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Good morning. Welcome to the show on Sunday 20th November. We're


joined, live today by the world's first supermodel, the global brand


and '60s phenomena that is Twiggy. And also in the studio, back from


his latest global-trotting challenge, we have the star of the


programme. And we've just been discussing country music. I love a


bit of country music. Eye and we're chatting and cooking cocktails and


looking at the best of the telly. This is Something For The Weekend.


Welcome to Something For The Weekend. I wouldn't have you down


as a country music fan. No. I had you down as rock'n'roll. I like a


bit of everything. I thought House. I think I'm turning into C and W.


Dolly Parton stuff? You can't beat Dolly. Oh, it's going to be a long


show. There are a few charlatan songs that lean on country, which I


quite like. Dolly Parton's collection In The Ghetto. Seriously.


Download it down. Five years I've known you and I didn't know about


this. I'm going to have to reassess our friendship? You'll have to come


round one evening and we'll tap some toes. And you'll be winding up


your record player? That's all I have!


We're struggling today, it's Chelsea versus Liverpool today.


they'll be like that. Who are you supporting, Louise? Liverpool. I am


an adopted Scouser, I'll have you known. Seven years I lived there.


Do your accent? (in Scouse accent qct hello, everyone. I loved there


for years, so come on everyone. Some say that talking Scouse is


like talking to dolphins. Any way, it's our Derby. So we may not talk


to each other tonight. It's Strictly Come Dancing on at the


moment. I've not been watching a lot of it, but I want Robbie Savage


to win it. And I think he's doing well now, isn't he? He's going for


it, no-one can deny that. This is Holly. Is she one of the best


dancers? Just watch Holly there, coming down the runway, she needs


to get her heels higher. And this is what ballroom dancing is all


about, isn't it? This is the entrance of all entrances. I'd love


to have a go at that. Being shot out of a canon. Him doing that was


a surprise for most people, but not for him. He knew about it ages ago.


It's not fair is it, because he knows whether he's going to win or


not. He's just booked a holiday for Monday. Not saying anything. He's


doing really well. He's lost two stone. I admire him for that.


I, he looks at the stars and he can read stuff by just look at the


stars. I won't have a bad word said about Russell. I've looked at the


stars for years, and see nothing. He looks and he can see your future.


Amazing! How do you do it? Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant


have just completed a second series of An Idiot Abroad. He's a top man.


He'll be showing us clips of husky sledging. Plus, she was the face of


the '60s, but also forged a career as an actress and singer. Twiggy is


here to tell us about her amazing life. You'll just be chatting.


love talking to her, she's so knowledgeable with fashion and


music. And there's so much to ask her there isn't time on the show.


If you have a question for Twiggy, or find out Karl's views on


everything, just let us know. This one is from Andrew Hunt. Do you


think it's necessary for WH Smith to scan through newspapers when


you're rushing for a train. Or what do you think about crocodiles, from


Emma. What do you think about oven chips. I'd be interested to have


his views on some of these things. What do you think about Christmas?


Magical time or a waste of money? I'd like to ask those kind of


questions, if we ever had David Cameron on the show. To ask the


Prime Minister what he thinks of oven chips. Yes, with everything


going on about world debt, and we go straight for the oven chips.


would be great. You're not cooking oven chips are you? No. This has


desiccated coconut through the middle. Are they mini ones? We can


make them mini. So we can party like celebrities. I think we should.


If you were on Twitter last night, you'll know what that is all about.


Just watch I'm a celebrity. This is milk poached pork shoulder. The


sauce on it looks a little bit unpleasant, if the truth be told.


But the lactic acid in the milk keeps the meat really, really moist.


What? Acid? Yes, I'm cooking it in milk and lemon. Delicious. And


those words, sticky chocolate trophy pudding. If you're feeling


down today, look at that! That's one to cheer you up. So that's for


Tim at six o'clock tonight when Chelsea have been beaten by


Liverpool. And finally, pitheers which is


basically, a puff pastry pie. is what else is on the show today.


Adam and Alex are with child in Rev. Hello, you've grown up, haven't


you? It's the story of a symbol in


Prince. Purple reign. It's a million seller, forget about it.


And there are new aivials on froznlaent. Cubs are - Frozen


Planet. The cubs are born blind and tiny.


And what has Wayne got lined up for us today? Apparently, Wayne we


can't hear you. Really? Can you hear me now. Could you start again


at the beginning? Am I back in the room? Yeah. I've been chatting to


viewers this week up and down the UK. Because I've been moving around


quite a bit and asked them their favourite drinks and two came up,


the cosmopolitan and vodka and lime. And we haven't done those for a


long time. The cosmopolitan used to be your favourite drink, Louise?


used to be, until last wed. And now we're making mini crab


And now we're making mini crab cakes.


There are spring onions, peas, and desiccated coconut. What are we


making again? Crab cakes. coconut threw me. Yoghurt and mint.


First of all, toast off the spices. Ideally put them in a cold pan and


turn the heat on and let the heat release the oil. But because we're


short of time we're going to do them a little faster.


You want to cook this nice and slowly for six to eight minutes,


but we have to do it in 30 seconds. Louise, you can chop the mint and


coriander. Tim, you can chop the spring onions. Is Tim all right


about having coriander in this? Nigh not really. Or don't we care?


How is your back, by the way? all right. I thought I might have


sciatica. What has that? You have a trapped nerve and I had pain all


the way down from my bum to my knee. And I was on twether, and everyone


said I should - Twitter and everyone said I should go and see a


physio and it turns out I have inflamed vertebrae down my back.


had that, and I went to a physio and he cured me within days.


doing lots of stretching. And lots of tablets. Have you seen when they


inject into the spine? I don't want to play that game at all. This is


toasted. There's bits of crab in this, is that all right? It's fine.


It will go in the cakes any way. first. Do you want the whole of


this? Yes, please, chop it all. In go the surprises. There's coriander


seeds in there, black peppercorn and chilly flakes and blend it down.


- chilli flakes. Have you cooked anything this weekend? No. Have


you? Yeah, I have. I have this thing it's like a really long


griddle thing. On one side it's griddled and on the other side it's


flat and I made bacon and eggs on it yesterday. That's not proper


cooking. But it was fun! I just need a spatula to scrape it down.


Did you speak more Cockney. I was like that. Who wants bacon and


egg?! Put those in there together with equal quantities of mashed


potato and crab. What's different with this from an ordinary fish


cake. With an ordinary one, you'd have equal qualities of fish and


potato, but now we have the delicious flavours with the spices.


Tim, get your hands in there and really mash it together.


Once you're happy that that's all mixed together add peas into it.


And gentlely mix it. So will you guys talk tonight when the


football's on? Through the game or just afterwards. What happens is


there is a little bit of sulking when one side loses, so you don't


respond to the texts. But eventually we'll speak. Which one


is likely to within? Both have had up and down seasons, but Chelsea


just are a little bit better. And we have prettier fans. Kenny


Dalglish has never lost at Stamford Bridge. Do you realise that. Roll


it into a ball and flatten it out and turn it over and flatten it out.


Like that. Into flour. Pat off the excess and into the egg, pat off


the excess and into the breadcrumbs. And again, we could do these as


little mini ones, so party like celebrities. Or you can do large


once - ones. We're going to 1458eo fry them. And you need to make sure


they're in a warmish pan, rather than a really hot one.. So the pan


is warm, not burning hot, you don't want to burn the breadcrumbs.


Wouldn't it be easier to deep fry them? You could. But this is


healthier. Well, I think when you shallow fry them they look nice


because you get an irregularity on them. Now we're going to make the


riata. So, there's thick Greek yoghurt and mint, which is roughly


chopped. You can add cucumber too. But I'm just keeping it purely as


yoghurt and mint. Splap in a bit of pepper and mix - slap in a bit of


pepper and mix it around. Now, as the bread is proving you put an


electric current through this bread to stop the crust forming. And


we're using that. But you can use ordinary breadcrumbs or polenta.


Look at that lovely colour. Tim, I need a bit of that and the tamarind


sauce. You can do the base for my arrangement, because we have some


in the oven. I'll leave it up to your creative spirits. It will be


interesting to see how creative Tim will be. That just looks like a big


dollop of yoing hurt. - yoghurt. No close-ups! And then we sit our


little crab cake on the top. That's the simple tamarind sauce. There's


acidity in that, and a lot of sweetness I blame the plate! It


doesn't look aesthetically pleasing. I won't like all the coriander.


You'll like all the other flavours in there, I'll guarantee. I'll like


the coconut. You could leave the coriander out. That would be


delicious. And what's the main course? That's interesting. We have


pork we're poaching in milk and lemon. It sounds weird. It sounds


disgusting. But tastes delicious. That's really nice. As usual, our


recipies are on the website. Britain's favourite vicar has


foolishly agreed to baby-sit his God daughter for a few days. How


hard can it be? DOOR BELL GOES E That will be her. Hello. Thanks


very much for doing this. Clothes, toys, music, DVDs, iPod. Bed time's


at eight if you're lucky. We have lots of things planned. Face


painting. OK. You'll definitely need al ber, in case she gets


scared. Paris! Hello, Enid, darling, you've grown up. How are you?


you've grown up. How are you? up. I hate you.


You can spend time at the vicarage with Rev on Thursday on BBC Two.


Our next guest was spotted having her haircut at the tender age of 13


and then she became the face of Vogue. After 40 years in the


business she is still a fashion icon.


# He was a fallen idol. # I was a fallen angel #


# Lightning never strikes # There's dry ice # What do you


like? I like sushi. What? Sushi. Sushi and sweep? No, it's a


Japanese dish. It's raw fish and you dip it in sauce. It's lovely.


Very good for you. I must try it. I've never seen that. Was that Val


Doonican? It was. I'm going to do a proper welcome. It's Twiggy. That


must have been an interesting time because sushi wasn't around then?


No, I'd come back from Japan and had it for the first time. But


everyone, you know, raw fish, Ooooh. Were things dramatically changing


in the '60s? Yeah, I think they were. Because it was after World


War II and people were still on rations in the '50s. And I grew up


in the '50s, and by the '60s it was time for everything to happen. And


that's where why the revolution happened and the youth were at the


pinnacle of it. And how did you get discovered in the hairdresser's?


It's a long story, but somebody in a fashion magazine saw me and I was


a schoolgirl and they said I had a chance to be a model. Which I


thought was ridiculous because I'm only small. But I went off to have


my hair done and it was a very famous hairdresser, called Leonard.


I'd never been anywhere so grand. And he did the little bob haircut.


They took a photograph of it. And it was purely for the haircut. He


hung the picture in his salon and I went back to school. And one of his


clients was a very famous journalist for a big, national


paper. And she came in and saw the pof and loved it and asked who the


girl was. Twiggy was my nickname because my legs were so skinny. She


asked for my phone number and called me up and I went to have tea


with her. It wasn't like today with all these celebrity magazine.


Things like this didn't happen. Models all came from middle-class


families. So I met this lady and she interviewed me and I went back


to school and she wrote a story about me, it was a double-aged


spread and it said, "Twiggy the face of '66. And that changed my


life. We have a picture of that. did Elle magazine first in Paris.


How did you cope with all of a sudden going from being a


schoolgirl, because it happened so quickly. Certainly. And we weren't


so used to seeing it back then. today, because every kid wants to


be famous. That didn't happen. I went into New York after The


Beatles. They went in, in '62/'63. I arrived in '67. How did you keep


your feet on the ground? I think I was so young. And also I was


working. I did work. I went in to do the American Vogue shoot. My


first big jobs were with the big halz with the big photographers. So


I was very licky and I worked every day. I mean, I did go out the


parties and I did meet amazing people, but it was my job. And I


was so young a lot went over my head. There's never been a time


when you haven't worked. No. you've been a model, an actress and


a singer. And years ago you had lots of chart hits. I Z Obviously


I'm here today because I release my new album tomorrow, Romantically


Yours. For me, it's just part of what I do, because I've been


singing and acting almost as long as modelling. Because in 1970 I met


the director of The Boyfriend and was cast in that. And I'm a country


muscle nut. And my albums did very well. And in the mid-'80s I was in


a huge Broadway musical, with gushin music. And that won lots of


Tony awards for the show and my co- star. So I've kind of mixed it. I


kind of stopped modelling for 25 years. And you're back modelling


with your husband. I am. Before that, here are some clips of you


from the new album. # Only love can break your heart


# What if your world should fall apart #


# Wherever you go # Whatever you do


# I will be right here, waiting for you #


# Dirty old river, must you keep rolling through the night?


# People so busy, make me feel dizzy


# Taxi light shines so bright # did you choose all the tracks for


your album? Well, I was thrilled when EMI asked me to do a new album.


And it started off that I was going to do all period songs. Which half


of the album is. Things from the '20s, '30s and I love them. And


nobody writes songs like that. Someone to Watch Over me. And Funny


Man. And then I wanted to do Angel Of The Morning, which is maybe '60s.


And Waterloo Sunset. And was that your daughter on the first clip?


Yes. She is a print designer. But she always sings and plays the


guitar. And I've always said to her, "One day I'm going to get you in


the studio" so when this was set occupy I said to her, "Will you


come and do some with your mum?" and she said, "Yes, if I like the


song" so I let her pick it and we did Bryan Adam's Only Love Can


Break Your Heart. We've run out of time. You'll have to come back. But


quickly, being a model, the ageing process must be hard because people


see you in your picture all the time and you were quite inspiring


because you didn't want any work done. I haven't had any work done.


I'm not saying never. I haven't at the moment. The thing that freaks


me out is all this stuff that people pump into their faces. And


Botox is botulism. It's poison! Grow old gracefully! Yes. I don't


think it's necessary. That's Twiggy for the time being, but she will be


doing a little bit of cooking later. If you want to ask a question,


tweeth us. I know it's early but it's never


too early to test your memories Efforts are under way to try and


prevent an environmental disaster in the Galapagos Islands..


Cruise and Nicole Kidman are officially divorced.


Iain Duncan Smith received 6% of the total.


Not slitherin, I'm not sure. You could be great. And the house could


help you on your way to greatness. No? Well, if if you're sure, it had


better be Griffin door! All you have to do is name the year


that Harry dot Potter was released. I refuse to believe that's over ten


years old so I'm going 2001. I'll believe it's over ten years old and


go '99. I really don't know. Don't know. We get worse at these. Every


week we think we're going to have it, and neber. As always, time for


your photographs of our recipies. And we start with Jane and Sam from


Manchester who cooked the cod with lemon and capers. Beautiful, nice


frame, nice kitchen And they look happy. Or surprised. I'm not sure


what that emotion is? I think it's happy. And here is John with the


date and bread and butter pudding. And he's tash growing for November.


We should have done that What do you look like with a moustache?


don't know. I reckon I look like George Roper. What programme was


that? George and Mildred. He's on something new on Sky I like him.


And this is father and daughter who have created a perfect dish. If you


are going to cook any of our recipies, do take pictures and send


recipies, do take pictures and send them by e-mail.


I find interviewing someone like Twiggy really frustrating because


I've got so much to ask her. And Louise is chatting over there, but


I didn't have time. And she's kept cool as well. Throughout. Now,


we're going to poach meat in milk. Yes, which is not as unusual as you


would think. The sauce looks odd but tastes fine. I know you do it


with fish. Same principle but the reason we do it is so soften the


meat. Why not do it in alcohol? could, but we want the cream in it.


Pork shoulder, spinach, milk, butter, lemon, sage garlic. A nice


hot pan firstly. What region of the world is this dish from?


Italians claim ownership of this dish, with pork. But lots and lots


of countries do it. Our economist from Malaysia does a similar thing


with ox tongue and it's all about the principle of breaking down the


meat with the milk so it's nice and soft. So, get the butter really


nice and hot in the pan and we're going to seal off the meat. Look at


that, it's lovely. Yes. Over the five years we've worked on the show


your reactions are so different. The thing you've taught me when I


used to do a roast years ago, I just used to shove it in the oven


but now a seal the meat first. makes a difference. Yes, it does.


And the biggest one for some reason, meat at room temperature and the


leaving it to sit and rest. Why does that work? Thing about


yourself, if you jump into a really, really hot bath. And then you get


out of it and you're feeling a little bit like that. So you get


out of the bath tub and you moisturise. Yes. Yes, check


yourself out and do a few press-ups. You relax. Put a bit of music on.


Well the meat is exactly the same. It wants a little bit of a rest.


And once it's had a rest it's relaxed so then when you slice it's


going to be better The principle is however long you cook it for you


should rest the meat for 50% of that time. No way? That is quite


hard. Say you cook a steak for eight minutes, rest it for four and


it calms down. Now flip it over. Look at that colour. Glorious! We


get all of this fat. That's the other thing I've learnt from being


on the show, get your hands in. Don't touch the hot bits and you


won't get burnt. And it makes you look really, really manly! That's


why you're doing it. The only reason. Now, can you grate the


lemon and slice the garlic. So, the match today. Yeah, are you


Liverpool fans still bitter that our club gives us nice free scarves


and flags and things and yours doesn't. Actually, I have to say


the Liverpool flags are brilliant. Yes. And they did a nice one for


you a couple of years ago at the Cup Final. We have a drepldz


history for flag making, Tim - tremendous history for flag making,


Tim. That's because you have a history in Europe and they are big


with flags. Your fans used to embrace that. On to the match,


neither of us have had fantastic seasons. Not really. We've both


been up and down. Three home draws on the bounce and it's left us


floundering a bit. But we'll come back with a good win at Stamford


Bridge today and all will be well. You would normally seal this for


longer than we have, but a nice bit of salt and pepper and I've tipped


away the excess fat. Now the lemon zest and the lemon juice in there.


And if you want you could chuck the whole of the lemon in. And the


garlic can go in here as well. So the sauce is lemon zest, lemon


juice, garlic and sage leaves. And yesterday, Tim Gudgeon retired


yesterday, the man who does the scores. It was his last one


yesterday. The best score ever is East Four, five, for-five, four.


Once that comes to the boil, in this feller goes, fat-side down.


Turn it right down to a bear simmer and poach it for two-and-a-half


hours. After two-and-a-half hours take the lid off and turn it over


and poach it again for another hour. So it's a big three-and-a-half hour


cook. Three-and-a-half hours. because what you want is, the pork


shoulder we want it to long, slow cook. It's a real commitment though.


Because you have to be at home. it's a simple commitment. When you


come home from work...When I come home from work.7 what, a hard days


work. Yes, when you come home from the office and the call centre


where you work during the week. Don't knock it. Come back in and


commit then. But you can cook this tonight and eat it tomorrow. You


can reheat it. But I like to eat when I come in. It's a weekend dish.


Get the Sunday or Saturday papers. Or if you do have time to do it


during the day. If you're going to cook for somebody or your family,


it's a nice thing to do. That spinach has a touch of oil and salt


and just let it wilt down. Now you are going to like the way this


looks. Nobody looks at it and says it's gorgeous. I don't know. This


is the milk that has curdleed. So we have something that looks not


great but it smells delicious. The lemon and the garlic and the sage.


Ah, look at the way that's falling apart. That is what we're looking


for. That is everything that we want from this. It's so deliciously


soft. And so what we're going to do, we're just looking for big clumps


of this. It's going to fall apart. You can break it with your fingers.


Look at that texture. Oh, that's amazing. Isn't it lovely. You see


this is perfect. This has gone beyond almost being able to carve


it, which is what I want. You want it that soft. And with it, you can


have whatever you want. I like it cold in a sandwich. But we have


some beans and rice. And a little spinach on there. It does smell


good. It's poached in milk and lemon. I know, I was watching.


that meant to be like that? It is. I suppose that's curdleed milk.


the flavour is unbelievable. Twiggy, if you'd like to....It Looks like


prison food. I'll take your word for that. But the lactic assessed


in the milk breaks down the meat. It looks incredibly soft. It's such


a surprise. If someone gave you that and didn't tell you what it


was. You can see it fall apart. That is amazing. I love cooking and


sometimes with pork it can be overdone. I'm always worried about


it being underdone, but this is lovely because it's so tender.


you were put off by the sauce you could wipe it off, but it's


gorgeous. What are myself ae Twiggy making later? A sticky toffee


chocolate pudding. You can find that and all the other recipies on


the website. Also e-mail your questions for Twiggy or Karl. Or


tweeth us. If you're a fan of the mini maestro


from Minneapolis, watch this, it's for you. This is the Prince of


purple reign. Riding high on the success of his 1999 album, he used


profits from the record to support his film. Here was an unproven star


making a movie in Minneapolis? a rookie director and unknown cast


it was a huge gamble for all involved. # Please don't lie #


But by the time of the film's premiere in July '84, word was out


that Purple reign was a must-see. Aspirins entered the theatre that


night, no-one, not even Prince could have predicted the impact of


The movie was set up by the first single from it and how does Prince


give you one of those riveting things you can't get away from.


Have you ever heard of a number one song that didn't have base? There's


a three note hook and it's like, "That's it" it's a million seller.


Anyone who had pop ears knew it was going to be a huge single.


And you can follow the story of Prince and purple reign on the


television. He was amazing. tiny. What has happened to him now?


He's just a symbol now, chilling out with his millions.


Karl has recently been on our screens trying to complete his


bucket list in An Idiot Abroad. Have you heard of the bucket list?


Yes. What is it? It's things to do before you die. I could go into a


jumble sale blindfolded and pick up random stuff and get a better


minimum than this. Easy, boys. cut your hair? I don't just say can


you cut that bit off and leave He's the new Michael Palin. Welcome


to Something For The Weekend something Karl Pilkington. When you


look at those clips, you must admit you've got a great life. A great


life. You travel the world. I can't watch it. It makes me cartridge. I


get a sweat down my back. In my head I think it's all good. And I


used to dance as a kid. Did you? Yeah, a bit of body popping. The


robot. Now the Arndale Centre! We have asked loads of people to


send in questions. So you don't do any work, you just get other people


to send it in. Why not. Mat, it, says what is your continue on


Twitter. Why are you not on it? haven't got enough going on in my


life. I know it seems fascinating because I'm doing all that


travelling. But when I'm at home, it's nothing. To me, it's like


writing a post card. It's nonsense, it's clutter. You don't need it.


Thoughts on Christmas, magical time or waste of money? You see, you're


making me look like all I do is moan. I'm not a fan of Christmas.


But it's about kids and I haven't got any kids. I agree with you. I


agree that Christmas should be about children and adults shouldn't


buy each other presents. No, no, don't listen to that, Jamie! Do you


tell your kids you've bought them or do you tell them about Father


Christmas. We can't talk about this on the show? Why not? Because my


kids are watching. Come off it! you saying that kids don't watch


the show! But don't they compare presents. Karl, they believe the


magic. We'll get into trouble with this. I just want to quickly ask,


honestly, is that the real you that we see? Yes it is. I used to work


with him and yes, it is. There is no acting going on here. I mean,


it's edited down so you're not seeing everything, but, yeah, that


is me. This is the man who used to come on my radio show for


competition and tell me it wasn't going well that night even though


he worked for the same company as me. Yeah. But it's not that bad. I


don't understand why people - I don't think I moan that much.


think people like your honesty. That's right. You're honest. Your


DVD is out and it's the bucket list. We don't know what that is, but


it's big in America. And it means things you want to do before you


die? Yes, if you could do anything, what would you do. And there was a


list of 100 things and it was like whale watching, switching -


swimming with dolphins. And transSiberian railway. But this is


what you really want to do? this is a list that normal people


put together and I picked off it. My favourite is whale watching. I


was listening to you being interviewed the other day on Six


Music. And you had a similar experience to me. You see the


poster with a big whale. And the wallet is...You Don't get close. I


was on the front of the boat, collapsed, feeling sick with one


eye open and they were telling me there was a whale there, and it's


in the distance and I thought, "Really, is this as good as it


gets?" Basically you watch the sea for an hour and you're watching and


you see the ripples and then they dive and they're down for an hour.


I was worried because I know there are a lot of people watching


wanting to love to do that stuff and all he's doing it moaning. I


can come back now and say I've seen a whale and it is great, but at the


time - you see people crying and saying it's so emotional. No it


isn't. I love watching creatures but it's better to watch it on the


telly. Did anything at all touch you? Some bacteria did. I always


get ill when I'm away. Do you take medicine with you? I took Strepsils


to Japan so they numbed my taste buds. They don't advertise


Strepsils for that, but it works! How do you feel, you've now become


hero-worshipped by a lot of people because you're sharing the views of


people. How does that fit with you? Have we got a picture of the guy


with the tattoo? This guy has you tattooed on his arm. Do you think


it is you, or just a man that looks like you? Yeah, it could be anyone.


It's great that he loves me that much. But it's a dangerous game,


isn't it. I'm not going to be around in a year. I was in Norway


on a boat fishing and all these people said, "You're from England"


and I have a picture. These people, their hero is you. You're getting


to be famous all over the world. How does that sit? It's a bit of a


pain. It's the biggest show on Sky. Honestly, it's great and it's good


because it means you get offered another series. But that's only


good if you want to do it. And I don't want to travel any more.


have an e-mail from Stephen Merchant which says, "Karl, why


don't you do another series of An Idiot Abroad? I've been everywhere.


Honestly, my girlfriend bought me a globe when I started doing series


one and she stuck little stickers on every time I've been somewhere.


And I can spin it like that and pop my finger on it and I've been


within that distance. That's pretty good. Yes, but I've done it now and


you should never go to the same place twice. The world is becoming


similar everywhere you go? Everywhere you go, there's star


bucks and Gap and HMV where you can buy An Idiot Abroad in DVD. And


there are some days when you think, "Why am I eating that?." As long as


I can sleep well and eat well I'm happy anywhere. All right get your


questions coming in, because we can ask them when Karl is cooking.


Here is what is still to come today. Mums the word in Frozen Planet.


Despite her sleepyness, her instinct to nurse is overwhelming.


Simon makes a mushroom and tarragon Pithivier. And there's front-line


Pithivier. And there's front-line medicine in Afghanistan. And Lucy


Hedges is here with some of the best gadgets on the market. A pair


of headphones that double up as speakers. I fancy them. But I'm


joined in the kitchen with Twiggy, who tells me she is a good cook.


am, but I don't really cook puddings, because, Lee, my husband


is a savoury man. And I try not to eat too many of them, for obvious


reasons. So I'm intrigued. But I love cooking, and I think I'm all


right. Have you always cooked? in the early days, because I grew


up in the '50s and my mum cooked and I didn't learn until my late


'20s. And in the modelling world there wasn't time to cook. No, and


I was always travelling. I had Karly when I was 29. And once you


have kids you're very into what they are eating and I was into


making fresh baby food. Yes, you become more aware.


Right. So we're going to make a sticky toffee and chocolate pudding.


Very healthy. The sauce is a caramel sauce, chocolate, cream and


butter and for the pudding dates, water and cocoa and flour and eggs.


And butter and sugar that we have already creamed together. And it's


dark chocolate? Yes. We've made the sauce as a caramel sauce before but


never with the chocolate in. It probably should be illegal. Butter,


sugar and cream into the pan and boil it up. And leave it sitting


there and followed the chock - chocolate in to make it really


naughty. And crack the egg in and beat it like mad. The whole egg. I


am yes. This Tweet says, "How do you feel about being one of the


most iconic faces for the last 50 years?" Well, that's very sweet.


But I don't go through the day thinking about it because I get on


with what I'm doing. When I see those pictures it's like this funny


little person I used to know. know when you have a picture of


yourself, at the time, did you think you were stunning? Oh, no,


like every teenage girl I hated what I looked like. I was so skinny.


When I was discovered I weighed 93 pounds. Wow, and this was natural?


Oh, yes, I've always had a very good appetite. It's always a debate.


It is a big issue and now that people are more aware of it, the


model agencies, the good ones, are really taking care and on the


weight thing. Really go for it. can't cook and talk at the same


time. What you'll find is when you do


that, like with the milk and the lemon in the pork dish, it may


begin to curdle. How do you stop that? Just sprinkle a little flour


in it. Oh, and that stops the curdleing. That's brilliant. It's


not something you need to worry about too much, because we're going


to mix in the flour later on. going to get this down the front of


my jacket. Right the sauce has boiled up. Turn it off the heat.


This is the low-fat caramel sauce. And just to make it better for you,


the chocolate goes in. And that is the most evil sauce we've ever made


on the show. I know somebody who would love this. My son's wife,


Ginny, she's very partial to chocolate. Isle' take one home for


her. So these are the dates. Tip those in. This is a simple spongey


mix. And an e-mail from Sophie, "What is your favourite song on the


new album?" Oh, that's hard because I've picked them all because


they're favourites. But probably the one I do with my daughter.


do you like doing due yet? Yes, and I've done one with Richard Marx.


And he immediately said he would duet with me, which is nice,


because he's got such a beautiful voice. Now we tip in the flour and


the cocoa powder. All this flour? Yes. And then gently followed it in.


And then we put the dates in. I love a date. These are jewels,


which are my favourite. So I'm folding this in? Like a cake.


Or making a batter. This is a traditional sticky toffee pud, and


to make it even more evil, add the cocoa powder. So it's an ordinary


sticky toffee pud but you add the chocolate. Yes. You see now frblgs


as it was starting to -- you see at the start, when it was curdleing?


Now it isn't. I'm glad you weren't any where near my mixture. The look


of panic on your face. That was one of those moments. Keep away from me


with that. Now all this comes together. You could either make


this as one great big tray brake. Like brownies. Yes, but we have


these little tissues which have paper in there which is buttered so


it doesn't stick. Oh, my arm. is a lot in there. It smells lovely.


Now in there? Yes, but here's a little tip. If you spoon it like


that as you come up and then when you go into it go down that way and


it won't drip on the sides. kids would love making this.


that goes into there and cook them for tsh-if you do them as


individuals 25 minutes, but if it's a big one it will take...My Boys


will be asking to do this this afternoon. Eye this is what we end


up with. These are our delicious toffee puds.


Toffee and chocolate. That sits on there and then the evil chocolate


caramel sauce. Evil. Did you see what went into that? I know. You


ain't going to lose weight with this, ladies? Nicely for Christmas.


Can Twiggy stop working and come over? Yes. Please. Oh, thank you.


So you get sticky toffee, the chocolate and caramel. Wow, that's


good. Auf, the guys have got in first.


That's amazing. What's the final dish? Mushroom pithivier, which


Karl will be making. You know what's magic are the dates. That's


gorgeous. Now it's cocktails and arrived in the Galapagos Islands to


prevent an environmental disaster. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are


now officially divorced. Iain Duncan Smith received 61% of the


He's one of the teachers protecting the stone. He's not about to steal


it. What? Come on, out. I'm preoccupied today.


Can any of us name the year when the Harry Potter film came out?


went 2001. Simon's gone '99. think it was after the millennium.


I'll say 2002. I'll say the year 2000. We've covered it all. When do


we know the answer? At the end of the show.


There's a prize of �1 million to get it right! Wayne, you're going


to do cocktails for us? Twiggy, welcome to the bar. It's a pleasure


to have you here. Thank you. We're going to do a couple of modern


classics. A cosmopolitan. And a Martini. They've come back around.


Yes, the fruit ones have. Which is a bit of a sacrilege. Because the


originals were Gwyn and Vermouth. And in America, people city drink


more cocktails than they do wine. I was 16-and-a-half when I first went


to the States. Actually, the first time I went to Paris and I went


into a restaurant and I ordered a Coca-Cola - I was 16-and-a-half,


and the waiter was disgusted. He said, "What vintage" and walked


away! This has a double shot of citrus


vodka. Orange liqueur and one measure of cranberry juice. Seedial


Sassoon came on the show and he sort of smashed our image of the


'60s, because we asked him if he was out partying all the time and


he said, "No, I had to go and work." Me too. That's probably why


we're still here. I started to drink alcohol in my late 20s, but


I'm a wine girl. I don't drink cocktails, but I'll certainly taste


it. You sit sipping them and then your knees go. Because they taste


like juice. Didn't this become famous from a film? Sex in the City.


This is a twist on a traditional drink with the cranberry juice. And


then is got the flame to it, to get the caramel on the time. And after


Sex In The City you've got blokes from Newcastle drinking it. That's


the influence you can have. Do you want a straw? Is it very strong?


has a little kick to it. I can see why people love it. I can. But it's


lethal. Especially for a Sunday morning. I haven't had any


breakfast yet! You can have that pork for breakfast. Yes, I've had a


mouthful of that. This is pineapple juice and a wedge of lemon. And


vermouth. How many times as the Twiggy look come back into fashion?


Well, I've never counted it, but when it cake back in the '90s, we


thought it was last a year. All the new people are so intrigued by the


'60s now. There was that girl in the band in X Factor, she had the


Twiggy look. This is a bit more punchy. Yes, that's nice. Twiggy


you had loads of Manchester dies as well. Everything from magazines to


coat hangers. Wedding dolls. have a picture of a Twiggy doll.


That's an original. They're really hard to find now. Because I got on


to it, because I didn't have any. Did you get one? Yeah, a lady in


America got one for me. But they go for $600 thousand. What were the


parties like? I was not a big, I'm a bit of a home girl. I wasn't a


big party girl. I did go to them. And when I went to America I had


parties thrown for me so I met Clint Eastward. Did you meet Andy


Warhol? I did. What was he like? went to the factory. He always


scared me. He had a very pale, white face and grunted a lot. But


he was probably stoned out of his tree. And I didn't like it, because,


you know, I came from Neasden and I was being taken into this weird


place be these weird people. Let's cancel today and just talk about


the '60s. That was lovely. Did you try it. If you want to try Wayne's


cocktails they are on the website. As winter hits the poles again,


only the hardy remain. A mother polar bear. This is amazing.


cubs are born blind and tiny. An early birth is easier on the mother,


Despite her sleepyness, her The cub's clucking calls, stimulate


her to produce milk. And what milk. It's nine times richer than our own


and enables her to double their It's over two months since the


autumn snows first arrived. In two more months, polar bear families


will emerge on to the snowy collapse all around the Arctic. But


for now, they lie protected within their icy cocoons.


You can catch up with Frozen Planet on Wednesday night on BBC One. Now


it's time for the gadgets. And Karl is helping me along. You've brought


in your invention. I'm laughing, but I shouldn't because it's a good


one. Can you talk us through it? It's the pillow pump. You're


laughing, but I came up with that in Japan because they don't have


chairs there. And you get sick and tired of sitting on hard flooring.


And when you're not used to it, it's a bit of a shock. So I came up


with this. It is one of those neck brace s. We should have Twiggy


modelling this. Can I have a grab. Yes, it's padded. And you flogged


these? And they sold out. Ricky and Steve said, "You'll never sell


them." And did they? I sold the lot. Right, Lucy, what are your gadgets.


This is the native union play. Which is a cross between a post-it


and a camcorder. It allows you to record personal notes for your


housemates, flatmates, and you can make a message and you can


magnetise it to the fridge. You're not looking impressed? But you said


a post-it note. That does it. some people like it digitised.


you have to charge it up. And that's another thing. What's wrong


with the paper? So you have this that on your fridge. Yes, it counts


you in. Bread and milk. Don't forget bread and milk. How long can


you leave a message for? Up to three minutes. And you can divide


it up into loads of different message. And hit "play." Bread and


milk. You see! Instead of having a written memo, your girlfriend,


whoever will see the memo and think, "All right, bread and milk." You


can have fun with it. How much is that? �50. What! Forget the bread


and milk. That's expensive. It is. So it's a gimic. Yes, it's not


necessary. I was going to say it's a stocking filler, but not for �50.


Next up? These are hybrid headphones. Zumreed X hybrid ones.


Do you want to put them on. Did you do that on purpose! I'm sorry. Take


them off and they're called hybrid because using this inline control,


you can France form them into speakers. And that's not annoying!


Some people like to make their music more of a social affair.


think this is good because if you'reureing around you can


introduce your music via this. is good. And how much? �120. That's


not bad. And finally. Next up. It's not something that is hugely


exciting. It's just a pillow. got to do it really quickly. It has


built in springs wrapped in foam to ensure comfort and coolness and it


never loses its shape. How much is that? �20. This is the best thing


when you're travelling arched. Stick it in your trousers. Thanks


Lucy and Karl. For more information just go to our website. Now a new


series looking at front line medicine from Camp Bastion.


Since 2005, all the troops on the ground have been issued with one


piece of medical equipment that has made a massive difference to


survival in that first ten minutes. Paramedic, Chief Petty Officer,


Steve, shows me one. We carry them configured in such a way that we


can put them on single-handed. a new type of tourniquet. Simple


but effective. If I have a big bleed here, and you want to get on


to a single bone. Now pull it tight. Break it against this bar and pull


it tight. That's really neat. So hopefully if you were spouting


blood everywhere, this would slow it downle Yes, so it's no longer a


major bleed or catastrophic. Someone told me that if they'd had


it in Vietnam or any major battle it could have saved tens of


thousands of lives. Yes, even in Ireland I can think of a few people


who would still be around if we had these?


Now, it's time for Karl to cook. I have a Tweet here from Craig Cash


who says, "Do you wish you had made something better for the King and


his family than beans on toast." Explain it? When I was in Africa I


had to invite the king and I was in a little campavan. So toast, beans,


cheese on top of it. And he loved it. But there was no meat and he


went mental. Isn't it derogatory not to serve them meat? I wasn't


told that. What was the best, worst food you ate on An Idiot Abroad?


Probably the sushi in Japan. Is the best or worse? Shocking. I don't


know how they're getting away with it. �170 for a rotting fish. Three


years old. Horrible. Really, really. I don't know what's going on. I


don't get it. I'm not a fan of fish any way. You're saying that, but I


want to eat it. He's turned me a little bit mad these days, because


I want to eat all this weird stuff. I'm not usually sick and that made


me sick. And I can watch I'm a celebrity and I say, "I've already


had that." So, we're making a chutney with


onion, chilli and vein var. And garlic, tarragon and lemon. So,


Karl, roughly chop some mushrooms for me. And I will chop the onion.


Have you seen so many different types of mushroom? Oh, yes I have.


David says, "What's next for you?" what are you going to do for a


career now. If you're not going to do An Idiot Abroad, what will you


do? Documentries? Ricky wants to do? Documentries? Ricky wants to


try me on IT. Which is the camera. Is this rude?


No, it's not rude. It's a part he wants me to play. It's not rude,


look. OK. The idea is he wants me to play a part and he sends out


pictures of how he wants me to look. This is an official picture. That's


a good look, isn't it. That's the actual, proper picture that. I


don't know if that's how they made Avatar. So that's how you'll be


seeing me next. But I don't know anything about it. So, yeah, I'm


going to have a go at that. Are you surprised by it all, though. When


were you first on our show? Three years ago. Maybe even longer. And a


lot of people knew you, but an awful lot didn't. But now everyone


knows who you are. Yes. Not everyone. It's on Sky, isn't it.


I'm not having a go. It's a good channel. Does Suzanne get annoyed


by all the things he says on An Idiot Abroad. Like I say, we're on


Sky and we haven't got Sky, so she's probably just heard that now.


Cheers for that. James says how was the wing walk and would you do it


again? That looked terrifying. not an adrenaline junkie, and


that's probably the point of the programme. I'm not in to doing


these daft alternative things. I either had to do a wing walk or


enter a Mr Leather competition. So it was the wing walk. I couldn't do


it? I couldn't do fairground rides let alone that. So, we cook all


this down in loads of butter. Let them drain and we end up with this.


There's a lit of tarragon in there. The reason why I hate fairground


rides is when I was a Sid we went to a fairground and my friend said


his brother had found a huge nut that had fallen off one of the


rides and the people who owned the ride just kicked it to one side.


It's nonsense, but I keep thinking they'll fall apart.


So, click that on. We then have potato and cottage cheese and salt


and pepper. And then all of that then goes into there as well. My


favourite bit was the Glee one. Because I can see you on things


like the wing walk when you don't want to do them. But the Glee one,


imagine being out of your comfort zone and having to perform. It was


brilliant. It was tough. I'm not a performer like that. I never really


got involved in plays at school. I always got out of that. So to find


myself with all these young kids with daft haircuts and things like


that. And then I had to sing van hailen. And I haven't got a God


voice. And you know, dancing, you have to be sychronised. And I think


what's the point. Because if everyone's doing the same dance,


you might as well just have one bloke. For the viewers it's nice to


have different dancers going on. That will do. That's the filling.


Now, two circles cut out of that. Kenny says what do you think of


magic? What, do you mean like...Do You enjoy magic? That Dynamo is


good at the moment. Clever that. Yes, but I watch dynamo and then I


go on YouTube and see how he does it and ruin it for me. How does he


do it? Which one? The one when he goes in the floor outside a shop.


I'll tell you after the show. Honestly, do you know how he does


it? Yes, it's on YouTube. That's not real magic. Have you heard


about this fellow Russell Grant, he can look at the stars and tell your


futures. What do you think of star signs? I don't look at them. I


don't want to know. I think it can mess with your head a little bit.


It can. It can get in the way of...Life. Treat every day, you


know. What am I doing? Another circle goes on top and then press


it round. Have we nearly finished, Simon, we are running out of time.


Yes. Now, brush it to glaze it. Let's pretend we've done that,


shall we today and produce something out of the oven. I'm on


it. And you can leave that now. Simon plates the Pithiviers. Louise


and Twiggy have the deja vu year. When Iain Duncan Smith became Tory


leezer, the - leader. What year was it? I was wrong. It's 2001.


didn't know I had got it right. Clever clogs. I was only a year out.


Have you any more questions? Yes. A Tweet from Sarah for Twiggy. How


fun was it filming at an fab? was wonderful. And the hardest


thing was not laughing, because they are so funny and I got the


giggles. What would you say you are now? A model, an actress, a singer?


What is your passion? Everything. I'm very lucky because I've been


able to do lots of things. And it's all performing. Whether you're


modelling, singing. And I've always designed things. Can you remember a


time when you weren't famous. Do you remember back to 15? Of course


I do. I'm not that old! Do you remember." Do you sometimes wish


you weren't famous, like you'd be normal again? It's such a normality


for me and it doesn't intrude on your life. Because I live such a


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