Look


at that isn't Britain a wonderful place.


That is what HDR does. It takes a lot of photos with the different


exposure levels that will give you a realistic shot that the eye can


see. That is the Panorama shot. All you


do is pan slowly with the camera and it sticks together with the


shoot. The other feature was the built in


art feature. That is really cool. How much is this? That which set


you back �250. It is not cheap.


Calvin. We have something for you, a gadget


for you. for people who don't know anything


about DJing, to people who know everything about DJing, it's


affordable and lightweight. You have the decks and central mix deck


here. You have fader and you can mix your own aoeu tunes library.


It's great for anybody. What's going on! Vegas! It's got automix


mode, so if you know absolutely nothing you can set that to go and


it will automatically mix your music or like what Calvin is doing


you can get hands on and mix your own tunes. Just get hands on!


and then just do it. You are making it look really easy. I tried at the


weekend and I wasn't really good. He is going off over there making


his salad. You have loads of controls that allow you to give you


that professional DJ style. You can control your itunes library based


on the central button. It will sy, this y tracks for you. Do you like


it? It is fun. How much is that? �80. All right. It's all right.


Cheers guys. Here's a preview of another new BBC series where they


hunt down the deadliest creatures in the rainforest. It's Deadly 60


Constriking basically means to strangle, to suffocate the life out


of prey and that's how this magnificent animal manages to kill


the mammals it's feeding on. The tail is going around the back of my


neck now. It's finding play places and ways of getting to use its


strong muscles in choking me. I can show you this before I have to


release myself. The amazing thing that happens next is that the the -


- the boa constrictor will swallow its prey whole. This This open this


mouth incredibly wide to do that. Are you all right Steve! Actually,


yeah, yeah, it's amazing how strong it is. I mean, this snake is only


actually feeding on mammals about that sort of size maximum, and it


has the strength to choke the life out of me, I mean, I must be ten


times, 20 times the size of its normal prey and it easily has


enough strength to choke me. There's no doubting this is an


incredibly strong predator. I don't know, I think it's going to be very


hard to beat. Can I take this off now, please?


at 6:00pm on BBC1. Calvin Harris is in the house, in the... Yeah.


would you do that? I don't know. Even for a television show, yeah


pretty much. True. How is your cooking skills? As good as your DJ


skills? I am terrible. I am good at eating. This is your third time on,


Calvin. I eat at least once a day. So you have no excuse. Can I ask a


question about tofu. Someone told me it was a fungus, made of


mushrooms and disgusting fungus. Isn't it soy. It's fermented soy


beans. I want to establish what it is. Look at it, it's weird. We are


going to use it in the salad. This is the tofu, it's a block. We have


cucumber, celery, noodles, soaked in hot water. Tomato, crab meat,


coriander and fish sauce, garlic and palm sugar for dressing. First,


we fry off the tofu, cut this into cubes like that and we just cook it


off. This is being used for texture, not for flavour at all because the


crab, we all know what the texture of crab is and the tofu will give


us a little bit of silky texture in there. It doesn't have a great deal


of taste but it takes on flavours really well. Make sure you pat it


as dry as it can before it goes in the hot fat or it will spit over


the place and it will be embarrassing having scars on your


face. Not a good look for a sexy DJ. Calvin is not a cook but apparently


are you DJing now? I am doing my first night at the end of September.


Any tips for him? There's a great organisation near where I live and


it's designed for old people like me with kids, so you basically what


happens is people have a babysiter so you go and do your stuff and


they invite people to be a guest DJ and they've invited me. I need tips.


Advice? Kids love dub step. No kids, it's all adults. I need to fill the


floor all the time, or is slowies wrong? Buy my album, buy my album!


And it's great to cook to. I have seen people cook to my album and


they make amazing meals. Nice. quicker than usual. That's good to


know. That's tremendous advice, thanks you have settled my nerves


on that one. Now listen, we need to do some work. The dressing, I need


you to grate the garlic in there and chuck in the vinegar and fish


sauce and dry and grate that. I will chop things. I want to ask


Calvin, we have lots of tweets for you today. Careful, can you not


speak and grate at the same time? Sorry, I am messing around. We have


a tweet in from a canine rescue centre in Dumfries. You are from


there. They've rescued two dogs and they've named them Calvin and


Harris. I saw that this week. They look like good little dogs. Calvin


is nervous at the moment but likes human affection, would you say


that's like you? Right now, yeah. Harris is a large mongrel anxiousen


to arrival but he is coming out of his shell, mixes well with the


other dogs. Great. Nice. Good luck to them. That's good. It's nice


when you come on the show you get to answer questions you never have.


I want to talk to you about songwriting, I have always been a


country and western fan. One of the greatest piece of songwriting, not


as good as the hit from the 70s where they rhymed first verse and


chorus, a band called Ras kal Flats, with a great song Country Girl


Shake It, they managed to rhyme squirrel and girl because of the


way they sing, that's genius. I like that. I like that as well.


Shall I whisk this? Yes, please. That's vinegar and fish cause and


sugar -- sauce and sugar and garlic. I have chopped celery and cucumber


and now I am going to slice a little bit of tomato in there, that


will give us freshness. This is about fresh flavours that come


together beautifully. Smells fresh. It's working then. Thank goodness


for that. It's working. We add half the crab meat in there and I am


going to chop a little bit of coriander. A tweet here from


Calvert Churchill, great name. Calvin, where and when was your


first set and what music did you play? First DJ set, I think it was


in Belfast. Really? Yeah, I played quite an an interesting selection.


Probably never play them again, no, it was good. Didn't you start out


as a 15-year-old with a machine in the basement or something? In my


bedroom, much more conventional to do that sort of thing, yeah. I have


been doing it for a while, just sitting in my room with my own


company making tracks. Now you are with Rihanna off in Australia.


know. Where did it all go wrong, Calvin. It's going to start for me


now, now I am starting DJing, in a little while I will be on the other


side of the sofa. If you play my album, it will. We add a load of


this dressing and then I am looking for you to do that kind of movement,


mix it together. Trying to get the crab to coat all of the noodles.


You are enjoying that a little too much, Calvin. It feels great.


Really nice. Cooking is good. This is inspiring for for writing music.


It's a great temperature. So we are done. To serve, give me that, young


man. Not sure I want to eat that! These are crispy shallots, they


give depth of flavour and crispiness. A handful of this


lovely salad. Spoon that on there. I washed my hands by the way.


That's good! More dressing. Amanda, we are done. Lovely. Let's go over


to Tim and Laila for the Deja View. What was the year? The year was


I can't believe you like country and western, the both? Yeah, I love


them both. An e-mail here from Sue Lloyd, are you still planning a


film on Leila Khaled? I am. Explain who she is. She was a Palestinian


revolutionary fighter in the 50s, 60s. Amazing life and with the


climate as well... She hijacked a plane. Yes. So she is a bad person.


That's the thing, it's a real personal story. If you are on the


plane she's a bad person. stopped here, it had to make a


landing here and she was arrested here and spent 19 days in custody.


You are trying to write this or get it made? It's being written, but we


have funding for it. It's set in the 60s. You will be playing her?


No, I am just producing. I am too old to be playing her, she was 23


or something at the time. You could pass for 23. OK I will play her her


then! How is that? It's good. I am getting a bit there, I like both


those things. I am excited about your DJ-ing. I am excited. Are you


going to come up for the night, Tim? Only if you are playing his


album. I think it's September 30th. It's my nan's birthday. Shame!


That's it for this week. Thank you to Amanda for stepping in, you are


back next week. Thank you to Laila Rouass and Calvin Harris. Next week


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