19/06/2011 Something for the Weekend


Live cooking, the best of the week's TV and celebrity chat to set up your Sunday. Tim Lovejoy, Louise Redknapp and chef Simon Rimmer are joined by The Script and Henry Winkler.

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Good morning, it is 10.00, welcome to the show. Joining us live today


we are joined by the man who was and still is Arthur Herbert


Fonzarelli. A big thumbs up for Henry Winkler everyone. ALL: Ayyye!


And they have played with U2 and now they are on our line-up, two-


thirds of Irish rock sensation The Script. They are here to do some


cooking and chatting and they are going to take a look at next week's


telly. This is Something For The Good morning. Welcome to Something


For The Weekend. I'm a bit disappointed because when Henry


Winkler was here I went into say hello to him. I greeted him with


"ayyye" and you two didn't! didn't have the nerve. That is what


he is expecting. He's spent the whole of his life going "ayyye". He


thinks you didn't watch Happy Days. I loved Happy Days. Simon was on


Twitter going, "The Fonz is a Liverpool fan." He supports BOTH


teams in Liverpool - ayyye! first question you asked our guests


are, or is, who do you support? That is the first question they get


asked when they all walk in. gets us on the starting point.


sit going... If our guests say, "I don't like football" we struggle


then. What are we going to talk to him about?! LAUGHTER Happy Father's


Day. What did you get off your kids? Simon? I got a polo shirt.


Did you? We did Father's Day yesterday. I got a card! A card?


That's all right. It wasn't made themselves, a bit stingy if you ask


me! LAUGHTER Jamie got two cards, a card from each. Four actually. They


made their own. Did he get a present? No. That's a sore subject.


Mother's Day in the restaurant world is the busiest day of the


year. Father's Day? Fathers don't care. How was the final last week?


Good. Great final. Superb winner. Good. Everyone get giddy later?


course. Were you out dancing with Nasty Nigel? No. What about Cisco?


He had some moves. He's got moves. Oh yes. Does he do disco?! Oh yes.


You had Germany? I had a fantastic week. I went and competed in an


event called Rhino Catering. All the Army lads and I competed in the


improvised cook. This is me. That to the left is my, one of my


cookers. Basically, what we have to do is build your own cookers and


ovens. Then you have to cook a meal for 20 people. That's Major Harry


Lomas, the large chap. We had to cook for 20 people. I can't see


anyone - they are in camouflage. I get it! Oh no. It is Father's Day.


We cooked 13 dishes in three hours. That's our oven. That is a bin that


has then got a tube out the back to vent it. To the right of it are two


cookers. You made this? Phil built all of that. And then I... Did you


win? What a trophy! Get you! That is a trophy. Well done. Let's have


a look. Oh yes! Yeah! Simon Rimmer in recognition... They have to go


through lots of cooking things... Why the rhino? I don't know why.


But why? They go through lots of different events so it is really


tough. You have to be as tough as a rhino to win. Thank you to everyone


that was there. Why the rhino? We have most of The Script with us


today to talk to us about life on tour. Sadly Glen's ill today so he


is not here. The other two are here. They have a cracking new single.


have Henry Winkler OBE... Ayyye! well as answering your questions


about Happy Days and his film, he is going to chat about how he is


helping the UK's children to learn. If you have a question, e-mail us


via our website, bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend,


or tweet @SFTW. We will do our best to ask them. No more, yeah?


spent the most of our childhood going ayyye! No more! Simon, what


we cooking today? Ayyye! LAUGHTER We are starting with sweet-and-sour


chicken cups. We are serving it in lettuce. Then the freshness of the


lettuce. It is a delicious appetiser. Main course is pan-fried


dab with lemon and mint potatoes. It is a perfect summer time dish. I


love dab. It is a much underused fish. Dessert is a lovely cake -


blueberry coffee crumble cake. The top is crumbley and crunchy.


Finally, sweet potato bhaji with curry vinaigrette. Curry paste to


make the vinaigrette. Delicious! That looks lovely. All the recipes


can be found on Something For The Weekend. This is what else is


coming up on the show today: Ayyye! Prepare for more anger in Luther.


Could do with some of that myself. James May gets into every aspect of


the human body. DNA is the blueprint for all life. The past


has gone all Eminem in Horrible Histories.


Histories. My name is Charles II.


All that to look forward to and Wayne's cocktails. Hi, what you


making? It is Father's Day. We have a classic Father's Day drink, a


whisky old-fashioned and a nice drink that you can make Jamie at


home. OK. He's done his hair like the Fonz. Ayyye! LAUGHTER LJ is


here with gadgets. What you got? This week's theme is eco-chic. We


have some nice-looking lightbulbs. Very nice. A human-powered MP3


player. And a gadget that charges your other gadgets while you ride.


Jordan's bike there. Simon? Sweet- and-sour chicken in some lettuce.


We have chicken, then other ingredients in the stir-fry, green


pepper, garlic, cashew nuts, pineapple... Cashew? Bless you!


LAUGHTER That was funny. It is going to be like this all day.


Cashew? Bless me. It is going to get worse, this. The sauce is


tomato ketchup, stock, light brown sugar, vegetable oil and walnut oil,


sherry and chilli. I'm going to slice the chicken. Tim, I need some


very thin strips of pepper. We need to... I know, come on! OK. How many


times have we done this? I was going to top and tail it so it was


square. I wasn't doubting for a second your ability. I have done


that before. Don't cut your finger. No-one has done that for a little


while. Don't! I have a knife! managed to cut myself when I was in


Germany this week because I was a bit giddy and I had my boning knife


and I managed to stick it in the end of my finger. Am I doing


anything? You are in a second. Otherwise it would be too confusing


if we have all three things going at once. Sweet-and-sour is a


delicious flavour. Is that fine enough? It is slightly finer if you


can. Finer than that? OK. I can do finer. The thing about sweet-and-


sour, sometimes if all you are used to the stuff you get in a Chinese


takeaway, sometimes it can be gloopy. It has so much cornflour in


it. This is a nice way of doing a fresh one. What is the difference


between sweet-and-sour and kung po? There is more acidity in a sweet-


and-sour. Probably when you taste this, you will say this feels more


like a kung po. Also, we have more ingredients so it gives more depth


of flavour. Lou, first job is finely chop the chilli. Really?


Yeah. You can leave the seeds in. Can I ask, do I do it that way?


Yeah and then basically once you have sliced it, I will teach you


how to make it very fine. The chicken we stir-fry it. Tim, once


you have done those - in fact I will do it because I'm free. If I


touch this and then touch my eyes, that is not good, I take it?


LAUGHTER When I'm not meant to do something it makes me feel like I


want to do it. Try it, see what happens! No. I instantly get an


itchy eye when I'm cutting chilli. LAUGHTER You can't itch it! What


sports are you doing this summer? What are you watching - cricket,


tennis, golf, US Open today? don't watch any sport ever. Is that


really bad? Tennis? A bit of tennis? Not really. Do you not


watch any sport? Not really. you not watch any sport when you


were a kid? No. I went dancing Simon. And singing. Tim and I did


both. I do really appreciate sport. I appreciate what goes into it.


Come to cricket. I'm going to take Simon to cricket. Haven't worked


out how yet! You can come as well. No. Thanks(!) Come on. I have no


interest in cricket. A few glasses of champagne. You might enjoy it.


enjoy going to the races and things like that. I would love to go to


Wimbledon, actually, it is something I would love to have done


in life. It has not finished, you can still do it. If I ever get


invited! I have done the chilli. Chicken, garlic, ginger. Classic


flavours, give those a stir around. Tim, pop those in as well. Lou, now


you have got those sliced... that enough there? That's fine.


Chuck all of those in and keep stirring that around. Then, the


easiest way to do it with this big knife is to start like that, so we


break it down and then hold the knife like that and keep doing that,


keep moving it around and keep moving the chillies into the middle


and chop them finer. I have sliced the garlic rather than crushing it.


You get this lovely flavour coming through. Also in there, we add


pineapple. We have a metal spoon. We have non-stick so we are not


using metal on it. concentration is scary. That will


do me. Beautiful. Does that mean we are running late?! Who wants to


make sauce? Want me to? All you need to do, all of those


ingredients in there and mix them. You can put the chillies in the


sauce. What are you putting in the sauce? Soy, pour, stop. You put a


lot of chilli in here? Yes. Tomato ketchup. And then we've got light


brown sugar and then we've got walnut oil, vegetable oil, sherry


vinegar. This isn't hot enough! Stir that around. Why is it I'm a


babysitter! This is cornflour and water. Pour all of that on to the


stir-fry. And then this will thicken it after. It is important


you blend it with your fingers rather than with anything else.


This is a proper, you know, all of us sort of job. Yeah. It is a


family cook. Team work. You can serve this with rice, you can serve


it with... It is not hot enough! is getting there. We, because we


are doing it as a fancy starter, we will serve it in our little gem


cups so when you have... When is that going in? That will go in when


we get that bubbling. When you have your next dinner party at Redknapp


Towers... Redknapp Towers. When Jeeves is carrying the champagne


out, the maid can carry all of this around. That would be lovely if


that was the case! We need to get some heat in that. I know! There we


go. I had gone so far and turned it down? Yes. We just hang about now


and wait for it to cook? It needs to be boiling for the cornflour to


thicken. Anyone know any good on? It's going well. Told a couple


of jokes this week. Go on then? haven't really! I told John Bishop,


my Mr T joke from a couple of weeks ago. Tell me that one? I can't tell


you again! But he liked it. Did he? Yes. About Petit Filous. In goes


the cornflour. Very quickly, because that's boiling, it will


thicken. Ideally, once it's sticking, you kick it out for a few


minutes so you don't get the flavour of cornflour. We may have


to jeopardise that. See how quickly that thickens. Beautiful. Happy


with that? Yes, it's mixed in, yes. Beautiful. It's easy isn't it?


easy. That is the joy of it. It looks very pretty in terms of how


it looks for guests. You can pick it up in the lettuce and wrap it


neat, yes? Yes, that's the idea. Let it cool slightly so that it's


warmer than room temperature and then the flavour is delicious. This


with rice is beautiful. There is not going to be a person in the


room that's not going to spill that down their top though, is there?


There we go. That's it. Go for it. You've already tasted, Tim.


Delicious. I want to pick one up but it's too hot. Main course is


dab with potatoes with lemon and mint which is a simple but


delicious dish. Too hot. Yes, let it cool for a couple of seconds.


You can get today's recipes on the website.


If you watched last week, you will be desperately looking forward to


Tuesday for some more. If you didn't, there is still time to


catch up and, I have to say, this is brilliant, a great drama, it's


Luther. Is it hot?! How you feeling?


Like a freshly squeezed zit. Do you want something? Water, painkillers?


Got any temazepam? No. Could do with some of that myself. How many?


I'll sort you out. Call my mate. I'm gonna ask you a question.


ask me questions. I hate questions. Do you want out? Of what? Of this?


Dream on, dreamer, people cut off your ears for 50p. I can do things


that I shouldn't do but if I'm gonna do it, then I really, really


need to know you want this to be different. You're lying. Cos if


you're lying, I swear I'll throw up. No, I'm not. Is this a sort of


rescue-type thing. Don't ask questions. I don't like questions.


You're just totally disco. Yes, he is, totally disco. So you're all


right with this. Nobody gets hurt, right. Not if we do it right.


can't think of another way? Not in time. Let's disco.


You can investigate the next episode on Tuesday at 9 on BBC One


episode on Tuesday at 9 on BBC One and BBC One HD. The first guest


shot to fame playing one of the coolest, most iconic television


characters of all-time, Arthur Fonzarelli, AKA, the Fonz in Happy


Days. I like to be called Fonz. The Best. I can beat you with both


hands tied behind my back. Now it's time. Get a new machine. This one


is A-L, my little black book. Yes. I do not want you to see me


like this. How do you like an umbrella up your nose? Hey, I laugh


at pain. Hey... And please welcome to Something For


The Weekend, Henry Winkler. I'm going to start with this question,


Laura Jay said do you ever get bored... Do we know who she is?


She's a random person, very pretty I hear, she says do you ever get


bored of people giving you the thumbs up and going ayyy? No, I


don't, I'll tell you why. The Fonz is the foundation of the rest of my


life. Maybe if I didn't play the Fonz, I wouldn't be here this


morning, you know. So I thoroughly love that I played this guy. I love


the people that I acted with. We are still friends. I had a great


time. You know where "ayyy" comes from. I spoke too much so I reduced


entire paragraphs to the sound like "ayyyy, she's beautiful". He's


still got it! Or "ayy, I'm hungry" or "ayy, she's beautiful". He's so


likeable, you click your fingers and there's a woman each side.


Every man must have been sitting at home thinking about that. It's just


a small tip for your Sunday audience. Do not snap your fingers


at women! They will break them. It does not work in real life. That's


why I'm divorced. How about this though. I met your beautiful


daughters, a very happy fathers day to you. And to you, you have three


children? I do. Does ever a day go by without someone going "ay" to


you? No, all different ages and it's great. It was so huge?


countries. At the time when the episodes were going on, how many


million were watching? There were only threet networks, none of these


cable stations -- three networks. We'd have 50% of the viewing


audience who'd be watching Happy Days. What did that equate to, 30,


40 million? That would equate to 50 million. Did you have a rock'n'roll


lifestyle to begin with? In the beginning I did, except I couldn't


sing. We were talking about this before, that if I am reincarnateed,


if there is such a thing as that, I'm coming back as Bruce


Springsteen. You kind of based the Fonz on


different people, I read that Sylvester Stallone played a part?


We'd just made the movie Lords of Flatbush for $80,000 on the streets


of New York. He is Sylvester Stallone, a very smart, very witty


guy, truly. And so when I first started it, I would think, what


would Sly do here. And then eventually, it becomes your own,


then you add your personality. The other rumour we heard was that


you were asked to do the Grease Danny role that was give tonne John


Travolta? But you know what, I thought I've done the Fonz, it


shouldn't be typecast. So John Travolta did it, then he went home


and bought a plane and I went home and had an orange juice! You know,


he's flying around and I've got an empty bottle to show for it.


regrets though? No. He's got a runway outside the front of his


house? He does. I have a Lexus hybrid and he's got a plane! Do you


think it was a problem for you doing the Fonz, not a problem


because it was fantastic, but hard then when it finished to break into


film? Without a doubt. There were nine years when I had to really


fight for every role that I got. Not that you don't as an actor


anyway. But that's when I started producing and directing. You know,


that was in order to... Because you have to reinvent yourself. In about


1991, acting started to come back again. I just finished a movie with


Kevin James and Selma Hyeck last Sunday and I do two TV shows, plus


the Babs I write. Which brings us on to My Way, a campaign you have


been supporting? A year ago we started My Way at 10 Downing Street


with First News, the award-winning newspaper for children. And it is,


every child as a different way to learn, it's not a side show, it's


not something that, isn't it nice to talk about, what it really is is


one out of five kids has some sort of learning challenge. You suffered


with dyslexia? I still do now. You never get over your learning


challenge, you learn to negotiate it and make friends with it. Yes.


How can you teach people with dyslexia that? You teach them


differently. I learned through listening. My eye would not be good


at reading, I would mix um words, they would, you know, swim across


the page. There are now sheets of amber, plastic, that kids put over


their white pages and all of a sudden, the words stay in place.


There are so many different ways. But was that the inspiration then


for you to go off and write books? You've sold over 2.5 million books


in America? Yes, the children's books. Are they based on your


experience? Absolutely. Hank Zipzer is short for Henry, Zipzer was a


woman who lived on the fourth floor of my apartment building where Hank


lives and I thought her name was zipy. Hank, his glass is half full,


he is just positive, his imagination's got personality, but


he has a lot of trouble in school. How do you write the books when you


are dyslexic? I walk around my partner's office, Lynn's office,


and I usually take my shoes off. The parquet floor you've got here,


I try to fit my stocking feet in the lines of the pieces of wood and


I talk. And Lynn sits at the computer. Why do you have to do


that? Because I'm obsessive and crazy. That's what I was thinking,


I just didn't want to say it? Everybody's got a style and somehow


it stimulates me. I have no idea. You have also written an adult book,


haven't you? Yes. I took pictures over the years. I love to fly fish


for trout and it's called I Never Met An Idiot On the River. People


who fly fish are fabulous. I'm so dyslexic, I've never turned a knob


on the camera, I only point-and- shoot, so the pictures I shot are


in the book and everything that I learned from fly fishing that I


apply to my life is in the book. That's the text. It just arrived in


the UK on Amazon.com in the UK. We made the New York Times best-seller


list. I'm knocking on wood now! I'm so excited. Wicked! Henry will stay


with us to cook a pudding with Simon later. I like pudding. I


would like to make a pudding! the Script join us.


You can tweet or e-mail us. Is it a chocolate pudding like


with... What pudding is it? I can't remember? Coffee and bluebury cake.


A bluebury cake. I like that too. Quiz alert. It's Deja View, chart


hit TV show and news headlines all # You know he really doesn't get it


anyway # For you no way... No-one who saw


it in its full glory is likely to forget it. The clouds did mar the


view in Britain, but millions caught a glimpse of one of the


great wonders of nature. After a tremendous build-up for a new Star


Wars film, the the Phantom Menace had its premier. The euro's risen


against the pound and the dollar. Dealers in London described the


opening as smooth and trading as steady. # Give it to me baby


# And all the girls say # I'm pretty fly


# For a white guy. Are you planning a prison breakout? Leave it or you


will upset my system. You think you will shift this lot by seven?


you mad? I thought you could finish it tomorrow. Oh, yes, I've got p


widow Twanky here on work experience, it will be no sweat.


What year is that? 9... 5, 94. I have no idea. 92. I don't know.


Haven't got a clue. Great guests recently, Henry


Winkler, top man. Debbie Harry, Alice Cooper, Henry Winkler. Vidal


Sassoon. I'd forgotten the big V. The fridge of fame now. The things


we love, Tim, we started off with the Bourbon biscuit campaign last


week. We have started to bring the love back into football campaign.


Here, we've got Alex Payne, Arsenal fan and his girlfriend of six years,


the beautiful Jenny Archer, wearing a Liverpool kit, the club with most


love. But, they live in Manchester! Wow! There you go. My daughters are


half Welsh and her side of the family, the other side of the


family are Swansea fans and Swansea are in the premiership. One of my


daughters, Rose, has said she'd going to be supporting Swansea v


Chelsea. Thafrpblgts's real love isn't it? It is, but -- that's real


love isn't it. Grace will have a secure home at least. She'll be


fine in care. Carly with her cat. They made the app ricotta gene. Cat


Pebbles lost an eye a few years ago. Great shot. How does that cat see


We should have whiskers so we could get through small gaps! It would be


easier. Then we have Maya and Jamie, they made the raspberry freezer


cake. Good work. What is that? sent this in. This is a sugar


glider. What is that? It glides looking for sugar. Is it a monkey


or a rat? It looks like one of those things that hang on tree - a


llama - no, not a llama! LAUGHTER Lemur! Obviously skilled at cooking.


What is it? We want to know. you allowed to keep them? Maybe not,


maybe it is illegal. If you do want to share your picture, next week


everyone has got to be doing the ayyye on all the pictures! Send it


to us via the website - bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend or


tweet @SFTW. Rhinos are there because it is the charging of the


rhinos. Llama! The charging of the rhinos. Llama! The charging of the


llamas, yes! Thank you. Simon won an award, a rhino award for cooking


with the forces in Germany. Come on the forces! We are going to cook a


fish called dab. This is our dab. This is one of the most simple


dishes we have ever cooked on the show. We have potatoes, butter,


mint. Then we have got some lemons, more mint, capers and sugar. It is


simple. This is our friendly dab. What is a dab? Dab is from the


plaice family. It hangs on the bottom of the sea? Exactly.


Predators looking up, the bottom side is white like the sky. Do they


see with one eye? How do they tell depth? Don't fish have different


visions? Whiskers! Can't fish see two different things at the same


time? They don't see the same thing like us. If they have eyes on


either side of the head. Phone Brian Cox! I need to get back to


biology lessons. We will trim this down and you can cook it like this,


all the fins. We will trim those back so it looks pretty. That comes


off. Then we are going to dust these in a bit of flour. You said


that this is a really tasty fish. I am inclined to think most fish


taste similar. Yes. Am I wrong? would give you that. There are


times when... What you do with fish is you coat it in lemon or chilli


and it tastes more or less of that because it's quite a neutral taste


unless it is a steaky-type one like a tuna. If you work on white fish,


the taste of dab compared to monkfish, cod, there are


differences but they aren't massively different. However, the


way in which they perform when you cook them will determine really


what you can do with them. Dab will be quite delicate. It is thin so we


won't be able to pile loads of heat through it. Because of the flavour,


say something like red wine wouldn't go particularly well with


it, it would overpower the flavour. Something like a tur bet, it is far


bigger and meaty. Why is a sole expensive and a dab cheap? Supply,


demand, availability, it comes down to that. Where is sole from? These,


the sole, these are Northern Europeian. Plus of course farm


fishing is going to be cheaper. Now, it is a great way of having


sustainable fish. So flour, salt- and-pepper, mix that together, pop


the dab into there and it's a very pretty little fish. It is a really


simple one to do. It doesn't take long at all. We pat the excess off.


The pan is warm rather than boiling hot. OK. We want to make sure -


normal rules, what we have done here... Room temperature. Exactly.


We are not oiling the fish. We have oiled the pan. The reason is we


have flour as our barrier. The flour will crisp up. You can see


because it is room temperature it isn't curling up. That won't take


long. I have taken it off the heat because it is too warm. It is a


medium heat. The potatoes we are cooking away. They are in a pan


with the butter and the mint already. What I need you to do is


zest and juice those two lemons and chop the mint and chuck the sugar


in. The dab is cooking beautifully. I was speaking to a dermatologist


this week and I came out with my fantastic always quoted "moist rise


from within" and she said to me that the most important thing to do


is to eat your water not drink it. How about that? Meaning what, that


you puree everything so it is suspended in water? Make sure you


are eating lots of watery stuff like fruit and vegetables because


your body would - I don't know if this is true - your body would


rather take in water via fruit and vegetables than drinking it that


way. Could that be true? I don't know. You have to have two litres


but most of it should come through eating. I remember seeing something


about some guys who had the same food, one set of people they pureed


everything and they made it into a soup. They pureed a roast dinner


and turned it into a soup. They stayed fuller for longer because it


was suspended within the liquid so it took longer for it to work


through as opposed to the people who ate the roast dinner normally.


So what we do, the dab we have cooked it already on one side. We


are going to add - we will add the butter in a second. The potatoes -


we have cooked these off with the butter and with the mint. Drain


those off so they are still nice and warm. A great time of year,


there are some lovely spuds around. What is going in here? Lemon,


capers, mint, sugar, so we are making a little dressing. A quick


knob of butter and plenty of salt- and-pepper to bring some flavour


out. Now, what we are going to do with the dab to finish, as we


normally do, a little knob of butter into the pan, as that begins


to melt we baste over the top of the fish. It is a delicious fish. I


think you can - we checked this week and lots of the big


supermarkets have got dab in. have never heard of it. Well, it is


one of those that... Is it a new invention? We should eat more of it.


If everybody buys a bit of dab this week they will see how versatile it


is. Then we chuck these warm spuds in there, toss those around and the


smell of that because they are hot, then the lemon and the mint and the


sugar and the salt come together quite beautifully. The dab is now


done. So we sit him on there to get rid of the excess butter. Is that


looking good? Yeah. I am becoming quite a good souschef for you.


I want to make this look pretty, I want three potatoes on there and


spoon some sauce wherever you feel is appropriate. And what you get is


this lovely dressing/sauce - we want some capers in there. Some


over the fish as well. Gorgeous. am going for it. You are. Lovely.


Smells delicious. It is a beautifully summery flavour. Go for


it. Henry, Lou, dig in. Thank you. The spuds will be really hot.


Shall I go for a bit of fish then? What are we making for dessert?


are doing the coffee and blueberry crumble cake. How nice is that?


is so lemony. Mmm. It is such a simple dish. You are not joking.


This is REALLY good. If you want to make that cake, go to our website,


bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend to find out how. OK, that is the same


address if you want to e-mail questions for Henry or The Script,


do that or tweet @SFTW. Right now I'm not answering because I am just


eat bg! All show. James May has a new series sharing information from


his massive brain. The first one is on the human body and here he talks


about genetic inheritance. These Your dad got a dominant cleft gene


from your grandfather. The same is true for your mother. So in both of


them, the dominant cleft gene was switched on. The eggs and sperm


your parents produce could only carry one gene from each pair. It


just so happened that the egg and sperm that made you both got the


reses sieve chin gene so you could only get your granny's pointy-


smooth chin. The genetic mix your family gave you is unique, but the


genes themselves aren't uniquely yours. That is because DNA is the


blueprint for all life, from bacteria to human beings. All your


organs are made up of cells, instructed by the genes within them


to work together to keep you alive. We share this basic method of


staying alive with every animal and plant on Earth. Which means you


share 95% of your genes with rats, 60% with chickens and 50% with


bananas. OK, if you need to watch James


May's programme, you can on Monday. Our necks guests have got back from


a World Tour. They have been compared -- our next guests have


got back from a World Tour. They have been compared to the Police


and UK. This is their new single. # You can break everything down to


chemicals # But you can't explain a love like


ours. # It's the way we feel


# That this is real # It's the way we feel


Welcome back to Something For The Weekend, The Script. It has been a


long tour. Danny and Mark are here. There's no Glen. Fallen out?


are out of the band! No, he's very poorly this morning. He is very


sick. We had to leave him at home in bed. He is hungover! Is that it?


LAUGHTER Probably. We have been touring very heavily. So it is true


you have been out touring constantly. Where have you been in


the world? We have been everywhere. Australia, Asia. We went over to


Jakarta, Australia, where else? South Africa, we are going next


week. South Africa. The Philippines, did you perform where the Thriller


of Manila was? That's right. I'm a huge boxing fan so it was great to


get down there. Is there stuff to see there? Posters, the original


posters from the fight. We decided to see if we could re-create it. I


ordered two big fat suits and all the lads were having their own


Thriller of Manila. You have to make up your own entertainment on


tour. You spent a lot of time in a tour bus and we were discussing


this. You spent some time in a tour bus. I did, I was a swag man! I


used to flog merchandise. I was saying I was only allowed on the


bus if the tour wasn't very big! LAUGHTER Drive behind. The car.


had to go along with a lorry with all the T-shirts in if it was big.


What does "swag" stand for? I have no idea. How was your tour bus? You


were telling me you had put a boxing gym in your tour bus?


carry a boxing gym with us. That gets set into the venue when we go


there. The back of the tour bus is an Irish pub. An Irish pub. It is.


When you come off tour, you get on your bus, go and sit at the bar. Do


you have a barmaid? We have a leprechaun. We have neon lights all


the way around and the vodka. was no such thing as iPods when I


talked to you last time and there was an argument over who would play


the music. I never got the Specials on ever! Nowadays, does that


happen? That is why we have the boxing equipment! Whoever wins gets


the choice. Now it is bang your On a serious note, you need that.


You've been touring America where, I have to say, you've done


extremely well. I suppose, that is just keeping the normality for when


you're away for as long as you are? Your tour bus is your home. The


more you accustom it to your own likingness, the better. Are you


shocked you well you've done around the world? It's now taking stock


where the surprise is wearing off and we are just left with where do


we go from here. It's a lot bigger than we thought so we are taking


stock at what this is. We have had success in America, as Mark said we


are heading to South Africa next week to do two shows, one in Cape


Town, the other in Johannesburg. One is 10,000, the other is 18,000.


It's one of our biggest indoor shows. It's crazy how the music


travels. It's a very surreal moment. When you have to try -- when you


try to break America, you have to tour there. If you are not present


in America, we'll do a show that night, play for an hour, an hour-


and-a-half and that day we'll do lounges and play acoustic sets.


That's where the hard core fans get to see you at your best really?


You are doing the Isle of Wight Festival. You went down a storm,


loads of my friends went and they said you were amazing. When you are


willing to get as wet as the punters, they got soaked, it was


sideways rain, loads of it. We have some footage. # If she changes her


mind # This is the first place she will


# One day if you wake up # And you are missing me


# And your heart starts to wonder # Where that could be... # Good


vocals for running? Yes, a bit out of breath. You were saying earlier,


before the show, your boxing training helps you with that?


I did boxing for a year and it's the only one I can say that's very


like being in a band because you sing three-and-a-half minute pop


songs then you kind of get to rest for half a minute then go straight


back in the ring again for another song. So it's very similar to it.


So you need to be on your toes and fighting fit. We were talking about


the buses a minute ago and bus etiquette. There's the, how did we


decide it? We call it the brown list. I was on a bus with girls, so


we were like, you know, better behaved. You are not allowed to use


the toilet? You are not allowed to poo on the toilet. The bus you got


the other day, there was a unique sign which told men they had to sit


down? Men are not allowed to stand while peeing, they have to sit down.


This is a real sign that when we got on the bus, it was there, do


not stand up with your man's thing out, please sit down. Did you


adhere to the law? That was my silhouette by the way, the shape of


me! There is no way you can sit down on a touring bus. Go to the


toilet like a lady. What's the next tour you are doing? South Africa


next week, Cape Town, Johannesburg. Then back to Ireland for our


biggest show to date, the Aviva stadium, 60,000 Irish people.


you already thinking about new records? We started, we kick off


the new record in October, end of October, so we haven't really had a


moment to do anything right now. Cool. You guys will be staying with


us and will be doing a bit of cooking for us. We've also got


something interesting to show you, a tattoo, in a minute. If you want


to tweet them or Henry the Fonz Winkler, do it at SFTW or e-mail us


via the website. All this still to come on the show


today: Fancy a date? You can have loads in


Horrible Histories. I'm a fire stopper.... Simon's Cooking Sweet


Potato Bajis. And Led BA Balloon... You've Had Your Fun. No, We Haven't.


Yes, Still Lots To Come. Henry Winkler Is In The Kitchen. Ayyy.


Yeah, Well, Let's See How I Do! Good At Cooking? I'm great at


listening. Their record sounded great there, the Script. Wow!


sort of food do you cook? Great at breakfasts. I can make a really


fluffy scrambled egg. Did you ever eat in Arnold's, produce any proper


food? No, it was made by the cafe at paramount Studios. Was it real


food? It was, but it was days old. food? It was, but it was days old.


All right. What are we making now? A blueberry and coffee cake. The


flour helps them not sink to the bottom of the cake all the time.


Completely soppy, but prevents it happening. Sour cream, coffee, eggs,


baking powder, bicarb, lemon, vanilla. We do a crumble top on it,


so flour and butter, light brown sugar, caster sugar, cinnamon and


nutmeg. First job. Do you put coffee in all your cakes? No. It's


a weird thing because in the States you have coffee cakes that have no


coffee in which means a cake that you would have with a cup of coffee.


We don't quite understand that so I'm putting coffee in it. Never


heard of that before. That's great. Get your hands in and start rubbing


the flour and butter together. ask you some questions while you do


that. You go right ahead. I'm having fun. Dave Brown says is it


true that the term jump the shark originates from Happy Days? Well,


we know that, it means, a show past its sell by date. Fonzie jumped a


shark water-skiing and somewhere along the line someone said that


was the moment that... Well, some guy in a dorm at a university in


his dormitory came up with it while they were having beer and made up


the title. Now, I am the only actor in the world who has jumped the


shark twice, once on Arrested Development and once on Happy Days.


Thank you, thank you very much! Thank you, I'm very proud.


How long did the show run for? years. That was the fourth year I


think so it really didn't jump the shark in reality, just in that


drunken mind. Seems like it was around for longer


than that. I felt like it was a whole part of my childhood. Well,


it was all reruns, they just started running it again in America.


I could never work out who ran Arnold's, the Chinese guy or...


First it was Arnold, Al, the larger funny fellow, and then Pat took


over who was later in the Karate Kid and he couldn't memorise his


lines, that's why he kept making those hoo-ha noises all the time.


Perfect. Quick wash of your hands, then the cake bit. That's the


crumble top for the cake to be nice and crispy. Next job, we have


butter, sugar and vanilla. Yes. Then simply crack those three eggs


into there. I'll do some zesting. You've also gone and got yourself


an OBE, Arthur? -- Henry? I wasn't allowed to meet the Queen but...


Did the Queen or Prince Philip go "ayy". I watched the wedding.


cried, it was wonderful. Here it is, I get a letter saying, the Queen


has graciously confirmed to give you the OBE, it was for the work we


do with First News, the kids' newspaper and My Way campaign in


talking to children who need help. You can really get that worked in.


Lemon zest and a bit of juice. am I doing? Perfectly. Were you


Knighted in France as well? Yes, in France as well. That was terrific,


the ceremony took place in Nice. That's nice! It was Nice in Nice,


yes. You are on fire today, aren't you... It's dad's day, innit. Why


were you Knighted in France? That was for Happy Days, it was very


popular in France. Obviously it was dubbed in French? Except for the


only thing that wasn't dubbed was "ayy", that was me. Everything else


was "Bonn jourbgs I'm going to the discoteque..." -- Bonn your. We've


got eggs, flour, butter, sugar. Then we add our delicious strong


espresso coffee, now a gentle fold. We want to make sure we don't work


the flour too much so the cake stays nice and fluffy. Happy Days


was so huge, but there probably wasn't merchandising back then?


They still merchandise it and they have to ask my permission to put


out a product first so I get to see it before they put it out.


remember there being a Fonz doll. have a doll. They could have done


one on a motorbike where you could have jumped a shark. Or a bath toy.


Still an opportunity for us there, Tim, I can sense it.


All we do now, in go the blueberries. What's on them? Flour,


it helps the blueberries stop falling to the bottom because


they're heavy. Fold them into that cake tin there. Then sprinkle the


crumble top on the top of it. you ever get to see the other cast


members? We see each other all the time. As a matter-of-fact, Ron


Howard called and wanted to have dinner but I was coming over here


for the May Way campaign. Howard, who was Ritchie, he's


become a huge director? Always knew that he wanted to do it, talked to


me on the set when he was 17 years old, that was where he was heading,


that was his dream. All into there. Now? Yes, please. You haven't done


a film with him yet? I I did a funny film called Night Shift,


Michael Keaton's first film. I think I need hellp, I think I do,


I'll hold the bowl. How did I do? Fantastic. Flatten that out. All


you need to do now is sprinkle on half of this. Half this bowl?


OK. That will be our crumbly top. Ron's movies have made over $1


billion. I mean, he's an amazing director, an amazing fellow. He


looks like a loaf of wonder bread and, you know, but he is a very


powerful personally powerful human being. That seems to be the thing


as well. Every time you see him interviewed, he still comes across


as being Ritchie. He's very gentle, he really is. Even when he's


directing, my goodness we did that quickly...! That's how fast the


magic oven is. You get the crumble top underneath the delicious, soft


cake with our blueberries in. A proper big wedge of this. That


looks beautiful! Some mascarpone cheese, whipped cream, more


blueberries which will be delicious, a dusting of icing sugar. Oh, my


goodness. Henry, go foirt. We'll take a little bit of this -- Henry


go for it. Hey, guys, do you want a try? It's a tour bus this. It's a


coffee crumble cake. Coming up, gadgets, plus a final dish which


is? Sweet potato and onion bhajis with the boys.


Coffee as well. Lovely, the coffee in there. I really like this.


it's stuck in my throat. I can't... Hang on, I'm there, I'm there! No


I'm not, yet I am. Time for your Deja View encore, music, headlines


and Jonathan Creek, but what is the # But you know where. #


No-one who saw it in its full glory is likely to forget it. The clouds


did mar the view in Britain. After a tremendous build-up for the new


Star Wars film, the Fan tonne Menace had its world premiere last


night. The euro has risen in value against the pound and the dollar.


Dealers described the opening as "smooth". No entry wounds anywhere


on the body. No poison darts tipped with the venom of an Afghan swamp


adder. No doubt if they find any pricks at the station we will be


the first to hear... What are you doing? You are not going to iron


that? You put it on as it is?! Take no pride in your laundry of any


Offspring but what year? What year was that, Jonathan Creek and


Stormtrooper? I don't know. Early '90s? I went '94. What do you think,


Wayne? I think mid-'90s. Maybe '95. Happy Father's Day, mate. And to


Jamie of course. Yes. He had breakfast in bed apparently.


are going to make him cocktails later? Absolutely. You are doing


Father's Day cocktails? We have an old-fashioned whisky cocktail. This


is a real big drink. My kind of drink, Wayne! White sugar cube.


Simon ordered an old-fashioned - Salvatore made it for him. It is


very strong. Sugar cube with dashes of whisky Angostura. Water to


soften the sugar. You want to break that down. I'm going to have to go


for a small bit, Wayne. We still have cooking to do. You find in


Europe, particularly the UK, the bartenders will only use citrus


peels, but in America they like to use fruit as well. That was water?


Water to get a paste. Squeeze of orange in there, zest of orange


oils goes in. Then we can add whisky. A good gentleman's pour of


Bourbon. We have nothing but sugar and water in there? You build it


with the ice and the whisky. As you pour, you have the take your time.


You harmonise the flavours... Gently add the whisky. When did the


more extravagant cocktails come into play then? Really good


question. Pretty much, if you look at this drink, spirit, sugar, water,


when you add whisky into it it becomes whisky sour. So that jump


came from the late 19th Century. Traditional cocktails were based on


simple ingredients, aromatics. Would you order a drink like this,


Wayne? This drink is a real test for a bartender's skill. Is it?


Really? You can always tell a good bar... After drinking Wayne's


cocktails all the time you get spoilt. I know a bad cocktail and a


good cocktail now. There really is a difference if you know what you


are doing. A mar haar -- a maraschino cherry. Once you get


that dilution, more ice captures the flavour. I like this. This is


like a tea ceremony. It is. There is a ritual behind it. You want a


stir? I would like to eat that cherry. As it's Father's Day, a bit


more. I have links to do! A top note of lemon zest. This drink is


all about the quality of the alcohol? It is. Really decent


whisky, natural sugar and patience. I'm ready. That is delicious. You


can smell the lemon and the orange. Mmm. A proper bloke's drink but one


I can handle! God it really is strong. That is so nice. Mr Rimmer


is a massive fan of that. couldn't drink that all night. But


very tasty. That's good. What is the next one? A Daiquiri Royale.


This is a drink I discovered a long time ago. You have mint, caster


sugar, a daiquiri is based on rum, lime and sugar. We have the juice


of half a lime, straight over the sugar. It will help dissolve.


and I were doing a thing the other day, a show thing, and we had to


get involved with sugar cane and you make cocktails out of that?


Fermented sugar cane? You can use sugar cane juice. Sweet water, that


is what it is. We have a good shot- and-a-half of white rum with mint,


we have a bit of Cointreau, so we have a minted daiquiri. It's a


stretched version of a traditional daiquiri so we will shake this up.


The ice will crack into the mint, the sugar will dissolve. Ruth sent


a tweet for you, "How does Wayne stop a glass tumbler getting stuck


inside the chrome tumbler?" need, if you look at this, you have


that crescent here, to hit it on one side it loosens. Then you have


to make sure you don't hit it too hard or some people start cracking


it on the counter and it will smash. It can be, it depends on the


quality of the shaker as well. are putting champagne in first?


want to stop it giving too much... Then strain the minted daiqiri over


the top. What about the cocktails you can buy in cans? They have been


around for a long time. It takes away the theatre and the skill.


That's lovely! That is beautiful. That is absolutely gorgeous. That


is amazing. I would enjoy that one. The Daiquiri Royale. If you want to


see the recipes of the Father's Day cocktails, they are on our website


- bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend. Give them a go. This is a kids'


show but adults love it, too. It is history but not as you know it.


This is Horrible Histories with Stephen Fry. My name is, my name is,


my name is Charles II. I love the people and the people love me, so


much that they restore the English monarchy, I'm part Scottish, French


Italian, but 100% party animal - champagne? Spaniels I adore, like


me they were fun with the nutty hair-do, is today my birthday, I


can't recall, let's have a party anyway because I love a masked ball.


I'm the King who brought back partying! King Charles my daddy


lost his throne and kings were banned, they chopped off his head


and only Cromwell ruled the land, when Olly died, the people said


Charlie, get rid of them and come back with party, this is what they


call the monarchy restoration, and it was followed by a huge


celebration, the King, no sing, OK, all in, me thing, all say I'm the


King who brought back partying! Great London fire was a whopper,


London City came a cropper, so this King did what was right and proper,


I'm a fire stopper! She was a love so true, there would never be


another, maybe one another, Lucy Walton, you think that's bad but


her name's not as silly as... As King I must admit I broke the


wedding rule, but who cares when I brought back the crown jewels, I


reinstated Christmas, I was the merry monarch, they were good old


days, when said and done, King Charles did run, England for fun, I


was the King loved by everyone, my song is done! Party anyone? A bit


of UK hip-hop dancing there. You can make a day with BAFTA Award-


winning Horrible Histories tonight at 6.00 on BBC Two. Time to look at


some gadgets on Some THINGS For The Weekend and LJ is here to guide us


through. How are you? Good, thanks. It is very bright over there.


bright for a Sunday morning! What are these? This is the part of a


new trend of energy-saving doesn't need to look dull. They are bright.


The old-style energy-saving bulbs would take a long time to heat up.


They wouldn't look as sexy as these. They are the Plumen OO1 Light Bulb.


They have won design awards. In most homes, lighting accounts for a


fifth of the total electricity bill. Does it? You may as well if you do


have the inclination and the money, you can spend it on making your


bulbs look nice. How long does it take to warm up? They take a few


seconds to warm up. So pretty rapid? Yes. It is not like it used


to be. They do have a designer price tag. I can just see you


squinting... How much is a normal one? �2. How much are these? �20.


�20?! How long do they last? Eight times longer than the old-style


bulbs, so do normal energy-saving lightbulbs. What is that lifespan?


I have no idea. OK. A long time? long time. Let's move on. Thousands


of hours. You like your gadgets? I'm seeing lights now. What is


this? This is a music player, a video player, it is a wind-up. We


are going to make you work for your music to be played. Would you wind


that for me? This is making it bigger. Your latest single is four


minutes 20. I have to work to play it. For one minute of winding you


can play that... I listen to my songs over and over. Is this the


same technology as the guy who made the wind-up radio? Yes. Same


technology. It is big, though. is a bit chunky. Keep winding.


Really? I feel like a mouse on a wheel! It's stopped because I


stopped winding. You should be able to get going on that. Imagine you


are standing jogging... LAUGHTER You can do. You can charge your


mobile phone on that as well. One minute of winding... That is


stopping because they have dipped the music? It's pretty ridiculous.


Do you think? Yes. I do. Well, when you think about it... What if you


go on... It is good for a festival. Fishing! Yes. A hike in a jungle!


The whole thing to power your phone off, you are going to wind this up


to power your phone. Wind it up to watch your video so you have time


left... Does it show video? Yes. It has some video files. It plays MP3


files. If you are out in the Festival and you have one of those


smartphones would you rather run out your battery on your mobile and


when you need to take a phone call... You can't run out of


battery on your phone. People go to Glastonbury for a week so it would


be good. Let's move on to this. How much is that? �100. This is a bike.


This is called the Biologic Reecharge. If you have a bike with


a dynamo hub, which you might do, when you move your wheel that will


generate electricity and that will charge a light on the top of your


bike. What the Biologic Reecharge does, when it charges it goes up


through here to this box. That is a battery that will store the energy


that you are creating from riding into work and then you can charge


your smartphone on the run, whilst you are going, or you can also -


that means you can use GPS. Very cool. Power is something... We are


not encouraging people to use their phones while riding? You can detach


this and use it as a battery squeezer so you can charge other


smartphones or USB devices. Pretty cool. That has around about, I


think it is �30 to get a dynamo hub and the rest of this is...


should have a bike like this for tour. It is pink. I dream about


that. It is quite a bright coloured eco-thing. Our thanks to LJ. If you


want more information, e-mail us at bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend.


Time for a lesson in comedy. Rickie has decided to run a masterclass on


the art of stand-up. He demonstrates how to deal with


awkward hecklers, this is Lead to tell you a joke and you can


heckle me and we'll go from there. Yes, so this, I went for a walk the


other day in the park and there was other day in the park and there was


this guy walking his dogs. He was throwing a stick for them and so I


went up to him and said "excuse me, what kind of dogs are these?" he


said "this one's a Labrador and this one is a Bassett hound, well


not a Bassett hound, a cross between a Bassett hound and fox


terrier". Anyway, he threw the stick again and the one that was a


cross between... Look, someone's going to have to actually heckle me


at some point or it's not going to work. So anyone heckle me and we


can... Anyone? Yes? What's the end of the joke? What?! No, I was


improvising, it wasn't a joke. what happened to the dogs? There


weren't any dogs, someone heckle me, just heckle me, it doesn't have to


be funny, it can be... Get off. Thank you. OK, that's a basic


heckle. You're rubbish. Yeah, I'll just deal with one at a time.


are not funny. Get off, fatty! actually that didn't work because


I'm not actually fat. Yes you are! OK, right, you've had your fun.


we haven't. Bring back the other guy. Do you want me to teach you


how to deal with heckling or not? NOT! I don't need to be doing this.


Get off, off, off, off... OK, you can pick up more comedy


skills in Lead Balloon on Tuesday at 10pm on BBC Two and BBC HD. Mark


and Danny from the Script are in the kitsch within us. About to chop


our own fingers off here. Do you have a fire extinguisher? My wife's


an amazing cook so I'm not even an amazing cook so I'm not even


allowed in the kitchen. We are going to make onion and sweet


potato bhaji. We are doing a dressing with curry paste, malt


vinegar, nut oil and veg oil and water. Nut oil and veg oil? Yes, so


you have a combination of flavours. You could get away without that.


For the bhaji, chilly, raw sweet potato and coriander, chick peas.


Add enough water to make this very thick. We want to coat everything


in it. You can work it quite well but you are doing exactly what you


should do, just a little at a time. It will turn into a paste then go


into a batter. You are looking for probably a... Don't ask me?!


know this looks terrible. That looks good. Great. You can be a


little bit tougher and manly with it. Come on, show us your boxing


skills. Get in there... Slice that, first of all. Down the middle?


doesn't matter, just finely to go into the bhaji, so whatever works


for you. The thing is, Fuad too much water, the problem is, if it's


too thin, you add the flour back in, it will become lumpy -- if you add


too much water. Cooking is tough! It's tough! It's a man's job, well


not a man's job but a manly job. Lauren in Leicester says "I've got


this tattoo on Wednesday" and you've got to have a look at it.


Wow, brilliant. What is die hard fans. Everywhere we go, there are


people coming up to us with tattoos of our stuff. Really? They have


lyrics printed on them. It's a big honour. It is! She's going to have


that for the rest of her life. That's a huge honour, thank you


very much for that. There's that pressure not to be caught out and


misbehave now. That's the right time to announce the band is


splitting up. Only joking! That, Mark, is perfect. Dan, chuck all of


that finely chopped chilli into there. Tell me you're not impressed


with my chopping skills. Tim's going to be so upset with that


coriander up there. I hate it! want that small piece, rather than


the long piece in, so the blunt end grated. Whisk that. We have a


really thick batter. Danny is grating the sweet potato. The onion


we've already cooked... It's going everywhere, by the way. You can't


see it at home, but it's flying everywhere, it's only floor, it's


on me... That's Hoy thick the batter needs to be. Wow. We are


going to do small ones, so we want them to hold together pretty well,


we don't want them to be loose. You have hidden talents, Dan, brilliant.


Perfect. Yes, chef! Nicely done. Mix that up. People at home are


thinking, OK... She's laughing. a load of this. Now, clear up a bit


of mess from here. Now you are so famous, you have people to do this


for you so I wouldn't dream of asking you to do it, Dan. That's


glorious. This is a nice thinking batter. We'll make tiny bar gins so


they cook quickly. A small spoonful -- bhajis. It's almost coleslaw-ish.


The sweet potato is in there as well. A queet from Laura Jane.


What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you as a band?


We were supporting Paul McCartney and I'd only come out and one of


the first things I do is go into the piano part where I get to show


off the skills. I didn't realise, but one of the stage hands changed


it from keyboard to drums on the keyboard so when I walked out,


thinking, supporting Paul McCartney, I went into the drum thing, it was


probably the most embarrassing thing. Did they leave it on the


drums? No, it felt like it was 30 minutes, when I watched it back, it


was about three seconds, but in my head, I was like "no", took me four


songs to get my head back into it and pull the crowd back. What is


your worst thing? I've got far too many, just some of the outfits were


bad enough. These are cooking quickly. What you want is, you want


to cook these at a relatively low frying temperature. 16o0 in a Depp


fat frier. -- 160. If they are moist in the middle when you cut


one open, put them back in, if you cook them too fast, the outside


will be crispy and the middle will be raw batter which we don't want.


Mark, looks like your job again. I'm in. Curry paste into the bowl.


More whisking to do. A little bit of hot water to make a thick paste


again. Is there a reason why it's hot? Just to break it down quickly.


Smells lovely. Malt vinegar and curry flavours is a really lovely


thing to do. Vindaloo, the origin to that is using lot of vinegar, so


that bit of aindividuality... Wouldn't go down well on the tour


bus, to be honest -- ind individuality.


You can use veg or olive oil on this. I think olive oil is too


strong in flavour. Nut oil and curry works well.


It is not supposed to emulsify. We are looking at nice flavours.


you eat on the tour bus? Being on tour, as you know, you have to


really look after yourself because you are trying to keep the strength


up and then we have catering... Gorgeous. The caterers cook so much


good food for us, so we eat proper all the time now which is really,


really good. Can you make requests? Yes. As opposed to getting a


sandwich and a bag of crisps. You've been there? Yes, yes. These


fellas are done, they're crispy on the outside. To serve this,


watercress on here. We are making this a little poncey. I would


suggest you stick 'em in a bowl and eat them really. That's what you


need to do. We'll stick all these fellas - well before that, a bit of


vinaigrette on to the watercress - lovely flavours on there. Then all


of these bhajis, we have had a touch of salt on there. While Simon


finishes off the plates, we are going to two over to Tim and Henry.


going to two over to Tim and Henry. While they're bringing the food


over, we can tell you the news headlines, The Offspring and


Jonathan Creek were all from the year 1999.


We were all way off on that one. You hate coriander as well? It was


a small amount, because it was cooked and fried, I think it will


be all right, man. I do hate it. Jordan Phillips says how did you


get into acting and not only acting, but this particular role? I think


that is interesting, but also interesting, how can you act if you


are dyslexic -- dyslexic? Reading was hard for me, ad-libbing was not,


memorising was not, so you use other strengths. I would just have


to work harder. If you want something, you work harder for it.


Could you read the skrips and just... If I had to go in and


audition, I couldn't read it cold. -- scripts. I would just mess it up,


so I memorised as much as I could, made up the rest. The director said


"excuse me, you didn't read what was written here" and I said "I'm


giving you the essence of the character". That's why you only had


one job, the Fonz! How did you get that job in particular? I walked in,


had longer hair than I do now, a huge sweat stain. I thought honesty


was the best policy, so I said, well, this is very much like a


river right here from the fear that is running through my body at the


moment. I had six lines, I made the other man reading the other part


with me sit down with those six lines, I threw the script up in the


air, sauntered out of the room. At the end of the month when my money


ran out in Hollywood and I had to go back to New York, they offered


me the role. Always the 11th hour. I would love to taste those.


They're gorgeous. Anyone want to taste some cake? Thank you. Very,


very good. I like that. That's cool. Simon, you do this for a living?


do my best. I try... Wow. Another e-mailer says, what's the best


things about touring? You get to play every night. What about the


fizzby came you were telling me about -- frisbee? We try to play


frisbee in the most random spots like in lifts and things. Do you


get told off? Yes, we have been breaking lights. Through the


security at airports. You get bored on the roads and have to create a


lot of silly games to entertain yourself.


That would become really great footage eventually. That will be


your history. Some footage we couldn't ever show. We are like


brothers, at the end of the day, we tend to fight over things, but it's


never over each other, always over the set list or, you know, if


someone was up late. Do you change the set list every night? Most


nights. Yes. That's a proper band, well done, I love that. That is it


Live cooking, the best of the week's TV and celebrity chat to set up your Sunday. Tim Lovejoy, Louise Redknapp and chef Simon Rimmer are joined in the studio by Irish band The Script, alongside Henry Winkler aka the Fonz.

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