31/07/2011 Something for the Weekend


Guest host Alex Jones of The One Show presents alongside Tim Lovejoy with guests including Natalie Casey and Lee Mead, stars of Legally Blonde, and top chef Angela Hartnett.

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Good morning. It's 10am. It's Sunday 31st July. We are joined


today by Theo and Adam. They are treading the boards in legally


blond. Top chef Angela Hartnett. We are


all here to do some cooking, gadgets and look at next week's


telly. Good morning, welcome to Something


For The Weekend. Louise is hot off on I think her seventh or eighth


holiday of the year. She's single- handedly keeping tourism going in


the world. She's off to Spain, I believe. Alex is here. Nice to be


back. Simon is off touring around California with his kids. So Angela


has stepped in here. You have just come back from your holiday. This


is the end of a three-week break. This is the first day back in work.


Where have you been? Well, I ae been to Cardiff. Very exotic this


time of year. Very hot. Good beaches Lovely clean sea. There are


some lovely beaches in the Gower. My ex-wife came from that area.


The beaches are amazing. These huge beaches. Get yourself down there.


had a lovely week in Sicily as well. Lovely food and fine. I bet it was


hot. It was 42. On my mother's side they are Italian. Italian-Welsh.


It's very bizarre. When you go back to Italy in the summer, I'm not


going to imitate a Welsh accent. Is your mother coming.


That bloke in EastEnders, Ian Beale - I liked him. In Wales there is a


lot of people with dark hair. the Italyons -- Italians. You have


the Welsh Italians. I am part of the Welsh Italian mob. Where do you


go on your holidays Italy. Go to America, because my brother lives


out there. I am a European. have a restaurant that you have to


keep working. Do you manage to take time off? Totally. I believe in


time off. If you are there all the time, no-one gets to do other stuff.


These guys want to manage. They want to learn, run their own


kitchen. If you are there breathing down their necks all the time.... A


great guy runs the restaurant and another one manages it. Where's the


best place in the world for food? think London does great. We have


such a range. I think New York is a fantastic place as well.


Produce wise probably Europe because of the sun. We don't get


the sun over here, so we don't get the fruit necessary. It would be


tough to have a bad meal now in this country. Where are you going


to your holiday Norway. You are going to have a lot of fish.


I'm going fishing. I am looking for trolls and stuff. Do you like beach


holidays? Do you tan? Tanning is 1980s.


are right. There is no such thing as a healthy tan. Skin is your


largest organ. You have to look after it. It was the royal wedding


yesterday. So we have some footage here of them. What do you think of


the dress then? Gorgeous. Very nice head piece. Does she scrub up well?


That is the head piece her mother wore.


Apparently she is staying as Zara Phillips. What do you think about


that? If you have Phillips or Jones you would change. Drop of the hat.


Just like that. So our guest today burst on to the music scene in 00 9,


Theo has come fourth in the BBC's sound of 2010. Not only that they


did a duet with Kylie Minogue. the winner of Any Dream Will Do,


Lee Mead has teamed up with access Natalie Casey to tread the boards


in the West End. It is superb. went to see it, didn't you,


yesterday? Silt one of the best shows I have seen in the West End.


They have to do the bend and snap thing. All the girls who have come


in here have bad backs because they have to do it so many times. They


have to roll, like this. Show Alex. What do I have to do? You go like


that. Bend and snap. Very well done! Then aparently all


the fellas love you. If you have a question you want to ask e-mail via


our website. We will try and ask them. Remember


to tell us your name. That very -- is very important. We'll do four


dishes. The first one, these lovely Thai fish cakes, with the devil's


herb, coriander. Not another one who doesn't like it. I do, we have


an afilllation with old coriander. A chef doesn't like it. You cannot


have Thai food without coriander. It goes well with this dish, so I


will use it. I might make Tim chop it. I cannot get over it!


The next dish, no coriander, so we have some brilliant meatballs. You


cannot get better than that. With lovely potatoes, cooked in the oven,


finished with a lovely tomato sauce. Fantastic! Our third dish is a am


retty cake, which is from - amaretti cake. A bit of cream - who


wouldn't....? Lovely! Lovely tortelli. You have with it pepper,


nutmeg and Parmesan cheese. show today is sponsored by the


Italian tourist board. A great place for a holiday. I think Italy


and Wales, the way they went there is because it is a sing-songy


language. All our recipes can be found on our


website. On today's packed show:


Millionaires are back in Dragons' Den. Please, can I start again?


Biology ist John Hutto spends a year living with turkeys. Jazz gets


behind the wheels of a new car in Small Teen Big World.


Looking forward to all of that. Something for the weekend would not


be complete without a -- Something For The Weekend would not be


complete without a cocktail. What have you brought home from the


States I got a nice fridge magnet. Was that the runner-up prize,


Wayne? Nice one! He was in a competition. You were


best barman of the world, nominated. He didn't win. What cocktails are


you making for us today? A classic New Orleans drink, New Orleans fizz.


A big summer drink there and goes back over a century. Also a nice


prohibition drink, a New York Sour. I spent a couple of days in New


York on the way back. At the beginning of the show when I


first saw him I said, "hard luck." He said, "American judges."


Right, we'll do some cooking. Angela, we will make Thai fish


cakes with coriander. This intrigues me. I really don't


like coriander. People who don't like it really don't like it. It is


not like I don't like rosemary. What is not to like The perfume. It


is too strong. You have to do what people want and what goes with


dishes. We'll do these Thai fish cakes. Coriander works. You could


not put in parsley and basil. It is too weak in flavour.


What about you tasting it I go fish paste, chilli, lime juice, a


touch of fish sauce. We will finish it with this fantastic Thai dipping,


which is with tomato ketchup, vinegar and mint and coriander.


I'll do the fish. If one of you guys can chop the spring onions and


the other the coriander. What do you want me to do - the


coriander. Usually they don't let me use knives on this programme.


That is because I am here. I am a female chef. They cannot be sexist,


you see! How did you start cooking? I have


come from a family that cook allot. We were brought up with a lot of


food in the household and stuff. So it worked. I just enjoyed it. I


have always, excuse me - the noise - I was always good at it and liked


the idea of owning my own restaurant. I thought it would be


fun. I never thought I would get to this level,vy to say. I am happy


it's all gone well. Do you love it? I think to do the hours we do, you


have to like it, at least. I would rather do more hours in a job I


like, rather than do a job that's not for me. You know? That's my


feeling about it. How fine do you need this coriander? That's fine.


I've put the fish in here. We've whizzed it about a bit. We have the


fish paste, the chilli. Both these ingredients can go in there, guys.


If you don't mind, that will be great. I have seen you whip it up


with a knife. That's good. Careful you don't cut your fingers.


Is your speciality stuff then Italian? I'd say. It is stuff I


like to eat. It is something I like to cook. It is what I know about.


If you know about it, stick with it. That's the thing. I get a meal at


the chef's table in the connought, where you were cooking, a lot of


people with us. It was delicious. A lot of people with us were


vegetarians. Is that hard for you to do when you are cooking?


That's how I made my millions. did you eat? Was it that memorable?


You would have had pasta, fish, a meat thing. You know what, to be


honest, vegetarians, we had a vegetarian men on. It is amazing


how many people go -- menu on. It is amaze how people go for that


kind of menu. I eat a vegetarian dish. When you do a tasting menu


like you did, it must be hard for you. The worst is when I had an


actor come in and he has nothing. He is a total have began. It was


Boxing Day. So you had nothing coming in from suppliers. We had a


turkey feegs. We were rummaging in the -- feast. We were rummaging in


the fridge. Put some in your hand and like this,


mould them into little cakes like this. I will fry them off.


Shallow fry them, will you? Shallow fry them. Chop some more coriander


and mint for me. Perhaps you want to do that as well. It's the egg.


You found it with the egg. That will keep them together when I


start to fry them. Any potato in these? No. They will


go straight into the pan now. Three and four. That is perfect. You are


very good at this. Simon has taught you well. I have been on the show


four years now. You should be. You have learnt


something! Can you deep-fry these as well? It is safe tore shallow


fry them. They could fall apart if you deep fry them. They are nicely


staying together. If you did deep fry them they might fall apart.


am not sure this mint looks brilliant. You cannot get your


rocking motion right. Someone told me to do this. Is this right?


your point on the thing and rock. You don't have to go that high.


Good. Don't cut your fingers. Once you have chopped that put it


in there. That's perfect. All of it? I will


give it a little mix there. That will be our relish.


Do you cook in your restaurant? cook a fair amount. I'm not quite


as absent as some people would think. I think people see you on


the telly and think you are permanently away from your


restaurant. It is important that you are there. I am definitely


there a few nights a week, doing lunch services. You need a really


good team around you. Diago has worked with me ten years now.


were once the team of Gordon Ramsay, weren't you? Yes. You worked with


him. He is amazing. Did he do all every element of the dish is as


important as everyone. He gets a lot of bad press, Gordon. We went


to do an item in Claridges in the kitchen with him and he was lovely,


really nice. He is a great guy. nice guy. Really nice guy. We are


going to baste those to make sure they're cooked inside. He is great,


Gordon. I worked 17 years with him, so you don't work that long with


someone if you don't get on with them and it works well. When he


starts swearing and shouting at you... Then you pwpl immune -- you


become immune. Do you shout in your kitchen? I try not to because then


you get as stressed out. I do that womanly thing, I am not angry, I am


just disappointed, to really make you feel bad. We put these together,


did we? The ketchup, honey, vinegar in a pan, bring it to the boil


until you have this thick consistency and add mint and


coriander and chop the onion, obviously. Are you going to try


this? Of course. A big mouthful of coriander? No, I am going to try


the fish cake and dipping sauce, that is what I am going to try.


There is coriander in the fish cake. I am going to eat around it.


admire you for doing that. Don't you think that - sorry


everyone to bang on about it, don't you think coriander arrived a few


years ago and has taken over the world? There was an article that


said people that are smart like coriander. I have read because it's


I am not as evolved, we think it's still poisonous. They're lovely.


That's delicious. Thank you. Really good, apart from the


coriander. You can't taste the coriander in the dip. I suppose


when - we will, we would be able to. What are you making for main


course? Fantastic meatballs with a lovely tomato sauce and oven


roasted potatoes. As As -- as always, you can get all the recipes


on our website. Time now to have a look at a new series of Dragons'


Den when entrepreneurs tried to -- try to secure cash for their


schemes from the millionaires and joining the panel is a new dragon,


The present club is a toy shop with a twist, it's the first ever


children's website to take contributions towards children's


presents. The website treats children to an


online experience, they create OK. Sorry, there's 5,000 games and


Children can... Sorry, please can I start again?


Sorry. You are doing OK. Carry on. You're doing OK. Tell us.


The website basically I have around 2,500 - 25 suppliers. I am sorry, I


can't. I have completely lost it. Sorry. You can see the new series


tonight at 9.00pm on BBC2. I love a bit of Dragons' Den. So do I. Our


first guests released their first album Happiness less than a year


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


# I know that I hold you some day # Until you come back where you


belong Adam and Theo from The Hurts...


Sorry Hurts. It's so hard when you are just called Hurts for thick


presenters like me. Can we call you The Tim? You can, that's good. I


like that idea. How are you doing? You have been touring a lot


recently, where have you come back from? Germany last week and a whole


festival run this summer. Probably about 20 countries or something.


It's great. Latvia, Estonia, Poland, amazing places. I follow you on


Twitter and you are always in Russia or Eastern Europe. You spend


a lot of time there, how come that happened? It's bizarre really, it


was the first place in the world, Germany and Russia, before England,


were the first places to like our music and we have this strange sort


of existence where when we go there we do arenas and stadiums and stuff


and it gets bigger, the further east we go. All these places you


would never go, Macedonia, to Ukraine. We never left Manchester


for years. Now you are on the road all the time. You are so massive in


Russia that you are checking into hotels under different names like


Lorraine Kelly, does she know about this? Maybe we should start using


different ones, I am going to use yours soon. I am not well known in


Eastern Europe. And write stuff on the walls. Tim's wrote something


rude. How did they find your music, via the internet? YouTube for us,


we made a video for 20 quid years ago and it's had millions of views,


it's got us around the world. they buy a lot of records in


Eastern Europe? It's more a live thing for them. The concerts are so


big and the industry is in a tough way, the further you go they value


the live performance a lot more which is great, because you can


consistently go back. We went to Taiwan as well, which was amazing.


The further you go there, yeah. big are audiences you are playing


to? It depends. We are doing an arena tour in October which is


5,000 and up. Where is that in Russia? Eastern Europe and Germany


and Poland. We do Brixton Academy and here and stuff. Do you speak


Russian. You only need to know five words in each language and you can


pass yourself off. Yes and no and really and definitely and then


maybe. By the tone of someone's voice you can tell what they're


doing and they go de-de and you go really? You are all over the place


and we mentioned you did Glastonbury, what's been your


festival highlight so far? That was the big one for us. As a band you


grow up dreaming of doing something like that, all the UK ones are


really good for us. We had a festival in Bulgaria, 20,000 people,


that was good. There you are in Glastonbury. Very smart, always


very smart. When was the decision made you were going to dress smart,


or have you always? We went for a job interview and our house


gotburgled and they stole the rest of our clothes. I work in a bank


and I just got in! We were on the dole for four, five years and we


used to do it to get a bit of dignity back. If you walk in it's


hard enough as it is and if you dress smart people like listen to


you. That's what they say, look good, feel good. When I first read


you were from Manchester I was shocked because I assume, terribly,


that all people from Manchester from the jacket zipped up and the


swagger going on. I don't think I ever asked a band in my life this,


how do you meet, because it's an interesting story? Yeah, it's


romanticised a bit more than it is, we were at a nightclub about 4.00am


and we didn't know each other and our our friends were fighting each


other and obviously we were too drunk to fight and we just went. It


was like, are you having that or not. It was like no, and it went on


from there. The next day it started. It's like, you would imagine it was


a Studio 54 situation, it wasn't. You just exchanged phone numbers.


Like what are you doing tomorrow, signing on, what else, nothing else.


Do you want to make a good song, all right. You did your first video


for �20 and put it on YouTube and on this album the song Devotion is


a duet with Kylie Minogue, how did you go to having Kylie on your


album? We sent her a fax and said we are a big fan. The fax obviously


didn't get through! It was the last thing we did for the record, we


finished it and felt there was a space for her, only her because we


loved her so much and we kind of got the guts together and then went


and sent her an e-mail and she got back and it was a bizarre end to


the story that she did it. It was great. When are you going to write


new material? We are getting on the train now, going back to do some in


Manchester. We felt maybe make one album, blaze of glory, disappear to


Russia but it's not worked out like that, because everyone is like when


is the next one. We have had a text asking are you planning a UK tour.


At the beginning of November we do Glasgow, Brighton and Brixton


Academy, it's the end of our run. You can use more than five words


there. Yeah, but probably still use the same ones! I read recently that


you said the reason why you haven't written new material is you are not


misral enough yet. Is -- miserable enough yet, is that the reality of


writing, you got to be depressed. On tour it's difficult to write


music, we feel, most of the time you are having a good time. Now we


are starting to get it. You do need it, it's a product of the difficult


seurgs it does come out -- circumstances it does come out.


That's how we learned to do it by trying to escape. Maybe we will


have to engineer something bad to happen. Do you share writing


responsibilities? Yeah. He spends all his life on a golf course.


have to caddie for him and we write songs. I would love it if he


caddieed for me. You are compared to a lot of people like Depecho


Mode. I think you are a bit Aha. Nothing wrong with that, is there.


What upsets you, which comparison? Aha probably! Stop stirring.


obvious ones always come up. Depends where you go, in the


Ukraine, they think we are the next Backstreet Boys or something.


are not. I like to think we were like Morecambe and Wise. That's


what I am going for. All right, thank you. They're staying with us,


so if you want to ask ask Hurts a question or our other guests then


you can tweet or e-mail via our website. Please remember to send us


your name. Do you cook? I do. will see how good you are later.


Time to put your thinking Caps on and guess what year DJ Pied Piper


and the MCs topped the chart with Do You Really Like It?


Princess Diana's former Butler is accused of taking more than 300


items including letters, photographs and clothes belonging


to the Princess, Prince Charles and Prince William. A ban on all live


animal exports is being considered by the Government following the


foot and mouth outbreak. The disease can be passed on by


breathing the same air... It really is over for Peter Mandelson, in


resigning from the cabinet today for the second time he surely is


out of top flight politics for good. I am today resigning from the


Government. # Do you really like it...


You lot are looking very cheerful. What are you plotting? We are


trying to think of ways to cheer up Barbara. You got any ideas?


Something's put a twinkle in your eye. Tell her every cloud has a


silver lining. That's great advice, Right, I may have asked you this


before, but what year was that? What year do you think that was?


is that era when you go to maglufl. I go for 1997. 1998. I think it's


2001. Because you have been listening over there. That's why.


think so. We can flash back to the recipes


you all cooked last week. Who got their photos on the fridge? Here we


have Sue and David Whitaker. They have retired and are living in the


Algarve. They made the tart last week. Look at the cat, she's had a


stroke. Is it a gag? No, she's a bit gammy. That's 18. My cat was 24.


24? I thought it was a record. It wasn't. 38 is the record. I should


not say this on the telly. What happened to it? Died. Natural


causes, Tim. We've got here, left to right, Maddi and Rebecca Peddle


and their friend Isobel Poulter. This couple made the chocolate pots.


This is the first desert they have attempted.


Good. If If you cook one of our dishes send a name and photo, with


or without a pet to our website: You could be on the fridge next


week. So, we made the fish cakes. They were delicious. We will now


chop the parsley. We have some lovely beef there. Lovely minced


beef. Fresh parsley. Some egg to bind it. Onion and bread, soaked in


milk. You know you get meatballs when it is a burger mix it is too


hard. The softness with the bread mixes into it. Is that steal?


cook them separately. Add tomato sauce, a touch of rosemary, garlic,


tomato puree and finish it, if it is too acidity with a touch of


sugar. A top tip there. I am going to taste all the way through.


you don't mind chopping. You mix I'll chop. I like chopping.


Sheer the tork. This is flat leafed parsley. What happened to normal


parsley? Has it died a death? that Italian influence. Everybody


likes flat leaf parsley. Is it easier to cook with? It has a


stronger flavour. Some salt in there. A little bit


more I think. Some pepper as well. This is great, this show. You are


doing everything. I have only liked meatballs since last November.


come? I don't know. I tasted them. There was nothing else available. I


thought, "Where have I been?" I thought they would be more like fag


gots. Actually.... Some raw onion in there as well.


You are going ahead of yourself. Great some Parmesan in there as


well. Should she get in there with her


hands? I think you're right there. How much Parmesan do we want?


like to be in control until I say stop. If you add a tiny little bit


of egg. Not all of it. It is there to bind it. That's enough. Give it


a good mix with your hands. OK? You will get them dirty any way to


shape the meatballs. Your restaurant has a Michelin star,


what is the name of your restaurant? Marano. Do they get


renewed each year? The inspectors come and they check your restaurant


out. You will know in January. This year they are changing, it is


October this year. They brought it in line with the other guides. You


don't know when they are. As a chef you think, that's the one. It is


always the lone diners. Not always, sometimes they come in pairs. You


have to treat everyone as they are a customer. Don't forget they are


customers and they are viewing it for a guidebook. That's perfect.


what point did you realise, working under Gordon, that you were ready


and go and look after your first restaurant? He gave me that


opportunity when I opened a restaurant out for him in Dubai.


Nice rounded balls. Some flour. You start them off. When I went out to


Dubai and opened a restaurant out there for him. A lot you learn from


experience. You have to. You make mistakes. Provided you don't let


mistakes leave the kitchen, so to speak and I think the best thing is


humility. If something has gone wrong in the service go and


apologise to the customer. If you are arrogant about it. None of us


are perfect. I am going to show you the tomato


sauce. We have garlic and onion, which we have saw teed off. We will


add some tomatoes there. A touch of rosemary. A little pinch of sugar.


That takes away the acidity you get with tomatoes. We will add some


tomato puree. Let that simmer away until you get this lovely thick


sauce, like so. OK? Then we start cooking these.


How important is a Michelin star to you? Or to chefs in general? Some


chefs will say it's not important at all. Ones who don't have them?


You will get me hated by half the industry, here, Tim! I think the


thing is, when I have spoke on the inspectors, say I cook for my


cheers, I run a busy -- for my customers. I run a busy, successful


restaurant. Cook for your customers. I believe accolades will follow. It


will be a full, busy restaurant. Does it mean you can put your


prices right up with a Michelin star? You have the wrong impression.


�40 a burger. I would love a Michelin star burger for �40.


do you recommend? I have discovered Biron Burger. You can get a skinny


burger, which is a burger with some salad. I live around East London,


Pixyi's Place. Canteen. Really easy food, nothing complicated.


Somewhere you can go with a hoodie, a pair of jeans and flip-flops.


After a hard day, if you think I want something easy to cook, what


would you eat in front of the telly? I try not to. You end up


eating at 11 at night. It is the worst things, like cheese sandwich


with a glass of wine. Nothing nicer. And some Mr Sugar on the Apprentice.


Everyone loves it, white bread and plain crisps. Not having that at


all! It's find of a male environment


isn't it, cooking in the kitchens? Yes. I think so. It's not so much a


male environment, it is because there are so many men in the


kitchen is the point in a way. I've never experienced sex


discrimination or anything. It worked to my advantage and still


does to be a woman because there are so few of you in a male kitchen.


It is a good thing. Less women, makes me look better. Now I am


going to get shot. People who don't have Michelin stars and every woman


who cooks. You have your meatballs nice and brown like so. In the


tomato sauce, just to finish them. And what we'll do, because


obviously these have been cooking, you need to let them cook for at


least five, I would say at least 15 minutes, 10-15 minutes, they are


lovely. I quickly get the potatoes from the oven. They look nice!


Really good, don't they? You'll like this one. Excuse my


fingers. Come on over. Get stuck in and give that a go. Theo, watch


your white shirt. This could get messy!


Sorry, guests first. Ladies first. It is ladies or is it guests? So


confusing. Scope it up. Use your fingers. Very decent. Thank you


very much. That's absolutely delicious. Simple.


Good ingredients. Amazing. What is Adam and Theo


cooking? You are going to make an am retty cake. -- Amaretti cake.


Same address if you want to e-mail questions for Hurts or Natalie


Casey. Tweet at: Don't forget to send us your name.


Parenthood is a unique experience, especially so for a biologist John


Hutto. He bred Turkeys from an egg until


They are sort of born with a type of wisdom. They know things already.


D They are born into knowledge. It is already there. They don't have


to be taught which insect is dangerous, which one. They don't


have to be taught which one is harmless and which one is vem nous.


They know exactly. -- venomous. They know exactly.


One bird I've started to call Turkey Boy. He is into everything.


He is inquisitive and brave. He is going to be a handful. He's only 10


days old. In spite of this unusual kinship of wild birds and man,


we're experiencing something that feels curiously normal. Do they


think I'm a Turkey? -- turkey? Still to this day, I wonder what


they really thought of me. You can catch my life as -- My Life


As Aure ki on BBC Two at 9 pm. is amazing they know what to eat


and what not to eat. Legally Blonde scoped the best new


musical Laurence Olivier award back in April for performances like this.


# My father I never knew # But my grandfather came from


Ireland # The land where dreams come true


Ireland? # Yeah, Ireland


# He said, all Irish men are like heroes


# So I swore I'd get married in Ireland


# In a wedding like Lord Of The That bit is actually hysterical,


the song about finding Irish men and falling in love with them. A


brilliant show. Both of you were superb in them. What's it like


working together? Brilliant. We are curly hair twins. Exchange hair


tips. Mesh forever! How long have you two been doing it


now? I have been there nearly four months I have been four weeks. So


I'm quite new to it really. You did two performances yesterday.


yesterday. How were you, out of ten? I would say about seven.


both! That's not bad. Nine-ten. were both superb. You are on stage


for a long time. It must be hard doing so many shows. Two on a


Saturday, one every night. Two on a Thursday. For the first couple of


weeks you feel like you might die at any moment when you are doing


the dance numbers. It's a stamina thing. You get used to it. You are


nabgered by the time Saturday comes and I sound like Barry White on a


Saturday night. You get used to it. Don't you?


do. I don't know many people who have not seen it. Everybody I bump


into have seen it. Give us some I play a student and he meets the


lead girl in the show and he shows there's more to life than chasing


off to Harvard Law School and we form a friendship and I meet your


character on the way. I play the crazy hairdresser with the wig of


death. It's like unbelievable that wig, and then she comes to my salon


in order to revamp her image. We become friends. She helps me find


love. Hill arity -- hilarity ensues and jazz hands. Your character's


quite Bette Midler, that's how you played her. I will take that


comparison all day. Have it! Denise played Paulette up until you


started, I guess. I took over from Denise. You didn't fancy doing the


show at the same time? Not really, doing eight shows a week together


and going home and be husband and wife would be a bit of a nightmare.


Let's talk about work! And then, you know, it's nice to have two


separate things. How was it doing the American accents, could you do


it before you went in? It was first for me. We had a coach to help us


out as well and we would would tweak odd words. I just listened to


JFK's speeches, because you have to do a semi-decent Boston accent.


Plus, amazingly, I met Lloyd Grossman who is originally from


Boston and he gave me some tips. That's a true story. Where did you


meet him? I let him doing a TV thing and wanted to be him, because


he is the most amazing person in the history of amazing people and I


asked him to do a Boston accent. What were his tips? Just do it well.


I could have done that. How is your back though, we were talking


earlier on the show. The bend and snap. It's my neck, it's not the


back for me because I am actually quite bendy, makes me popular. It's


a neck thing for me. It's all the way down and throwing it back that


I end up - that flick on the end. Does it work for men? I can't give


it away, I wouldn't try. You gave it a good go earlier. You didn't


flick up quick enough. Show me. you get up I will show you. We will


drop a cue card on the floor. at that. Go on then. Down the front.


And then back the other way, push the chest out. That's more koala


than snap. Whatever! Do it well. don't care, just do it well. Lee,


back to you. You came to ppre-Lens in 2007 on Any Dream Will Do. You


were in musicals before that, it wasn't a sudden rise to fame.


Fan tomorrow of -- Phantom of The Opera and auditioned for the TV


show and it took off. You won and pulled Denise van Outen. How did


you feel? At the time I just, I don't know. What do you mean, you


don't know, you must have been walking down the street, phoning


all your mates! He is going all bashful. Let's have a look at a


Lee, you have already established yourself... Can I ask you a


question. Let me talk first. Can I ask you a question, is that


lipstick you put on his photo there. Is Denise looking for Joseph or a


husband, we are not sure. I am totally in love with you. I have


already kissed your picture. You could be Joseph.


I think you have more than the role of Joseph.


That's quite sweet that. It's funny, because we laugh and


think that our daughter in a few years will see how we met, it's


brilliant. Never could have predicted that, it's mad really.


Was that the first time she told you she loved you? I was so into


the show and getting through it. It was crazy, a few months later and


we had a drink and things took off. We have another good clip here.


Last time you came on we showed a picture of you asking Boy George if


you could go to the toilet. It's always a constant joy for me that.


You weren't an adult by the way, when she did that. It wasn't last


week! I was three. On Saturday Superstore. We have another clip


where you are flashing your knickers. What's new! Natalie,


behave. So showbiz. Who was scarier, Boy


George or Mike Read in those glasses? Oh, man. Sweet times.


long are you in Legally Blonde for? I am there for a year, so until


next March. You are going to be shattered. You know what, it's good


because everybody's really nice and it's a really good part and the


audience love it. The Savoy is your local, what's not to like, let's


face it. When I went it was like hen nights everywra. -- everywhere.


A lot of straight couples as well. Straight men love it because they


can be camp for two and a a half hours and go well, I sort of like


it, but I am not sure. Lee, you are there until September. October 1st.


Well worth seeing. Lee and Natalie are going to stay for the rest of


the show to cook with Angela so you can tweet them or Hurts or e-mail


us via our website if you have any questions. Don't forget to let us


know your name, please. Still lots to come, including cocktails,


gadgets and all of this. Jazz's mum gives her Pink


accessories for the car in Small Teen Big World. They are very nice.


Age will's cooking spinach and ricotta tortelli. And The Pranker.


Adam and Theo have joined us for some cooking. You cook a bit.


cook desserts, though. That's the way to a girl's heart. It must be,


because I only cook main course. They like chocolate and sweet stuff.


I don't cook really. I have five or six meals I can do on a rotation.


What do you eat on tour? First of all, what do you have on your


rider? It's always the same, bread and cheese, sandwiches. Crisps as


well? The international signature dish is ham, cheese... Cheese


sandwiches. What do you cook? Fish stuff. Fish pie. What is his


cooking like? It's all right. him up. Adequate. Adequate is fine.


How important are desserts for you as a chef? As a chef you need to


know because it's a finish to a meal. I asked Richard this last


week, is dessert an afterthought and he said no. He is right. It


shouldn't be an afterthought. It's not something I like doing, I have


a great guy at work. You need to understand it, because it's


scientific. Why do things rise and baking powder and that sort of


thing. Simon says it's about the science and main courses is about


the flair. What are we making? You need to start mixing that,


please. If you could put some liqueur in there, not too much.


It's safe, you are fine. Be quite firm. About two thirds in there and


a nice mix there. When you are in Eastern Europe do you ever end up


on telly shows there? Yeah. I made sushi in Japan. I looked like James


Bond. I had a kimono on and stuff. Do they translate as you go? Yeah,


they're very early. I am happy my board is higher than his. Nothing


competitive about you two. OK. We have a tweet here. You have


travelled a lot, what's the most strange thing you have eaten and do


you know how to cook, we asked. The strangest thing you have eaten?


had pig intestines in Taiwan. It tasted a bit like chicken skin, and


vile at the same time. What do you eat in Russia and stuff, what do


they eat? Fish and vodka. Borscht. Fish and vodka, and herring.


winter when it's minus 30 or something you need a little bit to


keep warm. Do you like travelling around the world and tasting


different different cuisine? I love it. Japanese is great, if I had


known that I could have done a little bit of sushi for you. Where


are we with this? A lot of eggs going in. Four eggs in there and


flour as well so it doesn't curdle. Keep going. He thought it was the


best job. That's it. Perfect. Use that one. Sorry, I have just got a


bit on your jacket. I am going, it's over! Fold that in smoothly.


Excuse me, Tim. Just like that. Basically to get the air in and not


overwhip it. Like that. You can do that. Do you want to put the rest


in, put that in there. Great, sharing a bowl. You keep mixing.


Teamwork. Vanilla and milk in here. Do you spend most of your time


living out of suitcases? I lived in a hotel for eight months. Various


hotels, like Alan Alan Partridge. I didn't have a house and I was in


and out of bizarre hotels. I started to go completely mad. When


I got a house I was like why hasn't anyone done my bed? Why is my


shower jel in massive bottles? I can't handle it. You can always get


yourself a wife, they do those. are nearly done. I am glad everyone


ignored that comment! Would you ever do Eurovision? You tried to do


Eurovision, didn't you? We tried to write for it. When Blue got it here


we decided to write one for Russia, but we got declined because it was


unpatriotic for a British act to write for Russia, which is great in


a way. Are you fans of Eurovision? I am more intrigued by it. Ever


since I was a kid I have not got the idea that you could judge


music... Someone's decided this song represents their whole nation


and this is the song they're going to compete with other people. I


find that fascinating. It's when people get disappointed and upset


because you haven't done well and you have hardly any points. Yet,


it's just a song. What does that taste like? Good that. You can use


it. You can drink it, that's fine. So, Eurovision.


You are really going for the James Bond thing. I find it fascinating.


Something about it, not sure what it is. The best thing is when I was


a kid you put subtitles on Teletext and it has the lyrics translated.


What is the music like in Russia, I imagine it to be techno, I don't


know why. They like metal a lot and rock. We did a gig in middle of


Russia, near Siberia and the last band that had been was Deep Purlle


and Joe Joe Cocker. This is lined and we put a layer of the mixture,


a later of the amaretto and more sponge on top. Which was better?


had more work to do, to be fair. More to mess up probably. Are you


saying Adam is your favourite? are going to get me in trouble


today. I can't believe you are picking your favourite. It's not


true. I am going to have to give him a


bigger slice now. Sorry, he is mine as well. You can do the last bit.


get to sabotage. A sprinkle of sugar on top. With your hands, like


that. Beautiful. Loving that work. That's art. The best part of the


I feel like God in winter. That will go in the oven for an


hour, on gas mark three. A low temperature, until it comes out,


nice and firm. Cooked to perfection.


We'll put this - be very flash, put it on a nice cake stand. Then we'll


take that over and slice a few pieces for you. OK? It's not


something you'd think of cooking at home - a cake. You would? I'd never


do a cake. Would you do a cake? don't do anything other than


sandwiches, so, no. That's all you cook is sandwiches? A bit of


tomatoes on toast. You know! I would like you to all start


tasting that. You can all dig in. What's this?


This is a little bit of creme fraiche. Sour cream.


We will run out of plates here. can share.


I'll share with you. That is love wrapped wrapped in a


justice, wrapped in a dream. Really nice!


Thank you. Really nice. Really good. Coming up, Wayne's American-style


cocktails, we have must-haves and they will cook the final dish. What


D Decent - it's a top level. That should be the name of your next


restaurant - Decent! Now for a time to head down memory


lane. Can you remember the year all this happened?


# Do you really like it # We're loving it


# Do you really like it # Is it wicked


# Do you like it # Paul Burell is accused of taking private letters,


photographs and clothes belonging to the princess, Prince Charles and


Prince William. A ban on all live animal exports is being considered


by the Government. The highly infectious disease can be passed on


by breathing the same air. It is over for Peter mandle son. In


resigning for -- mandle son, in resigning for the second time.


resign from the Government. # You say do you


# You say # # Like it #


Is everything all right? I swear I heard the officer issue a personal


threat. We don't need no favours from you. Suit yourself. And you,


Sylvia, should pick on someone your own size... If you can find anyone!


That was DJ Pied Piper. Can you Guess the Year? Early 90s. Was it?


We don't know. I went 2000. I may be way off. I can imagine you


driving a car with your arm out the window. What car did you drive?


don't drive. How do you carry all your hole around? In a rucksack. In


a bag. We will get the answer to you


before the end of the show. You are back from the States. You have some


States inspired cocktails. I have been over in New Orleans. The first


shot I'll do is.... What did the competition entail? Did you have to


make one, two, three cocktails? Throughout the year the judges


nominate the best hotel, the best bar. I was up for best bar mentor.


It is a big award to get. They had Audrey From a club in New York. It


is nice to have the recognition and get the nomination. For me it was...


And you got a badge. It's not all bad. This drink, 1888, basically it


is called a New Orleans Fizz. Half and half. You have put four


things Lemon and lime juice, half and half, egg and cream. One of the


big parties they were serving these. The bartender had two cows outside


in a field and they were milking the cows fresh. Wasn't it passure


rised, Wayne? Straight from the belly!


Do you chill it on ice? We fluff it up to get the egg white, break it


down. I think I'm going to like this. I quite like the creamy ones.


Orange extract. A nice mixture there. Then we load it up with a


good double measure of gin. Does that smell nice? A nice big long


pour of gin there. Orange flower. It is what they called many years


ago in America, mix orange and sugar flower. Then give it a good


shake again. Chill it down, so it's nice and


cold. That is good for bingo wings.


exercise. This recipe is from a friend in a bar just off German


Street. It should be a cooling, refreshing summer drink. Soda water


goes in first. Summer drink with milk - it's weird. It is cooling,


because of the egg white and everything else, it has gone fluffy.


It is a popular one, President Roosevelt used to love this. It has


become popular again. The first taste of anything is with your eyes,


apparently. According to all the experts. That is not doing it with


my eyes. I'm with you, to a point. White Russian, even though I love


them. When you first look you think, it's milk. It is so refreshing,


creamy and citrusy. It is like American soda. That is nice,


actually. It doesn't taste like it looks. You have to get the texture


of the drink right. It is called the refresher. On a summer's


evening, in New Orleans, nothing like one of those drinks.


This one is from New York. Kind of prohibition era. This is a


recipe from a friend in New York. Lemon juice, egg white. It is weird


because it tastes like citrus, but it looks like milk. It is still


creamy. This is my favourite drink of all time.


A classic whisky sour base. What I like about this drink, during


prohibition is they discussed drinks by using sugar, throw wine


in to balance out flavours. Fluff the egg white.


That is quite potent though. you starting to feel it.? There was


a big slug of gin. This is a New York Sour. You pour


it over cubed ice. A nice red wine like a claret. What they do at a


bar in New York, that is where you go through the phoneboxes, they


float port on top. You go to, Simon has been there, you go into a


telephone box, is that right? into a hot dog I can of course. Go


into a phonebox, dial in, the wall opens and you go into this speak-


easy bar. You are only allowed in if you know the code. If we mention


you would we get in? You could mention him, but you won't get in.


A lot of bars are doing this again. It is wonderful to have the balance.


It is rich. It is fruity. It has the balance of the wine with the


lemon. That's nice, isn't it? stunning drink. I prefer that one.


The classics are coming back again. Good. If you want to make these


American-style cocktails, the recipes are on our website:


That is so good! In the last part of Small Teen Big World Jazz


learned to drive in a specially modified car which helps her gain


more independence. Here we go. new car has been specially adapted


so I can see over the steering wheel and reach the pedals.


No! Sorry! Oh, go on then. You have Have you seen the seat? Yes. I have


noticed... This will take you back and forward. If you want to come up.


Wow! Three main manoeuvres, mirror, lipstick, go!


When I actually sat in the car it was like a different person. I, a


whole different world of opportunities opened up.


Phone. There's your Bluetooth. Can you


imagine turning up at college in this soon? Everyone's going to go,


look at her, in that gorgeous car! I cannot wait to start doing some


lessons. I want to get started. I really do. Jazz, mum my's got some


things of her own. It's a black car, right, you want people to know it's


a girl's car, don't you? So, we need these. Wow! We so need these -


pink, fluffy dice. Secondly, this is a safety feature. These are


gorgeous. Oh, my goodness. What are these? You know how we have to have


our straps below us. Do you like see the last part tomorrow at 9 on


BBC Three. Now it is time for some things at the weekend and our


retail expert Nikki Dean is here to tell us about BBQs and the outdoors


and what we can do to entertain ourselves. This looks like a


regular flower pot. Shall I do the honours? It is like


the transformer of BBQs. It is made with ceramic steel. You can grow


herbs in there. We have basil in there. If you want coriander.... We


have some video of this. This is our version of the Naked Chef. It


is Johnnie - today's producer, who is out there. For some reason cook


ing in the nude! Of course, we don't recommend that.


You might end up grilling something you didn't mean to. You might get


fat spat on your skin. A novel way of doing it. That is �99. It is


cool. It is quite expensive, isn't it? It is dual-purpose and the


beauty of this is, when you are not using it, you can leave it out. It


will not get rusty. It is cool, dual-purpose. This one, the daddy


of BBQs. It is lightweight. It comes in pink and what are you


giggling at? Can you see him in the background.


Natalie is about to come over, wearing a gadget. We also have some


footage of our Naked Chef as well. Really easy to use. Push the button.


Away it goes. You have your gas cylinder here. What is he doing?


Flipping over his burger, grabbing hold of his sausage. He needs a gym


membership. Actually not in bad shape, is he?


OK. Here they are. We are like superheroes.


Come Friss Boy. You have been practicing this.


Have you reverted to childhood here? It is amazing. Look at our


fab assistants here. This is the zero sword and mask. It is a little


bit of fun. What is that sound? Oh, it's my career going down the


toilet. Never! You will be cast as the next superhero. The mask is


just for fun, a bit of novelty. Lee is wearing the Grillslinger


Utility Belt. You have the the tongs and the knife. What is that.


Hang on, it's an axe. Careful. Don't annoy Tim this morning. Do


you like it? Not really. How much is that? �49.99. What about this?


like that. You get in position. A cool gadget here, this is mega.


It's a wireless speaker. You can put your MP3 player in there, you


can connect anything really. will look at some footage. There is


gorgeous Emma in the garden. This is totally waterproof, the speaker,


it's got 150 foot wireless range. As long as these two lines here


that you can see are lined up, that's fine. Totally waterproof. We


are loving that one, that's �79.99. Slushie. They give you a headache.


They're so nice, you keep drinking and get a headache. It's a retwo


slushie maker. It's quite noisy. Let's turn it off. There we go.


There is your slushie. Taste good? Sweet. If it's an - sweet. If it's


an adult barbecue you can get crazy with the alcoholic drinks as well.


How much is that? �49.99. This is a Fat Boy Beer Keg. In the winter you


can pop a brew in there. It keeps hot things hot and cold things


cold? No flies on you, Tim. Finally. I am going to move over here.


got to hit the other way, Natalie. One of you has to go back-handed.


Do it for the Mancunians. I am not very outdoorsy! This is the


Swingball Pro. Did you play it as a boy? I still play. We have this


sturdy base. Put your back into it. You can put water or sand in there


and it's going to keep it still. It's got a counter. It's also at


the top a wind-ocater. My daughters are left and right-handed. It's


�39.99. Lots of improve.S -- improvements on the old one. Thank


you very much. As always, Nicki, thank you. If you want more


information on our gadgets you can e-mail us via our website and we


will get back to you with all the details. Here's another serving of


the new style Jeremy Beaden, Ross Lee, who winds up unsuspecting


members of the public in The Pranker. Can you hear what I am


saying? Trampoline. Octopus. Can I use the bathroom really quickly. I


Are you all right? Yeah, I am just having a quick bath. You are


joking! You can't! Give us five minutes. No, stop! Give us five


minutes. I am sorry, pal, this can't happen. If I want to buy this


house, right. No, no! I want a shower and all. I am sorry, I can't


allow this. I want to test the bidet. They're not going to know.


am sorry. This can't happen. How do you think... This is their towels


and all. Sorry, you are going to have to get dressed. This is


something else for me. I have never come across anything like this


before. Right. This is all new. I have never actually done a viewing


where someone's helping themselves, it's like they moved in. If this


goes on much longer I am going to have to call someone else. Who are


you going to call, GhostBusters? I am going to get in the bath, do my


hair. I don't want to lose you, Chris. You have lost me already.


You can catch the whole of The Pranker next Friday on BBC Three.


Lee and Natalie, welcome to the kitchen. You are going to be


cooking Angela's final dish. What is your cooking skills like,


Natalie? I am really quite good, I am not going to lie. Brilliant.


opposite actually. I want to cook well but I have no time to learn


properly. Does Denise do the cooking in your house? It's a bit


equal. I guess she does more than me. Favourite dish, Natalie? I like


to cook lasange or Spanish-type chicken, I have a saffron obsession.


What are we cooking? An Italian dish, tortelli, and fill it with


ricotta, spinach. It's like ravioli. We are going to roll this pasta out


which I have done already. Lee, go through the process quickly?


When you are rolling it out you need to do it reasonably quickly


because it can dry out. When you are making it you are just kneading


it and it's 100 grams of flour to one whole egg, it's a simple recipe


and use the 00 pasta flour and free range eggs and it's not as


difficult as everyone thinks it is. Lots of people are put off making


their own pasta and buy the ready made stuff but with a machine it's


straightforward. When you do it a few times, yeah. Natalie will tell


you. Do you make your own, Natalie? I have done, yeah in the past. I


lost, you know the attachment that can attach it to the worktop, I


lost it and that annoyed me a bit because it's easier when it's


attached. You are right, it's easier to have the attachment.


you use pecorino instead? She does know. We were speaking at the


beginning about your Italian grandmother, she used to make pasta


herself without machines. Probably years ago. When I made it with her


she definitely used a machine. I would do all the rolling. Lee's


mixture looks awesome. You are a natural, you don't realise. I am a


good stirrer. Natalie, remove that cling film and we are a bit


generation game. In that recipe you can adapt, if you want more


parmesan, or or spinach. Take a nice spoon of this and then do


walnut shapes on the pasta. It is like The Generation Game. If you


make fresh pasta, how long can you leave it in the fridge before you


use it? I would say a few hours, if it's a filling like this, or you


can semi-blanche it in eyed water and store -- iced water and store


in the fridge. Move them a little bit nearer you, perfect. Beautiful.


OK. So you are making the parcels here. Yeah and now we are going to


mix them all together. You two must have to eat quite a lot to sustain


the energy you need for the show. You were talking about the dancing,


it's full-on. Yeah. What type of thing do you eat before the show to


make sure you have enough stamina? I am a big fan of chowing down,


like a big bowl of pasta, steak. I eat breakfast and eat late on


before the show and sometimes I might have a snack after, but it's


rare. You don't want to eat too much and be sick. You should have


seen their legs, Angela. Seriously, I had leg envy. So, we have skipped


a bit. We call it egg wash, lift up the bottom bit and flip over. What


you need to do is hand in the flour, she is ahead of the game this one,


and squash out the air so there is no air there. Are you glad that


Natalie is doing this bit, Lee? Yeah. This is a dream. Superwicked


lady chef. They look really good. Then use the little cutter here and


cut them into nice little squares like so. Look at that. She's a pro.


Put them on there, Natalie. Lee did mix it all very well. There we are.


So, then you chuck these in boil boiling water? Indeed. We will go


straight in there. They're perfect. Straight into salted water. We have


had lots of Italian food on the show today. Meatballs and tortelli.


I always thought these were tortellini. Each region pronounces


them different. It's all quite - you know the Italians, they're like


the Welsh, Scottish and English, everyone is patriotic. Everyone


wants to do their little one. remember seeing you on the show


last time, Natalie, and you were saying you were thinking of doing a


baking course, did that happen? didn't because my fella is sa


ridiculously good Baker, he is useless at 90% of other things, but


he makes bag -- bagels and stuff. Does he make you a packed lunch?


Yeah, and then I throw it away and get a McDonalds. Shall we go over


here. Any sauce for the tortelli? little bit of butter, pepper and


freshly grated cheese. Come round here guys. I will pick out all


Natalie's so we can eat those. doesn't take long. They're so fresh.


Once they're up to the surface you are just cooking them for about 30


seconds. They've helt, -- held, Natalie. As Angela dishes up, it's


over to Tim and Hurts for that Deja The year was 2001.


You are joking! I got it right. Well, not really. I have some


tweets coming in. James says you are from Manchester, guys, so what


team do you support, are you City or United? I am a red. I am a


Middlesbrough fan. Middlesbrough! That's where I grew up, just


outside Middlesbrough. They had the glory period of when I fell in love


with it and then it kind of... was an amazing time. How do you


think United are going to do this season? Do well. He has been busy


with the chequebook Alex Ferguson. A tweet here for you, tphaltly --


Natalie, from Amanda, how did you feel about Two Pints coming to an


end this year, because it was ten years. I felt positive about it,


the last series we did we probably said we are probably too old to


keep doing this. Once you reach a ten-year mark it's working and in a


few years they might get us on the zimmers. Lee, what is that like?


Really nice. Are you guys going to break America? Have you tried it


yet? We went there once in the summer to a festival, but we have


been so busy and with Europe and stuff. Hopefully one day. There


must be one -- that must be one of the plans. Wear tracksuits and big


gold chains and change the image. A bit of rap. That will suit you down


to the ground. Lee, how is your Japanese coming along ahead of your


tour? I am doing 12 dates in Japan. What are you singing? Songs from


shows that I have done and I have a third album as well, a few songs I


have co-written. Have you sold out over there? Sold out Tokyo.


The One Show's Alex Jones stands in for Louise in hosting this edition of Something For The Weekend with Tim Lovejoy. And as well as Legally Blonde stars Natalie Casey and Lee Mead, top chef Angela Hartnett is cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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