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The clocks are back and so are we. We are live on Sunday, 30th October.


Joining us today is a man who brings a sense of humour to being a


entrepreneur, millionaire and Dragon, Peter Jones.


And bringing some rock, are the Generation Terrorists, Nicky Wire


and James Dean Bradfield from the Manic Street Preachers. The gadgets


will be next. And of course a look at next week's telly. This is


Something For The Weekend. Good morning. Welcome to Something


For The Weekend. The last one for October. If you follow Peter Jones,


he had a competition on Twitter he got them to decide whether he would


be wearing blue, option two, brown trousers, stripy socks. He went for


came on the show wearing sneakers - trainers. This is the tallest show.


Nicky and Peter Jones. How tall are you? Six seven. How tall is Nicky


Wire? Six 'four. I don't know. We will be back in an -- the clock


wound back an hour. We decided to go out last night and have some


cocktails because we had an extra hour. What are you drinking? Whisky


sour. The barman put it in, was it copper? A copper vessel. Was it a


good night? Boys on the town! Stroke morning! What have we had,


an hour? Not even that. Did you leave the bar and come


straight here? That's it. Hard core! That's what we did. Are you


well? You are off last week? you're making me cough. I might


cough slightly through the show, so I do apologise. I couldn't miss


another week. Yesterday Jimmy Saville died. There he is.


Obviously one of the big stars of our country. Did you ever write to


Jimmy? No. I didn't. Louise, you didn't? I didn't either. I didn't


but I always, Jamie told me he wrote to him to say could he train


with the England team? He ended up getting his dream come true? A few


years on! He wrote to Terry Venables! Terry, can I have a run


out with you and the boys? What are you involved in? Because we have


gained an hour today, there is a campaign, basically the aim is to


encourage you to send an hour of your time to teach somebody who has


no concept of the internet or doesn't know how to use it to get


online and see the joys it holds for you. So, if you dominate


somebody you would use. I would use my dad, who does not use the


internet, to show them how to communicate with their grand kids,


do the shopping online. It is a great campaign. Teach them how to


use Twitter and can take over your life. Sit online and take over your


life! It is good to see your relatives abroad. We take it for


granted. It is a campaign aimed at people who don't have any concept


of that magical world. My mum struggles just with a mobile phone,


so the thought of my grandparents on a computer, they will struggle.


My daughter taught my mum and dad how to text. Now they text like a


14 year old girl. They use all the abbreviations.


Nick and Nicky from the manic street preachers are here to talk


about being in the band. The new album and the gig where they will


play their complete back catalogue of 38 singles.


I was talking to James. And they are doing a set. It will take them


three-and-a-half hours, something like that. They'll have to have a


break between. People will get their money's worth when they go in


and see everything. I listened to it. Obviously it goes on forever,


it is amazing to see the body of work they've done. What a great


band! Peter Jones has made a new series exploring how the most


successful British millionaires have made their money. He will


hopefully share with us what he found out. Is he your favourite


Dragon? Yeah. Is he yours? I like him, Theo, Deborah. Who's the new


one - I like her as well. When we.... That's good! She wears


the best jackets. When we pitch to get funding for our Olympic


vehicle.... Who would you go for? I've had a word with Mr Jones


already. I am into my finger extensions that I pitched to


Deborah or puffy skin, I might invent a disease and invent a cure


that does not exist. I was off this day. Do you remember when Deborah


came on. I couldn't have taken that seriously. Invent a disease that


women want. They like having things. Puffi deprbgs ermis. -- -


Puffidermis. If I say to you, you have puffidermis, you will say,


"Give it to me." This is how we make money. We have a normal


chocolate bowl, all about how good it is for you and that would be it.


Just chocolate? Ordinary chocolate. We wrap each individual square, so


you actually allocate that as part of your calorie-controlled diet. It


helps with "Puffidermis." I Have I made that up?


It is better stp you have -- if you have!


Any questions for the Manics or requests to Peter Jones, via the


website or Tweet us so we can read I heard you cooked some fantastic


food last week. Was it the best? Is this week quoing -- going to be as


good? I thought I would not bother this week now you are back. We


start off with salmon tikka wraps. It is a nice way to serve them.


Tikka is dead easy to do, salmon works well with it. Then it is game


season. Pheasant season starts, so we are doing a roast pheasant with


celeriac and bacon. That says autumn. Desert, now everyone this


afternoon will carve pumpkins to put in their window tomorrow. What


do you do with the middle of the pumpkin? We make a pumpkin and


coconut loaf. That is a great idea. We are doing savoury tarts. No


reason they cannot be savoury. That is what we're doing.


Head to our website to find all those recipes. This is what else


you can look forward to on today's show.


Grayson Perry is on his bike. One, two, three, push.


We have Him And Her. Dean, the new guy makes you down a


pint of wine! There's no stone unturned in Frozen


Planet. Without a good-looking nest, a male will be unable to attract a


in bed. He was not in bed an extra hour, he was out partying. I hope


the cocktails will be good! I'm still going. I had a nice hall


low wen drink. And this one where you get this lovely mist of vapours.


He knows all the cocktail men. We could only dance on the tables, he


was sliding down the bar, going like this.


I liked the waist coat he was wearing. He got away with his


sparkly shorts. What are we cooking? Salmon tikka.


It is a standard marinade, we have some cayenne, garam masala. Some


flour, egg, yogurt, cheese, which is unusual, but it softens the


flavour. Ginger, garlic and lime. Salad bits we will serve.


First things first. For the marinade, Lou, if you would like to


put the yogurt, put the egg in, stick in all the spices, stick in


the flour. Tim, you can great the ginger and the garlic. Then you can


zest the lime and squeeze the juice. Is this all going in together?


Everything in there. What was wrong with you, did you have bronchitis?


Yes. Really poorly. I always get bad coughs.


Put it there. No. Isn't that where you just


grated? So are you two tick or tweeting


this week? I am tomorrow. Neighbours, we'll be around!


I don't know if I am old and miserable...: It is good. I love it.


Around my way it goes mad. We all get dressed up. Go out.


is better than fireworks now. The kids love it. They are dead


excited. I know it is all American, I don't think it matters. I think I


am miserable. We have American families where we live. They go for


it. They invite you into their front door and do the whole of


their house. It is a massive holiday for them.


They go for it. The kids love it. Up my street they have started


decorating. They have to be grated? The cheese has to be grated as well.


What was that? How? I've got stuff in it. Wash it. I can't wash it up.


Excuse me - can I just say, that's Tim's idea of grated. What is that?


I didn't put that in there, did I? It's like a wedge!


It's been a long night. We've not had any sleep.


So you great all the ginger. It's - - you great all the ginger grate


all the ginger. We need another greating machine.


This one is not -- grating machine. This one is not good.


Everyone was happy in rehearsal. Look it's happening. The cheese is


not something you would associate with it.


Give that a stir around. What cheese is this? Cheddar. Just


a bit of cheap Cheddar. It doesn't need to be anything more than that.


It softens off some of the acidity in the spices.


More often than not you get it when you have a chicken tikka. It tends


to work well with the chicken, but also with the salmon. Stick the two


pieces of salmon in there. Move it around with your hands so you get


in as much of the marinade in as you can. Why are you laughing at


No we go. Do it with the spoon then. What you do is let this marinade


for as long as you can. The more the flavours will develop. Two


hours is a minimum, I would say. you want me to get them out.


hours for a minimum. Cover it and put it in the fridge. What we end


up with is we have this lovely marinade. What happens of course is


a little acidity in there. That begins to cook the fish as well.


are not cooking it? We do. Tim, fish out the two bits of fish. Give


it a shake to get rid of the excess from there. Pop them on the tray.


You want marinade, but not too much of it.


We have plenty, so you can pack it full. You can put it in a plastic


bag rather than a bowl. Works well. Smells nice. So you have the fish


which is cooked through with this acidity. Then we grill them for


about six to eight minutes. Smells to be. Whatever kind of salad


things you want. If you wanted to serve it with, I don't know rocket


or whatever, that's fine. Equally you don't have to do them in wraps.


We're doing this as a serving suggestion. When they come out,


this is what you end with, these beautiful, beautiful salmon fillets.


You can serve this with a bit of rice would be delicious. That would


be lovely! You get this lovely flavour. This is butter with lemon


juice in. It gives some more delicious extreminess to it.


dropping the cucumber. We're all over the place today, aren't we?


know. Chop a bit of lettuce. We're going to stick them in a wrap. We


have our tortillas. Shall we bring this over? Stick them on my board.


Thank you. Lovely. I'm going to throw them on there. We've got our


wrap. Can you do whatever you want. Wrap them and enclose them, let's


do a bit of that. That's nice the tortilla stuff, because it's quite


good, easy, quick and easy. Dead easy. It changes something that's


quite ordinary like a piece of salmon into something delicious.


you have kids that won't eat fish, it's a nice disguise. Do you want


to try that, it's very hot. I find if my children say they don't want


to eat anything, I leave it there and they either eat it or go hungry.


You so don't. It seems to work. you believe him? No. They eat


everything now. That was their choice, eat that or nothing. I'm


not made of money, Simon. I think it's the best way. It's what


happened when we were kids. Absolutely. Then we wrap up our


tortillas like that. That's delicious. It really is good.


this down the middle like that. Have a bit of that, Tim. Lovely bit


of tortillas, then lovely jalapenos, fresh mint, which works beautifully


well. How are we tasting this? going to pick it up. Bit of mango


chutney. A little bit of sour cream or yoghurt. Go for it. A bit of the


fish on there, if you want a bit of fish. It works with salmon,


monkfish and cod as well. Cod ticka is so nice. It's nice isn't it.


Because the salmon is quite fatty, somehow that adds to that delicious


flavour. I struggle with some fishes but that is really easy.


Perfect. What are we cooking for main course? A bit of roast


pheasant, lovely bit of game season. Bbc.co.uk/Something For The Weekend


is the place you need to go to find out all our recipes. It's like a


salmon kebab, isn't it? Great thing to have, if you've had a couple of


drinks, like last night! actually only had one drink. That's


what they say. There's a new series of BBC Three's most successful


sitcom ever, set entirely in Steve and Becky's flat. This is Him And


Her. Today, what are you doing? I have


important news and Paul's got to be back at one. Can I do a wee? No.


you're more than five minutes late from lunch, Dean, the new guy,


makes you down a pint of wine. of wine? Yeah. Let me just do a


of wine? Yeah. Let me just do a quick wee. No. Ridiculous. First


things first. We've chosen a choir for the wedding. Oh! We've been E


mailing the vicar and he's given us the website of a choir made up


entirely of blind people. Seriously can't see a thing. It's very


generous of you. It's an act of charity and a tribute to Paul's


uncle who is himself blind. Is he? Yeah, he got stabbed in the eyes.


We want something upbeat like they have at black weddings, but sls


something with a heart. Something about baby Jesus. Exactly. I want a


veryer is reen ceremony, like when Diana died.


Really? And you can watch Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani who will


be our guests next Sunday, excellent, I love Russell Tovey.


And Him And Her is on Tuesday at 11.20 pm on BBC Two. Our first


guest is big in the world of business, a big golfer, does deals


worth big, big money and has a big new show on BBC Two and at 6'7" is


well just... Big. Huge. He's huge. He became to most of us as a dragon




WITH THIS Money than with your ticket. �600 to hire for a day? I'm


never going to call you again because it doesn't work. All of the


money in return for 45% of your business. I wish you the best of


luck, but I'm out. Big him up as we welcome him to


Something For The Weekend, Peter Jones.


Great show I love Dragon's Den. It just will keep on going forever.


People love business, they love the inventions and the ideas. You don't


know what's going to come up the stairs. That keeps it fresh. We're


talking about your new show in a minute. We have a few tweets coming


in. First from Jack Spears, "What is the best product on Dragon's Den


ever?" Everybody knows Reggae Reggae Sauce, Levi Roots. Don't


keep on saying it, because you're not allowed to. What Levi Roots.


Yeah, but he was a big personality as well. Great character. Something


you can really market. That's what it's all about. Do you get a gut


feeling when they first start talking or can they win you over?


With Levi I had to see. His product was just a sauce. I say just a


sauce, it wasn't maidge orly complicated. It was him. Could I


see him making that business a success? Probably not. But I could


see him the marketing quality of the business. How successful has it


been? Mega. He's a multimillionaire. I think he's the most successful


man ever to appeared on television through a competition. He's a


multimillionaire several times over. Wow. Good for him. Which means


you're making money as well. Yeah. Do you bring that up into the other


dragsons face? Another one, "Have you invested in anything that has


been a turkey?" A lot of people have asked about the band, Hamfater.


What happened to them, where are they now? I was sad about Hamfatter


because I thought it could work. It's a great example that even with


money and when you invest in something, you have to have a bit


of scer tease. I knew nothing about that -- expertise. I knew nothing


about the marketplace. I think I didn't help them as best I could.


It was a band you thought could be successful. I thought they were


great. I had friends in the music business who might be able to help


me and they didn't help. It's ongoing though. Anything like that,


it's all right getting one or two plays on the radio, but it's


ongoing, it's consistently pushing, which I imagine is hard for you.


You phoned your mates "Hello. Sorry line's breaking up." I called Chris


Moyles. And he went what "Ham splatter?" No, Hamfatter. Lots


don't work. That's business. Tell us about the new show. We're in the


middle of a recession, people are struggling. You've found people


whose businesss are thriving at the moment. Yeah the new show is how


they made or how we made our millions. It's about a couple of


individuals, Michelle Mone, who owns Ultimo and Richard Reed, who


owns Innocent, the smoothy drink. I'm trying to get into their minds.


I think everybody is saying, "How do I make it today?" You mention


the recession, we're clearly in one, at least it's very difficult. I


want to get into their mind set. What is the psyche of a millionaire.


Is there such a thing? I've tracked two individuals, asked them the


most detailed questions trying to get into their mind set. It was


quite an interesting journey for me. We have a little clip here. We call


this the smoothy wheel of fortune. Sometimes if we can't make a


decision, we put the options on there and let the wheel of fortune


decide for us. You put the ideas in here and whichever it turns to is


the one you use? Exactly. That's the one you go for. You make


decisions on a wheel of fortune? Yeah, basically. Would you die for


your brand? Oh, I've got kids, but put it this way, when I tell you


the story about how we almost went bust, I almost did, yeah. We go


from here to hell for Ultimo. I read a book once, I've read a few


books, I can't remember which one it is, which said that a lot of


business is about being in the right place at the right time. That


makes you think like Bill Gates, a bit of luck. Is that true? Yeah, I


really do. I think that I've had more than my fair share of luck.


You create your own luck to be fair. You're working hard, you have good


breaks. It's like anything, you have to be good at what you do, but


you need luck along the way. Do you think it's going to be harder for


youngsters now to get those opportunities to go outs there and


be entrepreneurs and make businesses work? Because


everybody's so conscious of what they spend at the moment. I mean,


it's going to be tough. It's really tough. The biggest problem is we've


got to realise there is an education gap in enterprise in this


country. We are so far behind. For every young person today that wants


to become an entrepreneur, only 5% ever will. The reality is because


they don't have the knowledge. That's why I set up an academy


network, which we have 16 colleges up and down the country teaching


individuals enterprise. There's a qualification now for the first


time, which we've created. That's what needs to happen. People need


to be taught. And everybody believes oh, you're born an


entrepreneur, it's a load of rubbish. What are the similarities


between you, Michelle and Richard? There's been residing similarity,


there's a lot of things about us all, and there's a certain facade


that we try to portray. We want to show that everything's OK.


Sometimes it isn't. So there's a huge insecurity in entrepreneurs


that we don't ever talk about. I know from my own feelings of losing


everything, knowing what it's like to come back, I've been pretty


lonely and insecure. But it's something we don't talk about.


give us a really quick what happened? I made really bad


decisions and I lent, it's lending people money, when you sell product


to companies and give credit. I did it in the last recession. I lost


everything. I wents from owning everything, the Porsche, the cars,


the house, I lost the lot and ended up sleeping on a floor for six


months. I've had this conversation with your wife, literally a


mattress on the floor. How is she still your wife? She does talk


about that story. It's very inspiring actually. Was it most


exciting making it first time or second time? Second time for sure.


Absolutely. You're holding onto it this time. Definitely. It's great


now. But it still doesn't stop. You're on that tread mill. It's


difficult. You don't ever want to get off. But I love it. It's about


encouraging other people to do it now. How due make the money first


time and then second time? I did a tennis academy to start with. Then


I built computers. I thought I could be the next Michael Dell. I


was clearly wrong. Then I started again in telecoms. Now it's just a


broad spectrum of loads of different things. Do you encourage


your children to get into business and understand business and the


value, I know you install the value of money. That's interesting.


interesting because it's difficult, what do you do with them? And how


do you keep them grounded? Because the worst thing is you don't want


some cocky little child coming in that really doesn't know what true


life is all about. The reality is I'm kind of living a life that


sometimes isn't real. How do you keep them grounded? We've set up a


thing where when they inherit, if they go and get a job, they get


double the money each year. If they go and help somebody, for example,


go to do charity work, we'll pay for all of that and they'll get


four times the amount they get. Charity work unfortunately is


pretty low pay. I'm trying tone courage them to do good things.


Talia for example, what's interesting is that she will ring


me up thinking the television is wrong, asked me why I didn't invest


in this or that. They're into pitching the ideas. I often give


her my business plans. She'll read them out at nine years of age,


saying dad I don't think this organic stuff is going to work.


They aren't into it. They want low cost, good quality. She's already


getting. It's feeding them. It's like real life, that movie Big with


Tom Hanks. Get the kids in. It's great though. We have run out of


time. Who is your favourite dragon to invest with? I've always had a


problem with Duncan early on. I'm in business with Theo. I love him.


It's hard. I have to be honest I love them all. As much as we fight.


Hillary? One of the nicest people I've ever met. She's a real sweety.


She's becoming the nation's favourite (in a deep voice) I have


to say thank you to everybody on Twitter for dressing me today. Alan,


Julie, Mike, everybody, thank you for making me who I am today.


that fashion, I'm out. Peter is staying with us. Simon is making a


pumpkin and coconut loaf. And would you cast your expert eye over


gadgets with us? Yeah OK. I want to get a question to put to Peter or


James and Nicky from the Manic Street Preachers, e-mail us or send


us a tweet. Don't tell me you have never seen this before. We neeld


the year for all these pieces it's Deja View.


This is hard. # Sweet dreams are made of these


# Everybody's looking for something Just over an hour ago, the House of


Lords voted in letting in the television.


The Metropolitan Police today began a clamp down on parking offenders.


50 found out about the new scheme when they discovered clamps fitted


to their illegally-parked cars. One of the most important finds of the


century, the giant claw from a dinosaur, until now, unknown to


How's the kid? Fine. What to doing walking by your


lonesome on the street. None of your business. Look at my nose.


Cruise there what year? '82. '83. Around them. If there's football in


there we get it every week. Maybe they should throw it in for us.


Then it might be embarrassing if we don't. Time for your versions of


our recipes. We asked you to send in pictures of you naked. Little by


little we are getting there. We If you are offended look away.


Starting here this is Helen from South Yorkshire. She made the


sherry braized chicken breasts. Hello, Helen!


She said the presentation was poor, but it tasted delicious.


She braised her breasts with sherry. She had been foraging. She said....


Louise is shocked. I have one week off and they get women to send in


naked pictures! What's going on? One for the ladies, Lou. Check this


out. This is Kieron Willis from Cambridge. He made the apple and


appropriately passion fruit pie. He made it for his girlfriend. That is


the work of genius. I love it! And just to show.... If we keep doing


this the ratings will go up. That is a Dundee football shirt.


You don't have to send in naked pictures. But you have more chance


of getting on the fridge if you do. Do send them via the website, or


you can tweet us at SFTW. It is brilliant. Gets better every week.


So....? We are doing pheasant. I don't think we have done it


I don't think we have done it before. We did quail once. Is the


main aim to make it so the bird doesn't dry out? Yes. The thing


with game birds, the thing is, it is true with chicken, if you had a


chicken this size it would dry out. We are cooking celeriac. We have


fried up some bacon. Taken it out of the pan. All the uses are in


there. We have a bay leaf. This is our pheasant. Streaky bacon. The


stock is cider, cream, thyme. We have a selection of vegetables. We


have garlic, carrots, mushrooms, onions and leeks. Your first job is


to chop that up. We'll make a base for the bird to sit on. This is


true of any bird you cook really. I did goes last year. It doesn't --


of the bird going through it. It is a simple thing to do. You get nice,


delicious flavour. Thyme, sprinkle that on it. The garlic, we don't


need to chop it at all. When you get a pheasant has it been shot?


Yes. Do you have to check it for shots? Do the butchers, the shops


do that? It depends where you buy it from. These days it is more


accessible game. You would only buy it from a butcher and it would be


hanging up. They tend to be packaged up, read wri to go, so you


don't have the worries, which is why the sales of pheasant and all


game has gone up. Is it true it is not native to our country. North


America is where it originates from. We want moisture in this. We have


butter. That will go into the cavity, like that.


I want to start the sauce, actually. While I do that - I want to talk


football, Tim. I don't want to mention the Chelsea


3-, Arsenal, five result yesterday, but you playing football with Andy


Murray. Is that true I went up to the national tennis player. They


wanted someone to play tennis. I didn't know he was playing tennis.


He came and played. He's pretty handy with his feet. Every time he


got the ball I didn't want to tackle him because I thought, the


last thing you want to be doing is injuring our greatest tennis player


for the last how many years? Since Virginia Wade, '77. She was the


last British person. Everything happened in '77. Queen's jubilee.


Punk. A lot happened.


What am I doing? With the sauce, what we're doing. Now we've added


the bacon. We have reduced the moisture. Then we add a glug of


cider in there. Some nice flavour in this. Reduce that down a little


bit. Reduce it down to almost nothing. Let's assume that has


happened. Then we add stock into there. And a good strong stock.


We've got good flavour in the pheasant. You could use chicken


stock. Make sure it is a rich flavour. If you can get game stock,


even better. We reduce that down. Then we add a glug of cream into


there. This will be reely -- really rich. You could finish with creme


fraiche. Bubble that away to thicken it. You could do all this


with the bird. We have butter inside. Now rub butter all over the


top of this. We are looking to get lots of moisture so it will not dry


out. So you are really working it. Is this too much? That is perfect.


We want there to be plenty of moisture on there. Then a good bit


of seasoning. In the cavity as well. It is good, you can be messy with


this and then wash your hands. Get yourself in there. You can see with


this sauce, very quickly it start toss reduce down. There's a high


fat conant -- starts to reduce down. There's a high fat content.


With the bacon, one, we have flavour from the bacon. Two, we


have a lot more fat in there. As it cooks you've got the fat that will


actually keep it nice and moist. Lie a bay leaf on top of that and


sit it on top of our veg. Give your hands a bit of a wash. Sit that on


top, then we roast this for 55 minutes or so. What will happen is


we've got the delicious fat from the bacon which keeps it moist. We


have lots of flavour. The butter will keep it nice and rich. Lots of


juices will come out. If you wanted to you could use all this veg.


pheasant expensive? It is not too bad. It's the season for it. It's


at its best. It will not feed a lot. That is for two. No, it isn't. One


thing you notice straight away is that obviously we have loads of


moisture, all the delicious butter we've had in there has gone into


the veg. The veg is lovely. Take all that veg out. Puree it. Pass it.


And you have the basis for a lovely gravy. What we're going to do with


this fella - look at that - smells lovely! It is a richer smell,


richer flavour than chicken. If it's not pheasant season....


don't you do the vegetables along side it? You can if you want to do.


Tim, we will do that. We will absolutely do it. I thought you


said it was a sauce. The cream makes the sauce. What we've got is


here is our veg contact. We have one half of that and then we will


scope out some of your vegetables. Put them on there as well. Peter,


do you want to come over and try this? Then we sit our lovely


pheasant on top. What do you do? We carve it. Give


it a slice up. You are tall, aren't you? I feel


slightly insignificant here. Did you play basketball? I didn't.


Was it just tennis? Is it too late now? Did you play tennis? Tennis


was, there was a big advantage being tall with tennis. When you


get to drop shots, - not so good. Smells lovely!


It has that delicious sort of flavour of crispiness and


Christmassy flavours. It looks Christmassy.


Very nice! What is Peter going to be cooking with you next? A pumpkin


loaf for us. I like the sound of that.


So pumpkin and coconut loaf for desert.


OK. That is it. If you look at our website, alongside all of today's


recipes you can also e-mail your questions to our kpwests from there


or tweet -- guests from there or tweet ASFTW.


-- at SFTW. Artist Grayson Perry, best known


for cross-dressing is curating an exhibition at the British Museum.


He is embarking on a peace and reconciliation tour to Germany with


D The pilgrimage was to depart from Chelmsford and end at Chelmsford's


twin town. Alan is on his throne. He was given to me 50 years ago


close to this spot. I was born in the hospital up there. St John's


hospital. That is where I first met Alan. The mayor - fantastic! Thank


you very much for coming. The send- off turned out to be a gathering of


all of the Alans. With his mission given an official stamp of approval


by Chelmsford's mayor. Keeper of all good qualitys. A leader, a


fighter, a sports man, a father. This is a personal message from


myself, the Mayor of Chelmsford to take with you and present it to him.


We will. Alan, we need to push it.


Won't need much of a push. Oh, it OK and you can take a ride with


Grayson Perry: The Tomb Of The Unknown Craftsman on Tuesday


10.35pm on BBC One. During their rock careers our next guests have


played through acid house, Manchester, grunge, hip-hop, they


have survived five British Prime Ministers. Their album is out


tomorrow, including all singles, including these classics.


# A design for her life # Just like before


# It isn't far enough # If you tolerate this, then our


children will be next # And if you tolerate this, then


your children will be next # Will be next, will be next, will


be next # Welcome back to Something For The


Weekend James and Nicky from the Manic Street Preachers. You're


doing all 37 singles, does that mean you're splitting up? No.


at all. Jesus, I'd go into therapy for the rest of my life if you told


me we were splitting up. We are institutionalised musicians. What


made you put all the singles on an album. We're completists really. If


there's a next phase, it's drawing a line in the sand. We'll go and


what way and come up with something. You're going to put this out and


then you're going to take a couple of years off to re-jig the band.


Recalibrate. What does that mean, are you going to try and find a new


sound? Jazz! Welsh punk jazz. Don't know if the world really needs that.


We just got our studio in Cardiff, which is kind of like a youth club


for the over 40s really. We are just going to retire to there for


the next few years and see what we're going to come up with. There


are not so many guitar bands with hit singles. You said it would be


your last single and just release albums after this. I think. So we


can't be expected to keep up with all these whipper snappers. It's


all you have to do to promote as well. When we started it was just


one, but now there's five digital versions of the same thing. Let's


have a lock at the same -- new single. What made you do this?


got a Mel colic victorious feel in it. We loved this song from when we


were young. Matt Johnson from The The, not easy to say, he was one of


our heroes. # The sunburns into your eyes


# This is day your life will surely change


# This is the day when things fall into place #


So the footage there, the video is footage of you throughout the years,


even with Fidel Castro. Does it make you feel emotional watching


all that stuff? It did. When we finished it and me and my brother


edited it together, it put a lump in my throat. A tweet here from


Lindsay saying "Highlight of the 25 years, was there one moment when


you thought wow?" There's a couple. There was staying in B&Bs, sleeping


in the same beds together and kind of transit van stuff. And things


like Millennium Stadium and winning the Brits. Yeah that early day


stuff. It's almost corny last gang in town thing. You're in a transit


and scraping money together for a burger and chips to share. It was


always about chips really. Don't you think it's unusual that you've


never split up though. The Stone Roses what do you think about them


getting back together again? Roses and Pistols they deserve it.


They never had the chance to cash in really. Some other bands, it


seems like more of a career move. They are like classic old


footballers who missed out on the money. You came out of the old


fashioned way of music, like clubbing together to buy a burger


and chips on the way back from a gig. What do you make of the


current music industry where people are catapoulted is quickly into


being stars. They have such short careers. Would you have take than


route? I'm glad we grew up when we did. It was so much more fulfilling


and enjoyable. We didn't tell millions of albums until our fourth


record. You know what you're doing by then and that's the great thing.


It didn't stop us meting up. feel, I suppose, thaw bring your


best work to the table. This thing with like guitar bands you don't do


your best work until your third album. Now bands don't a chance to


get to their second album. We were lucky to be a band when we were,.


We were lucky that I was in school with James since we were four.


That's 38 years together. That's slightly unnatural I know! My band


career started on the football field when he'd stand with his


hands on the hips. He would tell me what to do. You're doing a gig with


this, yeah? All the way to the, all 37 singles. How long with that


take? I think we'll have an interval for the crowds to have


something to eat and drink and for us to have a massage and some


steroids. It's going to be a tough thing, 27 tracks. It's tough to


remember all the words. Are you going to have them written down?


could go down the route to have a teleprompter like Ozzy Osborne.


could just sing it twice. The album is called National Treasures is


that because you are national Welsh treasures or British treasures?


There's a bit of irony involved in that. At the start there was a nice


balance of pure hatred and doe vogs. There's always been that with us.


You know I know nothing about rugby, and you're huge fans - And football


fans. What did you think of Wales? Painful and heart breaking and


amazing. It was a funeral pyre of emotions. My wife, it's the first


time she's experienced that kind of emotion in Wales where we were just


walking around the streets, it was like, you know, like zombies


walking around after the game. She couldn't believe it. As you


represent Wales and Welsh sport at the moment, what do you think of


the GB teams. Wales FA have said they don't want to be involved.


Gareth Bale will see. I've got no problem with. It I love the


Olympics any way. I'm a sport obsessive. I'll be watching the


archery at 3am from Sydney. I love the Olympics. I don't think it


means we lose any identity or UEFA are going to strip us of all that


kind of stuff. Just go with it, for once. I was kind of against it at


first. When I saw the shot of Gareth Bale with a prospective top


on I thought, that makes sense. plays for Spurs and also Welsh, one


of the best players in Britain. He will be definitely playing. I read


that you were Tottenham fans. Is this true? Yes. I am. That's nice


to hear. He was always going on about champagne football when we


were young. Why Tottenham, being from Wales? My dad took me to see


Cardiff. I went to Newport county as well. Seeing Glenn Hoddle


changed my line. Just the most gifted player of his generation.


One of the best. Him and Gazza. Both Number Ten. All I have in my


mind is rod any Marsh having a run out. -- Rodney. This is not a


football show come on. You're cooking our final dish, if you want


to tweet [email protected] or e-mail us. is also all to come today: Pick up


a pebble in Frozen Planet. impressive property demonstrates


your worth as a mate. Simon's creating savoury custard tarts.


Louis Theroux meets America's Most Dangerous Pets. I don't want to


touch her bum that much is one of the things.


Peter Jones is in the kitchen with us. Are you as good at cooking as


spotting a great idea? No. I love it. Sometimes when I'm at home I do


mess things up. I have a go. I'm willing to get in. That's good.


Have you always cooked? Not really, no. Packet stuff, microwave. Yeah,


I'm with you. It's that prep work. Time is a big thing. This is quite


a nice thing to do. This is a pumpkin and coconut loaf. Tell me


this, because I know mums are going to be saying right, when we emptied


this out to do our face it doesn't look like that, it's smashy. Is


that OK? That's fine. We have peeled the pumpkin and then roasted


it and cut it into cubes. It doesn't matter. If all you have is


big bits, fine, it will roast. Because we're pureeing this it


doesn't matter how it looks. This is a pumpkin cake? A pumpkin and


coconut loaf. Here's the pumpkin that we've roasted. We have flour,


bicarbonate of sodya, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Then


desiccated coconut, water which we may or may not need, then eggs,


may or may not need, then eggs, butter and light brown sugar. The


first job is to cream that together. In we go. Mind the velvet jacket.


Go for it. See that's nice. While Peter is doing that, we've roasted


this off so it's soft. This is one of those things because this is


going to be a puree in our cake, you're besting overroasting rather


than underroasting this. You want it to be nice and soft. Just not


burnt. No. Cover it with foil. If you're worried about that, put it


into a roasting tray and then cover it and roast it until it's nice and


soft. Blend that until it's good and smooth is what we want it to be.


A bit of texture not too much of a problem, but you know, the more the


merrier. When do you know this is done? Basically, as we keep


whisking it - that will do - it will come together and be smoothish,


but it's not crucial. Next job is to simply spoon all of that into


there. Is that me? Let's spatulate it. I'm I'm doing that in here


right? Yeah, beautiful. Nice. Have there been many food businesses on


Dragon's Den? Simon's got an idea. I've loads! Would you come into the


Den and pitch it? Wouldn't you love to do that. I would love that.


We're not all that bad you know. You just have to get the numbers


right. That's the one isn't it. come up with a good idea and you've


got to be a bit scared coming p the scared. It's that whole thing, you


look at, that's always the one that people fall down on. Even if you


like the idea, if you don't think the numbers work, with a few


notable exceptions, then it falls down. Or equally, if they can't


guarantee numbers, a lot of people make it up, do you think? When they


make the numbers up, you're like, well, it doesn't add up. You'll be


amazed the amount of people that have clearly watched the show, but


still come in, "What's your turnover in the first year? I don't


know. What does your product do? I don't know, but it looks good."


It's amazing how they haven't got a clue. I really love the show. The


first couple of years it was quite difficult. I was having to deal


with much older friend Duncan Bannatyne, that was hard. But now


I've got to know him, actually I quite enjoy it. I do. Didn't you go


over the -- to the States to do a show? Yes the American inventor


show. Was you on that over there? It's something I came up with, it


wasn't, I thought wouldn't it be great to have people with just


purely inventions coming to pitch with a panel of people. It was


myself and George Foreman, a guy called Pat Crouchy and Sarah


Blakely, the lady who did Spanx. There were four judges N Chicago


alone, we had nearly 10,000 people queuing up. And what was there


anybody that was successful that has gone on that we would know


about? There was one a spherical car seat for a child, which will


come out in years to come. But this car seat is an enclosed capsule and


one of the things about children when they're in their car seats,


when you have an accident, it is still quite dangerous for them.


They have very soft bones. The car seat goes around and moves in a


different way. Really it takes the inertia of everything. That's great.


Last year, we had the winner was a fireman who came up with one of the


biggest things and problems at Christmas was house fires, caused


bit trees. He came up with the house present which was basically a


guardian angel that goes at the top of the tree and it's all water


based F there's a fire, the tree is covered in water in seconds. He won


$1 million. What can we come up with? Now it's all the dry bits.


Tip in the flour and desiccated coconut and all of the spices. Then


gently fold that in. All that can go in together. Were the Americans


better at pitching than the British as a general rule? The Americans


are quite, they are more, they're less reserved. They go for it.


That's what, I think that's what we need to encourage here is we have a


bit of an education when we're brought up, we're a bit reserved


aren't we, us Brits. We have to step out of that. We lack


confidence in presenting ourselves in a confident way. We like to play


everything down. Do you feel there's an embarrassment about


money, in this country, it's almost vulgar to talk about money, saying


I want this to make money. Whereas the Americans it's a capitalist


culture, they go, you know what, I'm going to do this, because I


want to make money. When I lost my business I went to the banks to try


to get more money. They said, "You've got to be kidding. You've


failed." Whereas in America, they think you're never going to be


successful until you've failed a few times. I was in the States


pitching something for one of the businesses that I have, I was


amazed when we were speaking to guise over there how much


everything is about like, where is the revenue from this. You see it


loads of times in Dragon's Den, people seem to have good ideas, but


they've not thought about it in a commercial way particularly. They


almost want you, you're the dragon Good, perfect! This doesn't look


massively attractive, but what we're getting in this is some


texture you have your flours, eggs, baking powder in there. When it


cooks and Peter made one before.... I don't know if putting it in your


hands is allowed! I washed them before.


That took me longer. It is looking great. This really,


this is a cake that you would have a cup of tea, cup of coffee. It's


not a desert cake, as such. What you get is this lovely,


delicious.... If you think of things like banana bread, that kind


of thing, it's too -- that kind of idea. We have lovely figs. There's


a lovely richness around. Would you like to try my cake?


is called pumpkin cake, but we are renaming it, "Dragon Cake." That is


really nice. Did I really make that earlier?


What is next? Savoury custard tarts. Bonfire Nights and Hallowe'en


cocktails - but first your second D # Who am I to disagree


# I travelled the world and the seven seas


# Everybody's looking for something Just over an hour ago the House of


Lords voted in favour of televising Parliament. The decision could put


pressure on MPs in the Commons to follow suit. The Metropolitan


Police today began a clamp down, quite it will lalry on parking


offenders. Nearly 50 motorists discovered the new scheme.


Surrey plumber who dug up a dinosaur's toenail has made one of


the most important finds of the century. It was over a foot long. A


giant claw from a giant dinosaur, until now, unknown to science.


# Some of them want to be used by What are you doing?


I dropped my eggs. Dropped my spoon. I wouldn't believe that if I didn't


see it in the paper. Tell me, what's it like being a hero? What?


A hero man, like a bit shoty! OK, what do you think? I went '84.


'83, '84. I auditions for that!


What have we got? Nice drinks for Hallowe'en and one for Bonfire


Night as well. A twist on a hotted toy. We will


make a drink called "Devil in disguise." We'll have black vodka.


Black vodka. It is coloured, and is from Asia. Doesn't taste any


different. As a gimmick or? Gimmick. Great for hollow wean. Would it be


popular with some people all year around? You see it in a few bars.


It is weird if you ask for a vodka and tonic and it comes up dark.


always appealing, but now, Hallowe'en, works a treat. Sherry


brandy in there. Lime. Nice, simple flavours. You want a nice purple


hue to this drink. What is the juice? Christian berry?


Yes. A nice Hallowe'en -- cranberry. Yes, a nice Hallowe'en drink.


you fancy another drink after last night?


Had some lovely drinks. People wondered if you were drinking out


of Aladdin's lamp? I had a copper cup.


Now I have this chilli stick. Load it up.


Where do you get it from? Online. It is a gimmicky tool to put as a


stirrer in your drink. What's in it? Dry ice, like in here.


Very, very cold. You load it in. Two or three pellets and away you


go. So you have Devil In DisGuise. Can I put -- in Disguise.


Can I put my nose in the smoke? Hubble-bubble!


It tastes lovely! It is a nice simple drink. A great


drink for Hallowe'en - Devil In Disguise.


I like the bubbly bits. It would be nice if someone turned up to your


house on Hallowe'en. You would be like, "Welcome!" Do you think you


should go into a dance routine? Yeah, where's me mic and knee pads?


I have brandy butter, all spice. You have that clove character. I


will squeeze the orange peel. Vanilla syrup and a good double


measure of this blended smoky character to it.


I have some hot cider. So toddy is hot water, lemon, cloves, honey.


This is good if you are not well, you have man flu. You want to stay


in for a few days. Order one of these from the doctor. Or you've


had too many cosmopolitans. It is very silky and gives it a


lovely feel. It is a version of a hot toddy. There you go, hot


buttered toddy. It feels like you should have


something like that. It's strong. Lovely! That would be lovely out


when it's cold and.... It's lovely! That's good because it has a bite


to it, hasn't it? Now Lady low wees, this is for you.


This is called -- low wees. This is for you. This is called Lady Louise.


And it's your birthday next week. Next week. Thank you. Pass me a


straw. I have to serve it with some


chocolates. Oh, look at me! And we have... And you have to have


a birthday with a candle. I hold this candle for you, happy


birthday, Louise. I won't hand it over in case anything goes wrong.


It is an indoor sparkler, so it is safe. That is really good. That is


your signature drink, Lady Louise. I have named it for you. Chocolate,


sparklers and.... And Lady Louise. I should go out on a Saturday night


more often. Those cocktails are on our website,


bbc.co.uk/somethingfortheweekend. Thanks for that. What happens when


penguins turn bad? You can find out on frozen planet.


-- Frozen Planet. Over the coming months the few parts which are ice-


free will be the stage on which five million will build their nests.


To construct one they need pebbles. Without a good-looking nest, a male


will be unable to attract a female - when they at last arrive. An


impressive property demonstrates your worth as a mate.


It takes stones of all shapes and sizes to build a decent nest.


Finding ones which are just right is not easy.


So, some penguins turn to a life of The one who has been robbed seems


unaware that the thief is just over You can watch the pebble-pinching


penguins on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One. Lucy is here with her through


new gadgets. What is the news. Phone shapes. I was at Nokia world,


where they announce their leadest techs. It had come up with the two


handsets made in association with Microsoft. The 800 is high end,


gorgeous design. The 710s more budget. More plasticy. It has


introduced the interchangeable covers... That noise, we are about


to do a smoke alarm as a gadget. has come in too early. That is the


news from Nokia. The smartphone powerhouse.... It


has been announced it will be 17th November release date. One to watch.


Will they compete against the iPhone? It has a good chance of


competing. An awesome operating system. Awesome pictures. One to


watch. So our first gadgt is a fire alarm. It -- gadget is a fire alarm.


It works because you just heard it. If your house is about to go up in


flames.... We have some smoke proving it works. There's the alarm.


If your house is about to go up in flames you will be the first person


to know about it. It will send a text to your phone and three others.


Simple address that. Is that it?


So the alarm goes off. There we go! It comes in, in capital letters, it


is screaming at me "Fire at gran's house." How what happens? You make


a mad dash over to your granny and try and save her.


I like it actually. I think these things will be a way forward


because what you're - it's an early warning system. Normally these


systems are linked to your normal household systems which are in with


ADT. Not everybody has it. Sims are low cost. Cheap to run every month.


At least you know you can call the police or the fire brigade yourself.


It is good if you have an elderly relative. Keep an eye on them.


only offering you 10%, Peter! Or half a million!


We have the HTC Rhyme. Unlike others this is mid-range. It is


designed to give you that smartphone experience.


Is this designed for ladys? It is designed for ladies. When it rings


this happens. A charm you can hang out of your handbag.


I was not going to mention it was for women. That is what


differentiates it from the rest of the smartphones out there. We have


these tangle-free headphones like the ones on the market. No tangles,


no having to undo that in the morning. This is the best bit.


comes with all this as well. Comes with a dedicated dock. It goes into


landscape mode. Should go into land scope mode. You can use it as a


desk top alarm. It is at the optimum viewing angle. You can play


songs on it. Acts as a Speaker for your songs and movies. When they


aim products at.... When they aim products at women, do you think


They're such an innovative company, but when you see the Alle -- apple


4X it's not an Apple 5, it's a disappointment. When you have HTC


with things like this, it won't take long for these guys to take


market share away. I love this. People never believe it, but one


day Apple won't be as dominating. It always changes. Samsung, HTC,


great players. HTC comes out with amazing smartphones. Now the final


one. This is a clever iPad app. You can get social, interact and


immerse yourself in a TV show. So we have Something For The Weekend


here. This is a Twitter feed. Can you see what everyone is saying in


real time. It updates automatically. You have access to news links.


you're watching TV and go on the page for Something For The Weekend


and it brings all the things to you. It's a central hub to access


everything related to the show. So Twitter feed, news, information


about you guys, the presenters, you have related links here. You've


seen cool recipes, you want to check them out. It takes you


directly to Something For The Weekend website. It's a quick way


to get the information thaw want. Let's say you're watching a film,


"Who is that actress?" You get a quick link to that. It's really


clever. On top of that, connect to all your friends on Facebook with


the application. You can invite them to chat with you. You can chat


about the show with its built in messenger. Can you tell people on


Facebook you're watching the show. It's a great way to immerse


yourself in a TV programme. If you love X Factor, getting all the news


straight up in real time. Is that live, can it go within a site or is


that just a separate site? It's a separate application. What they're


going to try to do because I spoke to the guy earlier, they're going


to get it so you're watching the TV show, you can watch it while you're


doing it. What do you think of this? I think this is, no question


it's the future. That's where it's all going. The fact you can get so


much information all at once and it's contained, that's the great


selling point of this type of product. It's a great time saver.


have a company that I invested in called Expanses.com. This would be


great for them. I could see them using this. Isn't it brilliant,


gadgets with you stood here getting your view. Can you come every week?


Yeah, we need to have a chat. Thanks to Peter and Lucy. Thanks


for your expertise. For more information on this stuff, e-mail


us via our website and we'll get back to you. Louis Theroux is back


on our screens, getting up close to America's Most Dangerous Pets.


She's just going to grab you real close and want to you hold her.


That's fine. She's not a bit aggressive. You feel her belt Reich


here. Hold onto that. Like that? Yeah that's her harness. She's


screaming over the mic. She doesn't understand that. Look at this, this


is interesting. She's wanting to groom you. She's checking you out.


It's quite a nice feeling. But there's something about her face


that's a bit offputting. No, no. She will automatically scream when


I go to get her back. She's getting nrveous when you get close and


that's making me nervous. Why are you making her nervous. Because she


wants to stay out. Sheems get ago tension. She loves the attention.


don't really want to touch her bum that much is one of the things.


You can monkey around with Louis Theroux, America's Most Dangerous


Pets tonight at 9pm on BBC Two. James and Nicky are here. What did


you cook last time? I was terrible. What did you cook? Some sort of


chicken thing. Do you cook? I'm a good cook. My taught me when I was


young. I had to learn what she was doing. What did you cook? I know


how to do a good roast dinner, lasagne. Mackerel fish cakes are


good. They're good. I can't remember whu were on and you did


that one handed thing. You didn't connect with it at all. It was OK,


I'd do a bit. I never go in the kitchen, except to open a packet of


crisps. What are we making? Those sweet Portuguese tarts that we've


all had. No reason they can't be savoury. We have creamy milk


bubbling away. Mustard, cornflour, a bit of vanilla, a bit of perfume


to it, eggs, using the yolks and to it, eggs, using the yolks and


thyme and puffed pastry. First job, jaipldz, -- James, if you could


separate the eggs. I need the yokes. I'm -- Yolks. I'm glad I'm not


doing those. Eggs are the thing with our guests that are the ching


thing. See the man knows what he's doing. Look at this. Whilst you're


doing that, you've got a new book out as well, it's called, what is


it called? Death of a Polaroid. I collected about 6,000 to 10,000


Polaroids over the last 20 years and I've narrowed it down into this


beautiful, it's like a family album, when I was growing up in the 70s.


James looking particularly happy there. Sean looks miserable on


every one of them. LAUGHTER


You've put them all in a book. Polaroids are great. I bought them


for my kids for a present. Because they're so immediate. Yeah. They're


magic. I thought in the 70s it was like a magic trick when my mum and


dad first had them, watching them develop in front of your eyes.


They're expensive. They are. I dread to think how much money it is.


I like the way they age. Exactly. They deteriorate. The colours, like


memories, they go kind of seep yand blur. While -- Sepia and blur.


have the yolks in there. Tip in the cornflour, the dijon and I'll do


the thyme for you. Whisk it together. Flour in one go? Yeah,


and then beat it together. Smile! No! This is the impossible project


film, it doesn't work. Because the Polaroid went bust, see. What's


come in between is very difficult. Mustard as well. Polaroid went bust


did they? These films are going for �50, �60. Have they started


remaking them or is that a rumour? These are remade ones, they don't


work. Unless you go like this and put them in the fridge for two


hours and stuff. They do work, but it will be an impossible picture.


What are you saying They're not proper film. That's not Polaroid


film. But it will still work? It's going really well. You can get


them to work but it takes a lot of effort. Whereas the old ones you


just snapped. See the passion that comes out of him when he talk


abouts this James keep whisking and I will add, we're making the


custard. We've warmed the milk, a bit goes in first of all so it


makes a paste, so it loosens it. The rest goes in. Whilst you're


walking around I have a question for you. This is from Dan, "Are you


still, do you still have an obsession for Hoovering as you


mentioned last time you were on the show?" I'm just obsessed with


cleanliness. Yeah, it's next to Godliness.


Andy says "Are you doing any more solo projects?" You've both had a


stint at solo in your time? preferred life in the band you know.


When I was doing the solo thing I was late all the time. That's


interesting. You went off and did the solo and you didn't enjoy it


really. It's better being in the band? It's much more fun being the


three of us. It really was. We had arguments every day and there was


no-one to argue with. We started arguing with ourselves. So, second


stage... They don't work. No. is starting to thicken. We cover it


so it doesn't get a skin on it. All the hard work is done. The next bit,


what makes these little tarts interesting, James, cut that in


half down the middle then lay one piece on top of the other. Does


stkpwhr does it work if you put it in the fridge? This is my blue


period. Stick it in the fridge and see if it works. Now do it like a


sausage roll. This way? Whichever way. We're going to break down...


We're going to break don the puff pastry so it won't rise too much.


If you cook puff pastry it does the vol-au-vent thing. What we do then


is cut this into about 12 pieces. We'll just do three. Then James,


next job, as we've got, that give it a press down like so, sprinkling


of flour on there and there. Just roll them into a circle that's big


enough to fit into our little baking dish. They can be random


like that. Got you. Just do those two or we will fall off air. Andy


says "Do you prefer small gigs or stadiums? I find small gigs


completely nervewracking because you can see people. Whereas bigger


gigs you can close your eyes and pretend. It's just a sieging mass.


That's fine. Just squeeze that in. Just spoon custard into the middle


of those. I should have got my hands cold before working with that


pastry. You've done a great job. You can see a bit more. I can just


about see the image. The film is made by this lovely company and


they're trying to bring it all together, unfortunately it's very,


it's a bit of a lottery. Some of the pictures work and some don't?


Yeah. This is what we get. Because we've squashed the pastry, it


doesn't turn into a great big monster. To serve it, all we do


with these, little bit of rocket on there. We have got a bit of chutney.


Use whatever you want on this. Spoon, spoon, spoon... Louise has


news for us. If you'd like to come over now. Thanks, we can reveal


that Deja View year Annie Lennox was belting out this song was what


year Peter? 1983. '83. I was right. year Peter? 1983. '83. I was right.


Peter we have some e-mails coming in. What can you advise people who


have lost businesses in the recession? I don't know why I'm


laughing, because that's horrible. What advice can you give to people


at the moment, maybe people who haven't lost it: It's really


difficult. When the last recession happened, we didn't have the


internet. The internet is a great resource to sell any product. You


can almost buy and sell products without owning them. So start a


business, think about it online and start again. But most important


thing is don't give up. Don't give up. Learn from your experience.


quick question, Terry says "Is the money next to you in the den real?"


No. Isn't it? No, it's not real. I've always thought they're sitting


there amongst all that money. Colour photo copied. Is it? Another


dream destroyed. That's it. There's no more today. Thanks to our guests


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